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Opinion: 5 things the PS Vita needs to be revived


Told you I'll edit this.

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  1. VITAOWNER says:

    I have a vita and im not a hipster

  2. joyeop says:

    tenho 6 jogos e ja enjuei todos
    nem um outro titulo q me chame aateção no momento ^^

  3. Johnny Bravo says:

    You can play Bioshock Infinite on the Vita via Remote Play. Its not offical as tou have to enable it yourself.

    99% of new games works great via Remote Play but again you have to enble it yourself.

    • minimur 12 says:

      if im not mistaken, you need cfw on your ps3 for that, an dc the majority pf people don’t have cfw , full remote play isn’t possible

      • E says:

        That is correct, you have to have a cfw on the PS3

        • zorak_torok says:

          Yep, but if you updated cfw 3.55 to 4.3 where you can connect your vita as an actual vita instead of mobile device you got it made… ps3 is more or less dead with ascension… just like kirby for nintendo…. at some point all will be able to do this without looking for 01g’s or other models of your choice… but then you have to decide if ps3 is worth a second vita when you have the ps-U if multiman crash reports incite bans to determine anyone with sights on uvl or the 4… hehe, remembering 4 is death in japan…. Im NOT paranoid 🙂

      • warfaren says:

        I think a majority of PS3 owners coming here has CFW… At least I hope so.

    • gunblade says:

      vita n ps3 cross play n remote play still not to much cross play yet think games need more updates and patchs i guess

  4. Cfw says:

    The only way sony can get development teams to really havr an interest in the psv is buy bringing down the costs of game licensing games. Sony also has issues with keeping 3rd party companies away by not letting them release hardware that can be affordable like a simple psv memory card.
    Last thing is the focus of keeping devs away from making hacks which is stupid because if you think about it look at all the psp games that came out within one year compared to the vita while the psp had already been exploited.

    I know developers had fun knowing the psp had been exploited because it would given then reason to want to make more games and hope for a dev to find a vulnerability.

  5. johnny says:

    I see you did not mentioned at all about PS Vita and possible CFW impact.

    Let’s take PSP and completely strip it out of CFW and the HUGE library of homebrews and cool apps.

    What do we have left? a bit better PS Vita. CFW alone would increase help PSV alot.

    Not to mention the huge wave of interesting apps coming shortly after. PSV is like North Korea. Locked and lifeless!

    • Minimur 12 says:

      Thanks, I was going to add CFW on there but I thought it was a bit
      innapropriate , I decided to focus on the proper reasons rather than nasty ones, and at the moment if you are running CFW on your ps3 you will be banned so cfw is implemented, then I wouldnt want my account to be banned.
      I know CFW is awesome anf opens up a whole range of apps but it wouldnt be as much as a styling point if your account will be banned.

      • The_S says:

        I’m sure that CFW would increase sales by a lot but I think in the long run it would ruin the Vita at the same time because no one would buy games if you can just download them for free.

  6. stOneskull says:

    I think it’s crazy that you must have cfw on your ps3 to enable remote play for most games. This would be a big added incentive to own a vita by those who currently can do without one.

    and yeah memory… A hundred bucks for 32 gigs is upsetting. I am reluctant to buy from PSN because of lack of space.. this needs fixing in some way..

    • stOneskull says:

      Nice article.. thoughtful, well intentioned, some love for Sony is refreshing.. and I like the pictures 🙂

  7. Madjetey says:

    Sony can do something about 3rd party games:
    1. Take several suitcases of money to the big publishing houses (Activision, EA, etc). Hand them over with these instructions:
    1. Tell the devs of the biggest franchises (Call of Duty, Assassins Creed, Bioshock, etc) to bring out a few of their team to begin work on ports from the PS3.
    2. Sell the new ported franchise bundles along the global vita price drop.
    3. Build a golden money palace made from the new vita profit.

    As good as the remote play is, it depends on me being in the same network as the PS3. If I’m that close, I’d play on the PS3 itself. My vita is for when I’m away from home (usually all the time).

  8. musashiro says:

    For me, a meaningful update is also a must… a firmware that will have, uhm (kernel exploit that uses a game below 4.99 LOL) and/or the ability to make folders for games and apps. is it that hard to implement such feature? android has a lot of launchers… lol…

    quick toggles for wifi, bluetooth and probably a silent button when holding the ps button? just like android.. lol…

    freemium games with ads! ^_^

    and yes, i really love android, but it doesn’t change the fact that these features will help the vita to survive! dont you agree?

    • johnny says:

      Android is childs play compared to what Vita would have offered if it had CFW.

