Sony releases huge list of upcoming PSVita, PS3 and PS4 games

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  1. kuagelo says:

    Final Fantasy X HD, I’m waiting for you.

    • gunblade says:

      heard facebook will be like combines to ones psn account so if any of ur freind on facebook has an psn account they will be adder to ur psn freinds idk onit since i rarely go on facebook but i guess that means there like a thousand limit or sumthing better then to the hundred sumthing i guess for psn now(for the ps4)hope the online gaming is more pc based dont like the playing on a map with like reserved team of fifteen but would be cool to have games like halo more like warcraft like a hundread a team two teams on a map i guess for a shooter it would be werd since thats a lot of people to be running around and shooting at each outher guess if was more on mission then jus areana style matchs but then ai r prety easy i guess i would be hard i guess to have mission that last like an hour our playing with a hundread outher people trying to complete a mission.but reaL player r better to plaY agenst then ai( was think like starwars empire at war shooter game but not so much as jus running around n shoting type more coop mission i guess)

    • Fruity says:

      if u dont want indie, f**kin poor games then get an XBOX. Where you can enjoy your quality AAA titles or maybe get a good taste or grow up? -.-

    • 315hughes says:

      I agree with you i didn’t spend £200 on a console to play *** like Thomas is alone which looks like something straight out the 80s or guacamolee (however its spelt) which is just a basic platformer. I don’t mind some of the more 3d based indie games like journey which has a bit more about it but i don’t want a expensive capable console to go down the pan on cheap nasty games. if i wanted that i have a iphone.(which in all honesty has some better games)

  2. mat says:

    Zone of the Enders? heck yeah

  3. xibalba88 says:

    Those are a lot of Vita games..

  4. xibalba88 says:

    Still waiting for a GTA game or a GOW to be announced since those two games alone would really boost sales/hype that the vita really needs.

  5. jason says:

    vita’s joysticks are not ***! bunk spammer. probably one of the only things i actually like. if you are missing digits don’t be a ***!

  6. hgoel0974 says:

    I really think that you’re either a new Vita owner who has previously owned/owns a DS or PSP
    you’re a 5 yr old child who doesn’t know what he is talking about. Joystick extenders? I find the sticks perfectly fine, I don’t think you need autoaim if you know how to play 😉

    No offence, just my opinion 😉
    Anyway if you really knew about what you just wrote, you would have seen the Dead or Alive 5+ gameplay video or the NFS:MW PSVIta gameplay OR the Uncharted Golden Abyss gameplay or even the Wipeout 2048.

    • Haunter says:

      He is correct on some of the things that are coming for the Vita and it does make me angry that there’s not much “original” games coming out for it. I was hoping to see some “Tales of” series here. But Tearaway, I’m looking forward to play that.

      • gunblade says:

        there a werd thing with original games well most i guess well borrow idea from outher games wich is not that bad i mean on the pstwo every one was in to gta and the xbox had games like halo played mafia heard gta came from that or sumthing but i guess halo was poperlar on consles so they started making a lot of shooters but yea i guess there not to much original games cuz most of them been made already well i gess if they r making remakes of games it would be cool if they were good old games to start with thinking even old school nintendo games would be fun Friday the 13 is a game i did not play in a log time or spy vs spy.

      • NNNRT says:

        And no one forget Retro City. 😉

  7. jason says:

    with a 7 series i’m way too busy working lol… love the vita’s potential but there are obviously deep problems with it.
    i just got a xbox 360… controllers are much more ergonomic. :)sony has been missing the target for years i just missed it due to dedication i suppose. HAPPY GAMIING & PRAY.

  8. Shinra358 says:

    Sigh, still has no gaems xD
    Devs, you shouldn’t have stopped making mods for the psp 😛

    • capcomlegend says:

      I AGREE MAN! I have more fun with homebrew than wasting time prestiging in black ops 2 on my 360,the only reason I brought a pspgo was cuz of the devs and the portability of my old school games,bstrds wont even release MGS 1 or my silent hills on the PSN,oh thx again Wololo for the release of hbl for 2.06,I wonder if wololo has a custom wallpaper for my vita that I can rock on this thing,Im like hardcore for this site lol

    • hgoel0974 says:

      Devs haven’t stopped making ‘mods’ and well anyone can make homebrew, the resources are out there, you just need the will to want to dig into PSP Homebrew Programming. Also, how is it that there ‘still no games’?
      From the list above (and considering that it is just part 1 of two parts) this year is quite big for the Vita 😉

  9. jon says:

    They are just releasing apps that have been out since 2012 to make up for their lack of games.

