Lower PS Vita Firmwares for Dummies


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76 Responses

  1. Prank says:

    No falta el idiota que venga a decir “Primero”

  2. HAHA That was you! xD OJETE

  3. Omega says:

    Can I play PSN+ games without updating with this trick?

  4. wartaf says:

    nice, but i don’t have PS3 so i cant use it 😀

  5. trillerkiller says:

    can’t get .Net Framework 1.1.4322 on Windows 8

  6. icyheart says:

    great great great works think yu

  7. chuckthetekkie says:

    Urbanix and Apache Overkill is still not back in the PSN Store. At least not in the US.

  8. chuckthetekkie says:

    I take part of that back. Urbanix is back in the US but Apache Overkill comes up with error NP-2247-5.

  9. natsu says:

    i enjoy playing UNO…

  10. aure16XD says:

    but the games that have been removed from PSN and are back are patched?

  11. aure16XD says:

    I expect a kernel exploit for AO 2.06 :)

  12. Kenneth says:

    Can i do this on my psvita 2.10

  13. whackm says:

    Hello all, I think the answer to this question is “NO, YOU CAN’T” but I’d thought I ask just the same.

    I am on TnV Urbanix 1.81.
    Earlier this week, I bought the memory card for Dead or Alive 5 at the shop. When I plugged it in, it said I needed to upgrade to OFW 2.05 in order to install/play the game.

    Is there any way to play this w/o upgrading, as that means the loss of TnV

    • N says:

      The only way to play is by updating.

      I also bought DOA5+, and found out you needed to update. So I updated. I don’t miss my UNO exploit too much since I have a PSP still.

      All new games like DOA5+, Atelier Totori, etc will require 2.05+. Soul Sacrifice will probably need 2.05+ as well.

    • Jd8531 says:

      Not that we know of at the moment.

  14. Neeko says:

    Tengo una Ps Vita 2.10, encontre un tutorial seguro de como downgradear mi firmware (Gracias a DaxHordes) y queria saber si, lo downgradeo a 1.81 puedo aun obtener el Exploit de Urbanix??, aun esta en la Store o Tendre que esperar a que salga algun nuevo Exploit para mi FW? (lo veo dificil ya que sony ha reforzado la seguridad del sistema con cada actualizacion u_u)… ayudenme please

  15. Cloudmiu says:

    No se puede hacer downgrade desde una versión superior (Por ejemplo, 2.10)?.

  16. Chuckle says:

    Can i do it with a ps3 cfw ?
    i do not want to link my ps3 psn to my ps vita psn so when ill get ban my vita will get a ban too ..

  17. Dogggieee says:

    So… If I have got OFW 2.06 with exploit Apache overkill I can make “downgrade” on 1.81? THX for answer :) I am DUMMIES 😀

  18. ADRIANO says:

    fake video please ?

  19. trillerkiller says:

    @mistermix thanks, weird I have to install one that is in a different language for it to install right

  20. TheOriginalSINe says:

    Thank you so much, Jd8531! I was having trouble with the activation and the Open CMA PS3 trick a few weeks ago after I reset my VITA. I have deleted what I was going to say several times while trying to figure out how to accurately express how much joy this post has given me. Thanks again!

  21. YOO says:

    I just did the linking *** and of course it’s making me format my card so now i have to rebuy uno, im still on 2.02 can I buy the newer UNO on psn, will the exploit still work?

    • Jd8531 says:

      They dont patch games so yes you can you shouldn’t have to buy it again just get it from your download history, remember youd need to have a PS3 to copy it over. Or if you backed it up to your PC you can copy it.

  22. gogotusho says:

    This is not good to post. I know Sony tattle tails are forwarding
    this info like that of the Boston Bombers caught on camera.

    • Jd8531 says:

      While most of this has been posted before, some has already been something Sony has been aware of. They could coincidentally fix it anyways in a new firmware so its better to make use of them.

  23. paul carranza says:

    i have a new vita.version 1.80.can i still use the MHFU exploit on my vita or it is already patched by sony?im planning to download the game via ps3 and i will follow your instructions mentioned above..please respond wololo..im a fan of yours and i have many questions to ask you abt psvit/psp…thank you…pls email me… lord_paul_052000@yahoo.com
    thank you again and god bless!!

