The cold truth: PS Vita sold less in one year than the PSP in 1 month


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183 Responses

  1. Chris.Beanz says:

    PSP sold more units in 1 month then the Vita in a year? I believe it, sad a fact as it is. Sony needs to get more heavy hitters on their lineup like the 3ds did(ex. Fire Emblem: Awakening, OoT remake, Kingdom Hearts) and they might have a chance to make up the sales from last year. I will continue to support Sony, as I’m sure many on this site will. I just hope their marketing is better with the Vita this next year.

    Also first? Lol.

    • Daxaxanoxe says:

      gta5 or 4 needs to come on vita

      • joseph says:

        I will also continue to support Sony! I grew up with them they are in my veins haha. We also need a Fallout 4 and the vita would be beast!!!

        • Kazzy says:

          THIS ARTICLE IS THE BEST, it really shows people don’t need to buy ps vitas to survive, unless vita could make you filthy rich and immortal.

          FACT: vita isn’t a beast, it’s A PLASTIC TOY.

          • Izanagi says:

            Killzone Mercenary, Phantasy star online 2, Gundam Extreme VS full boost, One piece musou 1 & 2, Bioshock inf., some of Resident evil games for PS vita, MONSTER HUNTER!, PERSONA 5!, some of Naurto games and maybe some games like Dead speace for Vita? <—(this is a little list of my favorites games)

            srry for my bad english

          • inicuo says:

            are you insane? lol

          • hayawata says:


            That term is for Nintendo stuff

          • Yojimbo says:

            PS Vita…Rich..Survive? What the heck..? What does that have to do with the article?

    • Jamse says:

      Sony needs to leave the videogames industry. They’re all lies, overhype and underdeliver and many will not fall for their persistent BS anymore. Sony’s handheld is dead, the PSP Go, Xperia Play and now the Vita are flops and the PS4 will suffer the same fate after already half of their console fanbase left them this gen. Bye Sony!

      • Kazzy says:

        Yep, sony/playstation is no longer much needed like in the past. It can “rest” forever now, todays is all about “all you can do” mobility to be successful.

      • TechWolf says:

        I used to own all of the current gen consoles. After 4 red rings on 4 different 360’s, I gave the finger to Microsoft. After finding out the Wii was not made for someone who actually likes games that don’t make you prance about for 30 second bursts, I set it up to simply be an HD Gamecube in my game room. The PS3 is the only one to have stood the test of time and to deliver the games I’ll remember and replay in the years to come.

  2. inicuo says:

    cheer up sony!

  3. Spyder2k5 says:

    It would be wise for them to think of releasing or opening this up to be an android device. It would be a very powerful, yet capable Android device. A price drop I don’t see helping all too much, they have some great games to help sell the system, but no real reason for consumers to care.

  4. TechWolf says:

    I doubt the architecture could support Android without heavy modifications, and it’s hard enough to get support from actual Android device makers. This is sad news though. I have to say that the Vita has become my favorite portable game console through both the current game selection and the amazing work our community of devs have put into the usermode and kernel exploits. I hope Sony can revive it somehow.

    • hgoel0974 says:

      The architecture should be able to support it, it is an ARM and anyway Android could be modified to suit the Vita 😉

      • TechWolf says:

        I hadn’t realized. I would actually buy another Vita just for the Android platform if it ever became possible! 😀

  5. kenny2858 says:

    A game like MPO+ on vita! (MGS Portable Ops +) would be awesome! (With online also :D) or a naruto game like the psp had! Minecraft would boost sales because i’ve seen people say they would only buy it if it had minecraft. A assassins creed with actual multi. Support 4 all PS4 games. A title actually named like the consoles are. No ps vita edition games. Resident evil for vita. GTA game that can @ least swim under water. Should I go on?

    • PlayPSPWithMe says:

      Does anyone with CEF wanna play psp classics Like MGPO+?

      • Acid_Snake says:

        I play it all the time in solo (the infinity missions) and normal MPO too

      • kenny2858 says:

        @PlayPSPWithMe I’m not sure about other games.. but on fifa street (psp) me and my bro could play it. (I had ps vita & he had psp.) So we could probably play mpo+ but I don’t have eCFW on my vita… & I think sony updated when I sent to fix it… so sucks for you.. :p

  6. AcePK says:

    The psp sold so well because it was ne it was revolutionary. Graphics like that had not been seen in a handheld and they were also promoting the mud movies for it. It had tons of games because developers all had faith in it. The vita doesn’t need a price drop it needs titles big titles. I would kill for an ace combat or a COD that’s not small missions. Or an rpg that’s not an hd remake. I don’t own a ps3 I own a 360 I viewed the vita as a portable version of the ps3 granted its not really that but I hoped to have a good quality selection of vita games not ps1 hits and psp games. I haven’t played my vita on a long time and I am sad because it has such potential.

    • SPoONiE_16 says:

      I totally agree. If COD lived up to expectations, it would’ve sold more vitas for Sony. I hope for better games, but at the moment my emulators keep me entertained

    • CaptainObvious says:

      the vita can play most/all psp games and more.

      i think sonys precautions such as its stupid ps vita card is the main reason or its *** sales… i can no longer use any of my memory sticks that i used on my vita and have to use an overpriced vita card…

      salt in the wound is the fact that the default ps vita card is 4gb…you can get one good game on that that and crappy games, thats it…

      a big *** take was when i got the assassins creed bundle, i expected a physical card so i dont have to use the space on my ps vita card…. what did i get? a bloody download code

  7. ioriel says:

    The vita is losing the battle, is hard to believe that sony can’t do anything after 1 year, i can realize that it is not about what games would boost sells ,there must be another reason for “why game companies doesn’t want to be involved in ps vita”, maybe sony has noticed that the situation can’t be reversed and started another device for replacing the ps vita.

