[Release] VHBL for Apache Overkill Mod by JeoWay, increased compatibility

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  1. niksko12 says:


  2. xian183 says:

    Thanks hgoel I will check out jeoways thread and report bugs as soon as i
    download the files.

  3. shad0wpr0xy says:

    Awesome work JeoWay!

  4. UraniumDude says:

    Will it support other quake engines?

  5. Knifes says:

    This made my day 🙂

  6. Knifes says:

    this made my day

  7. Ywq says:

    Thanks JeoWay for your work 🙂

  8. tinostar91 says:

    It fixes some compatibility issues but some issues appears like PSP Filer doesn’t work

  9. StepS says:

    DaedalusX64 will not work with VHBL, as it requires Kernel access.

    Are you sure? I remember I ran it just fine signed on PSP OFW (and that means no kernel access). it could be due to missing imports, though.

  10. uNb0rN says:

    dam i missed game 😐

  11. VictorWei says:

    Are there any other direct download links? I have some problem with this one.

  12. DAMAN says:

    Can you give a direct download link?

  13. Coraje187 says:

    A lot of the stuff I had on my vita did not work after the update like the gpsp for 2.06 and the psp filer but thanks I have a feeling it will have more and more compatibility with time. Thanks for the hard work everyone.

  14. SmasH says:

    I have a problem with SNES9xTYL. I got the roms I wanted and moved them into the “roms” folder and then installed it on to my Vita. When I launch the emulator it doesn’t detect the roms. Any idea why?

  15. wululu says:

    Is the exploit game still available in US?

  16. MovingxTarget says:

    Best part of waking up is some VHBL in your cup.Thanks wololo

  17. NNNRT says:

    Yay! I’m not updating! 😛

  18. dan says:

    can doing this brick my ps vita

  19. MovingxTarget says:

    Ps filer gives a black screen which you can not exit.I had to power off and power back on

  20. Daniel Resendiz says:

    sorry for aks this but how to install :c

  21. Dmaskell92 says:

    Hello, I would like to report that I have got a “Daedalus” build to launch “Super Mario 64”. It is quite slow, unplayable I would say, but it does run. The build version is R11 v100, try to make it faster!

  22. Roberto Camarena says:


    • JeoWay says:

      Your not using wMenu then. Use wMenu, the other menus were for looks and proof the fix works. They have low compatibility. Using wMenu will fix your problem and compatibility support.

  23. Wrozen says:

    What do you mean DaedalusX64 requires kernel access?? I used to play it with Vhbl on the monster hunter exploit with r654 and it worked nicely.

  24. BGamerz says:

    Hey did you guys see this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Ywm6q4CZYY its a video capture card for the Vita

    • tinostar91 says:

      Already saw that but I don’t think that I will buy it just because I have never captured anyting and from screenshots which i’ve seen it will void your warranty and that’s something what I can’t do (even my 11 yrs old PS2 wasn’t ever opened)

  25. Daniel Resendiz says:

    please help me I install the fix but my ps vita doesn’t run any game in the list lamecraft frozen and the nazi zombies too well the screen black don’t run the same whit psplorer and de snes emulator what can i do :c

  26. RAZGRIZ DEMON says:

    we want PSP ISOS!

    • hgoel0974 says:

      shoot yourself you pirate

      • xPreatorianx says:

        hgoel – seriously? GET A GRIP.

        @RAZGRIZ DEMON – If you want PSP ISos so bad find an exploit. Otherwise wait like the rest of us!

    • tinostar91 says:

      If you want free games so much there are few ways how you can get them:

      1st – find an exploit which is at least kernel mode
      2nd – find a way how to get games from PS Store for free
      3rd – sell PS Vita, buy PSP and install CFW
      4th – wait for somebody who wants to release his own kernel mode explit

    • JeoWay says:

      Be grateful for what you can get. Kernal Exploits are rare.

  27. Frostburn says:

    Will this mod delete or make my current gpsp not save anymore? (That’s what happened when I updated to r163)

  28. capcomlegend says:

    thanks guys 🙂

  29. blondbeast says:

    hey guys im having a lot of trouble with this exploit. im using the 2.06 apache and everything went smoothly with getting vhbl menu to load and everything. but when im trying to install a homebrew game or emulator it just wont work. the way i did it the first time was i downloaded a homebrew like cavestory, extracted it using 7zip, rezipped it in store mode (tried normal too), named it INSTALL.zip, placed it in the pssavedata folder, that didnt work tried putting it inside a folder like NPUG80403BaraSave0 inside the pssavedata folder, still didnt show in vhbl menu. then i downloaded jeoways new files, all the menus worked but i stuck with the wmenu like he recommended. tried everything i did before, menu still wouldnt recognize my install file. then i tried the snes emulator, i watched some german video tutorial on how to install that emulator, i got vhbl to recognize the emulator and showed on the menu, but it still culdnt find the install file. did i miss a step? or shuld i just start from scratch again?

    • JeoWay says:

      You did. Here:

      1.) Download Homebrew
      2.) Add it to archive and name it INSTALL.ZIP (ALL CAPS)
      3.) Put it on store like you originally did.
      4.) Now place it in a save game folder (Any exept VHBLfolder)
      5.) Load up VHBL then click the three … at the top.
      6.) Now go to SAVEDATA Folder and find the folder you put the homebrew in.
      7.) Now click it and it should ask you to install it.

      NOTE: The homebrew doesn’t just “show up” in the GAME folder automatically.

  30. JMQMOfficials says:

    Great share, hgoel!

  31. Paul says:

    I’m having trouble adding the files. I have everything running, including snes but nothing will load. Where exactly do I put the 3 files? Pure ***

    • JeoWay says:

      All you have to do is copy over the new VHBL files with CMA.
      Make sure you are using SNES v0.4.2, otherwise it won’t work. Then you need to download your roms for it (.smc) then place them in the ROMS folder. Then install in VHBL and it should work fine from there…

    • JeoWay says:

      Also, you just need to…

      A. Find your region (US or EU)

      B. Select the menu you want (wMenu, pyMenu, pMenu)

      C. Copy over the save data of the correct region and Menu you want.


  32. dan says:

    just wondering is there a homebrew that can play .avi in good quality

  33. shout-out to GeoHot for winning 70k for finding an exploit in HP’s pwn2own hacking recently. Adobe Reader

  34. awesomeplayer says:

    niceee :)) but how do install the fix? there are 3 folder and i dont know what to do D:

  35. Daniel Resendiz says:

    hi guys I spend time try to play these homebrews but any game doesn’t run :c what can I do what I need :c

    • JeoWay says:

      You need to package them properly and make sure they install right. Otherwise you may need to get a previously working version of the software that has been compatible with VHBL before.

  36. Romu says:

    “JeoWay apparently didn’t work directly from the sources, but hex-edited/decompiled the exiting files to add features”

    Cowboy va 😀

  37. VictorWei says:

    I can enter Nazi Zombies Portable . But it is frozen when loading

  38. Skyrim says:

    Can I have some hope on daedalusx64 work?
    ty for ur work Jeo,