Incoming Vita Firmware 2.10: Folders, Web Videos And More.


Told you I'll edit this.

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  1. Henriquebrazil says:

    Nice i wait update support ps2!

    • nero says:

      that will never happen on the vita.

      • SSJ-Vita says:

        It’s likely the vita will someday have ps2 support, but extremely unlikely that it will be sonys doing since as usual, hackers will have to step forward and do sonys job for them, like they’ve had to so many times before.

        • CaptainObvious says:

          Why? I thought *one* of the reasons why ps2 support was removed from the ps3 was because theyre were still selling (hence making from from) ps2 consoles. Now that they stopped making the ps2, they should have no reason to stop support now. does it not make sense for sony to add ps2 support onto the ps3/vita as it is a way to make more money afterall

        • paul says:

          ps2 classics are perfectly capable of running on the vitas system. but we wl likely never see them on there. sony said ages back they had no intention on making the vita play ps2 and ps3 games.

          so yes if the vita is ever hacked then we will see it support ps2 games. its already possible wololo did an article on it.

    • gunblade says:

      if anything would have to wait till the ps4 comes out but not sure i guessing they realesing the update for pstwo sapport since they have there older system game for phones. ( i would update but probly try to stea on a lower firmware..but the new feature are nice finaly sum video sapport will sony updates the browser more.. like the home screen folders since u get to have more apps and games installed.idk on the email dont no about the 3g save game though nice for sum reason its jus the fact of having to pay if u go over ur 3g data though the add psn save game jus lets u backup n sync n dosent let u delete.idk on the auto mute okay i guess if iam like in class or sumthing tring to be qiut and if my earphone was two be unplug it wouldent be such a disturbense.

  2. owanef says:

    finally videos on the web

  3. boriswinner says:

    This update is wonderful! I hope they’ll make support for online music in mp3 and improve the browser’s speed! :)
    And I really hope for a PS2 emulator…

  4. RiotDX says:

    It’s about time they added folders! And hopefully (doubtful) they fixed the annoyance where new icons are automatically added to a new home screen regardless of whether there’s room on previous screens or not.

  5. VictorWei says:

    Web Video!!Great!!

  6. vvololo says:

    I have apache exploit on my vita I give up this and I will update my system software to 2.10. Because this is a useless exploit even some other homebrew I can’t play on my vita and I cannot install homebrew using zip and homebrew preparer.

  7. Nice feel, Iam still that way since 1.81

  8. Jmqm says:

    Just updated :)

  9. D3lta says:

    I’ll give up my Apache Overkill exploit for this… I only got VHBL for SNES and it can’t play them, so no need to keep it. Hello 2.10.

  10. JeoWay says:

    Charles is still working for me :)

    Not sure why you guys can’t do it?
    You guys really F-ing confuse me xD

  11. PspJunkie says:

    “why have 2 vitas? so silly, well i dont see any sense in it
    unless your an avid online gamer and would pay to have online for few months before another hack being out so you can update again”

    Not so silly anymore huh. Lol

  12. kuagelo says:

    finally! I personally hate having more than 3 screens.

  13. bobobobo says:

    Psp Vita update 2.10 can download video streaming hohohohohoho

  14. Germain says:

    very sad ppl like me that still on 1.81 because the exploit …

    SO SADDDDD :(:(:(

    maybe buying a new vita ?

  15. Youssef says:

    I’m updating to 2.10 right now

  16. whaleiam says:

    that last rickrolled make me think that this post is an April fool post, and then I looked at my calender…

  17. The Budds says:

    very nice, you can now actually watch the videos that are apart of blog pieces without doing the run around :) yay!

  18. luis353 says:

    You’ve just been rick rolled! LOL 😉

  19. edukarlo says:

    nice update.. loved the “folders”.. am still waiting for a possible update where you can use button shortcuts for skipping a song on the music player while screen is off and/or music control shortcuts on the lock screen..

  20. NeonAera says:

    Wow… the update looks kick-butt… Torture! Gotta hold back and keep uno though.. Nice article about the new update coming, wololo.

  21. brunoso says:

    Anyone knows if in this firmware i can run apache vhbl?

  22. ricardoe says:

    Now I just need a way to hide a folder.
    so I can buy DEAD OR LEAVE and my girlfriend will never know…
    I just need it :(

  23. hoan999999 says:

    Nice update.

    Let’s all get it guys, there are still a lot of exploits withheld >.> well TotalNoob has.

  24. GuitaristMatt says:

    By the way you can control the browser with the physical buttons

  25. Dr_Dangable says:

    guess i finally complained to them enough about my icons resetting themselves that they finally fixed it…i told them how and it seams like they made it even better than how i told them :)

    too bad it took me telling them i was switching to nintendo <.<….i now have 3ds and psvita….they barley got this out in time before i officially switched

  26. BahamutBBob says:

    “You can also save the layout of your home screen icons in the memory card.”

    Oh yes!

    Bring on the hot swapping and I’ll use my old 16 GB card again!

    I have the Apache exploit, which isn’t saying much. I’ll definitely update to 2.10.

  27. JeoWay says:

    Minimur, could you PLEASE do me a favor?
    Could you send a PM to jc_gargma and ask her why she gave me a warning for (false) information?

  28. Sad says:

    no ps vita radio omg comon pvp got one

  29. dan says:

    should i update i have Apache exploit

  30. Soldier says:

    Cool features, but not worth the update to me. I don’t want to lose Homebrew support. This update would have me if it let me go on flash chatrooms, but they still don’t let you do that.

