[PS3] Can’t login to the PSN? Here’s how you can still access Netflix


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77 Responses

  1. wartaf says:

    i don’t use netflix but it’s a good news 😀

  2. percival says:

    Is there any way to unban my ps3?

    • wololo says:

      There are tools to unban your PS3 apparently. I haven’t tried any of them, but you can google for it. But don’t try any of the scams that ask you to fill a survey to download the tool. Legit tools will be found on regular ps3 scene sites, and will not ask you for anything in order to download.

  3. Dmaskell92 says:

    Wish there was some way to crack the netflix files so lt will bypass asking for PSN altogether. But such a app would need updated everytime netflix decides to update. I still will try this, anyone else have luck on 3.55 Kmeaw?

  4. OsirisFael says:

    Anyone know of a way to do the same on the Vita in the netflix app, or with NicoNico?

  5. kelso says:

    hey wololo can we do this to the vita to watch Netflix for the ones on 2.02 or lower?

  6. Theredbaron says:

    O heck yes! This kinda thing works on the Vita. I set up a proxy, and black listed anything none netflix that tried to load up when I clicked on it. O heck yes. Thank you Wololo.

    First on Linux, now my vita. I am actually able to watch Netflix more then once in a while. Was thinking about canceling, but now. :)

    • IgnusArmagadan says:

      I should have read through the comments before posting, lol. You answered my question =p Awesome news!!!

  7. No says:

    Just wondering, arent there cheaper, or at least equally priced, products that are just as good or even better for playing movies and music than using a PS3? Just wondering since he only uses his PS3 to play music and movies. What made him choose a PS3 for this?

    • cheat67 says:

      blue ray+dvd, netflix, homebrew apps, and also the option to play games…might be more but these are what i can think of

  8. OsirisFael says:

    Is there a way to do this on the Vita to use Netflix and NicoNico?

    • OsirisFael says:

      Terribly sorry for the double post, which is now a triple post. My original comment didn’t show when I refreshed.

  9. hammer says:

    there are tools to unban your consol but if you use them you will get your account banned.
    and as a side note, once your account has been banned it is impossible to get sony to unban it. I had hundreds of dollars in games, services and cash in my wallet and bought a new ps3 and still sony told me tough luck when I begged to get my account unbanned

    • Mr. MaGoo says:

      That happened to me also but I wasn’t even banned. I had my ps3 crash and it took my account with it. I had to create a new account at that point.

  10. Mr. MaGoo says:

    What I need to figure out is how to run remote play through my 4.30CFW PS3. I enjoy playing my ps3 games on my vita while my wife is on the tv. I woukd like to be able to play them from the wifi at work. I haven’t tried this due to the bann issue. I just haven’t spent enough time trying to downgrade back to 3.55 in order to use the unban tools. Perhaps if I figure this out, ill make a post on /talk if there isnt one yet.

    • JeoWay says:

      If your currently on a CFW, unpack your PS3 Game PKGS.
      (Example: GTA 4) then unpack a PS1 Classic pkg on ps3.
      (Example: Spyro)
      Swap the param from ps1 and use it in your gta pkg.
      Now pack and encrypt the pkg, install on ps3, now use remote play. if your banned on ps3 and can’t access remote play, try using charles to block some checks. it may let you in. on the other hand, i don’t know how to bypass ps3 bans anymore. ive been a good boy lately after i got an email regarding cusotm firmware and a ban if not reinstalled ofw.

  11. j says:

    What a ***, why buy a PS3 to stream videos. Get a cheap PC and you don’t have to hack anything and get a lot more functionality.

  12. StepS says:

    “Repeatedly cancelling login phase”? Not surprised given how exactly the same way is used to get into CMA in case Vita tries to show its update prompt on you.

  13. Asmith906 says:

    does it ban your console or just your account. If it’s your account couldn’t he just make a new one

  14. GuitaristMatt says:

    I remember an older article about Sony scare tactics that Wololo wrote. His friend didn’t want to lend him a PS3 for experiments because he was afraid of getting banned. Well you can see why. I’m thinking this is a different friend right?

  15. Chezni says:

    They’ll ban your account and console simultaneously.

    It is EXTREMELY important that you only login to PSN with a legitimate firmware for now.

    This is especially important nowadays because of the online registration.

  16. joyeop says:

    muito bom

  17. b0redkid says:

    Having a PS console with Cfw/Ecfw is worth the trade off for going on Psn imo. If you want to be jb
    then don’t go online simple as that. the only ppl who want to go online on ps3 are cheaters anyway. Buy a second console if you want to enjoy online gaming.

  18. IgnusArmagadan says:

    Is there a way to do this for the Vita?