      The potential is there but locked hard.

    • Minimur 12 says:

      technically there is a silent button, if you hold volume up and down then it mutes it

      and id love a quicj change in the lock screen, when playi mg. musoc the foward, pause, and the rest for quick change

    • bt says:

      I agree with this ^^

  9. 8BIT 1337 says:

    I think it’s all about the Vita specific games themselves. A price drop will move units, but must have games that are Vita specific will move more.

    I do enjoy my Vita, but I don’t yet LOVE it because I feel I’m fighting to find good, Vita specific games to run on it.

    (Personally, I’d love to see Valve release Portal/Half Life/Left4Dead for the Vita, but that’s just me – it wouldn’t actually move units)

  10. m says:

    Am so glad i didnt bought a vita!

  11. Paul says:

    I want to play gta:sa real bad on my vita. But I thought maybe the vita doens’t have enough memory to build in a new simulator? I don’t know, but I would really love it!

  12. Onsokumaru says:

    The Vita has tons of games…if you can read japanese. Otherwise you’re kinda sc***.

  13. IgnusArmagadan says:

    I would like vizualizations for the music player, why did they go backwards?

  14. JonathanH says:

    I can’t believe this handheld console suffers from consoleportitis.

    They only have cellphone games, and games that are just remakes lol.


    why no rpgs this is playstation!!!

    • k3nn says:

      atelier totori plus is just out for psv! nobody knew it was coming 😛 I guess that solves your rpg hunger? I am waiting for Monster hunter

  15. Raziel says:

    i love my vita but i would love to see the PSN network games playable on my vita like scott pilgrim. i am stuck with a 4gb memory card right now but at lease i got the 2.02 UNO hack and 4 Vita games as of now. i hope one day will will be able to make eboots from our PS2 games one of these days. i cant wait for the day where the vita is unlocked so i dont have to rebuy games i own again.

  16. psp411 says:

    I agree mor or less w/y guys, but…
    first but not last I see the spanish is a lenguage than is more and more used in this page, I{m glad with that, Dark Alex was spanish isn´t?
    well then let me practice the servantes idiom:

    No creo que el que haya juegos gratuitos con Add ons (publicidad en ellos) sea la salvacción para psvita, cuando juegas en android, son anonadantes, incomodos la mayoría de ls veces y tienen spyware (espias) lo que no será nunca bueno,

    juegos minis, si estan bien, como OMZ muy bueno, pero vita no es paraeso, para minijuegos ya tengo un telefono android, no neesito andar cargando mi vita para jugar lo que puedo jugar con mi telefono sin aandar cargando un objeto más que incluso puedo perder si lo olvido en algun lugar.

    crreo que Tecmo ha aentendido la leccion, cal? vender, ejemplo Ninja gaiden yo lo tengo para Xbox, paraa play 3 y lo compré para vita, (en vita es delicioso simplemente) de paso diré con cierta pena que solo en vita lo terminé, cuando entre descansos lo hiba avanzzando en mi trabajo, mi niña de 9 años tambien lo terminó en su vitaa, ahora estóy jugando Gaiden 2 (que nunca compré para ninguna cconsola) y lo estoy disfrutando bastante

    porque no haer más ports?

    me explico jugar FEAR en vita en los recesos de trabajo, killzone 1,2,3; crisis en vita? wow yea

    remote play es divertido, pero te exige tener el play 3 en cercaanía, los ports no, revicir tus grandes juegos en el hotel, de vacaciones, en el metro, eso salvaría a vitaa

    compatibilidad con playstation 2 porsupuesto que también.

    bajar el precio de vita si pero sobre todo bajar el precio de los juegos, no es creible que un juego de vita cueste lo mismo que uno de play3 es absurdo

    hackear al vita, mientraas sony no ofrezzca algo mejor no es un derecho, es una obligacion,

    esa es mi opinión, respeto mucho la de ustedes y les agradezco me permitan emitir mi opinión muy personal, quizas equivocada, pero mia alfin

    heers and respect to all of you, tnx agaain

    TNX so mucch to
    Dark Alex Total Noob and all sceners I jus love my vita wwith the XMB on it yea

  17. Acid_Snake says:

    Minimur12 copy-pasted another blog post and didn’t give credit!

    • Minimur 12 says:

      well actually i re-writ the whole blog post, and used different photos aswell. (and i did mention the source up above)

      • TStrauss says:

        Is this taken from another post? Rewording doesn’t give you carte blanche to use someone else’s work willy-nilly. You have to cite other peoples’ ideas as well. Otherwise it is plagiarism. Also, I don’t see where you cited a single source. It is also dishonest to write a piece based entirely on someone else’s work–even if you shift the words around.

