Durango Leak: All Games Installed Onto Hard Drives From Disc ‘Play from optical disc not supported’


Told you I'll edit this.

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  1. jake says:

    Xbox 360 has the controller
    PS3 has free online
    And PC doesn’t have to wait 5yrs 4 next-gen
    plus the exclusives
    Product Loyalty is a terrible thing…..
    No one is better
    Just, different….

    • aceCaptainSlow says:

      Well said. It’s a bit like the groups in high school. In the end, they’re all students at the same school, as we are all gamers, whether we play on PC, Xbox, or Playstation.

  2. jake says:

    Xbox 360 has the controller
    PS3 has free online
    And PC doesn’t have to wait 5yrs 4 next-gen
    plus the exclusives
    Product Loyalty is a terrible thing…..
    No one is better
    Just, different…..

  3. kaz says:

    install to hhd is a good idea..but it is a good idea if the games is downloaded & not from the bluray disk…whats the point buying the game in bluray disk if we cannot play using it…what the use of the bluray drive if cannot play games through the disk..there is really no need for bluray drive if they plan to go with this idea…overall not a good idea to me..waste of money for the bluray drive for mainly playing games…one day my hdd cannot stored all the games if im such a hardcore gamer.

  4. Pirate Cat says:

    If I can’t buy used and the games aren’t installing from a disc/storage media X I’ll be passing on this.

  5. Liam says:

    I’ll likely end up getting both of these as well as the Wii U in a few years time. As a previous commentor said, it’s cheaper waiting a few months for price drops, and they’ll likely still be releasing games for the current xbox/ps systems for a year or two more anyway.
    The “install to HDD” thing’s fine with me as it’d reduce load time and read noise. Does the “no games from disk” mean you can’t play pre-owned games for the new console, or for previous gen consoles it might have backwards-compatability for? While I’d likely keep my current xbox/ps3, it would be an issue if it didn’t allow you to install/obtain online for free games you already own (the online for free thing could be implemented by reading the xbox/360 disk and finding a copy online to install for free).
    As it were, this is all nothing but rumors at present, so I’m waiting on official info from MS for final decisions.

    • CJW says:

      Sony has already said no BC for ps4 and I am guessing M$ going the same way. We will likely see digital classics like with ps2/ps1 and xbox on the current systems but don’t kid yourself in that they won’t be free. Look at the model Sony is using now for ps3 and vita and it will be more of the same. The publishers see this as an oppertunity to keep making money off their old properties and because so many knew people are coming into gaming that never bought or played older games they are going to keep selling them. I don’t mind paying for them again when they do an HD update like GOW, Ico, MGS, Beyond GE and sly cooper games, ect. IT is just when they put them back up like the ps2/ps1/xbox classics and want me to pay again that I get annoyed. Vita really *** me off in that Sony was promising some UMD transfer tool and then totally whiffed on it and now most PSP stuff is over $10 when you can buy the UMDs for like under 5 used. I would plan on keeping your old systems if you want to play old games as that plus the used game market is going to be the cheapest way!

  6. CJW says:

    Well every since the new dash I have installed most the x360 games I play to HD just because it does improve load times, and also helps the console to run quiter/cooler. It has helped some people I know keep their old phats running a lot longer than they should have. My problem with this is that for streaming video it is sort of stupid. Games will use higher res/higher bit rate streaming video for cut scenes and there is zero reason why this should be installed to HD. It is just a waste of space and sequenceal streams actually play smoother from optical disk as there is no fragmentation and such. The model ps3 uses is good in that the bulk of the game gets installed for speed but the audio/video streams come off disc (unless you are using CFW…teehee). Also when they talk about always on/always connected that makes me think they will be using some type of constent DRM *** like new PC games like simcity are using. I hope for their sake that isn’t the case as I still want a console I can play offline. Honestly I never cared much for Kinnect other than as a gimick so I would rather put my money into superior hardware like the ps4 is reported to have than twoards an enhanced kinnect controller. I buy them all eventually but for me it will be ps4 first this generation and maybe durango at some point later….not sure because I am tired of Halo and nothing else M$ does first party means *** to me…..already got a wii-u and honestly Nintendo and Sony have so many good first party IPs I think microsoft is in trouble in the next generation, especially if they keep the pay to play online stuff when Nintendo and Sony’s are free!

  7. Acid_Snake says:

    Durango? what kind of name is that? Orbis was cool, had this nice ring to it, but Durango?, I can imagine it at a game store:
    “yes I’d like to buy a durango”
    to be honest it sounds like the name of a condom manufacturer

  8. Shinra358 says:

    Why don’t they just focus on their 1st ‘console’……… the pc? Obviously their ‘anti-piracy’ console plan isn’t working out.

  9. Lawliet156 says:

    Im only on xbox for Halo.

  10. trecenters says:


  11. trecenters says:

    Optical is a bottleneck… why would you use it… other then distribution…

    If you were to play from Disc you would just be caching to HDD anyway.. Waiting on the cache.

  12. Lai says:

    the scary part if the system crashed coz of memory or whatever reasons and what if you can’t retrieve your game data and hope the people behind xbox will replace the game you had even you got the disk.. what if you download it in the store? .__. and something happened? waaaa

  13. ljmb2020 says:

    After reading this. I think that Microsoft saw what Sony has for the PS4 so that they can copy Sony.

    – Suspend/Resume feature is the PSP/PSVita main reason to continue your gameplay.

    – A new XBox that needs a Kinect or else the whole unit won’t work.

    I’d rather stick to Sony since they have Touchsrceen without a Stylus.

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