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Sony Spills A Few More Beans About PS4 At GDC- Controller, Friends List, HDD + More


Told you I'll edit this.

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  1. mystic shadow says:

    Nice blog lol cant wait to see the ps4 in real action insted of pics xD and showcases

  2. E says:

    hahahaha Great article Minimur12. Really, informative and funny. 😀 I am a bit more excited about the PS4. Btw, sorry about the epilepsy {insert multiple random flashes here} MWAHAHA! lol Keep the great articles coming. Cheers!

  3. E says:

    Darn it, I was finally ALMOST first! Darn screen refresh… 🙂

  4. alpmaster says:

    Wait you can pause games or is it Programmed on the Ps menu?

  5. alpmaster says:

    I am excited about the Retron 5. 🙂

  6. NoOne says:

    Great article Minimur12. Very informative 🙂

  7. LuKe_AA says:

    I really wonder what video games will go after once they reach the realistic-realistically-real-world-eye-like graphics. A good time to start thinking more about gameplay, story, sound, controls and to remind that people still play with Dos/Nes/Genesis/Snes games.

  8. EJ says:

    Good and funny article, thanks for some of the new info I missed.

  9. MI:ELEN says:

    found a nice article
    don’t know if someone know about this:

    sorry the site is really really perverted…

    it’s contain the main info:

    ” in the ps4 network we need to use all our real name”


  10. Minimur13 says:

    Great article dude!!
    Loved the jokes!!

  11. mlc says:

    Yeah, having epilepsy sucks =(

    I’ve been lucky that mine isn’t triggered by visual or auditory stimuli (since I’ve been addicted to video games forever), but that also means that there’s no way to predict when I’ll have a seizure or when my medicine is most likely to not work. Also my wife tends to freak out and call for medical help even if it’s not actually necessary, so that can be very expensive in the land of health care slavery.

    • Minimur 12 says:

      Mine neither, alot of people think that the only type of epilepsy is photosensetive (lights) but it isnt, theres sound (like i said) symptomatic (every now and then, basically)
      so many

  12. bill says:

    When is Sony going to announce/unveil PS4 console.

  13. bill says:

    I don’t know if this sounds crazy to you but i think triggers should actually be on top of the shoulder button on every game controller. That way the index finger will naturally be on the trigger and the middle finger on the buttons. In real life we always operate triggers with our index finger.

  14. Caio says:

    They should change the name from Playstation to Facebookstation, since all Sony cares about now is this *** “social networking on a game console” ***.

  15. Z says:

    Hmm, you want it to be an SSD? Do you know that SSDs will fail way earlier than an HDD will? Especially since consoles write on the disk almost all the time( mostly while gaming), and if they do make the games in chunks, it’s gonna be even worse. SSDs have a limit on how many times they can be written on. So you want the PS4 to be not just be more expensive, but also prone to failure?

  16. 0mu says:

    I hope they spill another bean about letting you change sub accounts into regular ones. It’s really annoying, not being able to download youtube or facebook apps simply because of your account type. :'(

  17. Nammer Grazi says:


  18. Shadow says:

    i hope the damn light dont stay on all the time it will be annoying for people like me who have there gaming consoles in the same room as the sleep in and like to sleep in the dark

  19. xPreatorianx says:

    Why on earth would you want the PS4 to have an SSD drive? Take this from someone who has an SSD – you DO NOT WANT IT BEING USED ALOT! Why? Because it’s life span constantly diminishes on every write. So if you are constantly buying/downloading games, buying/downloading movies, etc then you are going to see the end of that SSD rather quickly.

    I have an SSD as my OS drive on this computer right now. So to keep the lifespan up every single download, program, etc goes to one of my two 1TB drives. That way only Windows critical files and of course internet history is written on my OS drive.

  20. NNNRT says:

    Minimur12 is funny that he makes his blog posts interesting… I wouldn’t have read a kinda long article if it wasn’t worth the read. 😛
    But why is it that they are locking PSN IDs to controllers just like they did on PS Vita memory cards? I hate that thing. 😡
    The screenshot button is annoying, they should make an instant button combination. And I will miss you START & SELECT! 🙁 (now if I get a PS4 :mrgreen:)

    But better news is coming about the PS4. 🙂

    • Minimur 12 says:

      Locking the psn to your controller means that with co-op or racing games (any 2+ player) if the user were to receive a trophy, both players would. 😀

      Locking psn to memory stick is ***. There’s no point.

  21. Skars says:

    Thanks for all the info, specially the video about Fox Engine, awesome technology!

  22. trecenters says:

    Like I said about the No Play from Optical drive on the new Xbox everyone was dissing M$ about.

    If your system is to fast to play from optical and needs all data on a solid state HDD would that not be better then playing from an optical drive?

  23. Jit says:

    I wonder whats more expensive nowadays, making a movie? Or making a video game

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