PS Vita hack: TomTomDu80 confirms his VHBL port will be released


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148 Responses

  1. Jenovas Legacy says:

    Thank you, I’m really happy now!lol

  2. Yan Lucas Brasil says:

    I excited

  3. somebody says:

    Dear readers,

    I have the following question:
    Will my installed homebrew on the PSV be lost if I upgrade it to OFW 2.06 and from there use tomtom’s exploit for VHBL?

  4. RJGO says:

    Is the game available in all regions? or is it like the last time where UNO was not available in Asia :/.

  5. Lennyvita says:

    I look forward to this release. I cannot wait to use my Vita for homebrew. Games like Wagic, emulators and other fun. The Vita is such a great system full of potential. I thank the people of the wololo forum, tomtomdu80 and all the other developers who work hard to bring us such releases. I patiently wait and thank you for bringing new life to my vita. Awesome news!!!

  6. capcomlegend says:

    thank you wololo and tomtom

  7. Acekun says:

    I have a question, i am new to all of this homebrew or vita hack and i heard there are many types…exploit,ark or something like that..
    I am on 2.05 at the moment….i want to know if this thing you talk about, VHBL, you state it cannot play psp iso, so i can only run emulators unless i use the ecfw then i can play psp games?
    So with this vhbl i cannot play any psp games? Sorry if i sound obvious..

    • wololo says:

      VHBL can run PSP homebrews. This includes emulators, and indie games such as Wagic, CSPSP, Cave Story, etc…
      VHBL however will not let you play PSP “backups”, but of course your vita will still be able to play the psp games you purchased from the psn.

  8. somebody(again) says:

    @ Wololo,

    Could you please answer my question to?
    : I have the following question:
    Will my installed homebrew on the PSV be lost if I upgrade it to OFW 2.06 and from there use tomtom’s exploit to use VHBL again?
    Will it be gone, or ..?

    Please reply,

    And thankyou for your hard work.

  9. Hydrus says:

    Question: Can I download the game on the japanese PSN and still use the exploit?

    • brunoso says:

      In the case of the uno exploit, i can remember that you can download it from any psn because the savegame will be ported yo any language – japanese includes. Just take a cofee and sit down for a while. Lula

  10. walerio says:

    How I can know this game?

  11. isnizal says:

    me dun have any money to buy game in psn…lol

  12. FullRetard says:

    How will members get to know this exploit? I really want to know what game it is. 😀

  13. Je-Al says:

    i thought i am very lucky..but when i heard that the game need to buy..HHHHMMMPPP need to wait another exploit that..when the game is free to DL in psn store..i hope you try to exploit the game….patapon,piyotama,patchwork…did you already try wololo..?

    • DS_Marine says:

      You *are* very lucky, you will be given the choice to access a ps vita exploit.
      PPl that owns a $250-300 device and cannot afford 5-10? Those deserve to wait forever. No excuses.

      • Je-Al says:

        wow wow wow..i get excited but i cant understand them all sorry im not good in english you mean..i dont need to purchase the exploit game?bro?

  14. decius says:

    Im so glad you have to BUY it. It “pays” to have a job (unless youre not 15, I understand). Thanks! TomTomadu80.

  15. MaxPower says:

    Will eCFW get ported to this exploit in the near future?

  16. gunblade says:

    nice think i got under two dallers on my psn…

  17. Sl1tf1re says:

    Tomtomdu80 était ou est sur !

  18. herriemaker says:

    haha who needs a vhbl exploit when you have a kernel exploit yourself my exploit is still working but i found some one who has the exact same exploit

  19. UraniumDude says:

    Will there be a Hong Kong version?

  20. CDogg76 says:

    The Service is undergoing maintenance. It’s true! I
    cannot browse store anymore on my system!

  21. Fatih says:

    Hey, i really wanna run this expoit, but can someone please just tell me how much money I need on my psnaccount to buy it, is 10€ enough, or do I need more?

    I ve already missed a few exploits, and just don’t wanna miss these……

    • WendsK says:

      yo estoy igual
      pero siempre tienes que tener un unos $20 en tu monedero de PSN, esperemos que no pierdas este exploit, ademas los juegos de psp no revasan los $40

    • decius says:

      The people registered to Wololo’s site will know first, then the rest of us – the public. Will find out later. Just wait for it.

