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Playstation 4 to be sold worldwide this year.


Told you I'll edit this.

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    • Albie85 is a loser says:

      Whooop, wish I were as cool as you. If 85 was the year you were born that makes you a 26/27 year old who still thinks it’s cool to spout “first” on a blog comment

      Good job Albie, Good Job

      • Albie85 says:

        No way first time I’ve ever done it and I get abused and you even change your name for the occation lucky me well done!! did you do good at math because I’m 28! I’m not a troll but your a ***! I post nearly everyday in the forums and do what i can to help the hacking scene ive been around since the psp started. Dont worry there will be somebody else to give abuse to now I’m sure there’s more 1st to come

      • Hedonism says:

        Get over it lads. Seems to be tradition these days and it will always be done by someone.

        • TelgarDrakoer says:

          Its not a tradition, it is something idiots and trolls do to garner attention and fake recognition.

          • YouAreAnIdiot says:

            It looks the idiot/troll caught your attention and recognition.

          • SSJ-Vita says:

            What a hateful attitude yo, people still do that. You just on edge cuz ps4 looks awesome, and I want a pc equivalent for obvious end user superiority.

          • Don'tgiveashit says:

            I’m not a troll just seen other people do it so thought because I was first I would write it simple as that nothing else. I didn’t see anyone else get abused for it . Why do people have to be trolls can’t it be a simple answer. I’ve been on the scene a long time and this is the reason I never went on forums

    • kenny2858 says:


  1. silkyskeeter says:

    Til a price is announced and a final build shown, I couldnt care less.

  2. squiggs says:

    (look at title) well duh. this was known for the longest time, sony said that it would be ready for holiday season 2013.

  3. Wait&See says:

    gonna wait to see if it is worth getting. graphics are useless if the games suck. vita games have been a let down so far and i don’t wanna get ***-punch by sony again.

    • Inicuo says:

      Sure, whats the point of a super machine wich makes of playing something difficult, boring or even hard to find, we just want to play and have fun, we need playful consoles, otherwise they will disappear…

  4. CaptainObvious says:

    As much as I like Sony, their PS4 controller looks ugly… PS1 controller looked alright. PS2, was better. PS3 looked quite awesome with the jet plane triggers and usb cable (can connect it to pc too). PS4….meh..

  5. Pururun says:

    Not in the least bit excited. Sony are making a social network orientated console. If I wanted to socialize I would go out.

    I really do worry that the gaming scene is going down a very steep hill nowadays. I don’t know if facebook is to blame or if it’s the complacent younger generations.
    Regardless I miss the PS1 and 2, consoles that were made purely for playing games.

    • Dockotis says:

      Pururun, I agree with you on this. I don’t care to socialize on a console, or gaming in general =EXCEPT= if playing a multiplayer online game. I do agree that the PS1, and PS2 were completely game-centric. The Gamecube, and XBOX Original were as well… Old consoles didn’t care about anything but multiplayer and gaming, THAT is on of the many reasons why the games were unique and good, and with that, it’s also another reason why people enjoy emulators. They let us venture back into good games of yesterday for nostalgia, and for fun…

      XBOX720/PS4… Not caring too much…

    • stOneskull says:

      they’re still around.. i recently bought a ps2 with a box of games for fifty bucks..

  6. o MELTDOWN o says:

    Meh, the PS4 is just a PS3 with better hardware. There’s nothing really new and exciting yet.

    • hgoel0974 says:

      I know, the PSVita is just a PSP with better hardware, an iPhone is a regular phone with better hardware, an Intel i7 is just an i3 with better hardware and there is absolutely no reason to be excited and there’s nothing new in them, they are all just older electronics with NEWER hardware 😉

      I like your logic 😉

      • Inicuo says:

        we will never end having the NEWEST, everything is already outdated

      • o MELTDOWN o says:

        Well if you look at it this way, the jump from the PS1 to the PS2 was huge. The jump from the PS2 to the PS3 was huge. What’s so big about the transition from the PS3 to the PS4? Slightly better graphics, a ‘share’ button and the ability to ‘socialize’? Pffft, please. It’s all ***.

