PS Vita hack: How Ninja releases work


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149 Responses

  1. henriqueBRAZIL says:


  2. henriqueBRAZIL says:

    Wololo and thank this company for always rejoicing with news on the scene PSVita! I’m here in BRAZIL watching you every day! you do not come out of my favorites!

  3. decius says:

    Thanks for the clarification Wololo.

    • decius says:

      2.80 libtiff exploit on psp1001, gta lcs exploit. Lumines exploit (ta082v3)
      psp 2K, chickHEN ta 088v3 (cursed again lol) , Patapon demo exploit. TN-permenant patch, tn-c (:

      ps3 chech2501a slim, geohot jb, waninkokov1 (i got lucky), kmeaw 3.55, played b ops with game on HDD higher KD lol, updated for b ops (biggest mistake) 110$ now to flash with e3 device.

      Buy 2nd hand ps vita 1.69fw, can’t hack it,update to 2.06 for b ops declass only to find out I probably won’t get the exploit in time lawlll because not trusted. ah well.

  4. henriqueBRAZIL says:

    thought the last release would be the same UNO … every day I think about the relative breakdown of PSVita very well and I think the opportunity to learn the very functioning of the hardware PSVita doors jtags found by a japonés if I’m not mistaken .. . RIFF box and have a think about studying the operation of hardware promising!

  5. rodrix says:

    Thanks are incredible are the heads of the PSVita :)

  6. xiaweiyi says:

    wondering how soon this time will sony take action,thanks for your amazing works!

  7. Dmaskell92 says:

    I love this blog, how can I tell if I’m trusted? I know I have no warnings, can’t wait to see the name show up in /talk.

  8. jandriu_knros says:

    I’m already registered!
    haver if we are lucky and get the message!
    but to wait for the public posting!

  9. je-al says:

    wololo do we have any chances to know tyw exploit even were not member of talk.?

  10. Raphale says:

    Espero por fin poder usar el VHBL, yo compre el PS vita hace poco y realmente quisiera probar el Exploit Seria un gran avance si pudiera comentar aproximadamente cuanto cuesta el juego ya que requiero ir a comprar la PSN Card hoy o mañana para estar preparado para la accion. 😀

    • MonoRaizor says:

      Anda por la de 50, así estarás seguro de que si o si podrás comprar el juego, ademas, lo que te sobre lo podrás usar igual para comprar otro juego, recuerda que este xploit es solo para correr homebrew y no juegos de psv ni de psp…

      buy a 50 psn card, so, you are sure to buy the game, and so you can buy a different game too, remember this won´t run psv or psp games, it is only for run homebrew

  11. icedoc says:

    putting a comment does that make me a member cuz i dont kno *** im doin just wanna play pokemon on my vita?

  12. Raphale says:

    Wololo I like the programming is my area of ​​study now,i want would gradually delve into the world of PSP and PS Vita is possible that you could tell me where I can find information for getting started?
    Congratulations for your work are great programmers.

  13. icedoc says:

    seriously this would be my first time and i really wanna get it before it gets taken off the ps store plz send me it

  14. Hell_knight says:

    Oh had no idea wololo had a forum ! Just registered :) thanks for the info wololo ! I was pretty confused about ninja releases ^-^ now all is well !

  15. Saitek says:

    This sounds great! All hush..hush. Because Sony is a “vulture”, with this kinda thing.

  16. chuckyjugg says:

    I’m hoping for classic gaming on the PSV lol X)

  17. UraniumDude says:

    If you don’t mind me asking will the second analog work for quake i/e not remapping the psp keys as mean dual analog and the other buttons are usable not remapped to be on the second analog. Not really sure how to explain.

  18. Minimur 12. says:

    can’t wait:) cheers tomtom. ill name my sat nav after you…… oh wait.

  19. manzana18 says:

    espero ahora si poder realizar este exploid….
    y pues estar al tanto del lanzamiento para poder adquirir el juego que se necesita :3 y pues comprar una psn card jajajaja ya ke me kede sin fondos lol

  20. HydroFlow says:

    So hope I’m not working when it goes down. I missed the UNO one cuz I didn’t have a vita at the time. Now I’m locked and loaded ready to go. Keep up the work TomTom

  21. plzhelp says:

    is 2.06 incappAbale of getting ecfw?