  22. lennan joel says:

    how do i subscribe so i get a early notification, so i know what game to download :) need toknow i missed all other exploits please help!!!!! :)

  23. lumenia says:

    i will pass on this, i only have one vita and it must on latest FW to play online right ? #PSO2 :)

  24. Dragonxtamer596 says:

    I’ll buy a vita when a vita native hack comes out. I still wish I had one right now though.

  25. Raphale says:

    es posible que pudieran dar el precio aproximado del juego para comprar la tarjeta de monedero y estar preparado para el Lanzamiento del VHBL
    could conceivably give the approximate price of the game to buy the card wallet and be prepared for the launch of VHBL

    sorry for my bad English

  26. Chevalier2767 says:

    es posible que pudieran dar el precio aproximado del juego para comprar la tarjeta de monedero y estar preparado para el Lanzamiento del VHBL
    could conceivably give the approximate price of the game to buy the card wallet and be prepared for the launch of VHBL

    sorry for my bad English

  27. Ryan86me says:

    Hey, I’m just wondering – is it going to be possible to port TN-V over to this?

    • Albo says:

      yes and no
      once we have a psp user exploit we cant port tn-v over

      i think once someone gets ahold of the user exploit for the psp emulator then we r golden on porting tn-v over
      but the major problem is, sony is trying to block every possible psp exploit

      • Ryan86me says:

        Oh, whoops. I was under the impression that this was a kernel exploit rather than a usermode one, in which case there could’ve been a port. My bad.

  28. chuckyjugg says:

    Can’t wait to see what some old Nes or Snes games look like on PSV!!!! X)

  29. airol says:

    i think i have to be awake once in awhile..hate missing the next game again..hope i could get the announcement…great birthday gift then…thank you guys..tomtom…wololo…

  30. Ryan86me says:

    Hey, is it going to be possible to port TN-V to this? Just wondering

  31. Akira says:

    Dude I’m not trying to be rude or anything but why are they still making VHBL when we know now is possible to have CFW like CEF & ARK. Obviously since that has been patch over update & they have to make completely different CFW, then do it. The whole point is CFW is way better than vhbl & I wouldn’t get this VHBL. I’m sure people for now will get this better than nothing but some people will still wait for a new CFW in a few months or even a full ps vita hack in a year if possible.

    • hgoel0974 says:

      There are some things you are missing.

      We would go for eCFW if we could, this is just a user mode exploit (only partial control over the emulator). For eCFW we need a kernel mode exploit (full control over the emulator), kernel exploits are VERY rare.

      About a native Vita hack, security is getting more sophisticated everyday, it isn’t as easy to hack the Vita as it was with the PSP. Also, all hackers are people with a life, they can’t take the risk of legal action from Sony so don’t expect a public native hack soon because it isn’t legally safe to do that. The PSP had already been hacked so Sony can’t sue anyone for a PSP emulator exploit.

  32. hell_knight says:

    I hope the range between 1 to 16 dollars would be enough for the game ! looking forward to playing some cool emulators on the ps vita ! thanks tomtomdu80 !

  33. Gilbert says:

    ohh man can’t wait ^_^, I can feel a near vita native cfw coming in the 3.xx firmwares just like the psp’s with DA super excited for this 😀

  34. Dmaskell92 says:

    I would love to pay for any PSP game for VHBL. I don’t understand why people complain about a little bit of cash. Hacks are becoming more expensive, yea it’s released for free, but right now giving PSN money is the only option. I just wish I could pay the DEVs instead of Sony. On I side note, I wonder how hard it would be to reverse engineer the game cart? That could be our new Pandora for native hack.

  35. Bandi says:

    Thank you Tomtomdu80!!!

  36. Jenova's Legacy says:

    Is it under 10.00$?

  37. Gargamel says:

    With this, people will be able to play psp homebrews and emulators of older consoles (gba and the like).
    Not psp games. Correct?

    Merci :)

  38. internally_blazed says:

    Nice work Tomtomdu80!

    Im trying to find some exploits myself xD

    If you havent tested the UK version of the exploit let me know on the forums by sending me a message. I’ll be happy to buy a new game and try it on my vita.

    Best of luck ninjas!

  39. Matthew says:

    Can someone tell me how to become a member so I can get the exploited game before Sony removes it because I’m not on the computer that often because I’m grounded from both computer and PS Vita so please reply as quickly as possible.

  40. Epicsnail says:

    I really hope i dont miss this one just like the others.

