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Opinion: 5 things the PS Vita needs to be revived


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  1. gunblade says:

    ooh n didnet us it in a while but sumtime u can play music n play certain games i guess if u was to even be able to do that with the music unlimited app an more game an stuff would be cool…

  2. kuagelo says:

    Regarding the games – Atelier Totori Plus (translated!) just became available at the PSN.

  3. Dmaskell92 says:

    Has anyone else made Far Cry 3 remoteplay? I did, and am thinking about making a tutorial for a 3.55 kmeaw ps3. I didn’t see anyone else doing it, the Far Cry 3 fix is the XMB version, and you can’t use multiman to run it. Anyone request I make a video?

  4. svenn says:

    Well allot psp owners bought a PSP Vita assuming they could gain access to there PSP games and PSP Vita library.

    But neather PSP games nor Vita games came …

    If after this time, only 5 games are remembered, this is a failed console. They need a bunch of triple A games, I recently walked through the PSP vita games, and all i see is android type of games. Android is taking up a part of the market, but shooters, rpg’s and GTA-like games are best played on a console (stupid touchscreens). Where are they sony ?

    I would buy a PSVita cause I travel ~3 hours a day, but there are no games to keep me busy that long …

  5. Bil@india says:

    I have a real concern for the future of my PS VITA. That’s because i live in a developing aka 3rd world country where Internet is really slow and costly and downloading is possible only by torrent which allows resume downloading. Slow interrupted internet and power-cuts makes downloading especially from PSN impossible. Right now i have six PS Vita game cards which i bought some time ago and now new Game Cards are not available in my country at all, even after searching all over the internet. Of course i can buy it from a developed country but shipping charge alone cost as much as the game. I’ll have to change either my console or my country.

  6. aksk says:

    vita won 3DS last week in JAPAN!

  7. Kyu says:

    Suddenly,an adapter for Vita’s memory slot got released which offers 2 micro SD slots (which would mean 128 gigs of storage,possibly)

  8. megaman781 says:

    1. good games
    2.remote play
    3.good games
    4.remote play
    5.good games

    yup, that should do it

  9. ryu says:


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