PS Vita Hack: And the new exploited psp game to run VHBL on 2.06 is…

Disclaimer: I haven’t tested this VHBL version myself. People who tested it in EU/US version have told me this VHBL compatibility is below average, but compatibility may increase in future releases. As usual, the choice is yours.

Another long wait is over, this is the public announce for the game exploit that will let people run TomTomDu80′s port of VHBL on Vita firmware 2.06. Once again, an army of very dangerous people will start playing 16 bits games on the Vita, putting one of the biggest hardware companies of the world in great danger of bankruptcy. Watch as Sony pulls the game from their stores within 48h, when it took them months to fix an actual security vulnerability on the device :)

Haha, I kid, I kid, we all know Sony have to pull these games off their stores, who knows if this new game exploit won’t be the vector to an eCFW release at some point… speaking of which, before you go ahead and buy the game, let me go with a disclaimer:

Disclaimer: the vulnerability in the game disclosed below is a user mode exploit in a PSP game. TomTomDu80 has ported VHBL to this exploit on the vita firmware 2.06. VHBL does not let you play pirated PSP games, let alone pirated Vita games. VHBL lets you play a subset of PSP homebrews on your Vita, including a wide range of oldschool consoles emulators. Compatibility of VHBL varies depending on the exploit, and I want to emphasize that I have myself not tested this VHBL port at all. Early reports I have gotten from beta testers is that the compatibility is below average compared to other VHBL releases (with a few annoying bugs such as some crashes when exiting some specific homebrews). As usual, you buy this game at your own risk and with no explicit guarantee from me that this will let you do anything else than, well, actually play that game…

So, here we go, the vulnerability found by TomTomDu80 is in:

Apache Overkill (PSP Mini)


The game is, unfortunately, not available in all PSN stores :( If you are in a store where the game is not available, it is recommended that you open an account in a location that has the game, acquire a PSN card for that store (some online services sell those, either google them or PM me on /talk if you need help) and use it to buy the game. Please understand that the game availability in your country is not the choice of the hacker.


Also enjoy this video from The Z, showcasing TomTomDu80′s VHBL port in action:


As usual, we are not releasing the files yet, they will be released in a few days (usually we wait until the game has been pulled from the PSN)

Feel free to report if the game is available in your store or not :)


  1. Cammax’s avatar

    Sill up :( I want donload. I’ll be parient.


  2. CoDnX’s avatar

    The game is not available on the PS Store EUR !!


    1. GamerMjm’s avatar

      Yes, Sony removed it an hour or two ago :(
      Good luck to everyone else that has the chance to get it.
      Thanks everyone that is releasing this to the public.


    2. Stef’s avatar

      Actually, I bought this game yesterday in EU Store, just go to minis and watch at the A


    3. Stef’s avatar

      WOW, I was was wrong, but I got lucky, It was about yesterday evening I saw that the next exploit was for Apach Overkill on this amazing website, and I bought the game imediatly.
      I’m sorry guy’s for the bad reply.
      But I can’t wait for the files ( Hoping it is not with survey’s or something, because I can’t do any survey ).


  3. REMF’s avatar

    Still up in UK Store… darn….


    1. REMF’s avatar

      Its out of EU now.


  4. Dexter’s avatar

    its out of the store now and they said they will do their best to upload the files once that has happened so everyone please have patients,because they did’t have to do this.


  5. mrcrew’s avatar

    try and hack the memory card that holds the vita games on and turn it in to a r4 card for vita that would be cool.


  6. GamerMJM’s avatar

    Apache overkill: Removed from US store between this time frame: 8:00-9:30 (My time)
    It is 10:06 right now, I found it 3 hours ago and it was there O.o but i couldn’t download it
    Official… Apache overkill has now been removed
    If I’m wrong please tell me, but i cannot find it whatsoever.


  7. Cammax’s avatar

    Officially removed!!!


  8. Clinton’s avatar

    Off store in us


  9. je-al’s avatar

    darn it i dont have any chance to grab the games darn it..!!!!fucking psn store…now i have to wait the exploited game of the Z


  10. Ralph’s avatar



  11. Hideo’s avatar

    Hi All,

    Can this exploit run PSP or PS1 isos yet on a 2.06 VHBL System?


  12. RoboGamer1HD’s avatar

    i found it on Canadian Store in the mini’s section through my PS3. if you use Charles proxy you can bypass the update, play online and buy stuff and connect to content manager. I am going to buy Apache overkill now and move it to my Vita. Idk if there as a patch on the game or not cause if most stores removed the game then how is it still on my store?


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