  22. HydroFlow says:

    I was just on a social media website. And they have you link ur profile there to say ur profile on Facebook to let other users kno ur not fake. Just had a thought maybe you could implement this somehow in ur forums for registered users. It would maybe hopefully prevent ninja releases falling into sony spies hands.

  23. Skyrim says:

    if i dont get it will sell my psvita

  24. GM says:

    The Games is flOw

  25. Skyrim says:

    are it on psn? its true?

  26. woopywoop says:

    I really want to get vhbl on my vita, but the whole process and how to do it confuses me so much.

  27. McAfeeUser says:

    Could you wololo do something to your talk-forums? According to Google Chrome’s McAfee SiteAdvisor the page I am about to move is dangerous. The message says that when they visited it, they noted it’s behaving dangerously (talk forum members must be a threat!). So might be something that should be looked into (might mean xss or other vulnerabilities on your page).

    • wololo says:

      Does it happen for all pages on the forums, or only specific pages? We’ve had issues in the past where people got their avatars from warez/insecure websites, so I need more info in order to know where the issue is. I do not have any issue accessing the forum with Chrome

    • wololo says:

      You might want to check your software is up to date, McAffee SiteAdvisor reports my site is green:

      • McAfeeUser says:

        The SiteAdvisor plugin is the newest possible. Your main site is ok. The warning can be get this way: If you go to here Board index > PSP > Homebrews > PSP Genesis Competition 2011 > Submissions and click “End of Submissions now”-link (everything up to here was ok). Or if in the main page, you click some of the /TALK-section topic’s link.

  28. cronofear says:

    I hope i’ll get it. I’ll have no cash till monday, don’t hurry xD.

  29. Max says:

    I did not understand the game already announced? I am from Ukraine i didn’t register on wololo

  30. cosimo98 says:

    hello, what is the nam of the game for the exploit

  31. bill says:

    I am a total noob, not Total_Noob. I dont really understand what these exploits do. Does it mean that you can play PSP games and run emulators on a PS Vita. I heard that we still have to buy the actual PS Vita games. If so then I still have my PSP with CFW and whats the point of Exploits for my PS Vita. Sorry if I make no sense.

    • wololo says:

      VHBL gives you less than a PSP on a CFW. If you have a PSP with a CFW, in general VHBL or even the eCFW are not useful to you.

  32. cosimo98 says:

    wololo when will be relased the name of this game for the exploit

  33. gr4 says:

    JP psn have this game ? I hope so because i’m really enjoying play pso2, i don’t wanna trade acc now.

  34. mhonmhonzkie says:

    how about the new member of this forum is there any chance they will get this vhbl.

  35. jtairol says:

    hello wololo..ive been following this site for months now..but until now i did not received activation mail to my email account. i tried it again today..but still not..hope u could include me then..thanks..

  36. jtairol says:

    been always awake since yesterday..waiting for the star to fall…my birthday tomorrow…wololo please be santa to me…my talk account still not activated yet…help pls…

  37. jac says:

    thx for the info, patient;y waiting for the drop! cheers guys you are all very helpful! Missed all the others, not missing this one.

  38. Jordan says:

    This is pretty good information typically i’m pretty cloudy on these things and end up missing them. This time I hope to pay a little more attention and be sure to catch it.

  39. Dockotis says:

    I am still on UNO, with TN-V, and it is F***ING Awesome!…

    Thinking about this release, I have no plans on updating unless something worthy comes along, so for now, this release means very little to me…

    Also, for those consistently asking for the time frame of release, just stop…
    Continue coming to this blog if you don’t have a /talk forum account, and do what everyone else has to do as well…
    It’s called wait…

    Patience, young padawans… You will soon know the force… By knowing the force, you may then use the force… May the force be strong with you…

    Not trying to disrespect anyone, just saying patience is a virtue… Relax, and when it gets announced, just be ready!

