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[PS3] Release: PSP2PS3 1.7.3


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  1. #18

    Pretty cool, but serves no purpose for me.

    Also, FIRST!!! XD

  2. StepS

    donor pbp, fake np… familiar 🙂

    • wololo

      Yup, it seems lots of the tools come from the russian psp scene, people that I assume you know quite well 🙂

      • StepS

        I just downloaded the archive, and the inside of fake_np seems indeed the tpu’s V1.0 tool. my impact on that release was when I had asked him about compression support a long time ago. many months passed until he suddenly contacted me in PM with his 1.0 version (which encryption for every block of data to work on 6.60 firmware), that was the january 2012 I think. so who knows, maybe my participation was bigger than I think. encouraging to something is also useful at times 🙂 sadly I didn’t have the opportunity to donate to him

      • StepS

        btw, tpu is a chinese guy. we’ve talked and discussed builds on his QQ messenger

  3. Hey wololo! I think i found 2 exploits if not crashes,please check this pic http://gyazo.com/fe741023fccd283d25ae64d93d4b7d48.png

    and ask Zett for more! I need help!

  4. kazuya101

    This is really great. For some time the PS3 scene seemed like it was done. With the release of this and the PS2 classics exploit it seems they are back on track with releases.

  5. Ivo

    Hey wololo, care to clarify we can use … Remotejoy remoteplay or even crossplay with this? If not remotejoy what about nethost ? thkx

  6. NNNRT

    Oh yeah! 😎 😎 😎

  7. KrazyNez

    Just for *** a giggles yesterday spent all day with this trying to get either gta:lcs or gta:vcs to work. LCS didn’t work for me at all, and VCS intro worked then after the intro was just audio, no video. I’m going to try again today see what else works and doesn’t.

  8. kay

    Someone let me know when they get dissidia duodecim to work.

  9. Dmaskell92

    I am trying to play Crisis Core on remote play haha. It throws an error, I’m off to edit the Param.sfo

    • Dark_Alex

      editing the Param.sfo will no work. you need to wait for the dev to release an CFW update that allows that .sfo to be read with the converter you used. its a big hassel but im sure theyre working on getting it 100%

  10. The Z

    Poor PSP Go 🙁

  11. ivo

    hi, how comes i cant install ps3 formatted psp iso packages on 3.55 no nodrm npdm or anything ?

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