    • Jamse says:

      SONY, that is why. They’re a financial trainwreck.

    • Someone Somewhere says:

      Nah,they seem to want to get rid of one of their models currently and how I saw it during the PS4 conference is that the Vita will be changing course entirely to be a PS4 peripheral. It would be foolish to make another model especially this early with it doing so terribly.

  8. Vitality says:

    Waiting for PS Vita 2, that is literally a complete portable PS3 powered console. 😛

    Who knows, maybe Sony will still planning to make another portable console and really does have support full PS3 graphics and cross play with PS4. PS Vita sales might be slow at first, but hopefully more good games will come/be announced in this year and boost up the sale of Vita as well.

  9. Michael says:

    Man! We gotta get a full kernal exploit on this bad boy ASAP! If they stop making games for the Vita then, I really don’t wan’t my Vita sitting around collecting dust. I spent $250.00 on this thing!

  10. Blame iPhones and the like.. says:

    It’s the *** *** smartphone world that’s responsible for the Vita’s state of affairs. People these days seem to be content with half-*** games that look like a sixth grader’s Flash project.

  11. gunblade says:

    psp came out wen the first ipod came out….

    • sbeezy says:

      are you effing kidding me dude the ipod hit in 2001… November to be exact because I own a first gen… stop spitting fud!

      • Zero One says:

        Pretty sure he was referring to the touch. Could you play games on the original iPod? I think not. So you stop spitting fud. The psp was not competing against anything else at the time besides the ds.

  12. oo flowzilla oo says:

    The problem is that the Vita is way too expensive. People are not idiots, a Vita practically has the same price as a computer or a smartphone.

    • Kyu says:

      Smartphone yes,netbook yes,desktop pc no (unless you consider my 8 year old pc :>)

    • Ipse Imperator says:

      Not a computer, but a smartphone, yes. I have yet to buy the vita, but I’ve been looking into it recently, but I’m still debating. The price is definitely a reason I never even cared about it when it first released. The price for a wifi is only $50 less than a PS3, and, when you compare the systems, the PS3 is obviously the better choice. Although I already owned a PS3, I felt that the PSV would encounter the same type of good games that the PSP had, and I was correct. The PSV also requires a Sony made memory card, which are overpriced, and Sony has constant watch over my system is suspicious. I feel the reason Sony’s market is dwindling is from their approach to their products and the fact that people don’t trust them.

    • Jacob says:

      No, not really. Maybe to people with little to no understanding of money, no good smart phone can be had for 200, 250, even $400 new. They cost like $600-700 outright or a 99/199 down payment then a jacked up monthly rate with your cell company.

      So the vita already punches way above its belt, it just needs better marketing and more incentive for people at that “i want a cool phone and a game system but i only have x dollars… Hmm i guess I’ll just get the phone and play cheap mini games”

      Really if they made a native android emulator, it would do lots for the system.

  13. youngoz says:

    Wow… I think Sony is doing a heck of a job in letting this great device fail… I really hope the PS4 is what they’re waiting for to surprise me and the rest of the world… it’s long overdue!

  14. Cfw_User says:

    I bet it would be a different matter if they released it with a GTA game.

  15. wistine says:

    I think that the consoles to sell less and less or it will
    that this differs in fontions their characteristics. The cause is technology, we of touch tablets, iphones, of smartphornes, the PC gamers and many others….
    my point of view!

  16. PS3Y2kvirus says:

    Good point Wololo! Sony I thought you said you had learned from your past experience?

  17. red says:

    i think its not selling well because of the games. no one wants to develop for it and us has the worst library so far. ill import my japan games for now

    • N says:

      There a lot of “good” games on the Vita right now. It’s just that not all of them appeal to everyone.

      Soul Sacrifice demo is already out and the full game will come out soon. The game is very unforgiving though, so it will not appeal to casuals.

      The Vita is in a similar situation as the PSP when it first came out. The best game that I had during it’s early years was Dynasty Warriors. :) Good memories playing that game.

      The Vita a slow starter. In a couple of years once more games come out, the Vita will be in better shape. Once games like PSO2 come out, people will see the full capacity of the Vita.

      • Genryuu says:

        soul sacrifice unforgiving?
        actually it’s been disregarded a lot because it’s too easy.

        on the countrary, MH is an unforgiving brand, and everyone in the world says that lack of MH means death for the Vita..

  18. Isy says:

    Wololo ask someone in the community to fix the port of EasyRPG to PSP & Vita. It has been working on the PSP in the past, but they somehow broke the code. I think they have no skills in the team to fix it at the moment. It’s a very promising project and has been going on for years.

  19. only real hope for vita is if 3G version can become a real telephone, than i would trash my iphone

  20. ShadowInfinity says:

    For real, it’s only selling that crappy because of the price. When the price cut in JP was made, sales immediately spiked and more people really bought the games. Sony in the west is pretty much sc*** itself by keeping at those prices.