        This would get you kicked out of college or fired from a newspaper. I really hope you take your publications more seriously in the future. I know you’re young, and I know it isn’t the most serious subject in the world, but intellectual honesty matters.

        Sorry to be harsh, but this is not cool.

        • wololo says:

          Important clarification needed here before this turns into a massive misunderstanding: This is taken from another post written by himself, on another blog where he is a guest blogger as well.

          We take plagiarism very seriously on this blog and I have dismissed guest bloggers in the past for just attempting to plagiarize other sites (the articles never got published).

          • gunblade says:

            so thenicly clear wen u plagerising urself but nice custume pic good work but i guess every things fine then… i seen that the samsung galaxy 4s u can take pictures n like remove thing from the background and what not think for picture art that be cool

          • Minimur 12 says:

            Side note: I requested permission directly to wololo to use my own post on here 🙂

          • TStrauss says:

            Thank you for the clarification, wololo.

          • gunblade says:

            i sum how understood that….

  18. zakaiya says:

    I had a vita, sadly I sold it because I just can’t take the lack of content anymore.Using my vita as a hi-res video player got boring and the strict video support *** me off even more. If one little thing didn’t match up, you wouldn’t be able to copy the video at all. Enough about that. Now we all know Soul Sacrifice is gunna be one of the great titles for it, but there needs to be a tsunami of great titles or something to keep us going while we wait. The half *** ports running at an unstable 30fps is laughable. All that processing power and there is still such notable lag.It’s an handheld powerhouse, no excuses sony. The vita has officially turned 1, and i still feel like no one really knows about it. I’ll be waiting for the 2001-vita to arrive just because by then the library of games will be more than sufficient. Crossing my fingers here.

  19. yosh says:

    can’t revive smthg that never lived to begin with anyway lol

  20. Someone Else says:

    I feel like the Vita has a lot of great games already.
    Especially if you never played the ported games yet.

    Assassin’s Creed: Liberation, Street Fighter X Tekken, Need For Speed, Mortal Kombat, MvC, P4 Golden, Disgaea 3, Shinobido 2, Sonic Racing, Sine Mora, Uncharted, Zen Pinball 2, BlazBlue…

    All have mega graphics for a handheld, and fun gameplay that stands toe-to-to with consoles. Sales are spiking in Japan and a some decent hits are on the way. I think it might snowball soon.

  21. frankhy says:

    Also, here are some other things that need to be fixed

    – Not deleting downloaded Vita games on the PS3 as soon as they are copied over

    I’m on a capped connection and it’s entirely Sony’s fault that people are constrained for space on their Vitas because they opted for those expensive and tiny memory cards. I’d like to store the games on the PS3 so I can juggle between them.

    – Allowing more than one user account on the Vita

    It’s *** infuriating that I buy a game on PSN and cannot let my kid play it on his own account. URGH.

    – The entire interface

    Seriously, why do I need to “launch” a Settings application? Why isn’t that just part of the underlying OS?

    Sadly, I do not see Sony fixing any of these issues. Consumer interests are not particularly high on their list these days.

  22. trecenters says:

    Is COD: BLACK OPS DECLASS a decent game for replay value?

    I have been on the fence about this one. I do not want it if it is pure junk.

  23. Matt says:

    Great article, but 2.06 was actually pretty “meaningful” as it fixed a major bug slowing down new games developed with that work-around. It also fixed the java exploit. Basically I’m being a pain because I don’t like that picture.

  24. Minimur 12 says:

    thanks, i get what you mean, but people wouldnt buy a vita just because a java exploit has been fixed. lol

    ‘OMG did you hear? That java exploit has been hacked, I’m gonna get a vita now!’

  25. Lorz says:

    The ONLY thing that could ever make me want to buy a Vita is if Sony just suddenly stopped being Sony….. their paranoid, tyrannical approach to “piracy prevention” has this system SO LOCKED DOWN that it’s barely even useable, and what makes you guys think it’s going to be any different with the PS4?

    The Android gamepads flooding the chinese market right now are a FAR more interesting proposition than the Vita…. they can do anything a Vita can do in terms of modern gaming performance, and ALOT more in terms of emulators and homebrew because they’re not locked down like the Vita, they’re totally open, meaning homebrews can use the FULL power of the device…… Sonys tired old same song and dance of restricting their customers into oblivion has finally came to bite them in the *** with the Vita, it’s not the price, most people can afford one easily, but why would they want one, when Sony treats them like thieves?

