PS Vita Hack: And the new exploited psp game to run VHBL on 2.06 is…


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213 Responses

  1. Destajador says:

    Para la region de españa si esta disponible el juego, descargado y esperando a que publiquen los archivos jejeje muy exitado estoy!!!

  2. Omgz King says:

    Oh.. my… bob. Im done waiting on exploits I might as well just forget about it

  3. Stanley304 says:

    I would like to say thank you to TomTomDu80! Awesome job with this VHBL. I want everyone to remember that these devs put a lot of time towards finding and developing these. If it’s not what you are expecting then become a developer and do it yourself. Otherwise please be patient and don’t rush them.

  4. onnz423 says:

    18.15 am still up in eu store

  5. REMF says:

    Still up on Uk store

  6. Seallux says:

    the game is available on the u.s stores just checked and downloaded at 3:23 time , also if it helps i did a search and typed “apa” and found it

  7. dopefish says:

    still up in AUS market

    • Frogmonkeycloaka says:

      Haha, Yeah nobody really knows about us.. hah

      • Pali says:

        😀 or nobody care, i really dont understand why Sony want to patch this game if u cant run psp games with this exploit, they dont lose sales :), Just the developer of apache overkill get some extramoney 😀 … sry for my english

  8. dopefish says:

    you guys know the time you post is already listed

  9. jake says:

    Actually the time isnt set in our countries time so the time we type ans wololo.nets time is different so we make sure not to mislead anyone wwith incorrect time

    • dopefish says:

      I get that, but surely you just base it on the difference from the OP time and the last reply?

      Guess it depends on how you look at it, sorry I shouldn’t nitpick just because I got confused for a second.

  10. Msnk8 says:

    still available in my region,,,,,bt im still unable to transfer funds to my wallet,,,,3days have passed,,,,,psn service is *** here in india,, its time to quit
    my advice to all whenever waiting for an exploit release und your wallets in advance…sigh

  11. LuKe_AA says:

    Yesterday I just realised I was out of a GBA.

    Problem Solved.

  12. Frogmonkeycloaka says:

    Can’t wait till it comes out though.. i was too late with the other couple of games i bought.. i had looked deep into the other ones but missed a few pages, acted to soon Hah this’ll be my first time on vhbl.. The main reason is for slender portable and Lamecraft. Hopefully you can make it so they work Wololo. Cheers!

  13. Sony says:

    We gave up on the vita, don’t mind us

    • Sony says:

      Is what I think is in there mind

    • Crabwalker says:

      You shouldn’t give up with the vita, you should just give up with vhbl.. there are so many more things you should do with the vita, Such as “Bioshock infinite vita” Just asking, what exactly is vhbl doing to harm sony?

  14. hanada says:

    have it (KSA)

  15. wololo. says:

    The games is still up in AUS

  16. Cris says:

    In Russian PSN it still selling

  17. andre104623 says:

    wow I just woke up its 8:15 AM EST still up in us store

  18. Dudu says:

    Still available in Germany !!
    buyed at 13:20

  19. HeyItsFalcon says:

    This is a longshot, but maybe the delay is for fixes that the current build isn’t able to handle right now. Either way, patience is a virtue.

  20. Steeve says:

    Purchase in France at 15:00…
    Thanks !!!

  21. maaattt says:

    9:40am CST Sun the 24th, just bought

  22. Skars says:

    Still available at US PSN, but I’ll skip that one, since the only thing that I would use on VHBL is SNES Emu, the my PSP can do the job atm.

    Savings for the next kernel, that I believe will not come any time soon, since sony in a way or another is yet to release a whole new firmware with PS Vita Slim after PS4.

    The firmware will probably insert some features to work with PS4, that will be more than mandatory update.

    I don’t expect any kernel exploid release before that, and I’m be patient.

  23. Antonio says:

    y una vez descargadoeljuego,que version de vhbl hay que descargar para ejecutar las isos?

  24. dan says:

    i dont get why when a exploit is released the name is for members first because couldn’t sony members just sign up and find out

    • wololo says:

      Because if they did that, we would find another way for the release. Bottom line, they have better fish to fry, and the way they typically contain the issue by quickly pulling the game is more efficient.

  25. i96744 says:

    8:10am PST. still up US PSN.

  26. onnz423 says:

    8.39 pm still avaible in european store :)

  27. sadasdsa says:

    3 P.M. in U.S.A.! Still here!

  28. poemaz says:

    apache good usa 4.35 pm

  29. seKcTactiix says:

    Finally im on time for one of the ninja releases… still open 10.00am New Zealand

  30. Sofoklis Chousos says:

    march 25 1:10 in the morning and still upbin EU store… weird…..

  31. PinkUnicorn says:

    still up in the USA as of 7:30 east coast. Just got it for $2.99. make my psvita worth it please!

