PS Vita OFW 2.11 available


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  1. jojo says:

    FIRST HAHAHAHAH (I’m so cool)

    • DTeKDeV says:

      Yo, since you’re so cool, you can hang out with me and my friends at the bar tonight. Drinks on me!

  2. inicuo says:

    hi Wololo are there some games wich you advice to buy, for a future TN V? (im currently in 2.10) and what are the techniques to get a game in Vita without having to update in order to buy it.

    • hgoel0974 says:

      Buy every PSP Game AND Mini on the store to ensure you get a user exploit, once you get the user exploit, you are sure to get a TN-V when/if it is released 😉

      • codelion says:

        Also buy at least 1 vita per region and buy all the PSN vita games in addition to all the PSP and mini games per region.

  3. FIRST! says:


  4. QUICKSORT says:

    Many people have problems with playing games after the update 2.10 Like FIFA13. It has to do with creating a folder and putting the games in it. It creates some sort of a bug many people encountered.

    You can read more about it on the PS Vita general discussion, in the playstation community forum. 2.11 has fixed few of these problems

  5. locomymined says:

    how com you did int use a demo game named locoroco

  6. #18 says:


    Also, interesting with the irrelevant update. Maybe it was an attempt at patching the folder trick from Z?

  7. yfcvvvvbjjgj says:

    if new fw 2.11 is up why i can acces market and all stuff from fw 2.10? O.o

    • hgoel0974 says:

      the update isn’t major, just a small fix for something, it isn’t something that would really change anything you do, possibly just fixes a few speed/compatibility issues in games.

  8. locomymined says:

    the game hasent ben pacht yet and the demo is free so wololo isent thar sumthing that you can do with dis demo game locoroco midnight

    • Jd8531 says:

      There is no exploit in that demo.

      • LoPqEz says:

        People, stop asking “Can you make an exploit in the game ?”. You can’t make an exploit out of any game, just certain ones that have vulnerabilities in them.

        • LoPqEz says:

          Sorry, that comment should have been:

          People, stop asking “Can you make an exploit in the game (insert game or demo name here) ?”. You can’t make an exploit out of any game, just certain ones that have vulnerabilities in them.

  9. StanSmith says:

    Sony. They only do updates.

    They really need to get their head out of their *** and fix this Vita. How about some beta testing before it goes public.

  10. john says:

    if i just bought uno on the psn store will i still be able to do the exploit again and is there any exploits for 2.11 yet and is it possible to downgrade

  11. Ninjya Re Bang Bang says:

    It hasn’t even been a week and those *** are sending out yet another firmware. -__-

    • gunblade says:

      funny its the same thing that sony did with like 2.02 wen there was a problem with the ps plus save game sync.

  12. i want to hack my vita says:

    Another *** update

  13. razor says:

    Just another useless update already ?

  14. gunblade says:

    i still have 2.10 downloaded n ready to update on two point six now…

  15. Marto says:

    I had some wifi problems after updating to 2.10, strangely especially when booting a new game Guacamelee. Lets see if this fixes it

  16. The Z says:

    Well, the bot is technically not mine.

  17. Robert says:

    where to publish the exploit, I can never buy. I’m on version 2.1 and want to go to 2.11.

  18. Universal says:

    It’s most likely and update to be compatible with ‘Soul Sacrifice’ due to the fact that Sony was suppose to release the U.S. Version of the demo yesterday, yet it’s still not up.

  19. ir4mt says:

    Hack Hack Hack , please Hack PS Vita !

  20. nfelurre says:

    2.10 FW broke a few games, including Hot Shots Golf, which was hard crashing my Vita. the 2.11 update fixed that.

  21. KizumiK says:

    Haha, I love your “cool kids” comment 🙂

  22. you+me+devil=three says:

    For the guys in the latest update: Im in 2.01 still with the exploit for psp iso’s and all from Wololo and all the other royal hackers (Thanks guys for making this possible). Ive been playing games that can be played on my psp on my vita and it seems like there’s no difference (other than the huge screen and additional keys but nothing major). The only similarity with 2.11 users and hackable firmware users is were waiting for something new. Why not we aim for something BIG, like something that’s worth waiting like a PSVITA game hack, or an OS that we can port on a vita instead of complaining and arguing about a PSP exploit that they can’t put on the latest FW. The hackers are working their *** off for us guys so lets just hope their brains won’t collapse for our demands.

    For the Hackers: Thanks for your great work and I know that these things aren’t your greatest work yet. We know there’s more to come and we’re looking forward for your greatest achievements.

  23. Chasmas says:

    THIS UPDATE LITERALLY DESTROYED MY VITA. Sending it back to warranty, because it is turning on and off alone, power button and PS Vita button doesnt work, USB connection turns on and off alone, i cant keep my games organized the way i want, whenever the console turns off it defaults the games positions on the main screen. Screw you Sony.

  24. Dax says:

    How can I hack my ps vita running 2.11?

  25. peter says:

    hey and when can we download this exploit