Release: TN-V v3

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  1. NaSty13 says:

    Whenever i see a TN-V update ‘v-2/v-3’ i keep thinking it’s for 2.06 or 2.10 🙁

    Great work anyways Total_Noob! 😀

  2. mauro2029 says:


  3. I hope TN-V v3 on 2.10

  4. isnizal says:

    nice work….haha…i dunno what to say….so nice

  5. wartaf says:

    Splinter Cell Essential still doesnt work..

  6. Richter says:

    Crud. Symphony of the Night in DXC still doesn’t work… TN it would be awesome if you could get it to work. The game loads up fine but when you try to boot up SotN it crashes (80020148). Maybe one day.

  7. Theone says:

    Yeah would like to see SOTN running also, Great job Total_noob!

    • jvhellraiser says:

      Symphony of the Night??? I am loading SOTN on TN-V v3
      and V3 is giving some random freeze I hate it does anyone
      is having this problem?

  8. Alucard says:

    In castlevania x chronicles you can get the full Sotn after the normal gameplay with a brand new voice for dracula and maria

  9. Richter says:

    I know that. Im talking about SotN in Dracula X Chronicles not working. The psone classic works fine but the psp DXC version does not.

  10. ramenking says:

    hey what does Prometheus thing do??

  11. Drew says:

    So if this is the last update for people under 2.02, would we have to purchase a game with an exploit that works on 2.02/higher for future TN-V versions? Or is there a free app/game with an exploit. I paid for Monster Hunter just so I could have the original hack, I don’t wanna shell out more cash for another crappy game just to use future releases of TN-V unless there’s some game-changing feature I couldn’t live without.

  12. tut31 says:

    Does this allow you to play on psn/access psn store as well or is online blocked b/c you need latest update?

  13. CaptainObvious says:

    What does “PSN purchased PSX games work again.” mean?

    I bought crash bandicoot and spyro. tried to transfer them from the ps3 to the vita (i am using uno). Crash was able to be transferred but not spyro. it was not detected.

    Does this update mean i can now use it?

    • Jd8531 says:

      Meaning PSX games downloaded through the PSP store in the XMB

      • CaptainObvious says:

        Thank you Jd8531 and Theredbaron.
        I used the PSN store from the uno exploit and managed to download the spyro games! 😀

        While I can play the game from the uno exploit (though without sound support obviously), do you know if it is possible to move it from the tn-v xmb to the main vita screen? would love to get sound running

  14. Dark_Alex says:

    For those getting ERROR: 80020148 when loading games

    This error simply means that you are running an older version of the PSP’s firmware, and a newer version needs to be installed for the game to load correctly.


    • kenny2858 says:

      Trololololo? Or just straight up noob? I mean if you’re kinda new thanks for trying to help but I think some games can’t be run on 6.60 CEF no matter how many updates? What I saw about your comment its saying to UPDATE the system…

      • totally noob says:

        know what? he is the legendary dark_alex and what he say is true. i always trust this man

  15. Chezni says:

    GPSP doesnt seem to be compatible with TN-V- v3

    Every version I tried crashes

  16. Astig_808 says:

    work flawless on uno

  17. Chuckle says:

    Question: If i’ll go buy a new pita and the firmware will be 2.02 or below would i be able to install this cfw ? thanks in advance 🙂

  18. johnny says:

    Hey guys. Is the ps vita emulator for pc legit? [Link removed]

  19. hopru says:

    does tn-v v3 works on firmware 2.06?

  20. francis says:

    metal gear solid peace walker works on uno exploit 2.06

  21. Hi fellow hackers ;), just wanted to know exactly what firmwares are capable, i’d like to update to the highest compatable firmware, im on 2.01

  22. CaptainKoala says:

    should I update to 2.10 or stay at 2.06?

  23. Necrodrako says:

    Can I install this just using the Vita FTP application? If so, where do I place the files? (I accidentally checked for updates on my Vita at one point, and Content Manager won’t let me transfer files to my vita through CMA anymore.)

  24. trillerkiller says:

    my Vita FTP keeps crashing in the middle of transferring a file, I am on MBA TN-V 3 (1.81)

  25. Ninjya Re Bang Bang says:

    This little information doesn’t help us. You people need to learn how to give more detail then this.

    Does this work on 2.10?
    Can it play PSP iso games?
    Does all the homebrews work?

    I am on 2.02. I need to know before i update.
    I don’t care if this is a stupid question because i am confused right now. lol

  26. Roberto Camarena says:

    HEY WTCH THIS! is fake?

  27. Blue says:

    Just double-checking with other people who have updated TN-V, to see if it’s the same for everyone who updated through the PSP updater:

    1. TN-V v2 had its own icon, but TN-V v3 used a generic icon?
    2. In both cases after updating, System Information only says TN-V, not if it’s v2 or v3?

  28. alvin says:

    why tn not pay atention of apache exploit?

  29. VictorWei says:

    Expecting kernel exploit on 2.06 or 2.10 :)

  30. DeathOfChaos says:

    One of the features was to be able to play the exploit game. I can confirm that Uno does not play, hangs at the point where it loads the save data…

  31. Gravity Crach says:

    Gravity Crach 1.81 Can or Can’t

  32. VIRACY says:

    I go to download this OTA update from TNv2 and it then tells me that I’ll have to go to System Update>Update from Storage Media. On that same screen at the bottom it says X to Enter or O for Back. If I hit X it says This game cannot be started. If I hit O to take me back to the XMB and I go to Update via Storage Media it just says No applicable update data was found. Help?

  33. Mad-Hunter69 says:

    I still can’t play my PSone Downloaded game Metal Gear Solid through the new TN-V v3.. i hope wololo will fix this and also pls include sound fix for PSone Games…

  34. kenpachijr says:

    Where’s the exploit ?

  35. Erich says:

    Ever since updating from V2 to V3 my Vita’s FTP program gets error C1-2858-3 about 20MB into any file transfer.

  36. meler-andy says:

    Cheers for v3 update 🙂 did someone mention to delete the old update v2 ,it was obvious to detele it ,but i did not 🙁 couldnt instal v3 cos of corrupted files 😀 psx games with sound thats what WE Want 😀 lol sounds impossible 😀

  37. Parhelion69 says:

    Ark can play Symphony of the Night just fine, I unlocked it from castlevania x chronicles and tested it.
    TN-V definitely can’t.

    I guess it’s the inferno driver? And why isn’t it ported to TN-V? it’s the best driver hands down. M33 is too old already…