    • Jamse says:

      Yet after that week, sales crashed and are still going down towards the pre-pricecut numbers.

      • ShadowInfinity says:

        You need a bigger game library to sustain that. The core of the idea is that people are definitely willing to buy the device at that price point – but with a limited library (and thus limited genres, etc), it will be extremely difficult to maintain.

  21. amon says:

    Sony should thank Dark_aleX for the high selling of psp…
    And total_noob…
    and redsquirrel…
    and more…

  22. StepS says:

    Price cuts in the US? Wait, did they not lower the price there already? (fairly recently)

  23. capcomlegend says:

    still waiting on my METAL GEAR SOLID 1 in the PSN to come out ,WITHOUT THE HASSLE OF USING A PS3! should’ve gotton a N3DS…

  24. They from the start should compete with the latest tablets or mini version of tablets of their software performances if they want buyers to loved them. From the start it was horrible. The previous expectation of PSP users to PSvita on apps and usable content didn’t come by their opening sales. Not to mention the lack of good games. The most anticipated games that now move to another competitor. Now those who doubtful buyers to buy PSvita still they think the same from yesterday’s inconvenient handhold released(by watching youtube reviews).

  25. trecenters says:

    Vita is dead. Everyone is putting up money for the PS4 or 720. Sony failed and did not get enough devs to make quality games from AAA titles.

    They had a few AAA titles, but most I played were not developed with quality. They were all poor dumbed down versions.

    Maybe if it had 4G I would want to keep it just for youtube but it doesn’t even have that.

    Seems like killzone is the last hope and I don’t see it being near what the console game is although it will probably be better then most Vita games because it is exclusive to PS.

    At this point it seems dumb to own one. The whole reason I wanted one was to play multiplayer games on the go.

    Turns out WiFi is the only thing you can do that on and I am never having to hang out in a place that has public Wifi.

    I could use it for Movies on the go… The time & trouble it takes to encode a movie is just not worth it. Who wants to waste the time on that.

    Sure you can play all your old favorites on it. Yeah that is just so cool. I had TN-V and put all my old psp games on it and then every time I was out I would start to play something and then realize that I got tired of this game… oh yeah that is why I quit playing PSP.

    Sony needs to put money into this pretty damn quick or it will be discontinued.

    • Jacob says:

      Yeah the only 3g thing is bewildering to me..

      I would be so much happier (probably still not enough to waste money on it, but id at least consider it) if it had t-mobile 4g..

      3g is not worth paying monthly for at all, especially when i can tether it to my 4g phone and get better results for free.

  26. XXX says:

    German PlayStation boss Uwe Bassendowski said that part of the reason Vita sales are struggling is because Sony has neglected to market the device to a younger audience instead of just us japanime pedophiles.

  27. zorrodood says:

    the psp sold so well, because it was something new. the vita si just a better psp.

  28. internally-blazed says:

    Simple fix. PS Vita price is too high for the current market. The 3DS can be bought brand new for £100 whereas the vita is around £170.
    If Sony wants to get back into the race then what they should do is encourage the use of the PS Vita at E3 and also the cross play features.
    They also need to have a price drop much before the launch of the PS4 so people can afford to buy both consoles.
    They also need much better games, current games are ok but they lack a good racing game and a GTA game. When GTA LCS came on PSP it was a hit. They have to do the same.

  29. bcdiscman says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you but I only bought the PSP once if became hackable. I loved being to play NES & SNES & Sega & PS1 games on it as well as my UMD’s. All my friend were the same way. I know that you still can on the PSP Vita with VHBL but as long as Sony keeps playing games and blocking that usage with patches in their mandatory upgrades and pulling games from the PSN store whenever they hear about an exploit (probably by reading this site – LOL), neither my friend nor I will ever consider purchasing this machine.

  30. j.g.k says:

    I bet if SONY spends more time on developing new games rather than find the new way to block Vita exploits … it would be on equal terms in market along with PS3.

  31. Guillerm0 says:

    Right now it’s expensive, and doesn’t offer any great games. I bought the PSVita when it just got released, but after playing Uncharted (which was good I have to admit) I didn’t touch it anymore. If Sony wants to revive that console, and they should since it’s very well designed, they really need to bring games like GTA, Monster Hunter, Call of Duty, Motor Storm, and the other big ones that increase the sales, like back in the times when Monster Hunters sold millions of PSPs in Japan. That’s my opinion. I just stopped playing PSVita because ANY of it’s games catches my attention.

    • Minimur12 says:

      I love uncharted, I only have about 5 games on it at the moment- UC All Stars Royale- AC Liberation- and Unit 13(not very good) and NFS most wanted

  32. Hugo_Mundo says:

    Of course PSP sold better, he has Monster Hunter(among other great games).
    Not only this, Vita has some good games but nothing so astounding enough to be a must buy portable console.
    Games with touchscreen and features that makes you move the console are totally unappealing to me.
    Damn, i just wanted a powerfull version of the PSP with a second analog stick i didn’t asked for all those gimmicks.

  33. henriquebrazil says:

    ainda aguardo uma uma atualização que suporta o PS2! tornaria o PSvita um sucesso de vendas!

  34. henriquebrazil says:

    one still awaiting an update that supports the PS2! become the PSvita a bestseller!

