Release: TN-V


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375 Responses

  1. Twenty90seven

    When I try to install 6.60 files I get pspPSARInit failed with error OXFFFFFFFC!

  2. jo4blue

    For those of you who have problems running games such as Tekken 6, switching the CPU Speed to Default may be a solution. Well it worked for me because at first, I changed the CPU Speed at 333/166 and Tekken 6 doesn’t work in that state so I tried to find a way to have this solution by just switching the CPU Speed to Default.

  3. ¬_¬

    when i hold down R nothing happens it just boots into TN Menu 1.0.1

  4. hasu

    oh god. i’m so excited !

  5. homer3d

    ne fonctionne pas en francais, je suis obligé de mettre ma ps vita en anglais pour que l’exploit se lance, dommage

  6. stepenlu07

    why i cant hide the corrupted icons? i already enable it in recovery menu but the corrupt icon is still in xmb. btw thanks to this cool update its so awesome! its just like the psp. its been so many years since i last used a psp.

  7. LemingWings

    Some of you people are stupid. This is so easy to do a person with down syndrome can do it.

    And the other dumb people asking for full iso ps vita games or wanting the vita to be unlocked or something.

    How stupid can you get? lol

    • This is true

      This is all undeniably true, just people have too much tact to say it, or want to avoid conflict.

      You tell the truth, good sir.

  8. twenty90seven

    I got the pspPSARInit failed with error OXFFFFFFFC! because I accidentally installed the PSP GO 6.60 not the normal 6.60…trap for young players

  9. Arcanjohack

    Sony OFW 6.60 For PSP 1000/2000/3000 link is off

  10. david

    pero cuando saldra un nuevo juego con exploit para descargar ?

  11. Jamis Carter

    When will it be due for 2.05, please, please, PLEASE!!

  12. Quetz

    This is GREEEAAATTT!!!! 😀

  13. Mud


  14. Tony86


    The Sony OFW 6.60 For PSP 1000/2000/3000 isnt downloading properly on to my computer? any chance of another mirror?


  15. Cyril

    TN-V works fine for me except the fact that my previously installed homebrews Filer and FTP Vita are not functionnal anymore (corrupted icons)…
    What i am supposed to do to get them working again?
    Is it again with the XXXXXXXX.ZIP in the savedata folder way?
    Or can we reach the memory stick (PSP part of) directly ?
    thanks for advices (good job Total_Noob)

  16. quetz

    it’s 5 times i try to install it but always glitch a grey screen… and then error code. i placed 660.PBP in save data folder, and savedata game folter also, no way it runs. maybe some problem with EU version? i’m running UNO exploit

  17. Carlos Lawliet

    The exploit not works in my case (uno EU) if yoy don’t change the system language to english (I had spanish language selected, I think that bug is present in other languages and it should be added in the new).

    In the other hand, the homebrew support in tn-v is 0 for me, only works iso and cso, I don’t know why. Other bug I found: when you take a photo with the psp-emuled app the system break

  18. FoFiX

    there is no uk uno savedata, will it be added later

  19. ghgrim

    so i can go back to the regular ps vita at anytime or am i stuck with psp firmware forever

  20. Blue

    So I got this installed, and it’s looking great. However, the functionality I was hoping for most, connect to USB, does not work. I guess the Vita’s file structure is too different?

    So that leaves me with two questions: does CMA basically act like iTunes, forcing me to keep whatever I have on my Vita, on my computer as well (unless I don’t care about it deleting something off the vita the next time I upload)

    And does anyone know how to get the PSP game save data? I’d like to copy it and use in on my regular PSP.

    • Kou

      There’s no way to access the Vita’s USB unless the Vita itself is hacked. This has been said many times, not sure why you were expecting it.

      • Blue

        Because the place where I usually go for my PSP/vita hack information doesn’t talk about…well, anything technical.

    • DeadPixel99

      This has been TOLD 100000000 times THERE IS NO USB EMULATION on the vitas psp emulator so usb psp will NOT WORK! And yes CMA sorta acts like iTunes ( as if anyone uses that) make sure you use openCMA so it doesn’t update your vita.

  21. unodosc

    can i update my firmware to 2.06 now

    • decius

      Yes you can update, there’s a kernel exploit in 2.05 as confirmed by wololo. They already have a video of vhbl running on 2.06, so that means yeah psn… I’m assuming the kernel exploit present in 2.05 works on 2.06 seeing as you can’t access PSN. I updated, My hope is to run GuitarBox with TN-V it’s cheap compared to delay pedals for guitar plus having headphones helps. I don’t wish to run any ISO aside from Gran Turismo 1/2 an exclusive Sony has yet to add to PSN. Please Wololo, Tomtomdu80. 😛

      • Jd8531

        A kernel exploit wont be released so don’t update. TN-V is for the exploits already released. The next release will be VHBL which cant use TN-V or play ISO/CSO.