        • DeathOfChaos says:

          Hardware wise:
          It has 16 times the RAM, an extra core CPU that is also easier to develop for, and some awesome little things that make a big difference (like downloading content and charging controllers while the system is powered off). There’s also the awesome feature where games are downloaded in sections so that they can be played while it’s still downloading, That definitely seems like a huge jump from the PS3 to the PS4.

          Software wise:
          Probably one of the most prominent software features, in my opinion, is that feature where you can sculpt your own models and do things with them. This not only demonstrates the power that the PS4 holds as a creative tool, it also shows us just how much more advanced the ‘gimmick’ of Playstation Move has gotten with the hardware jump. They took this ‘gimmick’ that people complained about and added an artistic and/or creative use to it so now the only ones left to call it a gimmick are those who are artistically and creatively illiterate (and not bragging or anything as I am not a great artist). Also, the app for iOS and Android devices that allows you to purchase something off the PSN and then download it straight to your PS4, whenever and wherever you are, that seems like a pretty big step from one system to the other and it doesn’t seem like something that the PS3 could be capable of unless you either go home and turn on your PS3 and use Remote Play with your Vita and start the system from a remote location, in which you would have to own both a smart phone and the Vita separately or have the Vita with that app installed using a 3G connection (or 4G if that rumor about the Vita Slim is true).

          As for QUALITY of graphics compared to the PS3, I’ll wait for a side by side comparison of, say Watch Dogs on the PS3 & PS4 to really make a decision there. I’d just go by user submitted 1080p gameplay videos, that way there isn’t as much of a chance that the setup is rigged to be biased between one or the other and if they do, it’d be much easier to tell. The quality is obviously much greater, but the main thing I can tell that’s improved are lighting, movement, and smoothness of edges. Also, I wouldn’t accept any excuses for games in 720p unless there’s possibly a 720p choice for the download counterparts as to save time and space.

          As for the socialize aspects, I can see potential in being able to give live feeds or message boards to actual game publishers about their games, things that are wrong, and what needs to be fixed. The fact that it’s easier to communicate with friends is just a plus. Having a direct link between the consumer and the developer could really open the eyes of some pretty blind companies *coughcoughsquareenixcough*… Not only could better patches be released for game destroying glitches, things like better DLC or even creative ideas for prequels and sequels for game titles could be dramatically improved. I would LOVE to have something on the PS3 where I could bring up a live feed or message board that would go directly towards the people behind games like Amy and the second Naughty Bear, both of them have some pretty terrible game breaking glitches that STILL need fixed. Amy came out with a patch that fixed some glitches, but then caused an even worse one. Amazing!

          So, there’s nothing astonishingly great between the PS3 and the PS4? This is just from a collection og information that was released and speculation on possibility based on that information given, so who knows what else they have for us to hear about it.

          • o MELTDOWN o says:

            That’s not enough for a next-gen console. Most of it was already invented. I expect a lot from a multi-billion dollar corporation. Invent some new features that no one else has. “Socialize”, no thanks, I have a Facebook account. “Share”, I have a YouTube account. “Ice-cream cone *** controller”, I hate that… I’m pretty sure everyone else does too. Background download is already on the 360. So is the ‘download games from app’ thing. It’s all copy/paste.

            I want to see new and innovative things. Look at Illumi-room for example. Where have you seen something like that?

      • gunblade says:


    • Dmaskell92 says:

      That’s like saying PS Vita is no different than psp. In reality, if you actually researched, the features on the controller alone, outshine what we have already. If your point was valid we would all be on 10 year old compaq’s.

  7. Guest says:

    Not really. I think Sony said that it will release everywhere this year except EU. Cuz you know… We always get the shaft. According to them, its coming 2014 in EU.