  35. Kyu says:

    Well…we WILL get the Jak trilogy this summer,it’s one of those things I was looking for (I only played Jak 3 and even that I did not finish -.-)

  36. Chuckle says:

    Seems like your’e already wrote your eulogy on the vita lol .. i believe everything could change in a moment its enough that 1 game will create some hype and vita “will come back from the dead” ..

  37. dimy93 says:

    The PSP was launched during the PS2 era and it was advertised as a portable PS2 -we know it never fullfilled that goal but back then taking under consideration games like GTA people believed that. If you want to understand what actually means for that for sony you may try comparing ps2 and ps3 launches though the comparison would be still far from perfect

  38. svenn says:

    Thx to Apple & Android. Computer sales stop to make room for android/apple tablets; They can now play games as a vita, and there allot cheaper, more open, …

    I follow this blog for a long time and each time I’m a bit attracted to join the small group of vita owners, but then I ask myself what does the vita have above my 150€ chinese android tablet, 150€ android phone, 700€ dell (i7) computer or my 25€ raspberry pi ?


    • jeebs says:

      Actually what PS Vita has even over PSP ? where are the Apps, tons of emulators and other homebrews, even 3D mode, etc, all thanks to it’s community.

      That’s right. PS Vita has nothing of that too.

  39. the VITA is DEAD!!!!!! says:

    the VITA is DEAD!!!!!!

  40. Bullshiters says:

    When the PSVita is fully hacked I think it will sell pretty well

    • Bullshiters says:

      The ability to play all games for free and buy only the they like well is what people really want when they invest their money on a console…not to mention HOMEBREWS!!!! \(0o0)/

  41. Word Up says:

    I hope for a kernel exploit for 2.11. To get what small additional % of what’s possible in a vita. Because the scene made it avail., too. To think that SONY has thrown in the towel on vita (yet not voicing so publicly) makes me angry. They will say they Stand Behind and Fully support it’s greatness, While actually have plans to relieve themselves of their self imposed burden.Phasing it out, sorta speak. My guess to is that they are now so disappointed, That PROFITS! Make their board members smile in clenched teeth. Even when that means they won’t pay for the making of a popular game that actually utilizes the power inside their vita.

  42. marcotizer says:

    piracy did kill the vita. if you think about it, gamers got used to the idea of having a cfw on our handheld games. we’re spoiled. when the psp scene started we were excited for the handheld itself, not the possibility of it being hacked. so we bought and developers created games for the psp at the start of its life. ever since it was possible for the psp to be hacked, no need to buy games, when the next generation handheld gaming arrived, the vita, everyone was hesitant and are expecting that soon enough it’ll be hacked. we’re spoiled. many fans of the psp are no longer intruiged with buying individual games for a handheld. that’s why many of you are here, waiting for the vita to be hacked, waiting for exploits. with this mind set, developers are hesitant with putting out games with the fear of not gaining money in the cfw vita scene if ever it comes to light. and with no games, gamers who actually buy games have nothing to look forward to. piracy killed the vita. but we don’t care, we just want things for free.

    • wololo says:

      The way you think is extremely convoluted. So now, piracy doesn’t need to exist anymore to be a threat to a system, just the mere idea that there used to be piracy on another system is good enough to blame it? You realize what you type is completely out of this world, right?

      • mlc says:

        @wololo If not for all the people who take ridiculous positions in online comments on pretty much any topic, I’d assume that this guy was trying to troll you.

      • x eye says:

        wololo I’m new to this site but am I to understand… you’re actually Disagreeing with this guy? okay then speaking for myself thats how it was for me, and it took a lot of introspection to finally understand that. however i think the problem piracy is more than just about stealing or sales. i think it’s about socioeconomic discrimination on the part of the various companies and their sycophants. so it results in a ‘my blackberry is better than your ipod‘ mentality. or ‘if you can’t afford our product just eat cake‘ attitude (see a later poster below) i call it ‘Marie Antoinette syndrome‘ and i think it’s terrible. what if tv and radio run that way? what if ppl had to pay $500 to watch a cartoon or a sitcom? i really hope we can all this more at another time because it is a serious problem. maybe you can do an article on it wololo. that is- if you don’t think I’m talking lol

      • marcotizer says:

        when the vita gets fully hacked, the vita sales will rise, but not their games. go to gamestop, and see if you would spend a penny on their psp games. no right, cuz you already know it’ll be a waste of money. same goes for the vita. developers only gain money from their sales, if no one will purchase the physical or digital copy of the game these devs will no longer produce games for you. cod games only survived the hacking scene cuz of the online multiplayer function, not a hacked soul can do that, unless they want to be banned. so please readers, support your developers, unless the only games you want to use the vita for is homebrews.

    • Bullshiters says:

      So you’re saying that the PSVita fails because people are expecting that it will be hacked so easily like the PSP?
      Then Why not blame Sony for making the PSP so easy to hack….

    • internally-blazed says:

      Piracy has not killed the vita. You could say the same for the Wii U? But you cant. Thats the wrong way to think about it.

      Piracy is just damn right rude, inconsiderate and an excuse for people not to buy games. Im a developer myself and i hate peoples poor execuses. If they cant afford it then its a luxury they cant have, yes CANT have simple. Same as if they can’t afford a nice car, they cant go stealing one….

      Plus if you really die for homebrew, as most people ‘say’ they do. Then just use your smart phone and your PC. Theres a million much better emulators and homebrew apps free out.

      I bought Vita for Uncharted, Rayman, Little Deviants and Fifa and the chance of GTA and also since it was on a very very very good offer at stores that were closing in my area.

