PS Vita Hack: a new PSP usermode exploit running on Firmware 2.06, by The Z


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58 Responses

  1. Raphale

    one more

    • ScoobyDoo

      Sorry to be a noob, but why do you write “one more”.

      Also, my vita is version 1.61, would I be wise to upgrade to 2.6 or should I stay on the lower version?

      • Raphale

        I’m stuck in version 2.06 of vita, therefore, look forward to the VHBL

      • Lai

        you can go and upgrade to 2.02 if u have the backup of UNO. if you have a ps3, you can use the technique in transferring the UNO backup to the ps vita.

  2. Raphale

    WOOO one more

  3. Raphale

    wololo, is the vhbl you have going tol delay its release?

    • Dmaskell92

      Non scheduled, unexpected ninja release, is the most effective. You don’t want Sony to have an ETA, because they patch everything.

  4. SteelWolf89

    The Z should save it for the next firmware update, As the current one soon to be publicly released will serve the same purpose.

    I’m personally hoping we eventually get another kernel exploit that can be released after a MAJOR firmware update.

    also, i’d be willing to pay Coldbird to finish his work on decoding and re-implementing the Media Engine, as the drama that eventually caused him to leave the scene was just straight up unbelievable, and we could REALLY use his expertise at this point.


      yeA after a major one

      • Hugo_Mundo

        I agree with SteelWolf.
        I think The Z should wait until a more significant update is released.
        One thing that i’ve noticed though is that SONY is now enforcing updates througout the psn games. I’ve bought Nun Attack, downloaded it on my PS3, and when i’ve copied it over to my 2.02 vita and opened it the game gave me an update message.
        Now i can’t even play the games I BOUGHT on the firmware that I WANT to.
        SONY, ***?!

  5. SPoONiE_16

    Amazing work!

  6. santos

    Ohh man bombs after bombs being dropped.. Keep it up sceners. 😛


    yea he should wait for the next firmware release so we can get new features and theres already a exploit on this one so why dont you just release tomtom’s exploit then One the next update release the z’s

  8. Yuu

    Awesome work z, please keep us updated and i also agree wait until next major firmware drops to release but ultimately it is up to you ;)?


  9. Dmaskell92

    The future looks promising for all our Vita’s, very nice.

  10. gunblade

    the home button looks nice on the white models.. wasent there more color vita coming out or sumthing… oooh n um the 4g models wouldent they be differnt from the current vitas but more like the slim ps3…

    • stOneskull

      sony should release a spiderman ps3 and vita with a new spiderman game that can be remote-played, cross-played, etc.. or even a south park version when the new game comes out.. anyway, yeah.. would like to see some other versions.. japan does have some other colors coinciding with their price drop.. so we’ll probably see them too.. or you could order one from japan

    • E

      The other colors (red, blue, etc) were released mainly in Japan, I believe. For now at least.

  11. gunblade

    ooh nice expoit…da z.. iszent z the last letter of the alphabit well thats cool…

  12. joyeop


  13. vhblfans

    good job.The Z should save it for the next firmware update.

  14. Dyzy7

    vhbl does not seem too tempting, what are the chances that in future be replaced with eCFW or ARK ?
    should i’ll wait for a eCFW / ARK?

  15. Rusxaker

    Who turns bought recently Exploit (c support VHBL) in flight.

  16. newrcc

    it’s Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z… Sleeping???! Nooooooooooooooooo, It’s The Z flying like a rocket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha!=)
    Goodluck man!

  17. Acid_Snake

    so how many user mode exploits do we have now? last time I checked we had about 20-25

  18. capcomlegend

    lol sony has gotta be “mad” good work guys

  19. CoolMan


  20. Lucasyoh

    Congrats man \o/

  21. marc

    Exactly what I needed to hear so that I could upgrade to PSV FW 2.06, LoL!

  22. paco

    ok. I Am wait.

  23. mkc88r

    great job Z,thanks guys for all

  24. Voltrom

    Dope bro,, another psp xpl0x,, I mean there beat & all,, but “ps vita hack” shouldn’t even be in the title. We haven’t done *** with this console. I am getting bored of gta on tn-c. The whole vita in general. *** can we get a San Andreas hd collection. ..

    None the less,, excellent Z. Glad you wanted to make this one public, tho it doesn’t matter for me.. I’ve been playing the same games for what seems like months.

    So is it true 2.06 has speed improvements?

  25. AlphaKiloCharlie

    I remember the blog post talking about the limited amount of exploits coming out and how it might be the end of Vita exploits, now we already have 2 that are known to be released. Thank you Wololo and all the other developers that take there time to find these exploits and release them!

    • Not Sure

      I got the impression those were mainly talking about Kernel exploits.
      (A much rarer type which plays psp isos.)

      This homebrew-only kind is still rare enough to space between updates, but another ARK/TN may not come for a long time if ever.

      I believe that’s how they explained it.

  26. francis

    excited for the new exploit release…cnt wait.. wololo..the one!

  27. Akira123

    Nice, I can’t wait for the new PSP usermode exploit!!

  28. Akira123

    Yo thanks for the new exploit, we needed a new exploit for 2.06.

  29. mangbhoy

    Congrats, thank you for your dedication and hard work!

  30. SkyrimBr

    it is possible to remove a firmware update ps vita?

  31. deathlight

    awesome! Congratz to the Z

  32. snail

    Congratulations Mr. The Z on being anointed the ‘famous’ distinction! By none other than the famous Wololo as well!

  33. Brandon

    I can’t wait! I missed he last exploit by a couple days hopefully I don’t miss this one

  34. gjllopez

    impressive indeed

  35. please release it after aprilll i still dont have enough funds to buy psn card im still waiting for my sister nextweek. im really tired of spending money on sony’s games unlike before. pls pls mr zzzz :)

    • G36cBossMan

      Xenonzeissoptics – Ain’t nobody got time for dat! But seriously lots of people have been waiting patiently already no one wants to wait longer especially just for 1 person…

  36. je-al

    plsss release all the exploit im so excited 😀

  37. Chet

    So….is it safe to update to 2.06?? I’m still on 2.02 and I can’t access PSN store -_-
    thank you in advance.

    Long live the Z!!

  38. Pisson

    Please a custom Firmware for ps Vita 2.06 !! I have baught the Vita to play secret of mana and Psp DBZ !! Please !!

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