    Even when they are released they strip many of their features out.


    Cell Phone games and remakes, care to make a new RPG for the Vita….

    I have bought 3 PSVitas what a dissappointment.

    • gunblade says:

      yea wish they had pstwo games for the vita i got like 3 psx one games. yea but i guess sum phones games would be good on the vita since it has analog an triggers thought would ne good played it for the iphone and was alright dont no if for games like nova if ur playing with a bunch of outher mobile players from like iphone and android devics or ur jus playng playstation network players but i guess would be like playng on a sony mobile fon like xperia or sony tablet…..

  10. Kenshin says:

    One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 eng version

  11. andrew says:

    any update nba 2k14 for ps vita? tnx

  12. Maka says:


  13. axel-25 says:

    needs kh1 final mix for vita to be awesomer.

  14. TriCorazonRockero says:

    Awsome List Thanks Wololo! What would make my Vita Complete Would Be KING OF FIGHTERS! I love that Game!

  15. gunblade says:

    well i wanted to play dust514 on the vita so that nice… did not hear of alot of the games on the list well i glanced through it dont think i played any of the games on the first list of games i guess friend network app is like the home app for the ps3. alot of vita games think ill get the ffx zombie tycoon think i played the psp version. and assassins creed if anything n dust 514 hope i the same as the ps3..

  16. jake says:

    Because of the PS4, I’m going to subscribe to Playstations offers (when i get PS4)

  17. gunblade says:

    i guess would have been cool if the analog sticks were like the ps3 controlers kinduf hard play ps3 games wen u cant get r3 or l3. well i think its not the sense that the vita is shity as to wy therez not to much games one simple reason i would think of is the globle economy thing like if there was a game company in cypris i guess it be hard for them with how the country is doing now last i heard they got a 13 billion bail out… well auto aim is said to be cheathing so i heard..seen youtube videos looks cool running trough the map loading things like god mode n n onehit kill but i all so seen games n anime like .hack // n i guess if i was playing an online game i would hate to have wander if i used autoaim on sumone like that well k would think if i did i might force um to write sumthing that like one shoot kill all on map an anti motion bubbles and werd matrix like freez bullet then return bullet to shooter.. wish warcraft came out for the vita dont thing the thing can handle it not sure ram wise i dont thinkso . i guss it can probly be ported sumhow or would be cool to have sony have it streaming from there. cloud network..

  18. kenny2858 says:

    I seriously doubt AC4 will come to vita. Why? because Black ops 2, Borderlands 2, etc were rumored. And didn’t come to vita. & If it did, I would be surprised if it was called like on other systems, not like AC3L. Also would be surprised if they didn’t add an atari game for multiplayer. So if it came to vita with the same story & multiplayer like other consoles, +2. Game of the year. I would buy it if it was the same as other consoles.

    • hgoel0974 says:

      Ubisoft has recently made a statement saying “the Vita isn’t dead…” which seems to be hinting on something big and given the popularity of the Assassin’s Creed series and the huge success of AC3:L chances are really high that the big thing is an AC4 title for the Vita.

  19. Liudvikas says:

    Why those suckers wont release any psp games?

  20. ayoub wolf says:

    woooooow Assassin’s Creed Rising Phoenix

  21. Aidan says:

    Omg binding of isaac, Gonna play that so much

  22. terriblygrey says:

    Yeah I think that if we hacked the vita and unlocked it’s true potential, we, the people, could make way better games.

    I still love all of these titles and my vita as well

  23. shaitan says:

    Primal Carnage: Genesis link points to Blacklight Retribution

  24. Slimjim3k says:


  25. >_> says:

    Looking forward to FFX HD and Ys: MoC. Other than that, not much that grabs my interest.

  26. Hellinferno says:

    There’s no:
    Castlevania,Skullmonnkeys,Soul Calibur,Tekken,God Of War,King Of Fighters,Kingdom Hearts,Valkirie,Tales Games,And they were wondering why we pirated ps vita with emulator,because in someway they worth more than ps vita Indie games.At least my mom has a ps2 to play better games and i will get one too to play Kof 98,2002 Umm,God of war and a hundred million much better games.