  32. Kevin says:

    Just bought it from the NZ psn store

  33. andre104623 says:

    Wow sony is really slacking on taking this game down. When I got SC3 sony took it down in 14-16 hours depending on were you live. We are on day 2 now

    • Frogmonkeycloaka says:

      Yeah, It was a good idea to make apache overkill the bass, cause nobody really cares if it’s taken off the market, so the vhbl haters won’t be hating us for supporting vhbl cause they’re making sony take “good” games off the market…

  34. Alexander says:

    just bought it in the US store, still there

  35. Possibly says:

    Still available 8:00pm CST.

  36. bob says:

    i dont get it way does it make a difference if the files are out or not

    • Seekie says:

      I think it probably just has something to do with last minute fixes and tweeks after more people have tested it. They got the exploit in a working state good enough to released and then made the public aware of the game so they could get it and some trusted people could test it to get some good feedback to fix some bugs. Then again this is just my guess. I’m just as excited for this exploit as the next guy, but we have to be patient. These aren’t easy to find and they are very time consuming to code.

  37. Jon says:

    I believe they are using this as a way to make profits.

    Allow the games to be exploited for a while, under the guise of patching until they get their cash when sales drop boom, new patch.

  38. jake says:

    ^ What he said…..
    I think Sony has realized that most of the exploits aren’t kernels, so these “user-mode” exploits are only helping Sony get more $$$$$ (Cash)

  39. andre104623 says:

    12:01AM EST Still up in us store

  40. Ausm says:

    Downloaded from US store, 6:23 Hawaii region

  41. Tokyo630 says:

    Downloaded from US store, 12:08am Central Time.

  42. REMF says:

    i dont see it now in US store. please check

  43. Sony says:

    QUOTE SONY:”We are smart, we lets hackers invest us money, then we patch the exploit and release wonderful app, games, and feature in new update for the people to thirst for them”

    ME:”Why do you have to do that!”

  44. DaN27 says:

    Mexico 12:40 am Disponible aun!!! 😀

  45. stavros says:

    Yeah thanx guys that you released it on Saturday you dont know that the banks are close? the banks in Greece will remain close till today so i lost the exploit.

    • wololo says:

      I know Greece is in bad shape these days, but if you don’t have 3 euros handy on your credit card to buy the game, maybe you shouldn’t have bought an expensive portable console in the first place. As far as the releases happening on the weekend, this is the best we’ve found to prevent an instant reaction from Sony. Last time we released on a week day, the game was removed from the store 8hrs later. Additionally, the Ninja release has been going on for weeks, so if you were a member of our community, you would have had a decent head start (at worst on your Friday morning even if you had joined /talk very recently).

      So, yeah, I’m honestly not sorry at all for what’s happening to you. If you’re lucky, the game will still be around when you get your money.

  46. onnz423 says:

    Apache overkill removed from eu store!

  47. onnz423 says:

    Apache overkill Removed from European store

  48. andre104623 says:

    still up in us store 7:41AM EST

  49. unholyblood says:

    Yeah Apache overkill has been removed from eu store, but lucky i got it before it got removed 😛

  50. Daniel says:

    still up in PSN Mexico!!

  51. Cammax says:

    Sill up :( I want donload. I’ll be parient.

  52. CoDnX says:

    The game is not available on the PS Store EUR !!

    • GamerMjm says:

      Yes, Sony removed it an hour or two ago :(
      Good luck to everyone else that has the chance to get it.
      Thanks everyone that is releasing this to the public.

    • Stef says:

      Actually, I bought this game yesterday in EU Store, just go to minis and watch at the A

    • Stef says:

      WOW, I was was wrong, but I got lucky, It was about yesterday evening I saw that the next exploit was for Apach Overkill on this amazing website, and I bought the game imediatly.
      I’m sorry guy’s for the bad reply.
      But I can’t wait for the files ( Hoping it is not with survey’s or something, because I can’t do any survey ).

  53. REMF says:

    Still up in UK Store… darn….

  54. Dexter says:

    its out of the store now and they said they will do their best to upload the files once that has happened so everyone please have patients,because they did’t have to do this.

  55. mrcrew says:

    try and hack the memory card that holds the vita games on and turn it in to a r4 card for vita that would be cool.

  56. GamerMJM says:

    Apache overkill: Removed from US store between this time frame: 8:00-9:30 (My time)
    It is 10:06 right now, I found it 3 hours ago and it was there O.o but i couldn’t download it
    Official… Apache overkill has now been removed
    If I’m wrong please tell me, but i cannot find it whatsoever.

  57. Cammax says:

    Officially removed!!!

  58. Clinton says:

    Off store in us

  59. Ralph says:


  60. Hideo says:

    Hi All,

    Can this exploit run PSP or PS1 isos yet on a 2.06 VHBL System?

  61. RoboGamer1HD says:

    i found it on Canadian Store in the mini’s section through my PS3. if you use Charles proxy you can bypass the update, play online and buy stuff and connect to content manager. I am going to buy Apache overkill now and move it to my Vita. Idk if there as a patch on the game or not cause if most stores removed the game then how is it still on my store?

  1. July 25, 2014

    […] member mr.gas announced today that him and tomtomdu80 (whom you might remember for his VHBL port on Apache Overkill last year) were able to dump the contents of a PS Vita memory card. Although they are not sharing […]

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