PS Vita Hack: (Video) VHBL (still) running on firmware 2.11


Been followin' the console hacking scene since 2006, I'm an old guy so get off my lawn!

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55 Responses

  1. rafael707 says:

    yay more exploits

  2. alvin says:

    still vhbl not k exploit?

  3. capcomlegend says:

    KICK-ASS! u guys never fail me! there is spot reserved in heaven for you guys surrounded by hot sexy angels :D

  4. SeongGino says:

    Still surprised that this is still alive.

    If there was a Cockroach award for any hack, this is right up there on the top.

  5. capcomlegend says:

    I mean a spot <—too excited

  6. H4RP14 says:

    I’d love it a lot more if it was a kernel exploit
    I’m so hoping for a kernel-mode exploit for 2.11 or 2.10, it’s fine anyway

  7. a says:

    I want k exploit?

  8. BigCOLA says:

    I Love The Z

  9. brunoso says:

    We need a native exploit. It enough to buy a psp game and then open vhbl. Its so ugly.

  10. francio says:

    in mexico city no there still available the new firmware 2.11
    still access psn with firmware 2.10

  11. pspfanMOHH says:

    I love my custom avatar in blog, anyways to point…almost reaching onto a kxploit.

  12. alvin says:

    wheres prostegater?

  13. kernel exploit says:

    kernel exploit!!!
    kernel exploit!!!
    kernel exploit!!!
    kernel exploit!!!
    kernel exploit!!!

  14. VictotWei says:


  15. ir4mt says:

    When PsVita hacked?!!

    • jeebs says:

      Who the hell knows when. So far it’s a hard nut to crack. If it has PS3 security like, then it will probably be cracked in 3-4years.

      Imagine VHBL and TNV exploits for 4 freaking years….jeshhhhh this is becoming pathetic people you know?

      Sony is laughing their azzes at us. Damn….

  16. chucky says:

    Be gratefull guys come on usermode exploit is enough for me why play psp games on vita I have 3 psps come on guys be gratefull that these people are giving up there precious time to help thanks a lot respect !!!!

  17. lollixo says:

    then you should upgrade to 2.11 or is it better to stay at 2.06?

  18. xiaweiyi says:

    good news as always.

  19. n00bBl3sSeR says:

    by stoping psvita to run iso,homebrw,etc sony does vita market 2-3 games are playable and some pple dont have money to buy em or some dont put money in games.i dont understud why they want to **** psp more than is now.i apreciate hack for doing this,making a good thing from sony`s shit.epic fail sony.GJ Z,todal_noob,and you sony.

  20. edukarlo says:

    when the psp was hacked, sales became a “big awsome high”.. even with just homebrews like VHBL, the vita can increase its sales for sure..

  21. DDD says:

    stop hacking this fu cking vhbl , TN-V is best not vhbl

  22. razor823 says:

    I’m on apache overkill exploit do u recommend me to update to 2.11?

  23. razor823 says:

    I have the apache overkill exploit.should I update to 2.11 or stay on 2.06

  24. Spike says:

    So basically you can get any exploit as long as you are on a lower firmware?

  25. Aaa says:

    I only worst my time here … offense but this is nothing…

    99,999999% of people only want to hack vita for play vita games…nothing more

    • lollixo says:

      sorry for the crudelty but I think you do not realize what you’re saying. if it came out the hack for ps vita the console surely fail, because it is true that the console would be sold a lot but it is also true that no developer would create games for psvita. for example, I expect only a cfw TN for the latest firmware. I hope that the hack to download games of the psvita will not come out for another three years.

  26. xEitleModz says:

    i hope he makes this works with Urbanix just becouse i hardly ever get money

  27. xEitleModz says:

    to buy to games

  28. antony says:

    porque ciño no dicen el nombre del puto exploit ya es que esperan a que salga otra aztualizacion o que como en la anterior a la del apache overkill valla mierda

  29. REMF says:

    when it will the exploit be release?

  30. Qasim says:

    Hello gays i dont now how to hack ps vita to play psp games can anyone tell me?

  31. jake says:

    I hope theres a hack where you can play homebrews, and emulators, while maintaining security pirating ps vita games.. think about it! how do you think video game companies make money!!!!

  32. antonio says:

    pero bueno payaso cuando coño vas a poner el nombre del puto exploit subnormaan

  33. Sean says:

    I think its a travesty that the Vita has been out as long as it has and we only have a handful of “good” games. Sony stop being a dic k and get more 3rd party game developers to hurry up and release games! You are making me constipatedly disappointed

  34. antonio says:

    we will see why this is laughable and shows yna sony new update of software and within hours VHBL do you find a video of running in this update without even probrar before faults that may have safety or sony as I have since you have found new and on top of that is what my turn but the balls Tardais well over a month to put the putoi game that has the exploit but we will see souls pitcher bALLS BECAUSE yOU HAVE NOT SEEN IF FIRST loaded the ISOS / CSO wELL AS THE HOMEMBREW ETC … FIXED AND AFTER THE EXPLOIT THE INPERFECIONES BE PREPARED WHEN degas PUT THE VIDEO AND NOT SO THIS IS A POST SONY tipped off AND IS FOR JUMPING TO REMOVE THE FUCKING GAME STORE you think that people like to be looking day after day to see when it comes out the name of the game fucking clowns I poruqe computer and I have no time if I already would have done the exploit myself and when I have tried it have made ​​people aware of not earlier than real disappointment

  35. Seallux says:

    yosh can’t wait for more exploits to be added =)

  36. antonio says:

    still hope to come out the exploit. can happen to me the other day a great job making the -z and other but seriously put the exploit soon

  37. Haibara-san says:

    Hello, I don’t speak english very well… (I’m italian) but is the download available or no?

  38. calgmitchell says:

    how do i “jailbreak” my PS VITA running system software 2.11? or is there a way to downgrade to an earlier software. or should i just update to 2.12?

  39. calgmitchell says:

    anyone going to answer my question above?

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