  41. lolence says:

    Hi guys, i’m new on this (srry if my english is bad).

    I just want to know if the exploited game’s name will be announced in this web or in the forum.

  42. jandriu_knros says:

    tomtom thanks!
    I hope to get to see it and not miss it!

    ay time or date? I’m dying of nerves ijijijijij

  43. lennyvita says:

    @matthew you need to sign up on the forum. Up top click on the /talk forum. Sign up with email. According to wololo that is the best place to check. We all are waiting, hang in there. Once this is released i will donate for the hard work the developers do to bring us such greatness.

    • HydroFlow says:

      Same here ill match and double what I pay on psn. heck might triple it lol. So ready for this! Didnt get to crack my ps3 so really hoping to get in on this! Keep up the work TomTomdu80

  44. Lostarot says:

    First Rule is you do not talk about ninja releases.


  45. Jd8531 says:

    +1 for a Fight Club reference

  46. newrcc says:

    first?? Oo
    OMG yepppppppppppppp, my first happy smile in this yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…. i need, i need this, yep yep i want it i want it haaaaaaaaaggggg im gonna to be crazyyyyy, its my turnnnnnnnnnnn hahahahahahh, i love all this tks wololo, tks tomtomdu80, you had save me fromm this curse weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Oo

  47. Msnk8 says:

    and now the most restless and every minute checking and waiting session begins

  48. cainpso says:

    no se regitrarme me pueden mandar loa instrucciones por mensaje privado para el el hack porfa mi correo es

  49. t-marius says:

    as I lost the hack with uno exploit,should you be so kind to give me the name of the new game ? please send it to thank you in advance !

  50. osvaldo says:

    hey i just got a ps vita 1.69 and i downloaded the uno game can i jailbreak it as if it was 2.02?

  51. Cdogg says:

    Would you be so kind and send name of new game to hoping for the best thanks!

  52. ckameron says:

    Would you be so kind and send name of new game to hoping for the best thanks!

  53. mXkin says:

    can you please send the name of new game to
    thanks for what u guys did
    *yeah,my english is bad*

  54. Treegrown says:

    If you guys don’t mind can you also send me the name of the game
    It would be much appreciated

  55. OneCloudGaming says:

    Would you be so kind to send the name of the game to my email:

  56. DJ SpaceBound says:

    I am kind of a noob when it comes to vita hacking, I had the UNO exploit and a few of my psp game backups on the vita but then I updated to 2.5 and now 2.6 only to be able to play COD online :/ When you guys say there is an exploit for 2.6 but only supports Homebrew do you mean we will NEVER be able to use ISO/CSO files with it or is there just not an exploit for that particular purpose yet?

    • It's Simple says:

      Only a kernel exploit can support can support ecfw.

      Only ecfw can run ISO/CSO.

      This is not a kernel exploit.
      It can only support VHBL.
      VHBL can only run homebrew.

      They’ve written front page blogs explaining this all.

      It’s possible, they said, that 2.02 was the last kernel exploit.

      • Dj SpaceBound says:

        Damn well that’s a fail (On my part for updating) but it is what it is, Thanks for the explanation.

        • Jiposphere says:

          Maybe you should consider actually purchasing games as opposed to looking for ways to download and play them illegally.

          Support the developer (and for heavens sake, don’t give me the “I want to play my UMD backups” spiel).

          • shogrran says:

            Question though, IF i can get a vita with 2.02FW, is it still possible to get the UNO game? Or is it already blocked?

          • The_Ogrenator says:

            well, what if, i really like monster hunter portable 3rd, but as i own a us based psn account, i cannot play my sweet mhp3rd, so as any other person, i would hope that this would one day be possible again, on the vita. what if the game i want to play is in a different language? i dont see sony translating those games, or publishing them over here. so people translate them, for NO INCOME AT ALL and for the good of the community. so others may enjoy them. this is what i hate so much about consoles, its mostly about profit, and not about people bettering each other as a whole, and working together to make something great. a tale of time long lost. while, this is not a post to flame you. im simply stating where you forgot. i also want to mention that the same is happening here, these people are giving up their own free time to do, something, something great if i might add, and are doing it smart, keeping it in a small controlled environment, until they can release it to the others at the most oppertunistic time so they may get the most enjoyment out of their system, without having sony ruin their fun.

  57. upzolt says:


    v 2.06

  58. kato says:

    would you send me the name of the game please? It is I am a huge fan of yours. I appreciate your time and help.