      I really hope no CFW comes on Vita at all and it stays on VHBL. At least that way there’s no chance of the console being ruined.

      Whats actually killing the vita is its price point compared to its current gen competitors. And the lack of games.

      Yes at first i came here for exploits, but i like the forum and i really enjoy reading blog posts so i’ve stayed.

  43. Juan says:

    I dont undestand … i saw on IGN that vita sold more than 3ds in japan , who is saying the lie here?

  44. yepyup says:

    In my opinion this is a sign that the vita hacking community should leave the vita alone for a while. What sells a system is games, and it cannot get games if the system is easy to pirate for and devs don’t want to lose all their sales. Same thing happened to psp’s later life in the west, lack of games coming out due to piracy. Vita scene should wait 1 or more years until vita has been firmly established like the 3ds has. In fact, the 3ds has been established, so it is safe to people to work on it since it already has a userbase and dev support. TLDR: Vita should be void of hacking for a while, and people should stat to focus on 3DS hacking.

    • bcdiscman says:

      The hackers should avoid hacking the PS Vita until it is establlished like the 3DS??? the 3DS has been hacked FOR OVER A YEAR!!!

      • ohcomeon says:

        Then please show me anything that has come of it? The 3Ds has an exploit found for a while, but no type of homebrew or anything can run. Its hacked in a sense that there was a hole found in the fence, but no one has yet to pass through.

        • kenny2858 says:

          3Ds sucks… we barely have any devs working on ps vita. Why should these devs move to 3Ds hacking? Why would you want to hack a 3Ds? The only good thing are the games… but why if you can literally play 3Ds games on vita. 3Ds compared to vita is nothing. Isnt 3Ds compatible with other Ds games? So whats the point? make the system faster? Graphics arent even that good. My point is that 3Ds suck and you’re Mad Bro?

          • opdo says:

            I didn’t read past, “you can literally play 3Ds games on vita”, how are you this misinformed?

          • kenny2858 says:

            No, but if it got hacked, im sure it could.

          • gtrobo says:

            No, it couldn’t you technologically challenged troglodyte. Trying to explain to you why it couldn’t would be like teaching sign language to the blind, but it will not.

    • jeebs says:

      lack of games? what the heck are you talking about? PSP ending lifecycle had coming great games Gran Turismo, MGSPW, GoW GOS,etc. Ending lifecycle + the fact that PSP was COMPLETELY hacked even a hobo would be able to hack it’s PSP. Are you high on crack?

      • ohcomeon says:

        Educate yourself. There were a ton of cancelled projects, and japanese games stopped being localized because the west psp software sales were abysmal.

  45. The Kick says:

    Aside from my PSN psp games I only keep one Vita game on my card: UmvC3. A failure is a failure. Wait for a kexploit and stay on that firmware. Snag some psp games, and that’s all I can forecast ATM.

  46. edukarlo says:

    TTT2 and TKxSF will surely fire up vita sales.. and when unpatched emulators will be available, surely, vita sales will increase..

  47. bcdiscman says:

    Please don’t give me the “piracy killed the…” bull-***!!! I have a hacked PS3 & a hacked WII. My brother has a hacked Xbox360. All three of these consoles are known to be hacked and yet they still get the newest titles!!! Sony uses the “piracy is killing us” excuse as a scapegoat for their horrible marketing, prices and to excuse the way they treat their customers. The Nintendo DS and 3DS have both been hacked but Nintendo doesn’t care/blame piracy because they market/price their devices better and because of this they have a much better market share!!!

    • jeebs says:

      PS Vita is dead aswell as the hacking scene for it. If there is any since VHBL and all these CEF we every day dont count for sht really. I truly wonder why people wastes their lifes doing VHBL’s and CEF. Can any of you people answer that? TheZ? Total Noob? anyone like you guys. Seriously? who the heck has not bought a freaking PSP already? christ there’s even PC emulators.

      Even SO!! thanks to those guys wasting their time doing VHBL and CEF versions, PS Vita has some popularity. You still see some news. Hey new VHBL! hey ninja release! hey look yet another CEF!! other than that what has been up to PS Vita? nothing.

      And very well said bcdiscman. What the heck can you expect when you lock a system so badly as PS Vita with all kind of proprietary BS.

      The tip of the iceberg will be : proprietary TV out cable. Seriously PS Vita has nothing over my PSP when it comes to great apps and homebrews. It’s like an antique version of the PSP.

      Keep it like this Sony and PS Vita will end up just like PSP Go.

      • kenny2858 says:

        I didn’t read everything. So you’re raging because their helping others? I mean.. its THEIR free time, not YOURS. You made me realize that thanks to them, I believe in humanity again. THEIR not charging 20, 30, 40, 50, 100, or not even 1 dollar for a exploit. They deserve to get paid & they only get money from people that give them through paypal. I didn’t give them a penny for exploits and they kept on releasing them & I kept getting them, FREE. THEY should honestly charge at least for the save file but THEY dont. You made me realize a lot. I never honestly cared for them but now that I read 20% of your paragraph, I realized that THEY care for US but WE DONT. I honestly how THEY keep releasing exploits if we don’t CARE. If I could, I would give TheZ 100$ for keeping it up and not letting the exploits die. Imagine, it takes weeks if not, months to patch everything & make the perfect VHBL or eCFW exploit.THEY waste their time for US. And THEY rarely get any money compared to what THEY should get. I hope that answers some questions.

