The cold truth: PS Vita sold less in one year than the PSP in 1 month


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172 Responses

  1. Yo!

    Im playing games since 1990 or so , got almost everything I could from the “yellow cassettese” stuff to atari , c64 , 286 pc blabla and now I rather play on those…instead of getting a damaged brain because of a game I bought for a lot of bucks on my vita which produces me like 20 fps from zero to the end…yeah AC III. L. Jesus cries… know what…and this the smallest problem …Above of all I just finished golden sun last night and heck it gave me more joy then any other vita games…sry 4 beeing a little of topic but you know what I mean..sry 4 bad english, hope u get it :)

  2. xliquid snake says:

    nesecitamos mas juegos para el vita

  3. Raziel says:

    well $ony did not make any moneys from me as i bought my Vita used from a guy and all my games were bought used

  4. asdf says:

    The Vita need more Games … thats all!

  5. AyeGuy says:

    develop a new fallout game exclusively for the vita and watch how fast sales go up

  6. EzpadaZ says:

    If $ony makes another portable console. I want my money back. Or that they replace my console with the new one. Because i trusted them. And they punched us in the face. I hope that’s not going to happen.

    • hipsterloser says:

      how? are you too stupid to find new releases on the ps store? here let me help: GO CLICK ON THE PS STORE ICON AND CLICK NEW RELEASES. I REPEAT, CLICK PS STORE ICON AND THEN CLICK NEW RELEASES

  7. yyy says:

    “In 2018, when troll gamers tell you piracy killed the Vita, kindly point them to this article, written at a time when the Vita has not been cracked yet.”

    I’m not sure if the overall sales of the Vita would be much better if piracy was possible on the Vita. I mean, the hardware sales itself might have been a bit higher, but the software sales are also very important. I dont think that Sony makes that much money on the Vita hardware itself, so just increasing the hardware sales wont do much for their business. They need to increase the software sales as well.

  8. romulo says:

    eu acho que esse fatos ai e so para derrubar a sony pois cada site diz uma coisa

  9. Will says:

    Unfortunately Sony don’t seem to realize that the cost of living has gone up and people who could shell out £200 for a handheld 7 years ago may not be able to in the current economy. Regardless of what Sony chooses to do the Vita will need a price reduction to encourage people to invest in their system. But £300 (console + 16gb memory card + game) is too much when the ps3 only costs £200. If the Vita’s price was reduced significantly, the proprietary memory cards as they are unnecessary and more third party developers were given incentives to develop exclusive must have games for the vita either financially or otherwise then the Vita could encourage tablet & phone gamers to try something different. However if Sony continues their current Vita strategy then developers would continue to develop for other systems instead which would force Sony to either discontinue the Vita Prematurely or accept the large financial burden of the system.

  10. TStrauss says:

    It’s a game problem. Yes, the Vita has games. Some very good games. But the 3DS has more. If I didn’t have both already and I were handheld shopping, I’d go 3DS. It’s just common sense, you get more game for your buck with a 3DS right now. The PSP had the same problem–good games, but not enough of them–and were it not for Monster Hunter in Japan, the PSP would be a footnote on a Wikipedia entry right now.

    The coming titles for the Vita are pretty nice, but when you compare the AAA list for Vita to the 3DS, you realize that Nintendo has as many first party games in the pipe as the Vita has AAAs. Ouch.

    Sony needs to court third parties. Hard. They can’t lean on Monster Hunter anymore. Get some Metal Gears, some GTAs, games that the 3DS just can’t handle. The Vita is a beast of a handheld, and offers a gaming experience that can’t be matched. Consumers need to be shown that, and then they’ll buy in.

  11. no fucks given says:

    sony just needs to port ps2 games to the vita naw THAT will make it sell

    • Acid_Snake says:

      heck no, I don’t wanna play games I’ve already played a thousand times, I wanna play new games

      • Thrawn says:

        Yeah of course there are people that wouldn’t like to play ps2 games on the vita, but imo I would like to.
        Especially shadow or black or rogue galaxy…
        But maybe they will implement an emu for that in the vita.

  12. k3nn says:

    the vita died because no one (in their right mind) wants to re-buy their games in the psp for the vita. when $ony stopped the umd and didn’t give users a way to convert them for playing in the vita, that sealed the vita’s fate. that’s why everyone is looking for a vita hack even for just the psp emu, so they could play their psp games in it.