  19. IgnusArmagadan says:

    Lol, perfect response xD

  20. maises says:


    for Amazon Instant Video on ps3

    open NPUP10021/USRDIR/lithium.conf in a text editor,

    change this:

    # PSN login is a TRC requirement however it can be disabled by setting the following flag to false

    to false, done.
    amazon instant video works without psn login.


  21. 2die4 says:

    Your friend must have cheated or trophy boosted as I use two cafe ps3 online n have yet to b banned I use them every day

  22. walteriogs says:

    im confused, in my router i can´t block specific conections, its there an easier way to block these conections?

  23. Jimmy Darmady says:

    This method worked perfectly for me ! blocked all these servers on my router and voila I am on netflix running rogero cfw 1.02.

    THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS U .. this made such a differnce in my family’s life.

  24. kirchner00 says:

    Hi Guys, After i tried to get access into netflix on my banned ps3 I could following this method. I know is not the best but it works and it is pretty easy to implement it.

    1) Block port 443 on your Ineternet router.
    2) run netflix app on PS3, it will ask you to log in into PSN, you should press X.
    3) After a little while you will be warned about its could not reach the PSN. And request you press x for further action, press X.
    4) In the mean while you should enable back the port 443, so you could access to Netflix to get connected.
    5) Enjoy Netflix.

  25. jaska jokunen says:

    Those are usa or europe sites?i live in europe and that not working? do something wrong or what? Sorry my bad english.

  26. jaska jokunen says:

    Anyone knows whats the europe psn addresses?

  27. Linksys says:


    For people using linksysy routers make sure you place your ps3 mac address in the pc list in the restrictions tab

  28. MikeJones says:

    I’m running a Cisco-Linksys WRT600N with DD-WRT v24-sp2 vpn. I set up both a restrictions policy and dnsmasq list to block these addresses. Pinging the addresses rom any machine on my network and I get timeouts so my network is definitely blocking them. However, I still get prompted for a PSN login when trying to load Netflix.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?


    • wololo says:

      What country are you in? There might be an additional address you need to block depending on the country

      • MikeJones says:

        i’m in the US. I also forgot to mention that my PS3 has Netflix version 2.10. I’m not sure if that makes a difference or not.

  29. MikeJones says:

    I’m in the US. I also forgot to mention that my PS3 is running Netflix 2.10. I’m not sure if that makes a difference.

  30. MikeJones says:

    Sorry for the double post. My original reply didn’t show up after a few page refreshes.

  31. Herr says:

    Somehow this does not work for me anymore since yesterday.

    Is anyone having the same problem? After launching Netflix app and signing in to PSN & accepting the error notification, it says it can’t connect to Netflix and points me to netflix.com/help or netflix.com/tvhelp.

    I’ve tried:
    1. reinstalling Netflix app
    2. deleting Netflix gamedata
    3. deleting BD folder
    4. correcting the time and date of PS3
    5. all the above in different order

    I hope someone knows a way to fix this..?

  32. gooby nugget says:

    my ps3 usually streamed Netflix perfectly fine but now it says I need a play station network log in and I do not understand why or how I can avoid making one

  33. Ben Wilkins says:

    ISnt working for me, do you need a specific version of the netflix app? I am on rogero 4.46 using netflix v2.13, is there something additional I need to do?

  34. morgan says:

    yea it seems as of a few days ago netflix now blocks this type of method, the furthest you can get most of the time is 25% loading of a movie or tv show. once you reinstall netflix (because you thought something was wrong) you cant even get to the page where it loads up all the movies. you get a prompt for an error connecting to their server definatly need a new workaround. im sure there server is up, it seems like theres another check now to see if your connected to the sony server.

  35. noguest says:

    Morgan is correct. I just want to confirm and broadcast all that streaming in Netflix in PS3 without sign-into PSN no longer work.
    I think it worked until about Septermber 07. After that I think change was made from the Netflix side (obviously Sony begs Netflix to do so), to check the PSN login and if not disable connecting Neflix servers form the APP. Change should not have come from the Sony side since they did not get a chance to update the app or update FW in PS3.
    Exact error you get is NW-4-8. Now even when the PSN is down you will force to stay away from watching the paid Neftlix service form PS3

    Please update here if folks can still stream Neflix without singing into PSN. IF not it is time to finding way to path the Netflix app itself to not check for PSN.

  36. 57413k says:

    YUP, method no longer works, error nw-4-8 is given.


  37. Leandro says:

    I found a fix, but you cant be banned.

    I unblocked those addresses from the router, and netflix and let netflix load, blocked them again, restarted ps3 and now it is working.

