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Incoming Vita Firmware 2.10: Folders, Web Videos And More.


Told you I'll edit this.

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  1. Kyu says:

    Just poke the admins of such sites to support html5.

  2. Kyu says:

    Yay,we got a feature that should had been there on release…
    How about themes next?

    • paul says:

      true they should of been there on release but they should fix what they have already. like adding backgrounds and pages to folders. or antialiasing to the edges of those icons. the pixelated look around the edges is just so…yuck!

  3. TStrauss says:

    Folders aren’t worth losing my exploit. Sorry, Sony.

  4. lolx says:

    i don’t even care about ePSP exploit since PSO2 Vita released 😀

  5. nCadeRegal says:

    nice read. I am updating right now as i have 4 vitas, one that i keep on current ofw, 2 that run ecfw, and one in the box on 1.6 ofw< hoping that someday a lower ofw will be cracked and i wont have to mess with a downgrader! to those worried about updating buy a 2nd vita and a psp then you wont have to play this cat and mouse game anymore.

  6. cscash241 says:

    I am updating, from 1.67 to 2.10. I have been wanting web video for a long time and there still has not been an native vita hack released so Its not that much of a loss.

  7. paul says:

    are you sure the app limit is 100?

    i know it was before folders. but we have more room to but apps now so wouldnt that make the total number of apps to be 1000?

    10 apps per folder and 10 folders per page. thats 100 apps for each page the vitas main screen can support and it goes upto 10 pages so….

    in any case this was a good update.

  8. razor says:

    Does OpenCMA work with this update ?

  9. Sonicgamer11 says:

    OMG this update screws alot of psvita gamers that owns physical games for the psvita system ive tried everything to get games to boot like UMVSC3 and other games too except digital games psn network it froze the psvita system countless times sony needs to fix this quick…

  10. E says:

    AM I the only one wanting updates including more TRUE Cross Play/Cross Controller features?

  11. E says:

    Sooo what if you are a PS Plus member with a Wifi-only Vita?

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