  13. jesus says:

    well i think vita needs more games interesting apps and then maybe can sell more vitas and of course exclusive games please thanks

  14. aerinas says:

    “In 2018, when troll gamers tell you piracy killed the Vita, kindly point them to this article, written at a time when the Vita has not been cracked yet.”
    Just because of that sentence I’m gonna bookmark this article for as long as possible, so I can do that xD

  15. lennyvita says:

    I can say for me the cost of the vita is hurting sales. Who is going to spend $249 plus $50 for memory card, $40 for a game. You can get a ps3 for less. I also got my two vitas used for half the cost of new. This system is great but way overpriced. I wanted a vita for a long time but just too much, had to buy used. If sony wants the vita in more peoples hands, drop the price. There is too much competition with smartphones and the 3ds to try to sell the vita at the price sony asks.

  16. ChuSound says:

    The Vita is great as a bedtime system for some web browsing before going to sleep. Now, if they would release the promised crunchyroll app, I would have something else to do before nitenite.

  17. sniper.jay says:

    “when troll gamers tell you piracy killed the Vita, kindly point them to this article, written at a time when the Vita has not been cracked yet.”

    I applauded !!!

  18. n3rk3 says:

    There is Not One Game Out there for the Vita that realy rocks.

  19. wowohoo says:

    the vita is still improving

  20. isnizal says:

    dumb sony,make piracy hard to vita…that why no one buy lol……and also,,,,,,no pirate game…alwasy update and update….

  21. Troll gamer says:


  22. jeebs says:

    Wololo should make an article regarding PSP software sales and compare them to the respective CFW for those periods.

    I mean Gran Turismo sold 3.86 million, when PSP was hacked to heck and back.

    Monster Hunter 3rd sold 4mil for a 2010 title.Read >> when in 2010 every kid around the block could install CFW on it’s PSP.

    And then take a look at Monster Hunter Freedom 2 with 2.3mil sales. For a title that launched in 2007. When PSP wasnt as easy as now to hack it.

    How a 2007 title sold less than a 2010 title? read 2007-hacking scene not so big vs 2010-psp hacking scene flourishing. Im not defending piracy, it does takes it’s toll i agree. But let’s not rename piracy to “platform killer”, “the apocalypse knight” for PSP or PS Vita.

    The thing is great games sell well no matter what. Dont you ever had that feeling : hey! this game is fantastic! even thought i pirated it, i will definately buy it, because devs deserve my money for such a great game. I did just that with lots of PSP titles.

    All im saying is that CFW can be a beneficial thing for PS Vita too. Not ONLY a bad thing. I can only imagine what amazing apps, talented people out there could create for it. Something SONY doesnt care doing it for us, but we will do it ourselves. And cool apps=popularity. What the heck it’s the same concept as ARMA 2 DayZ. Barely anyone cared about arma 2, but since DayZ mod, now the internet is starting to get filled with more DayZ videos,articles,etc than with cod ones.

    It’s a shame to see Vita suffering like this, because SONY wants it completely locked.

    • James D. says:

      The problem is a lot of developers are being scared off because of the Vita’s reputation of being “hacked” thanks to the PSP. It’s reputation is holding it back and Sony is trying to clean up (albeit doing a sh*t job, but trying nonetheless). This is especially damning because not many people own a Vita.

      The Vita’s sales won’t go up if it gets fully hacked. You people are delusional.

      We’re lucky we still have xseed and some other faithful developers that are willing to put games on the Vita.

      Still hoping Capcom decides to put MH on the Vita, but Soul Sacrifice will have to do for now.

    • James D. says:

      I’m hoping Sony keeps the Vita under control and the “hackers” make the smart decision and not release anything too big until the Vita shapes up.

      Pirating Vita games right now would be extremely detrimental to the Vita’s growth. Not only does no one own a Vita right now, all the developers are being scared off.

      No developers = no games/localization = dead system

      This only applies to the Northern market. Japan is doing just fine with it’s game. And if you’re fortunate enough to read Japanese like I can, you’ll be having a blast with the Vita. :)

    • Theilor says:

      With the hack, more people buy the console and play the games, so these people recommends these games. Then the people who listen these recommends may buy the games.

  23. Graham says:

    I brought a Vita at launch a year later I still regret buying it. If I was to add up the time i’ve used it in the last year it would be about 2 months. I have not taken it out of its case since December last year!

    There are games for it yes but none that are in my opinion any good, the games catalog for the Vita is too small to appeal to everyone thats the biggest problem, and if no one buys the console no developer in their right mind will make a game for it.

