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A Cool Little Thing Called Sugru. My Experience.


Told you I'll edit this.

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  1. swag says:

    you know what i am…

  2. kuagelo says:

    It looks.. handy. I found the Lego bit particularly amusing πŸ˜€

  3. oO Flowzilla Oo says:

    But if it dries, won’t you be able to take it off?

  4. John says:

    This hurts. Its not even about gaming now. Stick to depth, not breadth, because these typo filled articles really turn me off to this site now, which hurts to say.

    • John says:

      I’m going to get flack, but even look at the banner. Many of these articles are about making a quick laugh, not like it used to be.

      • nero says:

        so just because this is a blog about video games, no ones allowed to make a post about something else that’s interesting? why dont you go on your way and make your own game blog then?

      • DS_Marine says:

        It’s ok that you don’t like it, but a little advice for you…
        If it doesn’t say ‘Vita’ or ‘Exploit’ in the title, don’t read it.
        Problem solved.

      • wololo says:

        John, for the record I am reading these comments and taking them into account. I’ll discuss this with the bloggers team to make sure we stay focused on our core topics. That being said I think we’re doing a pretty good job at keeping the focus on hacks and games, and we only publish those “alternate” stories when the news on the hacking front are slow πŸ™‚

        I’d like to reply “if you don’t like a specific article, don’t read it”, but I also understand the importance of us sticking to the subjects people come to read here. Thanks to you and others for actually taking the time to comment and state your opinion, it is appreciated.

        • loketar says:

          Personally I can’t thank you enough for this post, I have literally just finished reading it and I have 10+ uses, this stuff seems genius thank you very much minimur

          • loketar says:

            Also, it is not like they are posting this in place of any hacking news, as Wololo said it is posted when hacking news is scarce. People could always go find another site for VHBL….wait….

        • sitefan says:

          I enjoy the balance the blog strikes. I know I can trust the blog to have the important news articles when things happen, but enjoy side articles in the meantime.

        • JeoWay says:

          Wololo, don’t put anything on the bloggers, just because someone doesn’t like this because it won’t give them the ability to run homebrew is a pretty stupid reason. Also, he could simply just read the ones about “Vita”.

          Personally, I get tired of the PSV Scene and these posts are what keep me pretty active when off the forums.

        • John says:

          That’s perfect. I don’t want to be hypercritical and no offense to minimur at all, since a lot of people are enjoying these articles. I’ve just seen so many good blogs fall apart and I really like this one. Much respect to everyone in the scene and all the authors! Thank you!

        • kenny2858 says:

          @wololo Its better to post something than nothing right? Long story short xD

      • Spokes says:

        John, GTH. Don’t like it don’t read it simple as that. These OT articles are great and always interesting. Thanks Minimur keep up the great work.

    • unhappy says:

      I agree 100% but I am not sure if any of my full worded responses are going to filter through or if I’ll just keep getting moderated.

  5. svenn says:

    Well, Sugru is cool, but i’m against this prop. stuff, I think its to expensive. I mean the research is expensive I get it, but generally I want more then 20ml to do stuff with.

    This is however more hardware repair and less the topic I would expect here; Though its still in the do-it-yourself-hack-stuff cat. And that’s what we are here for no ?

  6. ricerrr says:

    i got a bumper case for my phone to protect it i doped it and it hit a rock right on the screen getting it shattered. is my bumper for my phone didnt work how will this work?

  7. capcomlegend says:

    *** is this! lol the controller is graphic looking ***

  8. The Z says:

    Meanwhile in Japan…

  9. mamimi says:

    I’m not really one who is terribly concerned with aesthetics, but these little colored bits of stuff all over everything, no matter how useful it is, is really ugly. I can honestly see how it could be good for organiing cables, or keeping volume knobs and such in place, but it looks awful. Do they at least make it in black? Now, if you took your time to make the *** of gunk smooth and consistent in size and shape, and as small as possible (and in white or black), it might look okay, but man, as it is, it looks like a kid slopped play-doh on some electronics and the wall.

    • Minimur12 says:

      I know it does, but I don’t really mind because the cup; I don’t see it.
      Tablet; not mine (lol) ps3 triggers i like, but I’ll refine those when I open the next pack. Along with adding to the analogue sticks πŸ™‚

  10. thewizard says:

    have you ever thought about going into advertising? cause i never would have thought about buying this stuff untill i read your post and watched the vid. im gonna get some of this stuff to put concave analogs on my vita! ive always hated convex.. it just doesnt feel right to me. i will probably add to the bumpers and back grip as well;)

  11. Dark_Alex says:

    this is an embarrassment
    you’re not keeping up with ps new at all. what are you like 15? come;on.. viva mexico

  12. Minimur 12 says:

    Will post a second article tommorow. Just received my black Sugru and used it on my vita.

  13. inicuo says:

    why so quiet? playing soul sacrifice or what?

  14. yEAH says:

    The packaging looks like lube I used to buy when I used to jerkoff a lot.

  15. unhappy says:

    Minimur12, stop spamming Wololo’s blog.

    This blog was at its peak when every post was either technical programming articles by Acid_snake, informed opinions of Wololo, or updates on the scene (try page 50 or earlier in this blog’s archive to see what we’re missing).

    Now its an advertising board for more stuff that I don’t want and can’t afford. I was driven here by my open source principles and a distaste for Sony’s business practises, and in general that’s why I am interested in homebrew, programming and hacking. I’m not here for piracy, but I guarantee the majority of users immature enough to enjoy Minimur12’s articles are.

    If I had written this article, I would have started by saying Sugru is a modelling clay alternative, like Fimo, Green Stuff and to some extents epoxy. Then I would have shown actual creative use of it. Who gets a modelling clay and then the first thing they do is “prop their games up” with it. What. A. Joke. If my child vandalised my PS3 controllers in such he’d be appropriately punished for being so noob. I use modelling clay alternatives when I mod PSPs for dual analogue sticks, mod BB guns to fit 5mW lasers and fix broken household appliances.

  16. dololo says:

    I like it. thanks minimur πŸ˜€

  17. dololo says:

    could be the next ductape lol

  18. Jamis Carter says:

    Really? Really. (sighs) Really.

  19. solidsnake says:

    I like information like this.

    I would have never known otherwise.

    Thank you.

  20. DjNeo says:

    How it is its cured state? I mean… How it feels at then end?

  21. james way says:

    So epoxy putty. Been around ages. I have added small drops of oil paint to white putty to make all sorts of colors, the oil also makes it less “hard” and keeps it from over sticking to surfaces, so if you want to use make a removable bumper, you can. The best part about any of these is that they are sandable. Back when the ipod nano first came out, I wanted a cart mount for it. I custom made one using this putty first to make a mold of the charger stand for it then again to make a new stand with a headphone plug in it. Added some stainless steel hinges and then painted it using black car paint. Came out awesome. Kudos on the creativity here, IE you can make anything to your heart’s content.

  22. Nyanboro says:

    Dat sugru.

  23. capcomlegend says:

    Wonder if this would work with spoiler holes on cars to cover them up…and would it hold…

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