    • Gillcameron says:

      PLEAS sweet mother of god dont let this be true… i tought that sony learnd from it about giving us things months later. Look 2 days maybe 2 weeks later allright but no i would be pretty *** if they skiped EU again and puched it back to 2014 FU sony if ur planning to do that srsly FU

  8. Davee says:

    I think I want the drugs this writer is using. The PS4 announcement involved showing a bunch of multiplatform games, a bunch of old people heads, trailers from previous shows and a controller. Not even the console was shown.

    So, how is this a great job?
    I’ll probably get an xbox next gen, or just stick to a PC, since that is what these consoles are.

    • DeathOfChaos says:

      You’re probably gonna miss out on some of the best exclusives, then.

    • Gillcameron says:

      Look who the fak cares about how the system looks. Me personally i dont care a bit IMO they can make it whatever shape or size they want i dont give a ***. Its all about the features about the console and what it can do. Who cares about a thing u only plus USBs in and put in ur closet.


    • gunblade says:

      ..not to much people smoke now days….yea think they was videos from pc games think they making them for the ps4…think graphics would be not as goood as the videos wish the ps4 had its own video interlacing or ps3 games look way better on the ps4 then the ps3..to bad sony dosent let upgrade the graphics cards of playstaion products would be nice to be able to do that at least cuz it works for the ps3 hard drives since storage was a big thing these days..the 360 and ps3 is like then years old.but then they r jus computers made by certain computer companies.. based on pong… and atari but basicly for gaming not so much cumputing…..

  9. Skars says:

    Ok, I’ll wait them to name the good games, Vita is still waiting…

    Where is Warrior’s Lair? (Ruin) ??

  10. F3l1xbxb says:

    Minimur12 can you do a article about every info that envolve the compatibility of PS-Vita with PS4, and dig a lil’bit about compatibility of PS3 games on PS4?
    That whould be awsome. Thanks

  11. Axel-25 says:

    I haven’t got a ps3 barely got a vita so this news is alright but kinda sucks cuz I’m gonna get a ps3 for my bday and it isn’t bc with ps3, so there’s mixed feelings about this article.

    • gunblade says:

      bumers well ps3 r still good for u i guess since nice for the vita i got a ps3 its alright its a slim though getting it modded i guess notice gets a lots of dust so i was think about replacing the cpu cooling from fan with a usb fanless air conditioner think the wire is basicly the same ..made try add a usb charge dock with power sumply so can charge my usb wen the ps3 is off too not sure…

      • gunblade says:

        well a good thing is that u can use the ps3 to save your vita game as backup if u got them off the psn.. and if u need to restore a backup of the vita the ps3 can do that…guess should say upgrade your hard drive if possible notice ps3 download take up sum space and i had not a lot for music n videos but media players work well with the ps3

  12. The Kick says:

    Oh, Sony…To think I used to believe in you…

  13. JonathanH says:

    shady business practices

    you will have to pay for online, that is how they will make their profits back.

    If used games aren’t allowed on the XBOX 720 then PS4 will win by a landslide because of specs and liberty.

    • svenn says:

      You used liberty and PS4 in one sentence. There is nothing free or open on PS4 nor on XBOX, nor on there current gen systems. Buy a computer, you get the specs you pay for and you don’t get stuck in a lose-hardware-super-duper-win-software buzz. model.

      • gunblade says:

        (“30GB ipod or 60GB ipod”)(“main thing its a VIDEO ipod 2 gen”)i like nanos…yea sum point in u get what u pay for..but then they saposed to be cheap gaming pc(xbox playstaion)but then super nintendo lasted for like year before nintendo 64 came out.. but back then computers cost like five hundred dallers and people could only afford what was like hundred dallers an a game(psx)but now u can get a cheap computer for like 345 from best buy that comes with windows 8 or for 499 one with twice as much power as the 345 one well almost…

    • gunblade says:

      think if sony and microsoft went more gaming pc dirrection would be nice like the ouya… thing dough is pc gaming is mostly about graphics as were pc i think jus ram and cpu.. but would be cool if u could play the same game on pc as with xbox n playstation on the same servers as pc players but then u got thing like my contoller got 128 button n well mines got an x an a sqaure n mines jus got the abc but u think game wise would be good i guess but for network buffering idk…(well i find console online gaming better then pc with the fact that on the ps3 u link to sony network which i guess is better then jus hosting a land party unless ur network boss.. heard WoW had a good network.)

