Unity 3d- Engines Unite!


Told you I'll edit this.

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  1. buzzsaw

    You know, I like these articles but they are devolving into just a few stats for every item.

    • Minimur 12

      I think this’ll be the last one anyway, ive ran out of engines to do it on. unless a commenter suggests one to do on, I cant think of something that has imlacted the games industry. feel free to reply below with something that has Impacted the game industry massively.

      itll be mews and nornal blog posts from me now.(unfortunately)

      • Minimur 12

        eugh. my phones keyboard.

        • Thrawn

          Well I like your reviews, I personally think the unity 3d engine is a strong modified version of an unreal engine like splinter cell on the 3ds used an unreal engine. But ok we’re not here to split hairs.

          I have got another engine for ya. ID Tech’s Quake engine. All have their root’s from there on. Or you could do a review of the Gamebryo Engine, used in games we all know -> oblivion, fallout 3, fallout new vegas & skyrim.

          • UE

            Lol well you would be completely wrong, the unity engine has nothing in common with the unreal engine.

            It is certainly not a modified unreal engine as you claim and I would suggest having a bit of experience in either engine and a little bit of research done before making claims like that.

  2. Electric Penis

    I have a serious question for you, the author of this article:
    Would it kill you to put more thought and effort into these half-passable articles of game engines you’ve been writing lately? Truly, it wouldn’t require too much effort to write up something much better than this garbage.

    • Minimur 12

      Dear Electric *** (great name btw)
      I apologise for not having your skills in english writing, and your skills in being polite and caring for how people feel.
      As you know and see, my name is Minimur 12 and it even shows the name of the author who writ this before you click on the link.
      So if you disprove of my blog posts dont read them.
      or you can proofread my posts if you want?
      I try my best to supply 1 article before I was a blogger on here there was a 3 day gap withut a post and I hated it

      • 3rdroyd

        Hey bro ignore guys like that, I know there are other people like me that enjoy reading your, Tonakai, etc. posts and if people want to know more about some topic you guys make, there is a google for that. Anyhow thanks for spending your FREE time writing articles for us!

        • Dmaskell92

          I second that, your articles interest me, and I read them in their entirety. It’s easy to badmouth Minimur 12’s writing, but the fact is we are reading him, and you are jelly. I know what he means about not having articles every day, it’s nice to read reguardless if you are a gaming fan. Psh at these haters Minimur 12!

      • Electric Penis

        You know, this is hardly like me, as I am a tried and true ***, however:
        I see you’re trying to make these good, and I feel as though I’ve put you down, maybe even saddened you a bit; I apologize. You are, for some unworldly reason, the only person I’ve ever felt bad for being an ***-ramming *** to. I just can’t pinpoint exactly why, but I do feel bad.

        Look, next time you write an article of this type, don’t just name an engine and list its games(basically), go way more in depth with it; describe fine details of the engine, its upsides, downsides, capabilities, restraints, how its games are better on the engine, or if they’d be better suited to another engine, and so on.

        You can do better, trust me. Here are some ideas for another article(s):
        id Tech 1 – 4(write about its evolution?), maybe write about the Euphoria Physics Engine, or the Hydroengine(advanced water physics), or something.

        There are a lot more engines out there for you to write about, so give it a go. Anyways, I’ll give you a pass from all future outbreaks of Electric *** dickbaggery.

        Sorry, again.

        • Dante

          Dude, let it go, lol. His goal is bringing us info, he doesn’t have to be a *** Stephen King. You are a good writer, therefore with that huge ego you ain’t going no where.

        • Minimur 12

          im a blogger, so i must not be rude…. but…


  3. pspfanMOHH

    I am lvl 20 in ShawdowGun Deadzone, I shared the idea to sony to make it for the VITA. They haven’t accepted the request to share blog yet.

    • clicks

      Does the action ever get more exciting and less sloppy?

      Also you should share the idea with the game’s developer rather than “we don’t need no stinkin’ Boardelands 2 Vita” Sony.

      They wouldn’t know a good idea if it hit them in the face… Or rather they DO know what’s a good idea, but refuse to implement them on the basis of some warped principle.

      • aerinas

        Borderlands 2 not coming to the Vita is not Sony’s fault, I can’t find the exact tweet anymore, but one of the devs tweeted about it right before the launch. He said they wanted to make a Vita version, but they lacked the manpower to do it, because they wanted to work on the xpacks first. They even asked for another company to try and port it, but no one was up for the job.

        • clicks

          Sony should’ve known how desperate their situation was/is (still no proper price cut in the west?) and I remember the president of gearbox stated that he wanted Sony to handle the Vita release at Rezzed. I don’t think the idea of Sony making a game just to help sell a system is too far out there.

          The game is huge and would be an excellent example of how a Vita can offer a real console experience on the go. heck, maybe it could’ve been the west’s Monster Hunter.

  4. snail

    Very lazy.

    Summary: This is unity, it makes games. Here’s some you might know. Oh btw, any ideas for another article?


    • Electric Penis

      Honestly, he should just quit this whole hobby while he’s ahead of himself. Truly, truly laughable articles, these.

  5. Josh

    @minimur 12
    *** them dude. You’re awesome 🙂

  6. buzzsaw

    I used to like reading these posts but all you’re doing now is listing off random facts. :/

  7. clicks

    I’m uh, wouldn’t quite call those “console” quality unless you’re referring to cheap PSN titles, etc.

