PS Vita hack: VHBL running on PS Vita 2.10


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91 Responses

  1. newrcc says:

    i love you so much guys, you re nice!!!! Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z (it is not sleeping!!!!) xD

  2. pspfanMOHH says:

    I had vHBL from the minute I updated not only one but 2.

  3. i want to hack my vita says:

    sony u cant stop the hackers dont stop the piracy .you cant stop this VHBL every update you all do the VHBL keeps stronger and stronger ..and dont stop hackers ..u all money face

  4. xEitleModz says:

    i hope this well work with urbainx cuz thats the only one game i have from the minis and i have midnight culb 3 from psp and rest is vita games

  5. Brandon says:

    Can someone help me with acquiring a $10 psn code plzzz

  6. Chris_Highwind says:

    You people do realize that had you spent at least $50 last month, you would’ve been given $10 by now? I just got my $20 voucher code, and I might consider coming back to Vita homebrew if this gets a better release than Super Collapse 3’s (or better yet, this exploit eventually gets eCFW). But then again, who’s to say the exploited game will be available in the US? :\

  7. Mili says:

    How can i get it ?!!

  8. Narangil says:

    Has anyone managed to connect through opencma psn?

  9. darkschnitzel says:

    will this exploit be a user- or kernelmodeexploit??

  10. Shahid says:

    Can it play any psp and ps vita games?