TN-V ports for MH, Urbanix JP and fix for UNO version

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  1. filodude says:

    Can I use this with Gravity Crash?

  2. cr7 says:

    tenho um novo Exploit(=

  3. andreew says:

    i’m on 2.05 i don’t know if recommend update my vita ?? :O

  4. FishSticks says:

    What exploit loads the fastest?

  5. vagner says:

    quando saira o expolit para 2.06 eu atualizei fiz besteira ? wololo

  6. wantoask says:

    im still on 2.02. and how can i use this exploit as i dont own uno or mh

  7. Nicky says:

    How can use the TN-V ports in MHP3rd?

  8. MUD says:


    1st. Thanks Jd8531 for getting these files in order. 🙂 I cant wait to get things going.

    Now for my problem…:/

    I cant get open CMA to work anymore I installed everything as needed but it says I have to update CMA. I update it then used opencma r5 and it says to update my Vita I don’t want to do that!!!

    Why isn’t CMA/OPENCMA working..?? these are the same files I used on MH TN-C and now it no longer works.

    I un-installed CMA then tried disconnecting the Internet and installing it again but some how it sees that it still needs updated and will not let me use it…?

    I’m using OpenCMA r2 for the Monster Hunter days..
    I “did” try updating CMA and applying the OpenCMA r5 patch and still no dice.. 🙁

    Sorry to sound so frantic, I just really want to try TN-V.
    Looks so cool.

    HELP PLEASE!!!!!

    • Jd8531 says:

      Thats why, dont use Open CMA 5 thats for 2.02 and above only! Uninstall everything, download Open CMA 4.5 and then just follow the instructions to install and you should be all set 😉

      • Mud says:

        Mega thanks Jb8531 for Open CMA 4.5 and all your help TN-V is working like a charm.

        TN-V is very sexy and I can play all those PSX games that where not working before.

        Grate work on both TN-V and Open CMA 4.5.

        Your the man!

        • Jd8531 says:

          Thank Virtuous Flame for creating open CMA, I just did a bug fix and thank Total_Noob for TN-V he deserves it. Glad I could help though, let me know if you have any questions 😉

    • Dan says:

      I‘ve had similar problem. So, try different memory card or play with old one. Do not update.
      Btw, can anyone tell me how to put video files? It doesn’t show videos that I have. I want to stay TN-V.

  9. yslemaire says:

    i have got the uno exploit but he works without the fix

  10. Shiggitay says:

    Any way of getting either MBA or Uno and TN-V working with 2.06? >_>

  11. quetz says:

    updated, works good now with my language 😉 no need to install 660 fw again

  12. sasuke1981 says:

    it says to copy 660.pbp to savefolder…but how i can copy that file? it doesnt show when i choose psp save section…maybe i need to copy that fine in MH save folder??? plz help

  13. Blue says:

    What was wrong with the Uno exploit? I got mine to install…

    • Jd8531 says:

      Some people were having bugs with compatibility and system language. It also does some other minor fixes. If yours works fine, then you don’t have to worry about it 😉

  14. cscash241 says:

    Dose this also fix the SC3 version? or is it still broken?

  15. shenmue says:

    This is just awesome. Run perfectly on Uno 🙂

  16. NewVita says:

    Hi, just a quick question, i have installed the tn-v on my vita with uno exploit it works well, but my brother wants to buy a vita is there any chance that i can transfer my uno game to him? o it is impossibru?

    • Rodrix says:

      tengo mi psvita en 2.02 con el exploit uno, funciona excelente.
      Tengo que actualizar mi psvita a 2.06?
      El exploit de uno seguirá funcionando?

      Saludos desde

      I have my PSVita in 2.02 to exploit one, works great.
      I have to upgrade my PSVita 2.06.
      The exploit of one still work?

      Greetings from

      • agp670 says:

        si actualizas vas a perder el exploit!!

        solo sobre escribe los archivos del nuevo tn-v por los de tu anterior tn-c en la carpeta del uno exploit y pàsalos a tu vita con el CMA (open CMA)

        no olvides copiar tambien el EBOOT.PBP que descargaste renombrandolo por 660.PBP

  17. Akira says:

    What is up with so many versions of CFW on 2.02, can we just move on & talk about 2.05 & above. Some people who are still waiting for a new CFW on 2.05 & above. They still be talking about 2.02 for the past few months, it feels like a year now. The ones who had CEF & Ark & wish to stay, then that’s
    OK but there still more people who did not get that exploit when they removed it. So please we need a new CFW not VHBL. Thanks

  18. Rodrix says:

    tengo mi psvita en 2.02 con el exploit uno, funciona excelente.
    Tengo que actualizar mi psvita a 2.06?
    El exploit de uno seguirá funcionando?

    Saludos desde

    I have my PSVita in 2.02 to exploit one, works great.
    I have to upgrade my PSVita 2.06.
    The exploit of one still work?

    Greetings from

  19. sasuke1981 says:

    can anyone help plz? where i need to copy 660.bpb file???

  20. ima says:

    Vita FW: 1.80
    OpenCMA version: R4.5
    Game: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (EU), Motorstorm Arctic Edge (EU)

    Using 660TNV-fix.rar with no luck.

    MHFU just loads and lets me play the game, exploit not working?
    Motorstorm, hangs on a black screen on startup of the game.

    anyone else with this setup that got it working?

