“Hacking the Xbox” ebook released for free in honor of Aaron Swartz

Hacking the Xbox is a great technical book for those of you who want to understand how a console is hacked from a hardware point of view. For those of us who have been focusing mostly on software, this is also a great introduction to the other side of the force, and a great introduction to hacking in general.

With lots of pictures and very specific examples of how he proceeded, Andrew Huang (a.k.a. bunnie) explains how the first Xbox was hacked by himself while he was a student at MIT. Although Security techniques on consoles have dramatically improved with time, the book and its explanations are still very relevant today.

This is definitely a great book, one of the handful I would recommend to anybody who asks me “how do people become console hackers?”.

Maybe even more relevant today, the book has a full chapter describing the legal trouble Bunnie ran into when he considered publishing his work. It’s on this topic that he focuses his homage to Aaron Swartz, computer programmer and internet activist, who committed suicide 2 months ago at the age of 26. Swartz committed suicide while he was being prosecuted by the U.S. government. I’ll let you google for details, as I don’t want to start an ideological debate today.

Andrew Huang emphasizes on how the US legal system is impacted by money and how this prevents to really let the “right” prevail eventually.

You can read Andrew Huang’s open letter, and download “hacking the Xbox” pdf here:


  1. FishSticks’s avatar

    I must read this!!


  2. hgoel0974’s avatar

    Sacrificing himself for hacking? :cry:


    1. samjordanhunter’s avatar

      he didnt sacrifice himself for hacking, it was due to psychological distress after being kept in prison for a period of time with bias jurisdiction


  3. boriswinner’s avatar

    Seems like an interesting book to read. :)


  4. hackinformer’s avatar

    I remember that book. Aaron Swartz will was be remembered and never forget.
    You bought it. You own it. Tell the Copyright Office: let me install whatever software I want on my phone, tablet, or video game system.


    1. pleaseclap’s avatar

      i agree, how the hell is someone gonna stop me from downloading stuff.


      1. Kim Jung-Box’s avatar

        North Korea has more freedom than United States now ;_;


        1. quincy’s avatar

          is this a joke to you? if it is tell it to the citizens of north korea personally


  5. theuhmu’s avatar

    most useful downloadhint for some time.very nice :) pls more of that ^^


  6. Darkenvy’s avatar

    Hey Wololo, do you use Feedly? The last two updates I’ve been getting a day before you post it here :). Perhaps you should Feedly! ;)


  7. Veskgar’s avatar

    Anyone who doesn’t know anything about Aaron should learn. What he fought and ultimately died for is worth carrying on and continuing. Watch this video. Amazing! Hard to believe this was only 6 months before he “killed himself”



  8. Thrawn’s avatar

    Well, as I have to say, I didn’t pay attention about this for quite some time and only got wind when it was back in all news that aaron had commited suicide.
    What I want to say is, that this is another perfect example of a multinational, multibillion $ heavy company going against ONE single PERSON. Does that seem familiar? It does, Geohot was in the same state, having the same trouble.
    I think that the majority of us should stand up, get loud on the web, bad mouth the company and spread the word of this unequal treatment everywhere, the next time we see that something like this happens again.
    Afterall a damaged reputation is the only thing such a huge company has to fear, and could bring it down.
    You can buy a trial, but you can’t buy ppl’s sympathy for your company.
    That’s how I think about all of this. Btw. i like this book.


  9. NeonAera’s avatar

    This is cool of Andrew Huang to show us a book about Hacking the Xbox and how reverse engineering is done. I’m going read it. Interesting stuff. Thanks wololo!!


  10. NNNRT’s avatar

    Interesting book. I’m gonna read it. I have an Xbox on my PSP & I can’t hack it. :lol:


  11. gunblade’s avatar

    was there only two gamee that could be used for softmod tried it one time but i had to make a xbox memory card


  12. ivo’s avatar

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    not lua
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  13. ivo’s avatar

    so wheres the problem in creating a xbox to usb cable for usb memsticks as xbox memsticks with xbox format tool



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