PS Vita 2.10: Sony’s ‘stability improvements’

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  1. Leires says:

    Been fairly silent since i got my uno, but i still read these and I’m happy ya’ll keep us updated. D: Thanks very much for all the blog posts everyone, here’s to more ksploits down the line D: *cheers*

  2. trololol says:

    2nd comment lol


    1st! LOL

  4. aure16XD says:

    hello everyone it is better to stay 2.06 with AO or enter 2.10 for future eCFW?

  5. isnizal says:

    damn sony………

  6. Bruce says:

    So… looks like us using 2.06 are already forgotten? Seems the new center of attention is now 2.10 i suppose? Should I upgrade or stay in .06?

  7. thecoldest1 says:

    doesn’t it seem like ps vita 2.10 is unfinished?

      • thecoldest1 says:

        because the video doesnt fast foward it looks like more stuff should be supported and some videos dont support (not complaining just stating facts) and plus i think they wanted to do more with the 100 icon limit but i just think they rushed it to get rid of the hack

        • thecoldest1 says:

          ohh btw when i say the video doesnt fast foward i am talking about the ps vita browser

        • gunblade says:

          if anything i would think that sony still have more work to do on 2.++ but then they got a lot of work till there ps4 comes out n would be real funny if the vita was cracked before that….on the icon i think they jus made if easier to scroll trough games and stuff cuz think the vita could only have ten pages with ten apps on each page and in the new firmware 18 apps of the hundred is already save for the apps that already come on the vita…but i guess therez sacurity updates with the icon sapport…

  8. n00bBl3sSeR says:

    For example on new ofw i can play some browser movies.:D

    • gunblade says:

      nice was hopeing for that.. think in 2.06 or 2.02 sony add music unlimited play while using the vita browser or i jus noticed it now but sumthing cool…

    • gunblade says:

      on a random last movie i watch was a matine of Oz n my brother the watch oz last but thought that the outher movie was about terrerist or sumthing but wasent realy…

  9. Varun says:

    DaedalusX64 needs more ram? For me signed version runs on ofw without extra ram or without extra problems.

  10. Sampiklenez says:

    Im on 2.06 and will update to 2.10.

    Thinking of getting a new vita and try uno just for the psp games.
    Is it true there is no sound and incompatible games? :(

  11. lol says:

    well at least it’s not useless update ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. NoName says:

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Sony ends up removing PSP support altogether.

    • mlc says:

      I don’t see how they can remove PSP support after selling people PSP games specifically for the Vita. It’s not like the PS2 backwards compatibility where they were merely removing an advertised feature; if they removed PSP support from the Vita they’d be taking away all the PSP games that any Vita owner bought on PSN. I can’t imagine that would go over well.

  13. CaptainObvious says:

    It would be cool if you could make an article showing the differences between all the menus (with pictures), for noobs like me :p

  14. TDK says:

    They improve the stability in the PSP emulator, but now the FW 2.10 its showing a funny error.

  15. Lianky says:

    Any news of a native exploit? Davee seemed to believe in it a while back, but haven’t heard anything of it so far? Any soon?

  16. quetz says:

    I updated…….. :) goodbye uno. new exploits are welcome.

    i read somewhere that this new update brought video into browser.. we’ll, wich kind of video? html5 still doesn’t work

  17. Stan Smith says:

    Its stupid how they fight so hard against CFW/eCFW and its always hacked the day a new firmware gets released. So all that fighting and patching is for nothing. Stupid if you ask me.
    Looks like Sony and Apple are thinking along the same lines. Fight as hard as you can against the CFW/jailbreak but they always loose so they fight even harder. WHAT are they really fighting for then? They will never win so why dont they fight their real competition and make a better device?
    The Vita should be fighting against the WiiU and the 3DS NOT CFW creators.
    Apple should be fighting against Samsung not the jailbreakers.