  31. fatman01923 says:

    “10 icons in each folder and a maximum of 100 on the home screen (including icons inside the folders)” Well it solved one problem, but the 100 icon limit couldn’t be lifted. I am starting to think its a safe limit put on the OS so that it doesn’t crash maybe.

    • hgoel0974 says:

      No, it is mainly because once you get more than a 100 icons, it gets really tedius to use the Live Area 😉

      • gunblade says:

        starting the vita up with a hundred app on start up that be smart.. a hundred live screen update that be smart.synce n backup of a hundred apps game save and trophes that be smart near running in the background on stand by…..(“pricless”)

    • gunblade says:

      and u still have to have like seventeen apps already well sixteen i think for wifi.tryied loading the home screen till the icons was full dont remeber how much i got to fit think was like eightee(psp allowed alot more games the main prob with psp was jus the memory cards small storage)wander if the psp was sapoesed to be a lil ps3 since the xnb was the same is the vita saposed to be like the ps4 but sonybseems two have bee making like xbox kind with the ps3 psn network and the ps vita runnig apps page(home twice)

  32. Raziel says:

    This has me up in the air. I am at 2.02 and i am picking up Soul Sacrifice and i dont know what update is needed. I really dont need homebrew or PSP games as i still have my GO. I just dont want to screw my self over and update to newest update and miss out on somthing cool. But time will tell with this update and soul sacrifice.

  33. REMF (remfage) says:

    Updated… gave up apache exploit eventhough I love playing contra, punch out, after burner, and battle city.

    Things will come up soon….

    Trust me. Worth updating….

  34. laval says:

    this update took away opencma5 damn!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Kefkiroth says:

    Videos on the browser? So HTML5 video? I don’t think it would be Flash.

  36. thewizard says:

    awesome! with every big update i feel like the vita is one step closer to being the ultimate portable console. now we wait for the 3D support! trololol

    • woot says:

      we want flash update

      • johnny says:

        We could have had that already if someone stopped *** around with VHBL ports and concentrate on real CFW.

        • wololo says:

          Hey johnny, you’re totally right, thanks for this invaluable insight! Let us know when your CFW is ready :)

        • TStrauss says:

          Because rewriting the OFW of the Vita is just as easy as making a user mode exploit for an emulator of an extremely well documented system! Looking forward to your work, johnny!

          Go get a decompiler and decompile the OFW of the Vita. Then start ripping on the Vita scene. Until then, either learn assembly or wait for cool stuff like the rest of us.

          • thewizard says:

            the vita OS uses assembly? im currently using assembly to program an RC car/robot with a pic processor. though i imagine programming vita cfw is much much different. I would love to contribute to a native vita hack, but have no idea where to start.

          • wololo says:

            Every os “uses” assembly, it is actually the only thing machines understand, you can start by understanding that :)

            Unlike your pic though, the vita does not offer you a way to copy your compiled code to it, and its firmware is encrypted.

  37. pso2player says:

    who cares if it’s mandatory

  38. gunblade says:

    wish i could find a vita from gamestop on a firware before 1.81 or lower the one point six but with mandatory update and instictedness to update to log on to sony network wen one first gets a vita if one has a psn account make it rather harder. easier with psp since u could jus buy the games and needed two update jus if u was going to play newer games but it did take hardware two get downgrade going.

  39. gunblade says:

    well i guess with added feature two the home screen again like before wen sony did sum patching then realse an update for psx sapport though looks like this thime its like for game install

  40. Kyu says:

    Just poke the admins of such sites to support html5.

  41. Kyu says:

    Yay,we got a feature that should had been there on release…
    How about themes next?

    • paul says:

      true they should of been there on release but they should fix what they have already. like adding backgrounds and pages to folders. or antialiasing to the edges of those icons. the pixelated look around the edges is just so…yuck!

  42. TStrauss says:

    Folders aren’t worth losing my exploit. Sorry, Sony.

  43. lolx says:

    i don’t even care about ePSP exploit since PSO2 Vita released 😀

  44. nCadeRegal says:

    nice read. I am updating right now as i have 4 vitas, one that i keep on current ofw, 2 that run ecfw, and one in the box on 1.6 ofw< hoping that someday a lower ofw will be cracked and i wont have to mess with a downgrader! to those worried about updating buy a 2nd vita and a psp then you wont have to play this cat and mouse game anymore.

  45. cscash241 says:

    I am updating, from 1.67 to 2.10. I have been wanting web video for a long time and there still has not been an native vita hack released so Its not that much of a loss.

  46. paul says:

    are you sure the app limit is 100?

    i know it was before folders. but we have more room to but apps now so wouldnt that make the total number of apps to be 1000?

    10 apps per folder and 10 folders per page. thats 100 apps for each page the vitas main screen can support and it goes upto 10 pages so….

    in any case this was a good update.

  47. razor says:

    Does OpenCMA work with this update ?

  48. Sonicgamer11 says:

    OMG this update screws alot of psvita gamers that owns physical games for the psvita system ive tried everything to get games to boot like UMVSC3 and other games too except digital games psn network it froze the psvita system countless times sony needs to fix this quick…

  49. E says:

    AM I the only one wanting updates including more TRUE Cross Play/Cross Controller features?

  50. E says:

    Sooo what if you are a PS Plus member with a Wifi-only Vita?

  51. woot says:

    yea always lol

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