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REvolve: A New Type Of Controller


Told you I'll edit this.

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  1. ziggy says:

    cool 😀

  2. JeoWay says:

    This is kind of odd? I wonder what the track ball feels like

  3. The_S says:

    I’ll admit, I didn’t think that I would like this at all but after reading this and watching that guy play… I kinda want one! xD

  4. hgoel0974 says:

    So, you just couldn’t resist the urge 😆 but I actually find the idea cool, I really wonder what the track ball might feel like and how it would affect gameplay (not that I own a PS3 but it isn’t bad to be curious)

    • Minimur 12 says:

      Like i said hgoel, it works for PC/mac aswell.

    • gunblade says:

      arcade bowling and golf would be fun i guess with the ball but u can just go like one way realy fast but do quick fast turns i would guess targeting would take getting use to… bunch of rolling ball type games would be best….

  5. kuagelo says:

    I think this beats the R-stick for aiming in FPS’s. 😀

    (I personally use a mouse and keyboard though, even on my PS3)

  6. Justin says:

    where is te “cool” part?

  7. derek says:

    that controller has a big boil on it =]

  8. svenn says:

    Why would I want a controller on my pc when I got a full keyboard and a mouse ? As for android mobiles It would be nice, but android is made for touching … :/

    • gunblade says:

      i had one for extra buttons n rapid fire…

    • gunblade says:

      yea android uses alot of touchscreens but touch repsones is good but they dont keep up hard ware wise way not enough ram or cpu since touch was for more laptops.(mainly realy small mouse but was like the screen size wy sumtimes were u touch was like on the screen).at least with atoms and arm..it alright but with the size of the touch screen they still dont realy keep up.

      • gunblade says:

        but there like mutiple touch now days but i guess for the acer iconia touch looks alright…(its like a huge ds)androids r alright but most larger touch screen lag with real small chip ….tablets…phones do two jus not as bad… but its gotten better

    • G says:

      Because some games on the PC are console ports and are terrible with a mouse, like Dark Souls, DMC4 and the AC series.

    • mlc says:

      “Why would I want a controller on my pc when I got a full keyboard and a mouse ? As for android mobiles It would be nice, but android is made for touching … :/”

      There are PC fighting games, you know. ;p

      (obviously this is moot if you own a PC compatible arcade pad, tho, haha)

      Also there is the nostalgia for those of us who love console controllers, and the novelty of getting to play games in a new way.

  9. Grammarnazi says:

    Hey minimur, can I just ask you to proofread your posts before you post them, you have many apostrophes in the wrong place and a there instead of their, I hate to be that guy and sorry in advance, but just a heads up

  10. gunblade says:

    laser…looks like took sum time..used a ps3 usb contolers tough.. i would have used the wire less one.. jus cuz it has blue tooth but thats guess cuz the ps3 n its bluethooth integreatead controller..(ihave a xbox 360 afterglow contoler does not turn on wen i press the button-but wifi is like always on with the ps3 think with the xbox 360 to.o..)but the ps3 only has two usb slots while newer models but even the new ones still r limited to four and four bluethooth device or six not sure think i had like tree controllers and two keyboards i dont remember how much worked.. but i guess still works good for the ps3..nice controller..da dule shocks look huge…think theres room for two more..(all its need is a flashdrive for ps3 game save back up and an ipod for media playback on the ps3)(but then if the bluethooth controller wouldent get so heavey can even add a bluetooth usb hub to the ps3 controller….)

  11. internally-blazed says:

    thanks for this find, this seems like an excellent piece of work, its a shame both sony and microsoft disregarded this 10 years back, would have been great.

    Pledged my $55 for the white version, hope to use it once its here in october, thats if it gets the backing.

  12. Kyu says:

    I am positive the trackball will be awesome in Wii emulation without a WiiMote.

  13. jd20dog says:

    i remember this concept from back in the 90’s
    i think it was a pelican or madkatz controller for PlayStation, and one for the Sega Saturn
    i still have it somewhere…

  14. Antiheadshot says:

    Backed 😀 I am already using the Logitech TrackMan Wheel and its great or gaming!

  15. dan says:

    you can just use a xbox 360 controller on pc and mac already

  16. tomapanymoja says:


  17. E says:

    Not bad. If they get a wireless one I will definitely buy it

  18. Cum xplosion says:

    At least you can touch your right ball now while playing call of duty

  19. Ivo says:

    Hi so i would like to see ps4 with buildin sony hd tv decoder and prolly androids plausability of being a sotware emulated controller bye

  20. R says:

    I always love reading the hate for anything controller. You mouse/keyboard maniacs slouching over a desk can keep your slouching, wrist pain and slow movement and item keys. I have been playing battelfied 3 recently on pc on my couch using a thumb trackball and it works fine, perhaps even great but too soon to tell. The only advantage of a mouse is the cursor movement accuracy and a trackball is a mouse. I’m excited about this product if it ever comes out.

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