Glitches and Fails. The Best Part Of A Game. (Sometimes)

As you’ve guessed, my blog posts are a bit different than others, they’re……… Unique.
At the moment I’m at my Aunts house with my family bored as hell (my Vita’s out of battery! :( ) and I’m waiting for the Chinese take-out so I’m doing a blog post to (hopefully) pass a bit of time, and entertain you, of course!

The photo above, is actually a screenshot from my Vita. This happened during one of the pre-race cutscenes. I was confused, but it was funny.
(The game is Need For Speed: Most Wanted)

Game glitches and fails can, at times make you confused, while giving you a good laugh, so I have found a few videos and screenshots of the best of the best.
I watched this a few weeks ago and I can assure you I didn’t wet myself. Being a responsible (yeah right) 18 year old. The game is Skate 3, so here’s video number 1;

(my favourite is 1:27)

Love it.


Time for a picture!

Right. You know it, I know it, everyone else knows it. Skyrim is a bit buggy.
I found this photo, and my I turned my head like a confused dog.

Let’s see what you think of it;

You didn’t hear? This is the new way to ride your horse…..Well, I’m just special actually. Very special.


Another video now!
This games I love, it in the top 8 of my favourite games of all time.
And also one of my favourite game franchises, besides Uncharted ;) (If you didn’t know, I’m a Naughty Dog fanboy.)

Great things about this game were how you could recruit to the brotherhood (I called them ‘minions’) and all the awesome weapons, along with getting money for investing in shops (You’re actually a mob boss. They pay you protection money, but they didn’t want to tell you that)

The original AC was very good as well. Although there were no customization/ optimization (Okay, apart from the knife belt.) It was still a great game with a great story.

Another one of my most favourite games of all times would have to be GTA. You don’t encounter many glitches in that game (well I haven’t anyway) but when you do, they’re great.

I will just be posting a link to this one, It has a few naughty words in! (not really bad but bad enough.)

Watch the video below

Here’s a real life video of a ‘glitch’:


And a nice compilation of lots of glitches an fails :D


Describe your favourite game glitch you’ve ever discovered below!

Personally, my favourite game fail would be on inFamous, where he thought he was falling, and he was going through the ‘fall’ animation but he wasn’t and I could slide around the ground while he was ‘falling’

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I know I’m a few days late, but did you find the Easter egg?
Tell me in the comment box if you found it. But don’t tell people where it is!


  1. VVololo’s avatar

    Useless post! Give as kernel xploit for apache overkill and a native PS VITA hacked!!!!


    1. wartaf’s avatar

      hey dude, don’t be so rude!


      1. Shiningfingah’s avatar

        I know its sorta rude but c’mon don’t you think this blogs sorta getting side tracked on what’s its supposed to be about


        1. wololo’s avatar

          Hacks and homebrews are still the main priority of this site, and when the scene is moving fast, we’re of course putting some emphasis on related articles, but we are also gamers :)


          1. rawfish’s avatar

            wololo, whoever u r, ur a nice guy

    2. Hugo_Mundo’s avatar

      It isn’t people’s duty to give you a single thing.
      You want a kernel exploit so bad? Find one yourself.


      1. gunblade’s avatar

        da last vbl was all right.. did not get to test it much yet but got it to work ….


    3. gunblade’s avatar

      yea apache overkill was a good game.. vita cool…ooh xperia hacked playing psp games(no emu harware mod) that even sounds nice…


    4. zorrodood’s avatar

      you are contributing nothing here


    5. >_>’s avatar

      You’re a useless poster. Find your own hack boy genius.


    6. SparrowPT’s avatar

      Piss off, you big piece of crap. Go complain to your mother, you 12 year old kid. You kids only know come to blogs/forums to complain about others work, but you dont even know what you’re saying. Just shut up.


  2. Genryuu’s avatar

    NFS “glitch” is not a glitch, developers had fun including a lot of “weird” videos, especially for those races where you have to run away from the cops (the one you posted is not even the most funny, play more and you’ll see :P)
    I was one of the testers of the game (and I tested Vita version), and those videos were actually fun to watch :P


    1. Eric’s avatar

      That’s what I was gonna say. I remember the cop one where they transform into a robot? I think. Or the one with all the cars flying before being placed back down to earth.


