The cold truth: PS Vita sold less in one year than the PSP in 1 month


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  1. txovhant says:

    Sony should get Monster Hunter series on PS Vita.. that could at least increase the sales a bit. Dunno bout you guys, but I missed the times I cut Rathian/Rathalos’ tail.

  2. Dante says:

    Just made my best decision with my Vita and sold it.
    Until there’s a real cfw for this system, I won’t be getting one again.

  3. NNNRT says:

    That will also happen to the PS4 sadly. Sony are being greedy a lot in everything, & that’s their payback. The PSP is still selling as well.

  4. Hellinferno says:

    And you know why is that?,because the stupid company didnt make Gow on vita,work with other companies such as Snk in a Kof for it,no resident evil,no decent silent hill,no castlevania,no kingdom hearts,no rpg like ps2 not even ports of them either,too much *** games like indies,and of course how can i forget the LEGO ***,lego this,lego that.Some of them are not faults of the company SONY it’s because Crapcom and Konami sold out their *** to nintendo.

  5. Bobby Shornock says:

    The reason that the Wii U and Vita are having abyssmal sales compared to the PS3 and Xbox 360 is because there are not enough things causing people to give up their main two systems, or recent emergence of iPad’s, Tablets, or cheaper gaming methods.

    Don’t get me wrong, the Vita is an amazing handheld, but there aren’t too many games that make me want to give up on my iPad on a regular basis, and the games I find myself addicted to, The Simpsons Tapped Out, and Injustice Gods Among Us, are much simpler games.

    What is killing the Wii U sales? The fact that Nintendo has not learned from their previous console’s mistakes. Nobody wants to buy games that don’t have DLC. It’s obviously something on Nintendo’s end. Call of Duty Black Ops II, one of the most popular series for Nintendo, has ZERO DLC, sure they can patch the games, but for some reason, there is no DLC. Injustice Gods Among Us has zero DLC, zero WBID support. Mass Effect 3 is missing quite a bit of content. Darksiders 2 is missing content, NBA 2k13 is missing content, you get the point. The only third party retailer that is even offering any kind of DLC is Ubisoft, the king of half *** mediocre quality games on launch day.

    And Zen Pinball 2? You either own it on PS3 or iOS, who’s going to buy it a third time?

    Monster Hunter Ultimate would be a great game if the multiplayer wasen’t so conflicted.

    People buy the consoles for the Nintendo games, however Nintendo released a system way too early. This first year of Nintendo Wii U has been an open beta for $299 and $349. How about fixing the DLC issues, Nintendo? And Sony, how about more games for the Vita that aren’t half *** low end games that should be mini’s? Injustice Gods Among Us would’ve been perfect on the Vita, but like Mortal Kombat, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Street Fighter X Tekken, you release these games months after the console versions giving owners no incentive to buy it Day 1 until it tanks down to $19.99 or lower.

  6. GameTarotFusion says:

    I like all the weird stuff that came out on the psp. like jewel summoner, and hexyz force. Vita better not die until they flood the stores everywhere with cheap B rated anime titles! Maybe I am the only one, but a dynasty warriors gundam game on vita sounds appealing. Needless to say if I was captain of the ss sony I would run it straight into a flaming iceburg, because i thought it would be a cool experience. I know its true… I went bankrupt in Game dev tycoon for the same reason. Apparently big *** mecha blaster for the vena dreamvast isn’t an appealing concept to All games.

  7. Tengu24 says:

    Killzone Mercenary is coming out exclusively for the vita, the graphics look even better than killzone 3.

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