Sony releases huge list of upcoming PSVita, PS3 and PS4 games

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  1. Warlord698 says:

    would be nice if they would add an app for Amazon Instant Video as well

  2. Bojan says:

    *** of games for PS VITA i bought it for nothing,stupid games like playing tetris.pfff

  3. mihaY says:

    I agree Hellinferno…”Vita games sucks because they release indie ***,poor,stupid games for stupid kids” If I want those games i buy a Nintendo…for vita I want games like: Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, BioShock, Metro, GTA ,Tomb Rider, Diablo etc…*** PSV!!

    • Killuha says:

      If you want these games like diablo, than better buy an gamer pc, or How do you will match 20 skills on vita ?

  4. Kyrho says:

    I think the list is missing one thing, Tekken X Street Fighter

  5. Rip_Davan says:

    Too many people want sequels and ports of triple A titles. Give me one good RPG for the Vita and I’ll be chuffed. I don’t know what everyone is so up-in-arms about, the Vita is a great little device made mostly for compatibility with the PS4. None of us have seen anything yet…. just stay calm.

  6. newraze says:

    There won’t be anymore psp games because the psp is dead & gone just like the ps2. It’t all about the ps vita & ps3 & ps4. You can only find used psp’s just like you can only find used ps2’s.

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