Release: TN-V v2

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  1. hgoel0974 says:

    For a second there I thought that it was an April fools joke because some of us (in the offtopic section) where pranking others with a TN-V for 2.06 joke.

    But yeah, I know this one has to be legit. Good stuff, just wondering if TN really said that he got lamecraft saves working.

    • Jd8531 says:

      That would be a really mean joke :p Yep, this update for TN-V should fix the save issue for Lamecraft, if not let me know.

    • Chingon says:

      The link is not working…it wont download the e/v boot file ,anyone else with this probleme…?

      • chingon says:

        ok so, I updated via PS VITA through TN-V system update, the direct link was broken, down…or whatever-all freaking day!Got it done …anyhow…TN-V2 or TN-V DUCE ( what I like to call it) is up and running on my 2.02 UNO PS VITA…GR8 work guys, I love to love the MOST ILLEST handheld on the PLANEt, because of you all ofcourse…

    • nevercall says:

      random question:

      can sony release a software update that can unlock the simlocked PsVitas?

  2. Efrain says:

    wait this is for 2.06 ?

  3. Efrain says:

    It doesnt say anything about 2.06 compatibility is it ?

    • hgoel0974 says:

      Sorry, the 2.06 part was just a joke. No 2.06 compatibility (Come on people it is the first of April! ;))

  4. Stan Smith says:

    Pity its not for 2.06 🙁

  5. MadZiontist says:

    Awesome stuff! Got it installed and running. Keep up the good work TN!

  6. JKoiou says:

    I tried to update via network update and it sayd “this game cannot be started after downloading the update…. any suggestions why this isn’t working?

    • sniper.jay says:

      when you have dowloaded via network then go on game menu and memory stick, you ca see the update here.

  7. JKoiou says:

    nevermind, it downloaded it to the “game” section… just updated… awesome work TN team.

  8. Silverh@mmer says:

    You guys are good. I like the capability of updating your tn-v by the old system update from psp.
    The only thing I miss from this experience is to be able to enter the psn store to see more than just psp games. But thanks!

  9. Kenny2858 says:

    Found a new exploit! Able to read ISO & Hombrew! Also can read ps vita games!!!! The game is called Gta Vice City Stories! Hurry before it gets removed!

    April Fools 🙂

  10. aure16XD says:

    Kenny2858 uh I’m not on your achievement as wololo did not put this on his blog. Sorry I’m French so I translated what I wrote. 🙂

  11. vhblfans says:

    i hope release other vhbl for 2.06!!!

  12. francis says:

    i hope tn will help nd release,fix for appache overkill under 2.06. for iso nd cso games. great help.tnx

  13. wow ololo says:

    huh? if i say i’ve found an exploit, nobody wud believe me…hmm its better of if i keep it for myself

  14. albie85 says:

    one quick question i updated last nite but the reset settings hassnt been fixed! unless it is supposed to happen after u update???

  15. ponytheone says:

    Missed the last vhbl, dmnit sony for removing it so quickly!

    Anyways, keep up the good work!

    • albie85 says:

      why did u miss it i get ninja release like a week befor its announced to the public join up and u wont miss out

  16. Proto-tyrant says:


    thx my friend nice


  17. LoPqEz says:

    I have Uno on ofw 2.02. I just tried installing tn-v but I cant find the associated savedata I need. What is the associated savedata and how do I get it.

    Also, great work everyone in the ps vita hacking scene.

  18. Prinsr says:

    Is down? I’m not able to update or directly download from zload, can anyone host the files on some other site plz

  19. huz says:
    PS Vita: Running eCFW TN-V2 at Firmware 2.02

    think maybe week? that tn-v2 with 2.06 r163 load? work or won’t

  20. asdf says:

    Can anyone explain how i use the TN Network update? It is on but i see no where any button for the update!

  21. Dogggieee says:

    Can I use this for exploit Apache overkill 2.06 VHBL? Don´t try april jokes… 😀

  22. asdf says:

    So i have the update on my vita … but its a FBOOT.PBP and its corrupted in Menu. How can i change in to EBOOT.PBP? PSP Filer dont change the name

  23. Germain says:

    I am a little lost here , if i have my vita on 1.81 with grativty crash hack , i can use it ?

  24. XDarkMario says:

    OTA updates!?! thats freaking awesome!

  25. Aure-16-XD says:

    The cfw for ps vita 2.06 when out ? Sorry i’m french. 😉

  26. NNNRT says:

    YAY! TN-V2! 😛

  27. valkirie says:

    And the best thing about this revision is the ability to upload ISOs directly into the memory card. Just like the original PSP. Frakking awesome works, devs. Beers are on me.

  28. peleep says:

    thanks for the update. Just a tip to fellow TN-V users in case you encounter some problems running the programme. Don’t forget to disable plugins like CW-Cheats before running the update.

    i.e. Download the update via the Internet option, then inactivate plugins, then run the update from Games….

    It seems as though the plugin bug still is present. Homebrews still do not function if plugins are enabled on TN-V v2.

    • Help? says:

      I had some problems running Dead or Alive Paradise and Idolm@aster Perfect Sun. Does anyone else have a problem with these games?

      DOA Paradise starts, but after you select a girl the screen goes black and the music continues to play.

      Idolm@aster just gives me a black screen.

      Both games run fine on my PSP.


      • Jd8531 says:

        Are they patched?

        • :) says:

          Yes, they should be. They also run perfectly on a 5.50 CFW PSP. Not to mention they are old games by now.

          Also, like I said before DOA Paradise actually runs and I can get into the girl select screen. After that, it gives me a black screen with sound.

          Thank you again.

      • Diag says:

        who wants to play dead or alive paradise?

        are you are a perv?


  29. Seallux says:

    baahh when are we getting 2.06 TN-V hack Been dying to try out some ISO games on my vita =/

  30. Draven says:

    I love how easy this is to update. Nice work!

  31. cscash241 says:

    Why weren’t SC3 US and Urbanix JP compatibly fixed?

  32. DeathOfChaos says:

    The fact that it updates from the regular system update makes TN-V just that much more awesome, lol. Thanks again, guys!! 😀

  33. ivo says:

    so what about libtiff exploits and firmware 271 in TNV ?
    or can i only install 660 ?
    thank u

  34. sweet_leaf85 says:

    Apache Overkill support please 🙂

  35. FishSticks says:

    Can someone tell me, is it possible to run a custom 6.60 firmware on tn-v?

  36. cosimo 98 says:

    Hi guys I have run all the cef TN-C via the vhbl on ofw 2.6 after a change to the file and it worked I detect iso me install hombrew but I’m not starting the game asks me if I want to start them and nothing happens after year you can tell me if you can do something with these files or you can give me a hand to get it to work

  37. No reproduce videos desde menu esta actualizacion lo soluciona?

  38. Yayasi says:

    today my friends restore my vita accidentally and deleted everything, now even when i want to play a game on the memory it kept asking to link it, but then you have to update to firmware 2.05 which will desable my 2.02 exploits.

    any advice what to do please?
    i have a back up of uno, just need to link the memory so i can restore through content manager as it askimng too to connect to psn, which asked to update first.


  39. meler-andy says:

    worked fine for me thank you 😀 just dont known what to do with the corrupted file ? delete?

  40. ryan says:

    is there anyways to access the UNO without using “system activation”