    • kenny2858 says:

      @bcdiscman they still release titles because not EVERYONE has CFW on their systems. Hacking things like phones isn’t new and everyone with a phone wants their phone hacked. So, replace the 2nd phone to Ps Vita. If the vita got hacked, It would ruin online for people like how it happened on psp. I understand that sony isn’t doing *** right now but still…we have to be patient… go hack on mw2 or something.

  48. jeebs says:

    And nice article wololo. I like the ending phrase.

  49. dan says:

    wololo where can you buy a flashcard for 3ds like a ds one thats compatible with 3ds

  50. The vita will give the ps4 a better playing experience I bet. Then more units of ps vita will sale. It’s all sales techniques watch you’ll see

  51. some guy says:

    I remember trying to find emulators for my PSP when I saw the games folder on it’s memory stick. Til then I was just using it as MP3 player, cause I got tired of soloing Untold Legends.

  52. Yo!

    Im playing games since 1990 or so , got almost everything I could from the “yellow cassettese” stuff to atari , c64 , 286 pc blabla and now I rather play on those…instead of getting a damaged brain because of a game I bought for a lot of bucks on my vita which produces me like 20 fps from zero to the end…yeah AC III. L. Jesus cries… know what…and this the smallest problem …Above of all I just finished golden sun last night and heck it gave me more joy then any other vita games…sry 4 beeing a little of topic but you know what I mean..sry 4 bad english, hope u get it :)

  53. xliquid snake says:

    nesecitamos mas juegos para el vita

  54. Raziel says:

    well $ony did not make any moneys from me as i bought my Vita used from a guy and all my games were bought used

  55. asdf says:

    The Vita need more Games … thats all!

  56. AyeGuy says:

    develop a new fallout game exclusively for the vita and watch how fast sales go up

  57. EzpadaZ says:

    If $ony makes another portable console. I want my money back. Or that they replace my console with the new one. Because i trusted them. And they punched us in the face. I hope that’s not going to happen.

    • hipsterloser says:

      how? are you too stupid to find new releases on the ps store? here let me help: GO CLICK ON THE PS STORE ICON AND CLICK NEW RELEASES. I REPEAT, CLICK PS STORE ICON AND THEN CLICK NEW RELEASES

  58. yyy says:

    “In 2018, when troll gamers tell you piracy killed the Vita, kindly point them to this article, written at a time when the Vita has not been cracked yet.”

    I’m not sure if the overall sales of the Vita would be much better if piracy was possible on the Vita. I mean, the hardware sales itself might have been a bit higher, but the software sales are also very important. I dont think that Sony makes that much money on the Vita hardware itself, so just increasing the hardware sales wont do much for their business. They need to increase the software sales as well.

  59. romulo says:

    eu acho que esse fatos ai e so para derrubar a sony pois cada site diz uma coisa

  60. ChinkBoxingking says:

    This is why i sold my vita months ago.A new game release once every 2 months isn’t going to help sales at all.How is it possible for a company that isn’t new to slip and fall hard onto the concrete ground?The worst part is that they could care less who ends up with their hardware once all is paid for they will just release a extremely cheaper version of the same product or move on to another producing another whole new console.Sorry sony but like the many here say *** you!

  61. Will says:

    Unfortunately Sony don’t seem to realize that the cost of living has gone up and people who could shell out £200 for a handheld 7 years ago may not be able to in the current economy. Regardless of what Sony chooses to do the Vita will need a price reduction to encourage people to invest in their system. But £300 (console + 16gb memory card + game) is too much when the ps3 only costs £200. If the Vita’s price was reduced significantly, the proprietary memory cards as they are unnecessary and more third party developers were given incentives to develop exclusive must have games for the vita either financially or otherwise then the Vita could encourage tablet & phone gamers to try something different. However if Sony continues their current Vita strategy then developers would continue to develop for other systems instead which would force Sony to either discontinue the Vita Prematurely or accept the large financial burden of the system.

  62. TStrauss says:

    It’s a game problem. Yes, the Vita has games. Some very good games. But the 3DS has more. If I didn’t have both already and I were handheld shopping, I’d go 3DS. It’s just common sense, you get more game for your buck with a 3DS right now. The PSP had the same problem–good games, but not enough of them–and were it not for Monster Hunter in Japan, the PSP would be a footnote on a Wikipedia entry right now.

    The coming titles for the Vita are pretty nice, but when you compare the AAA list for Vita to the 3DS, you realize that Nintendo has as many first party games in the pipe as the Vita has AAAs. Ouch.

    Sony needs to court third parties. Hard. They can’t lean on Monster Hunter anymore. Get some Metal Gears, some GTAs, games that the 3DS just can’t handle. The Vita is a beast of a handheld, and offers a gaming experience that can’t be matched. Consumers need to be shown that, and then they’ll buy in.

    • Onetwothree says:

      Yeah the 3ds is so *** as it does have a lists of worthy games like monster hunter 3U, kingdom hearts, resident evil revelations, Fire emblem, and more.

