[VITA] Can’t login to the PSN? Here’s how you can still access Netflix.

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  1. HeroEduard0


  2. gunblade

    wish i had a comp to try it on maybe layters..

  3. IgnusArmagadan

    Definitely trying this later =)

  4. natsu

    so… uhm, using this method, i can update my facebook, and other apps like youtube?

    • Theredbaron

      No, sorry, doesn’t work.

      It “only” lets you use Netflix, as netflix has the “power” to say no to sony’s instance on connecting to their server’s for “anything”. Now Netflix does still connect, but if sony’s servers are down, as has happened way to often, it will just let you sign in.

      Facebook, ect, “make” you connect to sony before you can do anything. So, sorry.

  5. Theredbaron

    Ha, cool. My name’s on the front page. 🙂

  6. joyeop

    vcs são os melhores

  7. ricerrr

    nice i love watching netflix on my vita
    thanks for the help

  8. vnt

    I had UNO exploit and fw 2.02, I don’t have PS3. Tell me how I can access the PSN. Thank you.

  9. niklg3

    why why why now? you could not publish this article before posting VHBL?? I have given a kernel exploit now who gives me the assurance that the next exploit is also kernel!!

  10. clarens

    Wow it work for me now do i have to do this all the time to access netflix and if i close charles proxy and turn on netflix again will it work

  11. fares

    why cant you stop this posts and get to real things about hacking psvita gether a group of hackers and start real hack on vita you know to many hackers try to make them work together and leave us from this boring posts dev team hack every iphone and every update with fast why cant you while you cant hack one console that’s weired

  12. Janchower

    This trick has pretty much doubled the value of my PSVita. I dont’ care about the PSnetwork but I did miss Netflix!

    What I did was get an account at opendns.com and through there block all of the addresses to the playstation network. Really easy.

    I haven’t tried yet but blacklisting the PS network could be a real safeguard in addition to simply allowing Netflix. It’s easy when using the Vita to accidentally press a button and have it connect to PSN, and I was always getting upgrade requests when connecting through Open CMA. I’ve been afraid to let my son touch this unit for fear that I would get it back fully upgraded… I think this should prevent that.

  13. sniper sam

    whaats the point of accesing netflix if your not in america

  14. wickechew

    thanks walolo.// your blog has most interesting for vita.. anyhow, dont care for that troll and his dream team.. he dosnt understand any code and want the hack asap and for FREE.. thanks for the tidbits cheers

  15. nitr8

    What about a solution to apps like Maxdome, Lovefilm and so on for PS3 users that got PSN banned…?

  16. Rei

    Hey did anyone else get stuck at a loading screen after they tried to input their netflix credentials?
    i got everything to work and blocked all the sony related stuff
    i’m wondering if its because i’m on a lower version of netflix cause i’ve never updated it cause i always assumed it would never work

  17. Dmaskell92

    I would like to report this no longer works. Everything loads until I go to play an actual video. I then get “There was a problem communicating with the network. Please try again.

  18. Jennifer

    I used the charles proxy for my 2.61 vita firmware and netflix works great i dont have to update to 3.00 and can still watch my anime via netflix on my vita

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