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New PS4 section on the forums


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11 Responses

  1. natsu says:


    i just have to find a good second hand ps3 with cfw of course and then buy a ps4 and legit ps4 games.. XD

  2. Minimur 12 says:

    Nice, I’m getting a ps4 but I’ll order online.

  3. wartaf says:

    well, it’s advance 😀

  4. Evo_ExiLe says:

    YAY! As soon as the PS4 comes out i’m going to get it straight away

  5. NNNRT says:

    Finally a PS4 section! 😀

  6. Mr. MaGoo says:

    I already preordered mine 😉

  7. yohoho says:


  8. Rusty_train says:

    i want to go pre order one but im waiting for sony official price announcement as i dont want to pay the *** price that EB games/JB HIFI Australia Have it listed at then later have to sort out refund

  9. osumaniac says:

    Ill get ps3 instead 😀

  10. EJ says:

    I’m very curious of what Xbox has planned next, but I will most likely go with the PS4 since I had a PS3 a lot longer than a Xbox 360.

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