  24. eric says:

    Traded a 2.10 for a 2.02 vita, took care of trsf UNO to vita with Ps3… followed a youtube guy explaning how to finish the job (in order to play ISO’s) WHEN IT SAYS `PRESS x` in order to play Uno, i hold and hold, and the screen blacks out like it should, but nothing for 30 sec, then message of an error C1-2858-3 … going to keep searching, but a little help would be so much appreciated, thanks

  25. TJ says:

    So using the OpenCMA/PS3 trick to move an exploit game to my Vita will A) also activate my Vita if my PSN account is already linked and B) work the same way for any other purchased or PS+ games, correct?

    Just nabbed a 3G Vita on 1.81 to replace an updated Crystal White one I just sold; I’d like to copy Uno over so I can play my PSP backups, but also my PSN purchases and especially my PS+ games; if I interpreted the guide wrong, let me know.

  26. MattAV2013 says:

    The Charles proxy method and Fiddler do not work anymore :/ as i’m on 2.06 with money to buy Apache overkill but it isn’t on the ps3 store or anywhere for that matter so i thought i might be on the vita?
    Does anyone know how i could access the store to get the game that is apparently back on?

  27. ImNoob says:

    my ps vita is on 1.06, how can i update to 1.81 without internet connection? Thx

  28. ImNoob says:

    Can anybody help me? My PS Vita is on 1.06, how can i update to 1.81 without internet connection? Thx

    • TJ says:

      If there’s a game cart with the 1.81 update on it you could use that; I’d assume any game released between late September and mid-late November would have that update on them; Assassin’s Creed: Liberation, Lego LoTR,CoD: Black Ops or Persona 4 Golden would be my best guesses if you’re in the US, but I can’t find any page that says what game card would have what updates, or even that firmware updates are distributed via game card, although I can’t see why they wouldn’t be.

      Otherwise you’re going to need the 1.81 update file and a wireless internet connection as described above, sorry.

  29. ezdenko says:

    tengo una ps vita nueva sin vincular con la cuenta de play station network hay forma de actualizar a 1.81 o conectar a mi pc?

  30. I need help.

    I am on 1.67 and I have modded my other vita last christmas. I still have Uno on my PS3 but when I try to mod my other Vita I cant get the Open CMA 4.5 to work with my 1.67 vita. It keeps saying to update… I have done the procedure about 12 times now and I am completely baffled as to why because Ive done this before..

  31. PSVFanboy says:

    My vita is on 1.81 with the Gravty Crash exploit. How can I update to 2.06 and is it worth doing?

  32. fritzgonnabeme says:

    can i update to 2.02 from 1.81?

  33. mangosteam says:

    is there any way to transfer the exploited games without using ps3?

  34. mike says:

    Hello, i followed the guide and in log tab i see the link i coppied and the redirect to the folder where i downloaded fw 2.60 . now if i go on psv “update wifi” it gives me 2.61 like before…should it give me update to 2.60 ? where did i go wrong,help pls,ty

  35. repapermunky says:

    I did all steps correctly, ran as admin and it was all successful. Vita version 2.61, I am attempting the Fieldrunners exploit. I purchased and downloaded Fieldrunners on my PS3, and am now trying to get the Vita OpenCMA thing to work. I have WiFi off on my laptop, and every time my vita was asking me to update anyway. Then I reset my Vita, and now its asking me to link an account before I can use CMA. Anyone know what I should do from here? Any help at all would be tremendously appreciated. Don’t want to have wasted money on this game and get nothing. So frustrating.

  36. dave1 says:

    hi, I’m from Ghana and i dont credit card to purchase a any of the exploit games mentioned so can you please share with me some of your minis games like field runners UNO so that i can also use the exploits please…. my ps vita ID is jonesdavid344/ jonesdavid344@yahoo.com

  37. Brenza says:

    Just one suggestion about copying contents from ps3 (4.55) to psvita (2.60): i had to disable the proxy on my ps3 to start the transfert

  38. salvador34 says:

    can any one help me im using charles proxies but in editing the file i don’t know the var value like 02050000 for the FW 2.02 what is the var value for 3.10? if my guest it right (03100000) nothing happens to the update bypass….im using it as my guide http://wololo.net/2013/01/25/psn-and-online-features-on-without-updating-on-fw-2-02-charles-proxy/

  39. jayko says:

    Looks great. I could try this out on my 1.80. Fingers crossed. Lol

  40. Acheronta says:

    guys I cant transfer expploit game on to ps vita :( this is my problem , answer if anyone know how to solve thx !