      1. Genryuu’s avatar

        And one where cop cars are put together in a pyramid shape, and after that in a rotating tower lol


    2. dan’s avatar

      yeah i had that NFS glitch happen to is it patched with the update


  3. VVololo’s avatar

    Shut up!! Nigga!! Get your balls out of my sight!!


    1. Matajus’s avatar

      Stupid pirate asshole ! shut up and find ur own kernel exploit .


      1. Chevara’s avatar

        not saying that the post is boring, but we are all frustrated that we could not put games desired on ps vita , we all want ISO & CSO , we whant a kernel exploit , the problem is that many do not understand how hard it is to spend money and time for an exploit and sony to “remove” all whit a small update


        1. gunblade’s avatar

          still cat and mouse like psp till thing got unlo..cked


        2. alpmaster’s avatar

          Really you dont know what your talking
          About no one has to release anything at all
          So stop begging for something you would not be able to figure out. Thanks all the Devs that made any of the possible Screw Sony :-)


    2. >_>’s avatar

      “pirate city” is that you? >_> If so at least you didn’t post that stupid rap of yours. Anyway, STFU and find your own exploit like others here have already said.


  4. gunblade’s avatar

    sumkind wall petaling


  5. Stranno’s avatar

    Skate 3 have the funniest glitches in videogame history, so far.


  6. rafael707’s avatar



  7. derpington5’s avatar

    I actually thought this post was kind of entertaining despite being somewhat off topic.. Still my favorite blog.


  8. trecenters’s avatar

    PlayStation Network > PSP EMU K-Exploit

    I played all the PSP games when I had a PSP & most homebrew stuff can be found on other devices.

    Need to fund a hardware team to crack into this device.

    Find out what makes it tick.


  9. DeathOfChaos’s avatar

    I love your posts, they’re entertaining. It’s good to have something entertaining to read when there isn’t much info rising in the scene, lol. I love glitches, too!! :D One of my favorites was in the Skate 2 demo, it wasn’t doable in the full game, or at least couldn’t trigger it. During hall of meat, if you fall just right on this glass roof area thing, your foot would get stuck and if you’re even luckier, you would be flung WAAAY into the air, giving you an amazing amount of points, lol. It was freakin’ awesome, everyone else who didn’t get to do it would all laugh their asses off but always realized they lost but it didn’t matter xD


    1. Minimur 12’s avatar

      and haha really?!!?!?!!
      I guess they werent finished bug fixing lol……….
      well they did a great job bug fixing Skate 3


  10. Alex’s avatar

    Don’t listen to the haters, I enjoy your articles!


  11. Evil e’s avatar

    I’m sorry, but these “blogs” are terribly written. I appreciate the work, and daily updates of some sort help keep things moving,

    Stop trying so hard to be funny, and just write. If you’re funny, it will manifest itself. If you’re not, well, then don’t force it.


  12. Shadow’s avatar

    for everyone who thinks its so easy to find an exploit try looking at stuff like this all day

    /* test.c */

    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    char buff[100];
    /*if no argument…*/
    if(argc <2)
    printf("Syntax: %s \n”, argv[0]);
    exit (0);
    strcpy(buff, argv[1]);
    return 0;

    this is the kind of things we hope for an exploit but its not easy

    i want an exploit just as bad as the next guy but we just have to wait a few articles to take my mind of hacking is nice once in a while…..


  13. NNNRT’s avatar

    I’ve experienced a glitch in NFS Carbon Own the City for PSP, where the car falls under the road as well as opponents’ cars, as if there’s an invisible pool. And sometimes it kept falling down & reseting, never ending. Opposite in GTA VCS, where Vic once walked on the water!! :shock:
    BTW funny article Minimur. :P


  14. Jit’s avatar

    Lmao Omg skate3 ive never laughed so hard in my life thanx for that lol


  15. Hellinferno’s avatar

    I knew that was a Glitch on nfsmw,my uncle said that the game is like that,hell no,this is a great bug and is not the only one.


  16. WhyKlef’s avatar

    Great article!


  17. Kyu’s avatar

    The AC bug (2nd one) would go well with the harlem shake LOL
    I finally got the sims 3 baby bug


  18. BPA’s avatar

    You do realise that the ‘glitch’ in the cutscene from your NFS: MW isnt actually a glitch, its the actual cutscene…? -___-


  19. steve’s avatar

    those videos are tragically beautiful. xD



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