      • Thrawn says:

        … zelda oot, castlevania, dead or alive dimensions, tekken, street fighter, starfox, asphalt and driver, need for speed, resident evil mercenaries, splinter cell, fifa 13, sims 3, cave story, …. yeah *** games as far as the eye can see… all on the 3ds XD

  63. no fucks given says:

    sony just needs to port ps2 games to the vita naw THAT will make it sell

    • Acid_Snake says:

      heck no, I don’t wanna play games I’ve already played a thousand times, I wanna play new games

      • Thrawn says:

        Yeah of course there are people that wouldn’t like to play ps2 games on the vita, but imo I would like to.
        Especially shadow or black or rogue galaxy…
        But maybe they will implement an emu for that in the vita.

  64. k3nn says:

    the vita died because no one (in their right mind) wants to re-buy their games in the psp for the vita. when $ony stopped the umd and didn’t give users a way to convert them for playing in the vita, that sealed the vita’s fate. that’s why everyone is looking for a vita hack even for just the psp emu, so they could play their psp games in it.

  65. jesus says:

    well i think vita needs more games interesting apps and then maybe can sell more vitas and of course exclusive games please thanks

  66. aerinas says:

    “In 2018, when troll gamers tell you piracy killed the Vita, kindly point them to this article, written at a time when the Vita has not been cracked yet.”
    Just because of that sentence I’m gonna bookmark this article for as long as possible, so I can do that xD

  67. lennyvita says:

    I can say for me the cost of the vita is hurting sales. Who is going to spend $249 plus $50 for memory card, $40 for a game. You can get a ps3 for less. I also got my two vitas used for half the cost of new. This system is great but way overpriced. I wanted a vita for a long time but just too much, had to buy used. If sony wants the vita in more peoples hands, drop the price. There is too much competition with smartphones and the 3ds to try to sell the vita at the price sony asks.

    • hipsterloser says:

      so the vita is too expensive at $250 but it wasn’t when the 3ds *** was at the same price a year ago? /logic

  68. ChuSound says:

    The Vita is great as a bedtime system for some web browsing before going to sleep. Now, if they would release the promised crunchyroll app, I would have something else to do before nitenite.

  69. sniper.jay says:

    “when troll gamers tell you piracy killed the Vita, kindly point them to this article, written at a time when the Vita has not been cracked yet.”

    I applauded !!!

  70. n3rk3 says:

    There is Not One Game Out there for the Vita that realy rocks.

  71. wowohoo says:

    the vita is still improving

  72. isnizal says:

    dumb sony,make piracy hard to vita…that why no one buy lol……and also,,,,,,no pirate game…alwasy update and update….

  73. Troll gamer says:


  74. jeebs says:

    Wololo should make an article regarding PSP software sales and compare them to the respective CFW for those periods.

    I mean Gran Turismo sold 3.86 million, when PSP was hacked to heck and back.

    Monster Hunter 3rd sold 4mil for a 2010 title.Read >> when in 2010 every kid around the block could install CFW on it’s PSP.

    And then take a look at Monster Hunter Freedom 2 with 2.3mil sales. For a title that launched in 2007. When PSP wasnt as easy as now to hack it.

    How a 2007 title sold less than a 2010 title? read 2007-hacking scene not so big vs 2010-psp hacking scene flourishing. Im not defending piracy, it does takes it’s toll i agree. But let’s not rename piracy to “platform killer”, “the apocalypse knight” for PSP or PS Vita.

    The thing is great games sell well no matter what. Dont you ever had that feeling : hey! this game is fantastic! even thought i pirated it, i will definately buy it, because devs deserve my money for such a great game. I did just that with lots of PSP titles.

    All im saying is that CFW can be a beneficial thing for PS Vita too. Not ONLY a bad thing. I can only imagine what amazing apps, talented people out there could create for it. Something SONY doesnt care doing it for us, but we will do it ourselves. And cool apps=popularity. What the heck it’s the same concept as ARMA 2 DayZ. Barely anyone cared about arma 2, but since DayZ mod, now the internet is starting to get filled with more DayZ videos,articles,etc than with cod ones.

    It’s a shame to see Vita suffering like this, because SONY wants it completely locked.

    • James D. says:

      The problem is a lot of developers are being scared off because of the Vita’s reputation of being “hacked” thanks to the PSP. It’s reputation is holding it back and Sony is trying to clean up (albeit doing a sh*t job, but trying nonetheless). This is especially damning because not many people own a Vita.

      The Vita’s sales won’t go up if it gets fully hacked. You people are delusional.

      We’re lucky we still have xseed and some other faithful developers that are willing to put games on the Vita.

      Still hoping Capcom decides to put MH on the Vita, but Soul Sacrifice will have to do for now.

    • James D. says:

      I’m hoping Sony keeps the Vita under control and the “hackers” make the smart decision and not release anything too big until the Vita shapes up.

      Pirating Vita games right now would be extremely detrimental to the Vita’s growth. Not only does no one own a Vita right now, all the developers are being scared off.

      No developers = no games/localization = dead system

      This only applies to the Northern market. Japan is doing just fine with it’s game. And if you’re fortunate enough to read Japanese like I can, you’ll be having a blast with the Vita. :)

    • Theilor says:

      With the hack, more people buy the console and play the games, so these people recommends these games. Then the people who listen these recommends may buy the games.

  75. Graham says:

    I brought a Vita at launch a year later I still regret buying it. If I was to add up the time i’ve used it in the last year it would be about 2 months. I have not taken it out of its case since December last year!

    There are games for it yes but none that are in my opinion any good, the games catalog for the Vita is too small to appeal to everyone thats the biggest problem, and if no one buys the console no developer in their right mind will make a game for it.