  26. Lupe says:

    Bring ps2 support to the ps vita and they can have all my money!

  27. derek says:

    whoever uses the word hipster is a *** *** or a nerd.

  28. man_of_power05 says:

    actually there’s more than 2 full ps3 games that can be played with remote play. there’s an incredible….4 games. 2 of which can also be played on remote play via psp.

  29. G36cBossMan says:

    lmao ps2 games on the vita? that would never happen sony cares about money not what the gamers would like…

    • gunblade says:

      so jus wandering what does one get if u plug the vita to a ps2…wish i had a ps2 two try it think ill go get me one now still wont a phat one and a copy of final fanstay online bundle..

  30. Tryrush Deppy says:

    Sony has ALWAYS been anti-consumer friendly. even before SCE. and overpriced on everything from repairs and replacement parts to retail merchandise. they want you to buy into the idea that the Sony brand is more than merchandise, that it is a ‘lifestyle’ — a better life with high quality cutting edge technology to flaunt. and they think that is what consumers want and should pay extra for those ‘bragging rights’ so o speak.

    i say, screw that. i just want to play games.

  31. mangosteam says:

    you got that right the updates! hopefully there will be a ps2 support

    • gunblade says:

      yea but then sony going wonder wea all the money they could have made if the ps3 was still backwords capible was…

  32. kuagelo says:

    With regards to the library, I think PSN Japan (and to some extent, Asia) has more Vita games than any other store. Very little translated ones, though. >_<

    • gunblade says:

      i uslaly jus click buttons till then next screen load works for imported games

      • kuagelo says:

        Thanks for the tip – I’ve been doing that since Project Diva f. Thankfully I can understand kata/hiragana. It’s actual content that’s killing me in the translation process.

  33. JinTrigger says:

    PS2 support? The Vita can run PS2 games

  34. lennyvita says:

    Good points here by many on what to fix on the vita. I own one, and it don’t get used as much as my psp yet. I agree with more games, lower prices on vita hardware and games.

    One thing i hate above all is that damn online pass. Its stupid sonys cash cow to block used games. How many times do i see people on classified adds selling a vita game used for $20-25. Then you need to spend another $10 to get the online pass for the game. Just as well to get it new. Screw you sony, and don’t get me started on your worthless downloadable games, you can’t resell dlc. I refuse to support this model. If Ps4 or xbox 720 blocks used games , or has online passes for most, its back to Pc gaming. At least make dlc cheaper, my android tablet does more than the vita, and smartphones are getting better, game developers know this. Sony sink yourself.

    • gunblade says:

      think the ps4 games and xbox 720 game would be more like a pc game were u get a code to install it would have been cool to just buy a pc game and load it but guess they still using the hd disk n blueray


    only 1 REASON for buy a PSVITA: PERSONA 4 THE GOLDEN

  36. Electric Penis says:

    I am most curious: why overuse memes like a *** twelve year old who just discovered the internet? Turns out there is no hope for you after all.

  37. Laval says:

    I’m from Jamaica and i can’t even buy these GAMES there $6,000 for the vita games and that’s just for one(1) and i can’t even find a store that sells the psn cards

  38. gunblade says:

    i think a media player for the vita would be cool heard there was one in japan works with the ps3 but streaming media to the vita would be cool i have the music player for the vita but cant realy save alot of song to the music player.. but streaming movies from the ps3 or a media player would be cool….um sum time playing ecolibrium is okay but having to be ling down n having to turn around and stuff is realy bumers so thinking if games was to be like that u can use the back touch screen to move the backgound or sumthing so i dont have to be moving around to play a game though it is fun at time even in games like fireworks and little devients..n if there using the vita for more remote play it would be good to get sumkind of cell plan for play going internatinal rates n all…on the account thing wy sony dont have like a family plan thing for there psn then like u could have outher accounts share games..

  39. gunblade says:

    i think cross play only works for certain games but playing on the vita and a tv the same time would be cool too

  40. solidsnake says:

    I highly agree that the vita should be able to run PS2 Games.
    The psp ran PS1 games so why wouldnt the vita run PS2?

    • gunblade says:

      think it can guess the controll or sumthing think the ps2 u could press the analog button down or sumthing i dont remeber but think under then controller it should be able to play ps2 games but idk on emulathing the ps2 on the vita but think its possible but then i played ninja gaiden on an xbox before…

      • Dmaskell92 says:

        There is two touch screens for that… Just like remoteplay the l2-l3 and r2-r3 can be used as the back tuchscreen.

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