  59. Mark Lawson says:

    Would you be so kind and send name of new game to hoping for the best thanks!

  60. sofoklis chouso says:

    please please please…. send me the name of the game…. i have lost the others because i was at work and couldnt take a psn card… please send it here….… thank you…

  61. Please kindly send the name of the game here at ….. it would be greatly appreciated by me…

  62. mick francis says:

    please could you send me the name of the game thanks

  63. smitty88oh says:

    Come on guys wololo just put a post with the article stating that they won’t send you or anyone with the name of the game. Just login to the forums and if your one of the lucky ones you will see it or wait till wololo posts it on the main page :)

  64. sergio says:

    por favor envia o jogo para eu obrigado.

  65. NocturnalSteve says:

    Is here the best place to find out the name of the game or is there a website to sign up?

  66. Duff says:

    Please send me the name of the game

  67. leconnaisseur says:

    I’d like to know the game please:

    merci d’avance.

  68. rodrigo says:

    would you send to my email grateful now

  69. vinnie says:

    Would you be so kind and send the name of new game to hoping for the best thanks!

  70. Draffknight says:

    I’d like to know the name of the game, please
    Thanks in advance

  71. Gabomonfa says:

    Please send me the name of the game Please pleaseeeee¡¡¡¡

  72. Undrcvr says:

    Please send to my email at … lol

  73. Rika says:

    it´s awesome i’ll wait in this page until wololo release it i dont care!! only to play again P3P !!! 0.o and please bro´s you dont read the damn article? stop bothering and writting your email!!!! he is not sending any code or giving you the name of the game!!!!

  74. may i have the name of the new game? iv been wanting to hack my psv. my email address is

  75. Kaz says:

    Would you kindly send the name of the game to I have been wanting to put VHBL on my Vita for a very long time.

  76. sergio says:

    please can u let me know the name of the game tank u

  77. KazKa says:

    Would you kindly provide me with the game used for the exploit. I have been wanting to put VHBL on my Vita for a long time.

  78. Superfred9 says:

    May I have the name of the game please?

  79. Brandon Printiss says:

    Thank you for all the hard work you have put into this release :) Best wishes to all your future endeavors!! Keep up the great work everyone!

  80. BeastyX says:

    The Hacking Gods Have Blessed Us All!

  81. Saya says:

    Please send me the name of the game

  82. samseed says:

    please can u let me know the name of the game thx!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Lhowiee says:

    Please send me the name of the game if you can, thanks!

  84. sergio says:

    por favor envia para min,tutorial obrigado.

  85. bradical1991 says:

    Would greatly appreciate it if you would send me the game as well! Thankyou so much!

  86. Timmy says:

    send the name of the game if you can please to

    thanks. =]

  87. Crossbite says:

    I am intrested in knowing the name of the game is too. And thing else that can help out a noob with vhbl…. thanks

  88. jer says:

    hola me podrian pasar el juego soy de mexico debo hablar ingles?? jeje

  89. Steven says:

    Does anyone know the game yet for the lastest exploit if they do let me know via email

  90. Minimur 12 says:

    If you want to know the name of the exploit, either wait a couple of weeks or sign up to the /talk here, and then youll finjd out about the exploit.

    You will not be sent the name of the game, dont try.

  91. francisco linard says:

    por favor me passe o nome do jogo

  92. francisco linard says:

    POR favor me passe o Nome do Jogo

  93. go f yourselfs says:

    Ok to every body that wants to know what the ninja realse is

    ” get a life and wait like the rest of us”

    Thank you

  94. medo says:

    pls send me the game name plssssssssssss

  95. Nate says:

    Please, if you would be so kind, send the name of the game via e-mail.

    Thanks in advance!

  96. ralph says:

    I keep missing the ninja release, and really don’t want to miss this one as well. If possible, please send me the game name via

    Thank you so much!

  97. jhay says:

    Please, if you would be so kind, send the name of the game via e-mail.

    thx sir, and more power!!!

  98. carniw says:

    Please send me the name of the game to thanks :)

  99. elyas says:

    Please send me in an email the name of the game to and thanks

  100. rodrigo says:

    por favor envie o nome do jogo pro meu email por favor obrigado

  101. rodrigo says:

    envie o nome do jogo pro meu e-mail por favor

  102. haze7 says:

    how can this work if you can’t access psn without updating?

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