Trololo talks: Gaming Clichés.

So it seems the majority of you lot voted that you’ll update. I guess thats the decision made then. Bye Kernel!!!

I have decided to start up a once a month series called ‘Trololo talks’, it will be about things in games like ‘clichés’ and ‘pet peeves’ in games. mirroring this article a topic will be opened on the /talk forums, where the Wololo members can discuss their favourite gaming clichés!

and of course, whenever a new Trololo talks article will be written, a /talk topic will be opened

Hope you like it!  


I just played my new Tomb Raider, and noticed that whenever there were a few enemies, conveniently there were about double the amount of explosive barrels. It got me thinking how this is in pretty much EVERY game ( every game with enemies, anyway) so I wanted to know what other people’s clichés from games are.

A cliché is something that is overused, and is guaranteed to be in nearly every game.

Here are a few examples:

Double jumping- Seriously? I go to trampolining and not even on that can you do it. You look like an idiot (trust me).
Jumping out of water- Unless you are a dolphin, this won’t work. I’ve tried.
Having to break something down to get to a treasure- It makes the ‘treasure’ even bigger, with a large door rather than a few pixels
on the screen, it’s like ‘I’M A TREASURE BET YOU CAN’T FIND ME’

‘Oh look at that big door over there, must be a treasure behind it.’
The front door to my house was locked yesterday, I had a key but I thought there might be a treasure behind it if I kick it down. There wasn’t. Mum wasn’t too happy either.
Ammo/Health just in the BEST convenient place- I noticed this one in Tomb Raider aswell. As helpful as this is, and has saved my skin many times, it is still one of the most overused clichés in any game.

Explosive Barrels- Oh really? There’s 15 barrels of highly explosive barrels right next to the enemy? Great. But I’ll go stealth instead (1 accidental fire arrow later)
Oh dammit, I meant to go stealth.
That British person with a stereotypical, embarrassing accent- Being a Brit I cringe when I hear such an accent, off the top of my head, here’s a few games;

Uncharted 1(Roman) & 3(Marlowe/ Talbot), Heavenly Sword(Nariko), Final Fantasy 13(Fang).

Believe it or not, Atoq Navarro in Uncharted 1 played Talbot in Uncharted 3!


There’s so many more, I’d love to know some. So leave your gaming clichés in the comments below. What ones have you noticed?!?

On my previous article, I missed out Easter eggs. So what’s your favourite Easter egg you have found as well?

Like I said, it will be once a month. Unless of course you can come up with more for me to do! Shove your suggestions on the topic HERE or the comments below!

Next one; Pet peeves

Why did I decide to do this?

1) It’s good to have something like this

2) At the bottom of an article, I ask what their favourite gaming glitch is, and I get this as a reply;

And for those of you that are wondering, I didn’t actually get the idea for this article from playstation blog. I check it aswell and was suprised to see it!
by the time you’ve finished reading this, you’d have realised it’s my signature.

  1. Rob Mitchell’s avatar

    Yeah I agree with the British accent cliche, I’m a Brit and in loads of games and especially movies it really make me cringe also


    1. Drathora’s avatar

      Wait, you are saying not all Brit’s are evil geniuses bent on world domination, constantly steepling your fingers and cackling madly in underground Legion of Doom-like bunkers? What happened to you Britain? You used to be cool.


      1. stOneskull’s avatar

        how about the bad guy australian accent mate


    2. gunblade’s avatar

      family guy…..


  2. Chuckthetekkie’s avatar

    For me, it always seems that whenever I’m about to come to a big battle, I can never seem to find enough ammo. Makes me think “Am I supposed to kill these enemies with something other than bullets.”

    Then you have games where you never seem to run out of ammo.

    How about games where if you crouch before you jump, you magically jump significantly higher. I’ve tried that, doesn’t quite work.

    How about some games that have you driving a vehicle and you are on a perfectly flat surface and the vehicle some how jumps into the air. Maybe that’s just bad programming.


    1. MarSprite’s avatar

      Actually you do jump higher if you crouch before you jump, just not like that super back-flip that Mario does.
      Seriously, jump as high as you can. now tell me you didn’t crouch a little just before you jumped.


  3. TheOriginalSINe’s avatar

    Those aren’t cliches. Those are gaming mechanics. The only one of those that’s actually a cliche is the last one about British people.


  4. Dan’s avatar

    This fucking retard can’t write for shit. Stop letting him, wololo. It’s making your site look dumb.


  5. Eviltrollslayer’s avatar

    This person is a terrible writer. The memes aren’t funny. You’re doing it all wrong.


  6. BahamutBBob’s avatar

    “There’s 15 barrels of highly explosive barrels”

    Barrels full of barrels! Barrelception?


  7. giavol’s avatar

    You don’t really know what the word cliche means, i think what you meant to write was unrealistic or overused game-play mechanics. I was trying to think about some cliches in video games, but i am not sure that i can point out any, for me it seems like saying that it is a cliche to using some ingredient in a food.


  8. Oolong’s avatar

    i have to break front door vase to my door key


  9. DeathOfChaos’s avatar

    As much as I’d don’t like defending FFXIII, Fang’s got an Australian accent. That might be why it sounds odd, lol.


    1. gunblade’s avatar

      even in the japanises version…can speak japaness n still have australian accent?..idk..


      1. BahamutBBob’s avatar

        Because Australian people can’t learn to speak Japanese?

        If you learn to speak any language that isn’t your native language, some parts of your dialect and speaking style will still carry over…


  10. Munchkingman’s avatar

    Please, just stop this stuff. You aren’t funny, your discussion topics are years old, and it’s just clutter to an otherwise respectable site.


  11. Lucas’s avatar

    I agree. I don’t want this on the website. Wololo, I love you’re writing style. Best one yet was the dear sony letter a while back. Please stick to something similar. This is awful.


  12. 3DSGuy’s avatar

    Embarrising British accents? Mate, you don’t know the meaning of embarissing accents, try being Australian, we have it the worst.



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