    If both companies took more time and effort from anti-jailbreaking and anti-CFW think of the device they could release.
    An iPhone everyone would want and a Vita that would kick the WiiUs ***.
    1 very easy way to sell millions of Vita’s in 1 month is to enable the Vita to play ALL PS3 games via Remote Play. That will out do the WiiU in seconds. I have a ball playing Tomb Raider via RP. The Hitman games are also missing from the Vita but with Remote Play ability its great.
    Now if they enabled the PS3 firmware to let all PS3 games play thats all thats needed. They will sell a LOT more Vitas and more PS3s as soon as that happens. Do you think they are that smart? NO, they will watch the hackers and work on the anti-eCFW with all their stupid might instead of enabling Remote Play for all games.
    IT’S THEIR LOSS NOT OURS. We will have our eCFW and they will still loose out on all those sales. Pity, when you have a PS3 with CFW it can Remote Play all PS3 games and its awesome.

    • Foolishkids says:

      Hmmm actually Sony is wining in this hacking vhbl thing, they are not stupid , we are helping them to increase the sell of certain games, obviously Sony is registered here at wololo and knows exactly when a new psn game exploit is found, they leave the game on psn for awhile and as soon as it sold many copies they update the software and let you hack another game and the process will go on, because they know how stupid gamers can be, gamers are willing to spend a lot of money to play psp games and retro games on the vita, it’s stupid and foolish , you are only making Sony richer. Some are stupid enough to buy a second vita just for vhbl. Foolish kids

      • antonia says:

        No they are not, the ninja releases go ahead as the owners intend unless someoneo leaks them to another site

        The last few have made it to the official release window as far as i have seen and i have seen almost all them now by ninja method so if they are registered they are one of the very last to know

        • Adam says:

          Yes they are. If you haven’t noticed, they started implementing forced updates for new games.

          Which means, even if you OWN the game cartridge, you can’t play until you update to the necessary firmware.

          Who knows how else they’ll force you update in the future. >__>

          • gunblade says:

            well on the game cArtigde n needing update was wandering (cuz i have wipeout and i can play it but a patch things for the game)how doez if it does update or patch the cardtirgde.i guess they could do this from the start.shity make me think about mech asult n xbox.. but i guess seems must be close or sumthing custome fw vitas that sony be making more serius.

        • Adam says:

          AND, not to mention the Vita hacking scene is small right now. Not everyone who owns a Vita visits this site either… probably NOT even 10% of people.

          And within those 10%, the Ninja exploits don’t reach all of us. Some of us miss the exploits.

          So you can determine how small the hacking scene really is, how many people use it. It’s only a small handful. Hopefully the scene grows in the future, but Sony is doing a good job of slowing down the progress. And they know it.

          They’re not out to stop hacking all together tomorrow, they know they can only slow the growth down to the point where it stops itself and people lose interest. It can never be 100% stopped by Sony themselves.

          • gunblade says:

            wy i was thinking n heard from outhers that with the need to have to go on psn that splinter cell be more of a move…but then i guess if there was sumthing like Rfour or eggplant for the vita that sony be not macking a lot of money n not to much games for the vita dominos effect..(but wen the psp was first local roco it still made hela games since like befor pandora think u needed gat the one with out the red label.. but still psp did realy good i think the fact that it was hack n could play games was wy they sony sold so many units but then i guess not so much games). but then i have no real need to play backups of psp on the vita since psp r real cheap now days.. but then even for the 3ds not everyone has an ace card..but i guess i still wont vita homebrew since well u cant realy download mindcraft n gameboy emulater from psn…n i would like two play super nintendo n be able to have like a hundred games all old school taking up under 500MB…

    • Tjoeb123 says:

      “WHAT are they really fighting for then?”


    • hgoel0974 says:

      The Vita should be competing with the 3ds? Oh, please, the 3ds should be trying to compete with the Vita ๐Ÿ˜›

      The Vita could emulate like 3 3ds’s at one time ๐Ÿ˜€

      The WiiU? Now THAT is something I agree with, the PSV competes with a home console, not a DS with stolen Sony tech ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • gunblade says:

        i like the idea with the 3ds screen wander if it be better on a bigger screen or if could be made better

      • Kyu says:


        The 3ds does well considering how weak it’s hardware is.