  14. DeathOfChaos says:

    I was going to vote on that poll, but /talk never seems to let me sign in without resetting my username and password and I don’t feel like doing it again.

  15. PS44ALL says:

    @Minimu12 I would add Primal Carnage Genesis to your Videos of upcoming PS4 game Primal Carnage Genesis look awesome and very interesting sorry fr my bad english…

    and here is a youtube link for Primal Carnage Genesis for PS4:

    look at this 🙂 game powered by Unreal engine 4!!!

  16. bosshog41@ymail.com says:

    @deathofchaos there wont be a 720p 1080p choice of download derp its a game not a video the download aize wouldnt matter, and even if there was a choice it would be in the settings menu of the game..kind of like a pc game

  17. TStrauss says:

    I’m on the fence about the PS4 myself.

    On the one hand, the hardware is disappointing. Yes, I know it is 2,465x more flops than the PS3, but it is still significantly less powerful than a high end PC (the vid card is last year’s tech, and the CPU is made for netbooks). The memory is ample and DDR5, but that is only when used by the GPU. When used by the CPU, it runs at DDR3 speeds. All of this has been borne out by the UE4 demo “Elemental,” which looked downright ugly at times when running on a PS4.

    On the other hand, we are reaching a point of diminishing returns with graphics. Looks at the FOX Engine which runs on PS3/ 360. Imagine what they could do with better hardware. If I weren’t comparing the PS4 to a PC running a GTX 680 with a tech demo designed to push the envelope, would I notice? I’m not sure.

    As far as the controller, camera, social media integration, and software downloading go, I couldn’t care less. A controller is a controller. As long as I don’t have to waggle it at my TV, I just don’t care. The rest of the “features” just sound like PS Home: neat sounding *** for a feature sheet that I will never use.

    • gunblade says:

      the ps home share video playback thing dont thinki would be using to much my self doesnt make to much sense driving a car n triing to recored a video in real life so guess wy wont be to smart for racing and recodering in a video game but i guess after the race or sum thing like that but not to much live game video edithing..yea the ram was nice but i guess the cpu was to save since the thing was like on all the time in hibernation mode wen turned off..i would have jus had a tree core board basicly a ps3 and two pc probly xenon.. and around 32 ram cost a lot but still nice..the ps3 would be basicly the fat so it can still run ps2 an outher os but then u got like the outher two cores one beffing up the ps3 hardware an the outher that is basicly the ps4 guess the cores would have to be like a i5 and an xenon…

      • TStrauss says:

        Is English a second language? Judas Priest, man!

        What is “32 ram?” In the hard sciences, we have this thing called “units of measurement.” I’m going to assume you meant 32 GB of RAM. That would be an absurd amount of RAM. My PC has 8 GB of RAM and 2 GB of vRAM, and it runs flawlessly. The PS4 OS will have a smaller footprint than Windows, so it makes even less sense in this context. 8 GB of unified RAM is plenty.

        Your discussion of CPUs is so mind boggling as to be nearly impossible to decipher. From what I can tell, you want a three core CPU, where one is a PS2 Emotion Engine, one is a Cell broadband engine, and one is either an i5 or a Xenon (Microsoft’s proprietary XBox 360 CPU). I don’t even know where to begin with this.

        You are not making a strong case for including headsets in every PS4.

  18. derpington5 says:

    lolwut? ^^

  19. Kizumik says:

    Dat PS4 graphic on Killzone.

  20. hunter4Ever says:

    Since better hardware, better graphics, and social network were mentioned on the new PS4, Then I hope a monster hunter frontier version for this console be release. If that happened I wish to see all the monsters available in all the mh series with some additional features/gimmick that other mh series doesn’t have and more interactive concept just like on MMORPG. If that happens maybe I would consider buying this console… What do you think?…

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