PS Vita Hack: (Video) The Z finds a way around some of the new Firmware limitations


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  1. Batman says:

    Yeah man thanks for the update. It is not that bad after all, just needs manually programming for Games to work =P

  2. .? says:

    New exploit?

  3. jade says:

    wololo a very misleading topic anyone see this would think it was a hack for the vita an not the psp emulator.

  4. Universal says:

    So is it fair to say, the PSP/Vita hacking scene is actually benefiting Sony?

    • wololo says:

      At its current stage I would say yes, definitely. There is no bad side effect for Sony to the level of hacking we’ve seen so far on the Vita. The only side effect has been to boost the sales of 10 PSP games over the past year.

  5. tryonmydream says:

    lol The Z you’re too fast to found the way

  6. dimy93 says:

    3 lines of code and this manual labour will become part of automatic install of vhbl menus and everybody will forget that it even existed
    Still I’m not sure how good is for the memory stick to constantly overwrite PSP/GAME’s name

    • Milkman says:

      That should be quite a problem indeed. The lifespan of a normal SD (Vita memory cards are basicly the same) is about 10.000 writes per bit.

  7. AtoZ says:

    zzzz is the name of exploit game the Z found it.. Will you release it to public or just keep it..

  8. ioriel says:

    I’m starting to think, that psp hacking is a trap from sony for distracting us from our real scene the Vita’s Hacking , ok seriously ,will this psp hacks leads us somewhere in ps vita hacking?

    • ioriel says:

      i’m not trying to say that i don’t like o appreciate the actual hacking work i know how hard could it be (and actually is) i was just wondering if this is the real path?

      • kenny2858 says:

        Honestly… ps vita shouldn’t get hacked until 5 or more years. Why? 3rd party companies are scared because of ISO loaders for ps vita. (If it actually gets hacked.) You might say, “Thats not the reason why I want the ps vita to pirate games.” Well, not for you, but for others… thats one of the main reasons. They don’t care but I understand because they might not have $ to buy games… either that or they just do it >_<. I think it should stay how it is with VHBL & eCFW. If it does get hacked it should only be able to play PSP, Homebrew, & Legally bought ps vita games. (No ISO loader) Also no hacking online like the psp could with CoderPr, NitePr, etc.

        • kenny2858 says:

          Either 3rd companies are scared, or, sony ain’t doing *** for us Ps vita users. (Don’t wanna start a rumor about 3rd party companies getting scared if i’m not sure.)

          • gunblade says:

            thing is i guees most things now days from iphone to tablets is prety much expected they be moded… but they still seem to be making money…..

          • kenny2858 says:

            Ps Vita can’t be compared to iphones or tablets… iphones & tablets been out for YEARS. Ps vita, if im right, 2 years. They make money because most people hack their phones. Sony would lose a lot if vita got hacked this early & 3rd party companies won’t make games.

        • Goody says:

          Actually people do not have much money to buy PS Vita games, here in the Philippines alone, owning a Ps Vita is luxurious enough. Buying games for it is very luxurious and is not a necessity. That’s why people here want hacks and piracy because they cannot afford even if they want to do it legally.

  9. chuckthetekkie says:

    Watch this, next update will block us from renaming the PSP/GAME folder by making it read-only. It’s obvious they can’t go any further that that otherwise PSP games won’t be able to write gamesaves.

  10. ioriel says:

    what happened with that turkish exploit?, i haven’t read about it for a while.

  11. Milkman says:

    Just my thoughts… Is’nt it possible for the custom firmware to catch/sniff/grab the /PSP/GAME/ directory actions from the homebrew and change it on the fly to something else like /PSP/HOMEBREW/ or something (for all read and write actions)
    Just like a high level filter.

  12. Dev says:


    ioriel on April 17, 2013 at 4:52 pm
    I’m starting to think, that psp hacking is a trap from sony for distracting us from our real scene the Vita’s Hacking , ok seriously ,will this psp hacks leads us somewhere in ps vita hacking?

    • Decius says:

      OP makes it sound like if Sony keeps patching the Emu, they might find a way to crash the Vita from within the PSP Emu. Of course a crash doesn’t always lead to something of use. Who knows, pretty sure hardware dumping is the way to go..

      • ioriel says:

        i wonder how it was done:

        • decius says:

          hahah wow, you have to solder up each pin on the physical board and then some how read the chip with the use of an FPGA I guess. I don’t know what you could do with a RAM dump, obviously gain knowledge but you want a NAND dump.

  13. we.need.coldbird says:


  14. capcomlegend says:

    the Z kicks ace keep up the good work

  15. Dark_Alex says:

    @The Z use kernel in root and flash psp OFW 1.50 as default not .prx get nor”S to result in full access to get full ps vita exploit. your welcome. by the looks of it you would have stumble upon that eventually that should save you some time, you’re well on your way.

  16. msparky83 says:

    Could it be…the real Dark_Alex has returned?

  17. axel-25 says:

    if he is he should prove himself. do something cool. 🙂

  18. roorer says:

    first sorry my english!
    All involved are doing a wonderful job with VHBL.
    most do not know if and early to speak, but when vain seek an escape for the vica with hack psvita games and not only with the psp. Great job you guys are doing.

  19. gunblade says:

    …nice Z prety smart…

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