        • gublade says:

          right was jus saying evenwith the xl the screen prety nice but its jus a beef up dsi with 3d games r alright but the screen at like seven inch would be nice n 3d glass cuz it hasa 3d progecter..

  18. Thrawn says:

    Well it really seems that sony is not trying to block out psp hacks, but more like remodeling their psp emulator for better compatibility of psn-psp games.
    Especially when you take in consideration of the past weeks released psp games… carnage heart, growlanser, generation of chaos, hakuoki, (jeanne d’arc rerelease).
    But I wonder is, why hasn’t anybody yet begun obfuscating the psvita memory card or game cartridge?
    If somebody with an oscilloscope and not half bad soldering skills would figure out the electrical pin out of the vita memcard, then the real fun would start.

    • inicuo says:

      sound very intrsting, why dont you get into it?, and then be the first to do that so, it isnt impossible, is it? wish u good luck, for the profit of u and we all.

    • gunblade says:

      yea i guess that sony does block xpoilts wen they come out while trying to make the vita play more psp games.

    • mlc says:

      I believe the Vita cards are encrypted, so simply getting access to the pins would probably be useless. You’d have to know how the Vita was encrypting and decrypting things when moving them to the card, which we presumably aren’t close to knowing yet.

  19. Metarortiz says:

    Could there be a way to increase ram on TN-V3 on 2.10? Im really looking forward to actually play my n64 emulator.

    • tinostar91 says:

      Total_Noob stated that increasing memory is also possible on 2.02, 2.10 just makes it easier to do. On 2.02 it’ll make loading/exiting games slower (not reading data while you’re in-game).
      So yes, there is a way how to increase ram to 64MB

  20. Stan Smith says:

    Another update thats not said anywhere is the Remote Play icons have changed from pictures of the Vita and the PS3 is stupid white icons.
    Looked a lot better when they were pictures not white icons.

  21. Metarortiz says:

    I meant on 2.02 sorry

  22. Tjoeb123 says:

    “In addition to the ram changes stated above, it seems Sony has blocked write access to the ms0:/PSP/GAME folder on user mode exploits.”

    ALL I’M TRYING TO DO IS PLAY MY COPY – THE ONE I BOUGHT ON PSN – OF PHANTASY STAR PORTABLE 2. Do you REALLY have to make that so difficult?!?!?!

    • yyy says:

      From the same article:

      “It is however possible these are actually changes to increase psp games compatibility in the psp emu (and increase their selection on the PSN), with some side effects impacting our hacks.”

      Phantasy Star Portable 2 is not availabe for Vita i think, but maybe it will be?

      • Tjoeb123 says:

        That is irrelevant for PSPo2, as it has been made available for quite some time in the EU. So it’s really up to SEGA to flip to switch. Maybe that’ll happen when PSO2 finally comes out?

        In fact, the only reason I downloaded Apache Overkill was to use the hack (via PSPfiler) to copy the game’s EBOOT.PBP to the Vita, and then using PSPfiler to move it to one of the PSP game folders (of the games I had on there and didn’t give a *** about), overwriting its EBOOT.PBP, which was obviously unsuccessful.

        I don’t even care if the game’s servers are still up. I just want to finish the single player campaign. Yes, I could run out and go get a PSP myself, but I shouldn’t have to just to play 1 game. Neither do I want to, because honestly the PSP’s screen looks like ***.

        • yyy says:

          Sorry, i didnt mean about the online parts, but i thought Phantasy Star Portable 2 wasnt available on the Vita via the PS Store? I thought it was only available on the PSP.

          About the PSP screen, i think that the PSP screen was actually pretty good looking, but after i tried my Vita and went back to the PSP, i noticed the big difference :)

          • gublade says:

            its an inch and a half longer an n half inch wider i think eye ball it..

          • yyy says:

            Yeah, that is true. I was thinking more about the picture quality on the screens though :) There the Vita screen is much better compared to the PSP.

