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  1. IgnusArmagadan says:

    You don’t deserve anything that these guys develop you ungrateful excuse of life.

  2. MIchael says:

    Could someone explain how do i get the uno one to work, when i run the game is says corrupted data

    • gunblade says:

      u have to be on 2.02 twice starting a game on uno make a save then copy the save file.check ur cma on version five

  3. hookaguy says:

    Anybody got this working with Monster Hunter exploit? I know it says it works with it, but when I try to Hold the R button to install TN-V it just takes me to the TN Menu as always…any help?

  4. Jacob F says:

    How do I get this to work with gravity crash exploit 1.81, i have TN Menu 0.2, Do I need to get a new exploit save data?

    • gunblade says:

      this ones for uno u have to get the one for 1.81 go to the home page there a post on gravity rush an outher older expoil.ts

      • hookaguy says:

        yeah, but why won’t it go to the recovery menu for me? I have the 660.PBP in the folder of the save data and I still can’t get the recovery menu to appear when loading up the firmware and then the TN Menu just appears as normal.

  5. ivo says:

    works great for me

  6. ivo says:

    can i ask for a memory stick recorder of video’s with decent codec pack

    like a vhs recorder … record from any hdmi device onto mini vhs or vhs or memory card

    wish u luck on the exploits

  7. albie85 says:

    ive had every exploit so far but for some reason i cant install the hombrew when i get to the xmb ive gone to save data and its there but doesnt say install just gives me the option to copy im no noob i no ftp is easier but need to install ftp befor i can use it. all i need to no is how to install in TN-V from the savedata

    • albie85 says:

      sorry i mean the savedata shows up not the homebrew zip ive tried psp/game then zip ive even tried homebrew just in zip there must be a different way in tn v because im not doin any different than tn c and ark

  8. tiago says:

    I’m using firmware 2.05 I can install it?

  9. albie85 says:

    thats obvious doesnt work past 2.02 thats got nothing to do with what i asked. ive got TN-V and its all working

    you missed out buddy ive solved it now

  10. albie85 says:

    can someone tell me how to exit game in TN-V L+R D+Start doesnt work

  11. Ayana says:

    Can someone please help! I downloaded the uno exploit and nothing is happening. I held down the R button and nothing is still not happening :'(

  12. HIMFan says:

    Every time I try to go into the store it just says it’s undergoing maintenance. Is Sony actually doing maintenance, or am I just SOL?

    • PsVitaPUser says:

      I got that error at first but then I went into Network settings, scanned for and setup my wireless and then it worked. I could see all of the games as a normal Psp would.

  13. axel-25 says:

    im happy to hear that alot of progress is being made!

  14. theguy says:

    Can anyone confirm if Valkyria Chronicles 2 is working on TN-V?

    It’d be much appreciated.

  15. ColonelPanic says:

    Hm, Snes9x Euphoria and that other one seem to crash on me now. Any advice?

  16. Erich says:

    Like one of the other posts I read, I was able to get the camera working (initially crashed after taking a picture, which created the appropriate DCIM folder, etc.). I even recorded a video which I used to test the video playback via XMB (which worked, although froze at the end of playback). Anyways, the main thing I wanted to post is the folder structure for the multimedia stuff… ms0:/VIDEO for videos, ms0:/MUSIC for mp3s, etc. and ms0:/PSP/PHOTO for .jpg, etc.

  17. Rodrix says:

    They should also take gamecube emulators would be great (:

  18. Minimur 12. says:

    im loving my TN-V 😀

  19. jrazorman says:

    thank you very very much lov it

  20. jakester says:

    My PS Vita is running OS 2.02, and I have the “Gravity Rush” PS Vita game. Is there an exploit for this game so I can use TN-V to load up some PSP stuff or are is the PSP’s UNO game the only one that can be exploited for PS Vita OS 2.02?

  21. BrazMii says:


    For correct install OpenCMD press (Shift + Ctrl) Now select the 2 files (run.cmd + setfll.exe) Now run as (Diferent User), Put your Admin name and password, and run…

  22. test says:

    What does “High backups compatibility” mean? The TN-V can play SELF-DUMPED, LEGAL, NON-DOWNLOADED LEGITIMATE PSP game backups? SELF-DUMPED, LEGAL, NON-DOWNLOADED, LEGITIMATE Vita game backups? Sorry, I’ve been away from the scene for a while, just tying to get some information on where it’s at now out of curiosity.

  23. Jon Huebert says:

    It has higher homebrew and backup compatibility, but ive noticed it’s kinda lacking in prx plugin support. i cant run xmbcontrol or ultimate vsh menu :( those are like my MUST haves… PRO CFW has a function called “old plugin support” which let me run the final build of ultimate vsh menu on 6.60 pro-c2 (its normally only for up to 5.50). it didn’t work on tn-v, no i got frostegator’s port which works with 6.20-6.60 and it still doesn’t work it lets me enable it but it still doesn’t show! i cant turn the xmbcontrol plugin on because tn-v wont start up at all when its enabled… could someone pass this alone to TN for me? or could i reach him myself? thanks!

  24. Jon Huebert says:

    *so i got frostegator’s port

    *pass this along to TN

  25. melka_ashur says:

    Upon finding the 660.PBP file in recovery mode, and pressing Start to install it, i’m getting a c1-2859-3 error… PLEASE HELP.

  26. melka_ashur says:

    Upon finding the 660.PBP file in recovery mode, and pressing Start to install it, i’m getting a c1-2859-3 error… PLEASE HELP ME!!

  27. brennen says:

    when i try to install 6.60 i get this error “loading 660.ppb… error 0x8001002” what does that mean

  28. vnt says:

    How to copy game with TN-V?
    I copy to Uno savedata folder and transfer but cannot see it in the menu of game/memorystick. :(
    No metion FTP, please.

  29. carsauce says:

    Ok…so awesome….and got CXMB and a CTF i actually found and like and it works right, only thing is CWCHEAT does not work well on this? or you have to activate it only for PSP games, because any other homebrew won’t run if cwcheat is not deactivated, and I guess this is true since I tried it.

  30. carsauce says:

    Ok so I tried other emus and this is not worth it, it messes up with other emulators, I think I will just go back to the way it was before, CPS2 won’t let me open up the menu and that’s messed up

  31. carsauce says:

    Anyone playing with emulators and stuff, this will mess you up, just a heads up if anyone is updating to this CFW it’s good but errors on such emulators.

  32. bin_0717 says:

    Sir wololo, I can’t get to work TN-V so I decided to revert back to TN-C with ymenu, this time I cannot run ISOs, only CSO seems to work, before, both are running…:(

  33. Dogggieee says:

    Can I use this for exploit Apache overkill 2.06 VHBL? Don´t try april jokes… 😀

  34. gamer141 says:

    Can we play Iso/Cso games which were playable on PSP CFW? I’m new to PS VITA, Please Help!

  35. ivo says:

    so what about support for other firmwares than 660 ? thkx

  36. FencerMusashi says:

    Any news for the next update cfw to work on 2.12? I’m currently on the latest version (2.12) for PS Vita.

  37. Naqib says:

    So if i use a savedata as a backdoor for this tn-v, will i loose my save data of that game? O.o and what if i want to play that game again? What will happen to the save data and the tn-v?

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