  21. Meymey says:

    Using Uno Exploit. Open CMA 4.5 and 5 doesn’t work !
    Need help 🙁

  22. wololo► says:


  23. wololo► says:

    but cant record anything

  24. NeonAera says:

    Does this fix the Tekken 6 loading 0608 problem? If it does, please let me know guys.. I’m really into Tekken right now, and it’s a bummer for me not to be able to play it on TN-V through PSVita. Also how do you update to this new patch? Do you simply overwrite the TN-V UNO savedatas with the newer ones?

  25. Mud says:

    I’m having the biggest problem getting TN-V to see Install Files..

    I’m trying to to install Vita FTP.
    I make a folder named PSP then in it a folder named GAME then in it a folder named VITAFTPO and in that the EBOOT.PBP. PSP/GAME/VITAFTPO/EBOOT

    Then I add it to archive and ZIP it with store setting.
    My zip file is named INSTALL.ZIP all caps even .ZIP.

    When I go to install it I don’t see the game file under games on the memory card..?

    I’m using TN-V Monster Hunter US exploit.

    What am I doing wrong?

    • Jd8531 says:

      It needs to be FBOOT and not EBOOT as I said in the article. Try copying it again.

      • Mud says:

        Sorry I should have said that I’ve tried that and VBOOT.PBP.

        I just noticed that my save file with VitaFTP is 244kb but after I copy it to the vita its 352kb?? I think it might be open CMA 4.5 issue..? IDK. this is odd where did the extra 108kb come from?

        Thanks for your help so far Jd8531, wish I can get on the forms but my account is sc*** up..:/

        • Cyko says:

          Got the same problem here. No matter, what I do, the homebrew doesn`t show up in the games section…

          • MUD says:

            Are you using Monster Hunter as well?

            This Install Addon plugin, is it built in or do I need to turn it on? If so I dont see it in plugins in Recovery menu.

  26. FoFiX says:

    just found a bug, in metalslug anthology when I enter in metalslug 6 it crashes and goes back to the xmb, I got 2.02 uno uk, but i’m using the eu savedata

  27. AR says:

    HELP ! i just instal TN-V Urbanix EU every thing working fine but not the homebrew ,previously i was using TN-C with yMenu .Even when i install the homebrew on TN-V with the path inside ZIP “PSP/GAME/VITAFTPO/EBOOT.PBP” or FBOOT.PBP still homebrew doesn’t work.

    i am having issue with my PS VITA touch response as well ,when ever i connect my PS VITA to open CMA my touch screen is unresponsive .. need help

  28. DimitriParisis says:

    Hi there!
    I’m on 2.06 but with no UNO or any other exploits. Is there any way to make TN-V work on my PS VITA?
    Thanks in advance!

  29. Angelus says:

    I’m using tn-V and it works very well, I put the game all uppercase and with 6 characters, but I do not appear in the report, I am using one .. please help!

  30. chaveng says:

    i still cant run any homebrew with this! i tried to rename it to FBOOT and acid snake renamer app but NOTHING WORKS! but when i switch to tn-c its working properly whats the problem man.. someone give me answer thanks.

    • Mud says:

      What game are you using?
      I’m having a problem with Monster Hunter (US). I cant get VitaFTP install file to show up in the games…

      I do have Wagic working with out any problems upgrading from TN-C to TN-V.

  31. vnt says:

    How to copy game ISO with TN-V?
    I copy to Uno savedata folder and transfer but cannot see it in the menu of game/memorystick. 🙁
    No metion FTP, please.

  32. wabbajack says:

    Hi! I Have a vita in 2.02 and i can’t load the 6.60 TN-V because when i launch the extract of 6.60 Files this appears: Cannot extract files error 0xFFFFFFFF.
    Somebody can help me?? PLZ

  33. suicidal.banana says:

    Hurr, i got some magical effects going on..
    I had the last UNO exploit, and just dropped the new TN version in my existing UNO savegame (on pc) moved those files to vita (with openCMA) & installed the 660.pbp (with right trigger during boot followed by the menu actions) now i get a fancy psp menu, but some magical ‘old’ memorycard (containing what i had in the UNO savegame before trowing the new TN at it)??

    Whatever i toss in the UNO savegame now, doesnt show up on the ‘psp memorycard’, and whatever i remove from it, keeps on existing on the vita? While the free space counter in content manager (on vita) does change? (but the games appear to run and everything??) I deleted the UNO savegame from the vita, and loaded it again, still the same weirdness.

    Should ive reinstalled UNO? or does anybody know what the heck i did wrong/how to fix?

  34. hellsburn says:

    when i connect my vita with open cma it freezes on boot or does not connect tp pc with usb…it always freezes….and it used to work before perfectly

    • MUD says:

      Try Open CMA 4.5 if you are under 2.02 FirmWare.

      “Uninstall everything, download Open CMA 4.5 and then just follow the instructions to install and you should be all set”
      from Jd8531 he knows his Sh__!

      Good luck.

  35. carsauce says:

    Does this fix the issues with CPS1 and CPS2? to access menus? or no and does it also fix the cwcheat? cause then I will just stick with TN-C even though this is brings out emulating the psp.

  1. March 19, 2013

    […] PSVita já possui alguns exploits mas todos já foram corrigidos. Fique antenado pelo Homebrew TN-V que permite “Emular” PSP no […]

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