        • hgoel0974 says:

          Never going to work, in fact you can’t even download the same game from TN-V and have it run from the LiveArea, license stuff

      • gunblade says:

        is sent a ps vita saPosed to be like a ps3 it has crossplaY wich is basicly like ps3 games so how would u think u going hack one ps3 portable with one psp…jus wandeing kindof like wat going on..i guess

  23. yyy says:

    I don’t think that the picture in the article is too fitting for Vita firmware 2.10 concidering that it actually ads several of features that are requested, especially the possibility to make folders. But with that being said, thanks for writing the article, interesting info in it regarding whats being done with the Vita security :)

  24. NNNRT says:

    Sony are trying to improve the Vita & so is the hacking community… Cool :mrgreen:

  25. Waka says:

    Um the new FW has some actual improvements Mr.hgoel0974.

    First of it allows for Folder support. this is crucial for those with 32GB cards and have alot of content across PSX,PSP and Vita content. So now instead of deleting items due to page limit of 10, we can just store more things per page in folders!

    Next is streaming improvements to the browser. This will be good for say streaming live feeds or such. Any HMTL5 improvements are great on Vita.

    So for hackers to say this is just some Sony conspiracy to hold you down, well they are adding features across both system/OS and security measures. So please stop acting the victim here. I approve of homebrew on PSVita but lets not act like SONY should stop adding new features to regular users just so you and a few can enjoy your homebrew that PSP(Fat/Slim/Go) can easily access in today’s world.

    Im actually excited that they are making changes to PSP emu ram since adding more games to PSN to purchase is a GOOD thing here.

    Shout out to Wololo. Keep up the great work!

    • gunblade says:

      i guess is prety bumers i guess but i tbink if the vita had more hardware it be a bit better i guess built in storage like the psp go and still be able to add more i have a psp with 32 gig memery i can make it a 64 but idk two 16 instead of two32 but jus saying thing is there not enough room on a thirty two vita memory for more then twenty psp game well depends how big the games n to compet with cell phones n tablets the vita jus needs more simple game apps like androids or atleast port game that more poperlur on androids n iphones. i think that sony n microsoft is twill tied i guess n nintendo still second .. funny sony makes money of off portable sysem while microsoft makes like about the same on xbox live (think 39 a month for xbox live and 39 for a new ps vita games)

    • hgoel0974 says:

      again as I said above, from a hackers point of view, this update is useless.

      The extra RAM was always available, the difference was that before, we had to manually control the driver responsible for managing it, now that Sony has updated the driver, it is easier to do.

      I didn’t say that we didn’t want new features but we hate the twists, there isn’t a point in blocking psp/game/ write access, it would not increase stability in any way, that was a clear step to stop exploits, a clear attempt to black TN-V was made as well. We want the new features but e hate the clearly usless security measures.

  26. Jakub Tomeลก says:

    Mega big THUMBS UP!!!

  27. icyheart says:

    Yes there is a way around them

  28. chuckthetekkie says:

    I just bought another Vita. This time I got a 3G Vita with a 32GB memory card for $250 with Persona 4 Golden. Sure it was on 2.05 but I already have a 3G Vita on 2.02 so I updated the other Vita to 2.10 so now I have the best of both worlds, Vita PSN on one and PSP PSN on the other.

    The reason my first Vita was a 3G model was because I bought it used from GameStop and the 3G model was the SAME price as the Wi-Fi only model so I figured I would get more bang for my buck with the 3G version even if I never use it, it’s there if I ever change my mind.

    My question is, if Sony has mad ms0:/PSP/GAME read-only, wouldn’t this stop PSP games from being able to save? I am assuming that Sony has made it possible for PSP games to save so there must be some run-time check that will enable this so maybe we should focus efforts there.

    I’d love to be able to add PSP ISO’s and PSP Homebrew to the Vita menu. We can already backup PSP homebrew to the computer using CMA.

    I’m sure that Total_Noob won’t let us down. He hasn’t of yet so I’m glad we have hime.

    • ShadowInfinity says:

      Making PSP/GAME read-only is okay during Usermode exploits for 2 reasons. First, the Vita system itself would have Kernel access, so it can do whatever it wants. Second, savegames are not inside PSP/GAME, but under PSP/SAVEDATA. :)

  29. Ryan86me says:

    Its annoying that Sony keeps blocking exploits and ***, but, to be fair, “it only does another useless fw” is a bit of an exaggeration. The new update was pretty awesome, imo.

