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Hardmodded Vita with capture card on the loose


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  1. Stranno says:

    Lol. I remember when the PSP capture device for PSP1000 cost like 150$ and you could mount it for yourself.

  2. tinostar91 says:

    I’ve read somewhere that you can send them your vita and they will install that capture card inside so here is my question. How much does this cost?

    • wololo says:

      Yes, apparently they have this service for about 22’000 yen ($230). But I think that doesn’t include the shipping fee. Note that shipping a Vita to and from Japan is extremely regulated because of the battery. This usually means shipping them is either extremely expensive, or risky (the customs could confiscate it). So I wouldn’t recommend to send them your Vita unless you live in Japan.

      • deejay says:

        actually, as of 1-1-2013, you can ship and receive lithium batteries in Japan through the normal postal service which is equivalent to USPS. You can only send two devices in one shipment / box though. Also, you have to go to a specific post office in each prefencture but there’s usually one near by unless if they live in the boons…of course, there’s always the fed-ex (kuroneko) option

      • deejay says:

        shipping isn’t risky because their post service now allows battery shipping as of 1/1/2013. also the shipping isn’t that bad, it’s cheaper than Fed EX, which use to be the only company that use to ship out items with battery from Japan. 2 Vita costs roughly about 5500yen to shipout through Speed EMS to USA.

  3. NaSty13 says:

    I dont see this as ‘amazing’ or anything to be honest

  4. edukarlo says:

    hidden message in this hard-mod:

    Dear sony, we want a video/hdmi out for the vita.. oh c’mon, a little firmware modification/update can possibly upgrade your so called “multi-functional/usb port”.. such capability i think can shoot up vita sales!!

    • Moi says:

      In case you haven’t been paying attention to recent news, Sony has a patent filed for a second generation vita with an HDMI output port. Only question is whether and when they intend to release it.

      • MadZiontist says:

        I have little doubt that Sony filed the patent without plans of releasing an updated Vita. They’ve redesigned/updated every console they’ve ever produced, and the Vita will be no exception. Cool mod, but I’ll pass, and wait on the official PSV remake.

        • DS_Marine says:

          So you bought a device capable of video out, but because of Sony went the idevices way, you will buy from them the same (or slightly better) device for video out.
          Frack Sony, I can live w/o video out.
          I’ll wait for a software mod, even if it takes 2 years 😀

      • gmol says:

        You’re the one who need to pay attention, that patent isn’t for a new PSV the pantent is of the current PSV dev kit.

        • MadZiontist says:

          My point WASN’T what type of video output the new PSV will have(which is sure to be released eventually). Just that a new PSV will be released (and probably with video-out…proprietary or not-I don’t give a HUGE sh*t…it wasn’t really my point). My point was that, while the mod is cool, I’d prefer to wait on Sony’s official new PSV, (and I’ll add that even if it doesn’t have video-out at all, it’s not a deal breaker for me, and I won’t be buying this modded console). I’d be happy to buy the dev version over this. I don’t think yall would have your panties in a bunch if it wasn’t Wololo who was posting this blog, as if he supports every thing he blogs about, and you need to defend him if somebody doesn’t share his taste/opinion (which isn’t even the case here…necessarily). You’re the ones who need to pay attention. Oh and yall need to chill the heck out too, and enjoy Cesar Chavez’s 86th birthday. XD

          • n1nurt4 says:

            from these comments it looks like your panties are the ones in a bunch, mr Defensive. The dude wasnt even replying to you.

          • gunblade says:

            if they was to make a new model a hard drive l2 n r2 and new analog with r3 and 3d Hd camera(wish cam with a lot more batery life and more powerful cpu and better ram)

      • Cheesethief says:

        A. That’s the Dev Kit patent.
        B. Why would they make an HDMI out if they can just manufacture their own cables for use with the accessory out which has NO ACCESSORIES that use it.

        They would not gain money just by including an HDMI out. You can get those cables for cheap on the web. What Sony WILL do is make a proprietary cable that uses the accessory port and charge you through the bum for it.

      • StepS says:

        come on, it’s just a DevKit, i thought everyone got that already. the “patent info” was false.

      • James Way says:

        The issue is not what will come out, cause eventually we’ll also get holographic/VR games too, but no one has promised it for their current system, included it in the hardware, but not activated it in the software. The vita has the capability, but sony just said nah let em sweat it out.

  5. StanSmith says:

    From what I saw the next Vita will have HDMI out and USB. OR that was a shot of the dev Vita.

  6. Vitality says:

    Sony should release that HDMI/AV output cable already. I wanna record my longplays of Vita games.

  7. Universal says:

    Eventually there will be a Vita re-make, which hopefully the Vita will be easy to open and reassemble.

  8. Slacker says:

    $450? might as well buy a ps3. Better graphics and more games. The only logical reason to get this if you want to play gravity rush on a big screen.

  9. Germain says:

    Question? Vita port (same that you use to charger it) can be use for output ? i mean a new cable 1 side vita port and 1 side HDMI with a firmware update can be used for output ?

    sorry for my english :p

    i guess is gonna be a little hard for us that we should sell our vita to buy a new one (slim)

  10. Germain says:


    Can Sony make a ps vita port to hdmi? and a firmware update? for tv out??

  11. Cheesethief says:

    Have you people seriously not noticed that the Vita charge/computer interface port uses MTP and not the regular USB Mass Storage? That port will probably never be used for anything other than charging and transferring files between Vita and PC through CMA.

    And it seems it slipped all of your minds that the Vita has a port on the top. What it is for is a mystery since Sony has not released anything that uses it, but my best guess is that it will be used for a video out cable component/HDMI.

    • DS_Marine says:

      And it seems it slipped your mind that the Vita’s ‘MTP’ usb port has a lot of ‘unused’ pins…for now.

  12. MadZiontist says:

    @n1nurt4, my response was directed towards a slew of ppl that I perceived to be misunderstanding my comments, and trolling in response. The replies seemed to be related to what I had posted. If not, my apologies. Sometimes I can be a bit defensive when I’m irritable and am feeling trolled. lol

    Anyways, Happy Ceaster, and Merry April Fool’s Day to those who are IN THE FUTURE! XD

    Outty 5000 G. 😉

  13. quetz says:

    This would actually be realy interesting, i like self-mods, and if i were able to get schemes and supplies i would apply right now 😀 let’s hope some buyers would share internal modifications. i suppose you should need a software also for the use

  14. johnny says:

    wow $450! you could buy a PS4 or Xbox720 with that kind of money. Il just wait for CFW. SOmeone will make vita recordable from the usb cable just like the PSP.

  15. Hellinferno says:

    I love this but its very expensive,also i will love to see a controller emulation hardware to play against other players without a second vita.

  16. gunblade says:

    i like this idea though. i think to use a mini Hd so can have the mini usb for the memory and a micro usb for the battery back up and speaker system.

  17. katsukity says:

    Im katsukity.
    litium battery is no problem.
    I can ship PSvita all world.
    PSvita device many movie data,mod is impossible.
    need capture board and viewer soft.

  18. Aracely says:

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