  40. Diogo Brasil RJ says:

    ola wololo parabéns pelo site eu sou do rio de janeiro brasil
    sou um fan nato de hackers adoro esse trabalho ja fiz muito esses desbloqueios no psp vi seu post semana passada do desbloqueio do vita em 2.02 perdi essa materia na hora mas essa não vou perder (pelo menos eu espero) gostaria de concorrer a saber primeiro junto com outro vip eu uso programa para traduzir a sua linguagem por favor me avise por Email bem antes ou uma dica de alguma forma para eu poder comprá lo na PSN mas mesmo que nao me escolha agradeço pela ajuda a desbloquear o ps vita, thankyou.

  41. joye says:

    estou no Brasil tambem

  42. Vip informática says:


  43. jhonnyflake says:

    I really want this game to play explored MH3RD
    $ 10 and that will be enough? I only have it on psn, I hope it is enough .. in Brazil and very expensive to put money on psn

  44. Gui says:

    Brazil é tenso! jogos e o consolo é quase o dobro.

    I just want to know… Is that game on psn US?

  45. danilo tito says:

    fala galera do Brasiiillll!!!
    sou muito fãn de video games portateis, tive game boy lite, game boy color, game boy advance, ds lite. mas quando lançou o psp eu pirei legal, já tive 1 psp cinza e 1 branco, hoje tenho um vermelho modelo god of war e dois black piano, mas o melhor de todos que tenho é um ps vita 2.02 com exploid uno rodando jogos de psp.
    cara os jogos de psp aindão são muito bons, to jogando muito, só fico muito preocupado pois o vita tá com poucos jogos a serem lançados esse ano quase sem novidades para esse ano :(
    espeo grandes mudanças pra e 3 desse ano.
    to esperando um noco exploide para a versão atual 2.06, to ligadão no site… agradeço muitoooo ao wololo obrigadoooo.

  46. Gui says:

    fiz o update 2.06 agora ta rodando nem snes =s

  47. paco says:

    desde enero los leo

  48. cdogg says:

    My send the name of the game to thank you in advance.

  49. Raphale says:

    just bought a psn card, I’m ready for VHBL

  50. asian boy says:

    I guess its NOT available on us AGAIN!!!

  51. darkstar says:

    This is a very big challenge。

  52. Diaspar says:

    My send the name of the game to coley, thank you in advance.

  53. jesus says:

    My send the name of the game to coley thank you in advance

  54. Mufferah says:

    send the name of the game to coley thank you in advance

  55. jesus says:

    My send the name of the game to coley thank you in advance.

  56. Mufferah says:

    hi i have been waiting for quite awhile please send the name of the game thank you

  57. vitik79 says:

    send the name please thank you

  58. kevin says:

    Yo send me the when u can thanx.

  59. Raphale says:

    Wololo you are big, not everyone has the patience

  60. mhonmhonzkie says:

    T_T hoping to have the message today T_T im really want to try this vhbl T_T.

  61. mhonmhonzkie says:

    still hoping to have this vhbl update very soon.. T_T

  62. Fugo says:

    Its funny how every ninja release gets an article on how ninja releases work. Yet every ninja release has problems.

  63. WendsK says:

    My send the name of the game to coley thank you

  64. cosimo98 says:

    My send the name of the game to coley thank you

  65. ernromer says:

    I like it!!! My mail is THANKSSSSS

  66. rodrigo says:

    would you send to my email grateful now

  67. MorteMafia says:

    Im a member of the community and would love the insider knowledge of the game exploit. Please email me at

    Thanks King Wololo

  68. Diaspar says:

    Wololo – Grand master! ))

  69. henkel6 says:

    My send the name of the game to coley thank you in advance

  70. hihi says:

    would you send to my email


  71. deividuskis112 says:

    anyone know when the game is going to be realesed?

  72. Bandi says:

    My send the name of the game to coley thank you

  73. Ramiro says:

    I been watching over this forum for quite a while, ever since I first got my vita I wanted the hack. Guess I will just wait and not post my e-mail, since I know how to read after all. Thank you Wolo for keeping us informed about the hack. :)

  74. desenho says:

    nome do jogo u recebi galera é mid niht club remix urrulllll

  75. manzana18 says:

    send me please :3
    me pueden mandar el exploid jejejeje

  76. Raphale says:

    Even without the name of the game = ( I want to play Zelda and Pokemon: D

  77. warllison says:

    hello my Friends, please send email

  78. warllison says:

    Salve galerinha brasileira, eu como muitos aqui esta aguardando um exploit definitivo pro vita, realmente com a nossa realidade é impossível desfrutar dos games, igual fazíamos na época do Snes, Megadrive, nintendinho e etc…onde os games eram menos de 15 usd. Realmente comprar um jogo na psn onde custa 39.99 dólares num pais onde o salario minimo não passa de 350 dólares é muito complicado. Aos amigos estrangeiros, fiquem ciente de nossa realidade rsrs

  79. Xardies says:

    Exelent idea on how to include everyone slowly. I cant wait to get homebrews, as im sure most people cant, continue on wololo, you are an insperation to hackers and homebrewer alike

  80. Xardies says:

    Oh just fyi to all the people who cant read. If u put ur email you are probally going to be the last of this “community” to br informed. Cheers

  81. Brandon Printiss says:

    hello Wololo, just want to start by saying what you do is amazing. I just got my Vita not long ago, I have a PSP Go with several PSP games and some homebrew on it, I was hopeful for a way to transfer my games over to my Vita without having to utilize wifi or the PSN because currently where I am at, my peak download speed is 8.6kps….. I just created an account on your blog, it’s Cain532, I know I probably am not deserving of being one of the first to hear the release, but I would hope you consider me to not be the last. Take care!!

  82. Regis says:

    Heyyy.. Please… Send to me !!!

  83. Foster Brazil says:

    my e-mail is .. please send to me !!!

  84. BeastyX says:

    PSN Account Locked And Loaded. Remember Patients Is A Virtue .

  85. papaguno says:

    My send the name of the game to coley
    . thank you in advance

  86. Diaspar says:

    Already the third day did not get out to the site and the forum, and information all there :(

  87. Raphale says:

    I keep waiting for signs of life U_U
    My PSN Card awaits to be spend on.

  88. mhonmhonzkie says:

    we are more than 30 thousand members here. so just wait 1 leaks and were all done… just understand and wait.

  89. waterdropss says:

    *** I want in on this I’ve been waiting for this exploit ages a way to get my psp games without buying them again ! mail me the name !

  90. wswgh2013 says:

    would you send to my email

  91. Forsyth says:

    pls send me the exploit a few hours b4 the P.A. newbie here.

  92. Marcotizer says:

    this is what you guys need to do. “bluff” sony, and see if they’ll take out a butt load of games. don’t say specifics, but just say a bunch of game that would actually have the exploit or not. in doing so, you’re doing a boy who cried wolf. also, you can cripple sony since they’ll end up taking out games that are not needed to be taken out.

  93. mkc88r says:

    please,dit moi le nom du jeu,des que possible,des mois que j’attents!!please,thanks!!!!!

  94. gintoki says:

    i wish there would be an exploit for dissidia duodecim or tekken or god eater burst. unfortunately these are the only psp games i have.

    • Raphale says:

      And I would like to know the name of the game to use my vita VHBL nomas is filling powder jeje =D.
      Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet.
      Sad but true

  95. Ryan says:

    I can’t wait I updated to 2.05 when I bought my vita and it’s been collecting dust just waiting for an exploit. My thanks out to all the people working on these

  96. Je-Al says:

    when will you release it?

  97. Je-Al says:

    did you release it already…using the ninja release something like that i hope that i know what is the exploit games…srry for bad english

  98. BeastyX says:

    Now Thats How You Pull Off A Ninja Release ^___^

  99. haze7 says:

    i donated to play…p network. am i priviledged?

  100. g-dog says:

    Why not
    Step 1 : Find a game that is expensive
    (people won’t buy)
    Then shout out loud !WE FOUND A HACK!
    Step 2 : Sony pulls that game out out.
    Step 3 : We say “Sorry , wrong title. The actual hackable game was x .” Then say the same about the game x ( which is ugly and unhackable ) : !HACKABLE!… And so on.
    Well , I think Sony will remove the unhackable games and leave the hackable games on PSN , which translates in more fun 4 all of us. Trolling SONY… Poor people…
    UNLESS… They patch the game and release it again…
    Then they WILL troll us… That’s 4 SURE !

  101. wololo says:

    Good for you.
    If you have trouble registering on the forums, please either email me or try with a different browser. It seems Chrome users are having trouble registering

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