        If you are already on 2.05 you can update.

    • berint

      No you idiot. Did you even read the full artical? Its only for kexploits of 2.02 and lower.

      • JeoWay

        TN-V will work on ***ALL*** kernal exploits. Past, Present, and future Kernal exploits…

      • Decius

        He’s already at 2.05 so either way he can’t exploit from 2.02. Even If he was on 2.02 he’d need a hacked PS3 to transfer the game and it’s already patched on PSN. Thus updating to 2.06 because video proof the target application is still obtainable via PSN (assuming that was the method). I’m assuming since his exploit runs on 2.06, what are the chances of Sony patching a kernel exploit found in 2.05 that we have yet to use….I just hope I get the targeted application in time, or the method can be offline. If not, vita gets put away till PS4 lol.

  22. FoFiX

    I tried the EU uno and it worked just fine, its amazing!! I had a totaly nostalgic experience, all I need now is my toradora theme

  23. razor

    Awesome news!
    damn..I still don’t have any of these games with exploits.

  24. papimax68

    It seems they are changed files folders, only works in English EU installation, and step with TN-C. Greetings

  25. Axel-25

    Releasing anything now for vita is a god send!

  26. jd20dog

    thanks tn
    better then the *** i tried to do
    but im far from as motivated as you seem to be
    keep up the great work

  27. Whackm

    Did any get the camera working? When I take a picture the thing just crashes …

  28. Karbilius222

    This is great , plus the sound psx? how are some plugin?

  29. thatguy

    vitaftp opened and after i finished using it i closed it with [] but now it wont start anymore.

  30. Hass

    Can anyone explain how can i drop ISO/CSO to my Vita with CMA?

  31. GodLikeC

    should i use the psp go eboot of the original eboot is it optional to use either

  32. Dath Vada

    Hi … quick question from a n00b;)…don’t troll geeks we were all a newb at one point. Can this work on a brand new 2.06 vita retail that I just got today? Or did you need to run one of the other exploits or something wack like that?

    • Bewaffled1

      We don’t need to troll because clearly you did not read the first post or any post before it.

      TN-V is not an exploit. It can only be used on 2.02 and below with the UNO EXPLOIT and below.

  33. brunoso

    Hey guys. Just a question: when i go to the psn today i try to find the games tha we have a exploit ( mad blocker, uno e urbanix ) and all them is over there. So, this games was fixed to prevent the exploit run? This is very strange. Anyone can try download one and start the exploit? thks

  34. ivo

    something wack ofc

  35. Whackm

    One other issue which I’ve found. I used a different account name to sign in the Vita level than on the PSP EMU. While I was able to login to PSN from the PSP EMU, when I tried to download a demo game, it gave me a warning which said

    “the sign in account is different than the current account”

    I assume this is because the exploit game (Urbanix in this case) was downloaded using the account from the Vita level.

    If I download a game TnV using the second account, is that going to screw up Urbanix?

    • whackm

      Hello all.

      I confirmed that this works without problem.
      To recap:

      I downloaded Urbanix from PSN using account, let’s say on my Vita.

      After I installed the exploit, I installed TN-V and that worked fine. However, I registered to the PSN from the PSP TnV using another account, let’s say

      When I tried to download/install a PSP game from the PSP TnV you will get a warning stating

      “This system was activated with a different account. If you continue, the previous games will not be usable. Are you sure you wish to proceed?”

      I hit yes, and the game installed w/o problems.

  36. GodLikeC

    I cant seem to run VitaFTP anymore the file was corrupted and i also wasnt able to run pspfiler but after disabling all plugings it work can someone help is there a setting in the recovery menu that i can change to fix this or must i reinstall those again i cant use CMA i can only use vitaftp but that is also corrupted so ill try downloading these files using the browser in TN-V and hope it download them also it seems ill eventually update my vita when soul sacrifice comes out

    • GodLikeC

      I got it To work i manage to download it again using the psp browser and i use pspfiler to move it from common to games and now i have vitaftp back

  37. chris

    wats is the name of the expliot for 2.06

  38. 2.02

    hey guys need some help, I got the plugins working but it keeps deleting them when I exit the exploit…I have to re-install them and apply them again and this will happen everytime I exit the game, anyone else having the same problem?

  39. Bruno PT