    Even Shadowgun (terrible name) the most “console like” of the 3 you showed would get more than a run for it’s money from Doom 3. Not that I’m ragging on the engine, I’m sure you could do a helluva lot more with fewer resources than with most of it’s competition.

  8. GlueGun

    I laugh at haters,
    1. no one post feed backs to your self, like these goat mouths speak off.
    2. how do’s one ask for reading brain like these redstrider9 does.
    3. When it reads doe’s your thought come litterly from the word guts?, did you have
    Some kind of weaponry type brain cell check Before you where sick (flu, dry mouth)
    or even better, can you think of words like dry mouth and post it so you can battle it
    In your brain so you can move it away from the garbage your cell thinks of?!? then process
    ( Secretly ) to move on. because all that sounds like your in bad health xD.

  9. svenn

    And it doesn’t support linux, but does support mac. Therefor I decline every game worthy the name!

    • hgoel0974

      It DOES support linux, do more research, they added linux support to Unity3d 4 (I think 3 only supported Windows and Mac)

  10. DS_Marine

    I also thought the article was a little short at first, but then I asked myself, what would I add to it? And didn’t come out with a good answer.
    It got info, some stats and demo videos for you to look at the engine quality, so it’s ok. Blogging means writting about something, It doesn’t mean the engine will be dissected for you.
    btw, I play a free Unity game (Battlestar Galactica Online). The quality is good, but the developers totally suck (bigpoint). Also it’s too much pay to win.

  11. aerinas

    Unity will never be used for big commercial projects, it simply misses the power. Because Unity is used for so many different platforms there is a lot of overhead, which decreases performance by a great deal.
    As for more engines to do this kind of article about, both Irrlicht and Ogre3D are free and really good engines.

    • hgoel0974

      Unity was designed as an Indie development platform and is VERY versatile, thing is Blender already has the same features its PRO version has (Occlusion Culling, Dynamic Shadows)

      • Jd8531

        Comparing Blender to Unity is like comparing apples to oranges. One is a game engine one isn’t.

        • hgoel0974

          Blender Game Engine 😉 Blender has a built in game engine as well

          • hgoel0974

            You can’t beat me at something I have spent months researching now, I could actually continue this series forever given the number of engines I have tried out (and discarded 😆 )

  12. EJ

    Great little article, I enjoy few of these games.

  13. Bombshell93

    I know a lot of people have said already but this was very lazy, the others had some history on the engines, what made them big and how their still used today.
    but here you just “oh its unity, heres some games” not the slightest review of its history, not a bit of information about the engine.

    how about its unconventional GUI being a key to its favour among developers? so simple and yet so functional.
    or its open graphics pipeline being a brilliant place for graphics programmers to play, so open and easy to jump into you can prototype a shader from a blank project.
    or a mention of its big leap into unity 4 of which the tech demo shows off animations, physics and rendering of a movie in a real-time environment showing its more than the little brother and fully capable of AAA games?
    how about its simplicity to learn and support for multiple scripting languages making it a tool friendly to a diverse team of developers?

    to jump into using unity, you need to know the basics of programming, and spend a few hours playing around. Its that easy.

    I know you must be sick of people saying how bad this article was, and to be clear this isn’t because of your skill in writing, you just didn’t do enough research.

  14. TStrauss

    It is nice to see this blog get more entries. Makes the constant checking for ninja updates bearable! But the other posters are right, you’re kinda phoning it in, and at 18, I think you could do better.

    Please don’t take this to be mean spirited! Writing, rhetoric, and research are skills to be developed; no one is born with them. Here are a few suggestions:

    1) Write your article in Word first. Word offers a wide array of tools to catch basic grammatical and spelling errors (you have some rookie mistakes, like missing a space between words, missing a period, a misspelling, and a lack of capitalization when starting a sentence). These things are jarring, and hurt the overall reading experience.

    2) Write how you speak. Unless you’re Mush Mouth from Fat Albert, you probably speak coherently. It’s when you put things on paper that sentences get unwieldy. This is a very common writing problem.

    3) Make sure you say something! I could learn more about the Unity Engine from its Wikipedia entry than from this article. This means you will have to learn some technical language besides “C++ uses lots of >>!” You chose to write for a video game blog. Specifically, a video game hacking blog. You need to learn the common language of the field, like what a programmable shader is, or how GPU accelerated physics is different from standard CPU computed physics.

    4) Take your time. A well researched article is worth more than 5 thrown together ones. What’s the hurry? Does wololo pay you by the word (if at all)? There is an entire story behind the creation of the Unity Engine that would have made for great reading. You could have mentioned why Unity is so ubiquitous among smaller devs (ease of use and cost of licensing). You could have discussed the advantages of Unity vs. other engines (portability comes to mind). You could have compared feature sets between Unity and other engines (does Unity support hardware tessellation? HDR lighting?). But you didn’t have the time to find any of this out, because you rushed it!

    I hope this is helpful. Don’t be discouraged by the poor reception of this article. Thomas Edison attempted hundreds of filaments before he made the lightbulb. When asked how he handled so much failure, he answered,”I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

  15. Minimur 12

    ill take it onboard, but as i’ve said in previous articles this is just a basic overview. not an article of every spec, feature and everything else.

  16. Saitek

    The first thing I noticed is the word “Unity”. Nice.

  17. Minimur 12

    also, thisll be the last of the tech posts. ill be focusing on news and other stuff from now on.

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