  27. Alexander says:

    Sony you’re doing it wrong, why the *** they dont release a GOW,DMC,GTA on Vita? They release Indie games all the *** weeks, in the best cases PS3 ports, im Ok with that, but man, Vita needs more good games on Sale and a reduction on the price of PSP games.
    I dont know what Sony plans, but i think they are waiting for the ps4 to make the best with Vita…

    • hgoel0974 says:

      Games like GTA take time to make. Simple as that, be patient, rockstar has made a GTA for every single console, they are probably working on it and given the power of the Vita and how rockstar is known for making games which push the consoles to their limits, give them some time to do it.

  28. shenmue says:

    Useless list of ***!

  29. razor says:

    Limbo, finally…

  30. ColonelPanic says:

    You should add Terraria onto that list, 505 just announced they are gonna release it on the Vita this summer.

  31. Kyu says:

    Disappointed of these newly announced games.(disappointed as in bummed,was expecting “slightly” more)

  32. exequiel says:

    Final fantasy versus and type zero remake for vita

  33. mochi90 says:

    Yeah … i need to say there are some “different” games than the usual AA or AAA games … dont know why they dont list the AA or AAA games wich every one is looking for!

    c’mon SOUL SACRIFICE is a must have 😉
    and i smell a Monster Hunter (wich i dont really like)
    im already happy with Ragnarok Odyssey 😉 wich warped me back to my beginning to my first MMORPG


    And do you know why there are so less “GOOD” games?
    because may companies/game makers are scared that the VITA could possibly be hacked wich in turns lower their sells because piracy usually follows the being hacked pretty soon (PSP lvl is hacked in VITA right now)


    Also for me its a step forward that Indie Game Maker make their debut to the PSVita. That means that a couble of programer have the courrage to join the system 😉 and maybe more are joining

    • hgoel0974 says:

      companies are not scared that the Vita could be hacked. If they were, the PSP would have died in its first year.

      They know that a PSV hack won’t come easy. Just because we have PSP emulator level access, we won’t get PSV kaccess anytime soon. They have to deal with security on their PC games and they know very well that security tech is improving everyday.

  34. Skars says:

    Except for Blacklight and Limbo, the rest is a bunch of ***.
    My mortal opinion.

    Cool, more hardcore hardware for more casual games than PSP.

    And the cool thing is that even netflix and PSN movies and series is not allowed to my country. What a expensive paperweight.

  35. TelgarDrakore says:

    Zone of the Enders? Spelunky! Luftrausers? And of course Soul Sacrifice. Finally games worth getting for the Vita. Its not a whole lot of new IP’s though with Soul Sacrifice being the only one, but its still *** that makes me turn the brick on.

  36. Raziel says:

    I have Soul Sacrifice paided for i am waiting on Final Fantasy and Zone of Enders. I would love to see fallout 3 on the vita or a nice remake of 1 and 2 for it.

  37. gr4 says:

    I was really waiting for something like a FF7 remake for vita. I guess we will never see a FF7 remake after all.

  38. wartaf says:

    so the big Vita games doesnt announce?

  39. Warlord698 says:

    would be nice if they would add an app for Amazon Instant Video as well

  40. Bojan says:

    *** of games for PS VITA i bought it for nothing,stupid games like playing tetris.pfff

  41. mihaY says:

    I agree Hellinferno…”Vita games sucks because they release indie ***,poor,stupid games for stupid kids” If I want those games i buy a Nintendo…for vita I want games like: Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, BioShock, Metro, GTA ,Tomb Rider, Diablo etc…*** PSV!!

    • Killuha says:

      If you want these games like diablo, than better buy an gamer pc, or How do you will match 20 skills on vita ?

  42. Kyrho says:

    I think the list is missing one thing, Tekken X Street Fighter

  43. Rip_Davan says:

    Too many people want sequels and ports of triple A titles. Give me one good RPG for the Vita and I’ll be chuffed. I don’t know what everyone is so up-in-arms about, the Vita is a great little device made mostly for compatibility with the PS4. None of us have seen anything yet…. just stay calm.

  44. newraze says:

    There won’t be anymore psp games because the psp is dead & gone just like the ps2. It’t all about the ps vita & ps3 & ps4. You can only find used psp’s just like you can only find used ps2’s.

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