Apache Overkill PSP Mini removed from the EU PSN, US is next?


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  1. Julian says:

    Ummm…. they took Apache Overkill off like 9 hours ago and no exploit files

  2. ZunnerX says:

    The game is removed on the USA store. it´s time to download the files!!!

  3. 3DSGuy says:

    The game is no longer on the USA/UK/AUS/EU Stores. Time to release the files I think.

  4. Tact1cZ says:

    i confirm apacheoverkill is no longer available in canada

  5. Already removed from US PSN store

  6. chidreams says:

    okay where the save game ? how are all there people show these demo of it but no links ?

  7. Jhonny says:

    No longer available in US PSN!

  8. elvss says:


    • Tjoeb123 says:

      …but what if he has the files on a USB stick, and it’s with him?

      • Tjoeb123 says:

        Well, looks like I was half right. He DOES have the files, but he’s not going to post them from work. He feels bad enough Tweeting from there.

        But seriously, why can’t someone else (particularly Tomtom himself) post the files instead?

  9. Cammax says:

    Guys go here —-> twitter.com/frwololo That is why there is no download yet :/

  10. Link652 says:

    I know i bought Apache Overkill when it was on the PSN store, i got it when i still had my psp GO, now the mini is noth showing up in my download list and i find that just creepily bothersome.

  11. Tox says:

    Uno is back on the PSN store i hope there can be another exploit with it lol

  12. Kitwick says:

    Personally. If i were them. Id say sorry no not going to release it due to everyone bugging the heck outta it. Be patient everyone Rome wasnt built in a day

    • Tjoeb123 says:

      We CAN be patient, but it’s pretty much a race at this point. Who will make the next move – Wololo or Sony? Some of us have stuff we plan to purchase and download to our Vitas (for instance, Disgaea 3 for Plus members such as I), which will of course require the latest FW.

      Personally, I don’t plan on keeping for more than a few hours at most. I just want to get it, do what I need to do (replace a Vita-loaded PSP game’s EBOOT with Phantasy Star Portable 2’s EBOOT – and yes, I purchased it myself, over PSN), then remove the files, update, and continue on….until someone comes out with tools that allow me to rip the anime cutscenes from Persona 4 GOLDEN.

  13. Tokyo630 says:

    Pulled from US PSN, checked at 12:22AM Mar 26, Central Time

  14. jacob says:

    i really wish they could find one that we didnt have to pay for i keep maxing my credit card evertime there is an exploit

    • smitty88oh says:

      You keep maxing out your credit card over a $3.00 game? Seriously? Must be a new type of credit limit I am not aware of $3.00 credit limit. That’s like the funniest thing I have ever read..lol..

  15. LuKe_AA says:

    I really hope there’ll be a kernel exploit with this game sooner or later.

  16. DeathOfChaos says:

    I kind of hope that as long as people keep asking for the exploit files, the longer they’ll take to release the files. Impatience deserve it and hopefully it would teach people to stop being that way. As for me, I’ll wait for a kernel exploit. 🙂

  17. I can conferm that it was removed on the US store :'( sad too cause I just got paid lol and I was really waiting for this

  18. Kianthos says:

    Okay so. Im a playstation plus member. I just want to make sure to be honest if i upgrade or not. This exploit is a user mode one right? That means that cannot access enough to run the ps1, psp and psvita roms correct?

  19. VWVictor says:

    Where is the file !!!!

  20. shogrran says:

    well… i’m just waiting for someone to come up with CFW. VHBL is nice and all but I doesn’t really serve my purpose.

  21. n00bBl3sSeR says:

    got credit card blocked dam!!sucks.

  22. dr Gamer says:

    Its obvious that mr Wololo wants to maximize the number of clicks before releasing the files. He will have to release them today though, to keep credibility at a high level.
    Thank you for your good work anyway!

  23. Ace says:

    Man…it sucks that the game is not available in psn asia store singapore…sucks really…but the vbhl is awesome news..xD
    I hate my place store..!!!

  24. Sky says:

    bro , can any1 help me found Bios for Gpsp

    • Someone Else says:

      1) You need to buy a GBA.
      2) Hook up GBA to PC using cable.
      3) Use the tools (just google) to extract the Bios files
      4) Use with Gpsp!
      5) Play backup games that you own.

      Pretty easy, but the cable is hard to find nowadays.

  25. tone says:

    need help wit 2.06

  26. Scott says:

    I purchased the Apache Overkill on my PS3, and today i tried to copy it to my vita and it wont let me… is there a way around this??

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