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The Photo-realistic Challenge: Water

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  1. squiggs says:

    cool, if you mange, first, to run zillions of tiny particles at ounce then more power to you.

  2. GlueGun says:

    Dang, this post got me up and running. : D
    but I think super nintendo Mario world 2 would beat
    it in my standerd, just posting my thoughts here…

  3. ils says:

    great article 🙂
    but i wouldn’t bet my money on “realistic water” on next gen consoles

    yes the hardware probably enough to render those water but combine with other effects (TressFX, “next-gen skin shader” for example) i don’t think hardware for next gen consoles will be enough.

    its all depends on the developers, which effects they would prefer in their game (or each stage/chapter render things differently)

    just my 2cents 🙂

    • TStrauss says:

      I never promised “realistic water,” silly! The physics of water are incredibly complex. New techniques like tessellation (TressFX was an early implementation of tessellation–the new model is much better) are a huge advance. So is GPU assisted physics, which is finally being incorporated into Havok.

      Even looking at early current gen vs. later current gen, you see huge advances in water. It is safe to say the future will be better! Call me an optimist.

  4. caladbolgII says:

    I loved water in games for either drowning random enemies or making my characters swim. The more realistic it gets the more I can see my enemies drown :))

  5. Jess Franco says:

    As a gamer/sex cinematographer, it is less important to make how the water looks like visually as opposed o how water can be used within the game concept.

  6. Nyanboro says:

    I like water.

  7. Chasez671 says:

    I always took some time while playing games to appreciate how the water looked like. For example, in Halo or Skyrim, I would just stare at the water and wonder how the game makers managed to make it look so great.

  8. E says:

    Wow dude, you had me remembering Biology and ***. Nice article. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am most definitely a lover of water (especially in games) and I always pay attention to the visual changes from game to game and generation to generation. Assassin’s Creed and Skyrim are definitely two that have made amazing improvements and strides to improving the way water looks, feels, and reacts (still one of my FAVORITE things about AC is the way your clothes darken and water drips from you as you emerge from it). As a gamer who is all about the small details I am most assuredly looking forward to seeing how next gen games will improve on this in the areas where current gen games are still sorely lacking. Sidenote: As an Otaku, I also enjoy how water looks in games like Naruto. Granted, that is a bit more animated than most games (okay completely animated) but still adds to the experience of giving you the feel of being in an animated Shinobi world. The water looks as true to form as it could in such a game.
    Great article TStrauss! Keep ’em coming. -Eric

  9. Raziel says:

    Fact 100% of people who drink water will DIE!!!!!!

  10. natsu says:

    are you a new blogger??

    i suggest that you put pictures in between paragraphs so that we readers will have something to look at… having long continuous text like that kinda makes me uninterested with the topic or it activates the “lazy” side of me.. hahaha… (except for long posts related to vita hacking.. haha)

    for example.. 139b67b23G9G23 (you wouldn’t read this string of text right??)

    well, maybe its just me…

    *end of suggestion*

    • NonyMouse says:

      I found the structure and image placement pleasant.

    • TStrauss says:

      I appreciate the feedback. The blog system here is a bit different than what I’m used to (blogger), so image placement might not have been ideal. Hopefully that will improve over time.

      As far as the quantity of images, that’s a tightrope walk. I’ve seen both too little image use and too much. I’m assuming you are referencing the block of text about water properties that doesn’t have an image? I actually considered finding a picture of a glass of water, but then I thought, “God, I don’t want to insult people! They know what a glass of water looks like!”

      All the same, I will take that under advisement for the future.

  11. DS_Marine says:

    Nice article.
    Specially since I had the chance to see all the hardware since the early de facto trident tvga9680, then the diamond mm series (2d), and the creative vodoo/banshe cards with loop cable to get in between your 2d card and the monitor 😀
    I think the 1st time I was shocked at water was in Lineage II. And yeah I always wondered how many resources they devoted to water rendering in relation to other stuff…
    Skyrim? DX11? didn’t see, I’m just a casual gamer now…

  12. Kyu says:

    One of the better waters I saw was in Super Mario Sunshine (at that time at least).

  13. Bullshiters says:

    Dude! nice article I have a good read, you manage to keep it interesting till the ending.
    Talk about light or shadow next time : )

  14. Alex says:

    But the last image is from crysis 1 ._., it was true that crysis had a nice water

  15. alpmaster007 says:

    What about dead island it has nice water

  16. Lucas says:

    Just wanted to tell you this article is much better than the gaming cliches one. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of this type of articles. Thank you guys.

  17. lololol says:

    Realistic water was and still a dream. A wet one.

  18. lololol says:

    *** my pic is different

  19. lololol says:

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    email lol@hotmail.com
    i dont mind the trolls using it

  20. Fl0w says:

    Since water is ‘polar’ wouldn’t it be possible to make a water magnet?

  21. Z says:

    I’m so glad there’s actually someone in Wololo that actually knows these stuff

  22. Guy says:

    The next article should be on trees!!! So many pixels go into one.

  23. w7y7a7t7t says:

    definitely an interesting read. I’ve never put much thought into water effects, however, thinking back it did kinda “make or break” a few games.

  24. Erich says:

    If that final pic is any indication, it would appear that once water is perfected, they can move on to… realistic rocks 😛

  25. Speed4Runs says:

    The water rendered by Source Engine looks better.

  26. BKjenstad1 says:

    Check this out. Great water physics.

  27. Georald Camposano says:

    I remember being wowed by the xbox when it comes to water. Dead or Alive, Halo and that boat game Blood Wake all had pretty looking water when they first came out

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