    I hope those 5 minutes in psn, dont get me banned .

  38. MonSenior says:

    Any updates for those of us who are already banned, but want netflix?

  39. Leandro, your method didn’t worked for me :-/ Still cannot access to netflix on banned ps3.

    any updates folks?

  40. Coolaan says:

    Guys. This method started working again!!! 3 cheers! It had stopped working for me around aug 24, 2013 and just as a last try I tried this again and gues what?!!!!!! It worked ! I’m sooooo happy! Ps3 is still the best media player for netflix that there is!

  41. ElCapitan says:

    Worked for me, also found a workaround for Amazon on psx-scene site, but it does not work for me, you might want to give it a try:

    dev_hdd0/game/NPUP10021/USRDIR/lithium.conf in a text editor,

    Change this

    # PSN login is a TRC requirement however it can be disabled by setting the following flag to false

  42. dollardollarbillyall says:

    I JUST today have encountered an extremely annoying problem: Netflix is refusing to let me sign in without setting up a psn account. Here is the funny part: I never really have got into online gaming, and for the first year and a half I just used my ps3 to play solo games. I later got Netflix, and because I didn’t have a psn account I could skip it for quite a while, eventually it required me to so I did.

    Here’s the tricky part: Knowing that many online sources aren’t secure, and PS3 has already been marred before and granted illicit access to people’s credit card information, I decided to simply limit my exposure to any financial loss. I did it by simply legally buying a gift card and using safe credentials (read: one use, no loss) credentials. I used this information to set up a Netflix account, wrote all of the information down on a flashcard as well as the date at which all money on the card would be used up and it would be time to legally buy another card and put the same hibbedy hooplah information on it.

    There was ONE MAJOR problem though: about 6 months in, Visa secretly changed up there payment system to disallow renewable payments to be made from the gift card that I was using. At that point I still had another 7 months left on my card, so it took about 2 hours calling back and forth between Netflix and Visa’s helplines (getting shunted back and forth between them) before I found out without a doubt that the error was completely coming from the Visa side, which was a serious annoyance. So, I was basically then forced to link my netflix account to a minor bank account (which I seriously do not like doing, so much so that I have a free checking account that has the sole purpose of being used for transactions online and in stores and gas stations because I never keep more than a couple hundred dollars in it, so my exposure isn’t that great, but is still considerably more than a limited gift card with a random name that has been ziplocked away in a secure location with the only connecting information wrote down on a flash card in that same location—paranoid? Maybe, but anyone who isn’t in this day and age is just another sheep being led to slaughter).

    So, to the present: I just tried to sign into Netflix on my PS3 and it is trying to force me to update the PSN, and I tried to get through simply without signing in and it isn’t letting me, and I’m mad enough to punch a Vaio. Why should I be forced to do these updates, where I randomly see advertisements for games (never used to have them on my ps3) or randomly installed stuff like Amazon (me and Amazon have beef)? Not only that, but I hate even updating Netflix, they did that lame “overhaul” a couple months back that basically made everything useless, I could care less about an interface with pictures of the highlighted shows and only displaying two rows (anyone else remember how useful the plain old interface with its 5 rows and plain writing were?) Now those lames update the boxcovers of shows every time they put out an update, which just makes it harder to find shows, but still have not done ANYTHING to improve the search function, probably because they want to distract people from how much content they are hemorrhaging . I’m pretty sure a lot of people think that but haven’t been saying it.

    Long story short, I have bought every game I’ve ever used, and I’ve got a decent sized collection although I haven’t gamed in quite a while. But I’m so SICK of being forced to update, heck I don’t even want anything to do with the PSN, that it seems like these days the only reasonable approach is to hack it or jail break it or whatever. I’ve decided to just buy another PS3 and vivisect that mug, I guess this here is one of the first stops for learning how to do that, but is there any way I could simply remove/block pieces of the PS3’s software and all its security features? I don’t even care about voiding a warranty, I’m through with all this useless goop.
    Rant over.

  43. Martell says:

    Hi, I got banned because a kid named Curt got me banned for him glitching spamming noobing hacking host booting & free winning & all that unnecessary BS, I’m martellecw, I’m wondering if my PSN account has been un banned yet because I got falsely banned for something I never did.

  44. gta hacks says:

    I am actually thankful to the holder of this site
    who has shared this enormous article at at this time.

  45. khalid says:

    The cancelation method does work ..you must first go to netflix , let the login to ps window appear then press O till it tells you to exit , after that exit the netflix app and open netflix , as soon as it loads press X till a show starts , them the psn windown will appear again, just press O

  46. CharlesMops says:

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