    1. Look in the Playstation Store for an exploit game (or other content) that is working on your OFW.

    2. Download it to your PS3 and leave it in the bubble. <–done I have it

    3. Connect your PS Vita with your PC via Open CMA. <— connect in ps vita with cma and select pc and connect so still all good !

    4. Remove the Vitas USB cable and plug it on to your PS3 (Leave the usb still plugged into the port thats on the Vita.) (Dont close out the error message if you get one, until its plugged into the PS3) <— remove my ps vita and have an error message : pc is deconected

    5. Copy exploit game (or other content) on to your Vita. <— so now when connect to ps3 in ps vita have the same error : pc deconnected and in ps3 go to the bubble click in it but not install so I dont know….

    thx for attection if anyone can help me reply !!

    • Rob says:

      Have you got internet on psn on ps3 when trying , I had the same drama until I signed in psn store on ps3 and then it worked

  41. TheGamer says:

    I have an PlayStation Vita Phat (1000) and i wanne play good old psp games that arent on psn store and i have firmware 3.12 but i only have motorstorm artic edge so my question HOW TO DOWNGRADE TO 1.61 (sorry for caps just to atrack you and it works you see :P) so when i downgraded how to i play PSP iso’s CSO’s (i have the games on UMD like sims 2 pets).

    thx already for reply :-).

    (and again sorry for caps only to attrack attention AND IT WOKRED :P)

  42. Darth Agnon says:

    Is it possible to do any of this without a PS3 or PS4? e.g. with Media Go, or something on PC? Any help would be appreciated.

  43. aka says:

    21 July 2014
    It worked for me.
    PSVITA 3.01 – paid and downloaded Pool & Snooker – downloaded on PS3 and left in the bubble (do not open game on PS3).

    downloaded last version of CMA from Sony
    downloaded OpenCMA 5
    Put into the same directory, run .bat and dll.exe

    Put PSVITA on Plane mode and wifi turned off.
    Turn off wifi on your laptop
    Launch OpenCMA
    Turn on PSVITA
    Connect PSVITA to OpenCMA
    Launch CMA on your PSVITA and connect to PC
    Disconnect cable from the computer but leave it on PSVITA end
    Connect PSVITA to PS3
    Transfer game to PSVITA using CMA on PSVITA

    Reconnect PSVITA to computer
    Transfer savedata with exploit to your PSVITA
    Launch game on PSVITA
    go to multiplayer, tournament and then click on Player 2
    Here you go !

    Took me quite some time to be succesful so I am sharing step by step :)

  44. josh says:

    out of curiostiy i have the 3.01 ben ten exploit with no intention to update. however there is a psvita game coming out very soon (called sword art online). would i be able to use the above methods and be able to play it on my current firmware? cause if i recall if i were to buy a cartridge it would force me to update and i dont want that. any advice is helpfull sorry to be noobish

  45. ishygdaft says:

    Thank you so much for the vita activating trick with the ps3, I would have been seriously SOL without it. Thanks man.

  46. Bollafa says:

    As @ishygdaft said THANKS A TON for the ps3 activation trick, 😀 you saved my life.

  1. March 12, 2015

    […] Well qwikrazor87, is still at it and has ported over Jewel Keepers US/EU to TN-V. Which “ONLY” works on 2.61fw and lower. So if you still have a psvita on lower firmware, this is another game that can use TN-V. You will need to use the open cma trick and your PS3 to get this on your psvita if you would like to use this exploit. So if you’re new to the scene, here is a youtube video of open cma trick with the PS3 and PSvita. If you would like to update your psvita firmware manually check out this link here: Lower psvita Firmware Gudie  […]

  2. April 8, 2015

    […] Follow this for activating your lower firmware PS Vita with a Playstation 3 (You can ignore the firmware parts). […]

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