Release: VHBL for PS Vita 2.06


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154 Responses

  1. faez barca4ever says:

    gpsp got problem when i want to exit the gpsp emulator.Same also with pspfiler.Shows the black screen and error c-211…

  2. Chanly says:

    i have ps vita 2.06 i install it but i cant find the icon on my home screen plz help someone i use opencma 5+ i put in us on my system and follow many video but none work

    • wololo says:

      Did you actually buy and install the PSP Mini Apache Overkill? It is required (obviously) in order to load the exploit

  3. Nathan says:

    I missed it by two days again?!

  4. Michael Ambrose Rock says:

    Hey i got cps2 to go on but when u get to the menu battery thingy flash’s an roms wont load cashe issues is there a way to get it to work also neo geo an mame would be cool thanks this is for 2.06 vhbl i have sega nes snes gba wagic cspsp quake so far great work thanks

  5. dan says:

    can this brick my ps vita

  6. dmjr says:

    This VHBL works fine and its easy to install on my vita and some homebrews games works fine and some don’t. I’m glad I bought the apache overkill. I’m from the Philippines hehehehe

  7. celestin says:

    wololo cu tine nu isi mai modeaza consolele nimeni lasa asa si nu te mai lauda. sincef mi-am pierdut rabdarea cu unul ca tine. te faci de ras sincer pt unii iar ceilalti le dai sperante fara fapte

  8. FishSticks says:

    I accidentally formatted wiped my vita however my memory card is fine, i am on 2.02 with uno installed. When is start the vita it has nothing left on it and displays a message saying if i want to use my memory card i will have to sign in to psn. I can’t sign into psn without updating my vita. Am i *** or is there someway i can get my precious exploit back.
    I know i shouldn’t ask this here, but i am desperate for help!

  9. RevelryHD says:

    Damn, I’ve missed another exploit! >:C