    I play on my android tablet every day and that thing cost me £60 where as the Vita was closer to £300!

  24. TheSMART says:

    All those saying the PSVita needs more games… I don’t get it, I hardly have the time to finish all the good games that are out on PSVita up till now. I am guessing people that demand more games have no job and life?

    I mean… I got PS+ too and I can’t keep up with the free good and many games it gives me all these months. I bought Uncharted and Mortal Kombat retail at/just after launch, got Stardust Delta, Motorstorm RC, Hustle Kings and some other PSN stuff back then.

    Since then I bought Sound Shapes and some other PSN games, and Guacamelee recently, and PS+ got me Gravity Rush, Wipeout 2048, Puddle, Zero Escape, Mutant Blobs, Metal Gear HD Collection, Big Sky Infinity, Knytt Underground, Lumines, Pinball Arcade and Sine Mora soon.

    Then, I still have to buy LittleBigPlanet Vita, Persona 4 Golden, DJMAX, a Fifa 12 or 13 whatever is cheapest and upcoming games Tearaway and Killzone Mercenary, aside of all upcoming free games every month on PS+ that will add onto this.

    Man, the 3DS has a far, far less diverse and long list of great rated games. All it does is Mario, Zelda rehash.

    • smcrzgi says:

      lolz. mario is a given, but i do beleive currently there is only one zelda on the 3ds. all the other games are not mario or zelda. sooo……. dont know what your smokin.

  25. ultimatex says:

    $ony make a high specs console but the games are very low for gamers, and what the heck happen in konami, squareenix?? why dont give us adventure and rpg games.

  26. txovhant says:

    Sony should get Monster Hunter series on PS Vita.. that could at least increase the sales a bit. Dunno bout you guys, but I missed the times I cut Rathian/Rathalos’ tail.

  27. Dante says:

    Just made my best decision with my Vita and sold it.
    Until there’s a real cfw for this system, I won’t be getting one again.

  28. NNNRT says:

    That will also happen to the PS4 sadly. Sony are being greedy a lot in everything, & that’s their payback. The PSP is still selling as well.

  29. Bobby Shornock says:

    The reason that the Wii U and Vita are having abyssmal sales compared to the PS3 and Xbox 360 is because there are not enough things causing people to give up their main two systems, or recent emergence of iPad’s, Tablets, or cheaper gaming methods.

    Don’t get me wrong, the Vita is an amazing handheld, but there aren’t too many games that make me want to give up on my iPad on a regular basis, and the games I find myself addicted to, The Simpsons Tapped Out, and Injustice Gods Among Us, are much simpler games.

    What is killing the Wii U sales? The fact that Nintendo has not learned from their previous console’s mistakes. Nobody wants to buy games that don’t have DLC. It’s obviously something on Nintendo’s end. Call of Duty Black Ops II, one of the most popular series for Nintendo, has ZERO DLC, sure they can patch the games, but for some reason, there is no DLC. Injustice Gods Among Us has zero DLC, zero WBID support. Mass Effect 3 is missing quite a bit of content. Darksiders 2 is missing content, NBA 2k13 is missing content, you get the point. The only third party retailer that is even offering any kind of DLC is Ubisoft, the king of half *** mediocre quality games on launch day.

    And Zen Pinball 2? You either own it on PS3 or iOS, who’s going to buy it a third time?

    Monster Hunter Ultimate would be a great game if the multiplayer wasen’t so conflicted.

    People buy the consoles for the Nintendo games, however Nintendo released a system way too early. This first year of Nintendo Wii U has been an open beta for $299 and $349. How about fixing the DLC issues, Nintendo? And Sony, how about more games for the Vita that aren’t half *** low end games that should be mini’s? Injustice Gods Among Us would’ve been perfect on the Vita, but like Mortal Kombat, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Street Fighter X Tekken, you release these games months after the console versions giving owners no incentive to buy it Day 1 until it tanks down to $19.99 or lower.

  30. Tengu24 says:

    Killzone Mercenary is coming out exclusively for the vita, the graphics look even better than killzone 3.

  31. Jamse says:

    Yet after that week, sales crashed and are still going down towards the pre-pricecut numbers.

  32. CaptainObvious says:

    my bad for typos and mistakes :p

    on my psp*

  33. ShadowInfinity says:

    You need a bigger game library to sustain that. The core of the idea is that people are definitely willing to buy the device at that price point – but with a limited library (and thus limited genres, etc), it will be extremely difficult to maintain.

  34. Thrawn says:

    Good for my 3ds XD

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