    • JeoWay says:

      When Sony blocks an exploit, they earn money from the games we exploit and port VHBL/eCFW to. Plus, they are just securing their own system.

      • kenny2858 says:

        So its a win-lose situation.

        • gunblade says:

          yea but then the vita getting video sapport cuz sony having video streaming as well (like u tube i guess)think its there video unlimited thing think 4 a while they had it were u can jus download the moves from psn cuz they stop work on movie unlimited but guess they working on it again…but then this was the frosted side the wheat side is that sony blocked aokill…(vita is also sapposed to be ready for ps4 sapport but i guess sony will have more of an official update around the time the ps4 is relased

  30. kelso says:

    I feel sorry for the people that bought AO. Firstly, nothing really came out for that exploit, just VHBL, Homebrew was terrible and it only lasted for a few weeks before sony came out with a new firmeware and it was mandatory. Honestly for those who are debating whether to update or not, they should just update cause VHBL isn’t worth giving online for some crappy library of homebrew. Now TN’s ecfw is another story for that I would buy the game for the ecfw, More homebrew support and Iso/Cso support plus a xmb menu with cxmb now thats badas lol I had TN-V for 2.02 but DOA5+ got so I updated, but if a new exploit comes out and TN-V is ported I will for sure give up online…

    • gunblade says:

      i was on 1.81 for the longest the only reason i like the 2.02 was cuz it let u hook the vita up to a laptop trough wifi tough the only good thing i guess was that i could have my laptop( its a little thing running on an atom with one gig)with me connected to the vita n if i had to transfer files to n from the vita..but heard 2.02 was one of the more better of the xploits…wish did get to try it with how much work seemed to have been put in to it.nice work. think its the only one i did not try well that the ones before Mh…(nice that a lot of the games was under ten dallers thks on that)

  31. Sony says:

    this site really help sony to develop their system.. hackers keep hacking it while sony is improving to patch it every time

  32. gunblade says:

    so jus thinking a bluthooth umd reader for the vita that be cool..(idk how the vita would regiter n pair it tough since it only lets head sets) but a good way to make use of old umds…(since umd went digital)

    • gunblade says:

      but then i guess a no no to sony since most of the psp games cant get on the psn( i guess that since psp went digital with umd n the only digital psp (or no umd) is the go that sony would have used that os instead of like the 1000 or a modified version of it that being noticible or posible true but i guess since the vita emu the psp the bluethooth umd disk drive would be prety hard n since the psp registers no umd i think it be hard to get it to work if anything…

  33. Enkeixpress says:

    stability improvements my ***! lol

    • gunblade says:

      sony jus released it about two years before the ps4 so there jus patching the firmware till then…. (wy it caMe with a game cube…. or gameboyorsumthing..)

  34. anonymous says:

    psn is down today in usa on fw 2.10.

  35. ir4mt says:

    PSVITA Should be hacked :Nervous:

  36. eric says:

    My question is: i have a LOT of PSP ISO’S and i have a VITA 2.10, I saw Uno for PSP, do i buy it so i can play PSP ISO’S on my vita… I tought i couldnt play psp iso’s anymore…please reply

  37. gunblade says:

    u can get uno if u want..

  38. gunblade says:

    think sony add more phone to the vita

  39. gunblade says:

    so with the ps four i can play remote with the vita and the front camera for chathing or sumthing.. think the ps 4 could only have two vita and two ps4 controllers or four ps4 controllers.i dont do much game chat… no l3 or r3 guess got to use the re jus got front screen for that zelda thing then u got the camera thing so can like see the thing fly to the screen all need is the seenere progecter…

  40. Denzilkim says:

    I have he 2.11 firmware of ps vita and i cant find any VHBL nor Homebrew, CFW. eCFW.
    Cant find any thing for this version. Can someone help me please or mail me to
    My skype and facebook is “denzilkim”
    Waiting thanks. Best Regards

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