PS Vita hack: How Ninja releases work


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  1. manzana18 says:

    send me please :3
    me pueden mandar el exploid jejejeje

  2. Raphale says:

    Even without the name of the game = ( I want to play Zelda and Pokemon: D

  3. warllison says:

    hello my Friends, please send email

  4. warllison says:

    Salve galerinha brasileira, eu como muitos aqui esta aguardando um exploit definitivo pro vita, realmente com a nossa realidade é impossível desfrutar dos games, igual fazíamos na época do Snes, Megadrive, nintendinho e etc…onde os games eram menos de 15 usd. Realmente comprar um jogo na psn onde custa 39.99 dólares num pais onde o salario minimo não passa de 350 dólares é muito complicado. Aos amigos estrangeiros, fiquem ciente de nossa realidade rsrs

  5. Xardies says:

    Exelent idea on how to include everyone slowly. I cant wait to get homebrews, as im sure most people cant, continue on wololo, you are an insperation to hackers and homebrewer alike

  6. Xardies says:

    Oh just fyi to all the people who cant read. If u put ur email you are probally going to be the last of this “community” to br informed. Cheers

  7. Brandon Printiss says:

    hello Wololo, just want to start by saying what you do is amazing. I just got my Vita not long ago, I have a PSP Go with several PSP games and some homebrew on it, I was hopeful for a way to transfer my games over to my Vita without having to utilize wifi or the PSN because currently where I am at, my peak download speed is 8.6kps….. I just created an account on your blog, it’s Cain532, I know I probably am not deserving of being one of the first to hear the release, but I would hope you consider me to not be the last. Take care!!

  8. Regis says:

    Heyyy.. Please… Send to me !!!

  9. Foster Brazil says:

    my e-mail is .. please send to me !!!

  10. BeastyX says:

    PSN Account Locked And Loaded. Remember Patients Is A Virtue .

  11. papaguno says:

    My send the name of the game to coley
    . thank you in advance

  12. Diaspar says:

    Already the third day did not get out to the site and the forum, and information all there 🙁

  13. Raphale says:

    I keep waiting for signs of life U_U
    My PSN Card awaits to be spend on.

  14. mhonmhonzkie says:

    we are more than 30 thousand members here. so just wait 1 leaks and were all done… just understand and wait.

  15. waterdropss says:

    *** I want in on this I’ve been waiting for this exploit ages a way to get my psp games without buying them again ! mail me the name !

  16. wswgh2013 says:

    would you send to my email

  17. Forsyth says:

    pls send me the exploit a few hours b4 the P.A. newbie here.

  18. Marcotizer says:

    this is what you guys need to do. “bluff” sony, and see if they’ll take out a butt load of games. don’t say specifics, but just say a bunch of game that would actually have the exploit or not. in doing so, you’re doing a boy who cried wolf. also, you can cripple sony since they’ll end up taking out games that are not needed to be taken out.

  19. mkc88r says:

    please,dit moi le nom du jeu,des que possible,des mois que j’attents!!please,thanks!!!!!

  20. gintoki says:

    i wish there would be an exploit for dissidia duodecim or tekken or god eater burst. unfortunately these are the only psp games i have.

    • Raphale says:

      And I would like to know the name of the game to use my vita VHBL nomas is filling powder jeje =D.
      Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet.
      Sad but true

  21. Ryan says:

    I can’t wait I updated to 2.05 when I bought my vita and it’s been collecting dust just waiting for an exploit. My thanks out to all the people working on these

  22. Je-Al says:

    when will you release it?

  23. Je-Al says:

    did you release it already…using the ninja release something like that i hope that i know what is the exploit games…srry for bad english

  24. BeastyX says:

    Now Thats How You Pull Off A Ninja Release ^___^

  25. haze7 says:

    i donated to play…p network. am i priviledged?

  26. g-dog says:

    Why not
    Step 1 : Find a game that is expensive
    (people won’t buy)
    Then shout out loud !WE FOUND A HACK!
    Step 2 : Sony pulls that game out out.
    Step 3 : We say “Sorry , wrong title. The actual hackable game was x .” Then say the same about the game x ( which is ugly and unhackable ) : !HACKABLE!… And so on.
    Well , I think Sony will remove the unhackable games and leave the hackable games on PSN , which translates in more fun 4 all of us. Trolling SONY… Poor people…
    UNLESS… They patch the game and release it again…
    Then they WILL troll us… That’s 4 SURE !

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