    I play on my android tablet every day and that thing cost me £60 where as the Vita was closer to £300!

  76. Adam's Smith says:

    The Vita needs more great games. Heck, the Vita needs more games period. And make them a lot cheaper ffs! Playstation mobile games can suck the Lemmings’s ***.

  77. TheSMART says:

    All those saying the PSVita needs more games… I don’t get it, I hardly have the time to finish all the good games that are out on PSVita up till now. I am guessing people that demand more games have no job and life?

    I mean… I got PS+ too and I can’t keep up with the free good and many games it gives me all these months. I bought Uncharted and Mortal Kombat retail at/just after launch, got Stardust Delta, Motorstorm RC, Hustle Kings and some other PSN stuff back then.

    Since then I bought Sound Shapes and some other PSN games, and Guacamelee recently, and PS+ got me Gravity Rush, Wipeout 2048, Puddle, Zero Escape, Mutant Blobs, Metal Gear HD Collection, Big Sky Infinity, Knytt Underground, Lumines, Pinball Arcade and Sine Mora soon.

    Then, I still have to buy LittleBigPlanet Vita, Persona 4 Golden, DJMAX, a Fifa 12 or 13 whatever is cheapest and upcoming games Tearaway and Killzone Mercenary, aside of all upcoming free games every month on PS+ that will add onto this.

    Man, the 3DS has a far, far less diverse and long list of great rated games. All it does is Mario, Zelda rehash.

    • smcrzgi says:

      lolz. mario is a given, but i do beleive currently there is only one zelda on the 3ds. all the other games are not mario or zelda. sooo……. dont know what your smokin.

  78. ultimatex says:

    $ony make a high specs console but the games are very low for gamers, and what the heck happen in konami, squareenix?? why dont give us adventure and rpg games.

  79. txovhant says:

    Sony should get Monster Hunter series on PS Vita.. that could at least increase the sales a bit. Dunno bout you guys, but I missed the times I cut Rathian/Rathalos’ tail.

  80. Dante says:

    Just made my best decision with my Vita and sold it.
    Until there’s a real cfw for this system, I won’t be getting one again.

  81. NNNRT says:

    That will also happen to the PS4 sadly. Sony are being greedy a lot in everything, & that’s their payback. The PSP is still selling as well.

  82. Hellinferno says:

    And you know why is that?,because the stupid company didnt make Gow on vita,work with other companies such as Snk in a Kof for it,no resident evil,no decent silent hill,no castlevania,no kingdom hearts,no rpg like ps2 not even ports of them either,too much *** games like indies,and of course how can i forget the LEGO ***,lego this,lego that.Some of them are not faults of the company SONY it’s because Crapcom and Konami sold out their *** to nintendo.

  83. Bobby Shornock says:

    The reason that the Wii U and Vita are having abyssmal sales compared to the PS3 and Xbox 360 is because there are not enough things causing people to give up their main two systems, or recent emergence of iPad’s, Tablets, or cheaper gaming methods.

    Don’t get me wrong, the Vita is an amazing handheld, but there aren’t too many games that make me want to give up on my iPad on a regular basis, and the games I find myself addicted to, The Simpsons Tapped Out, and Injustice Gods Among Us, are much simpler games.

    What is killing the Wii U sales? The fact that Nintendo has not learned from their previous console’s mistakes. Nobody wants to buy games that don’t have DLC. It’s obviously something on Nintendo’s end. Call of Duty Black Ops II, one of the most popular series for Nintendo, has ZERO DLC, sure they can patch the games, but for some reason, there is no DLC. Injustice Gods Among Us has zero DLC, zero WBID support. Mass Effect 3 is missing quite a bit of content. Darksiders 2 is missing content, NBA 2k13 is missing content, you get the point. The only third party retailer that is even offering any kind of DLC is Ubisoft, the king of half *** mediocre quality games on launch day.

    And Zen Pinball 2? You either own it on PS3 or iOS, who’s going to buy it a third time?

    Monster Hunter Ultimate would be a great game if the multiplayer wasen’t so conflicted.

    People buy the consoles for the Nintendo games, however Nintendo released a system way too early. This first year of Nintendo Wii U has been an open beta for $299 and $349. How about fixing the DLC issues, Nintendo? And Sony, how about more games for the Vita that aren’t half *** low end games that should be mini’s? Injustice Gods Among Us would’ve been perfect on the Vita, but like Mortal Kombat, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Street Fighter X Tekken, you release these games months after the console versions giving owners no incentive to buy it Day 1 until it tanks down to $19.99 or lower.

  84. GameTarotFusion says:

    I like all the weird stuff that came out on the psp. like jewel summoner, and hexyz force. Vita better not die until they flood the stores everywhere with cheap B rated anime titles! Maybe I am the only one, but a dynasty warriors gundam game on vita sounds appealing. Needless to say if I was captain of the ss sony I would run it straight into a flaming iceburg, because i thought it would be a cool experience. I know its true… I went bankrupt in Game dev tycoon for the same reason. Apparently big *** mecha blaster for the vena dreamvast isn’t an appealing concept to All games.

  85. Tengu24 says:

    Killzone Mercenary is coming out exclusively for the vita, the graphics look even better than killzone 3.

  1. April 21, 2013

    […] the only Sony high-def collection coming to PS Vita. The ESRB has rated the Sly Collection for PS Vita, as […]

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