The Xi3 Piston Steam Box- Starting At An Amazing $1000. Wait How Much?!?!

So instead of me doing another article on the OUYA. I found a different small home console to do one on, it is a bit bigger this time, in pretty much everything, size, specs and definitely price!

You have may have heard of it, it’s known as the Piston.

It is currently being developed by a company named Xi3, their website is here, and their latest product known as the Piston is now taking pre-orders. If you decide to pre-order it before 17th March, you get $100 off. any time after that and you’ll be parting with a beastly $1000.

The console will ship to the end of the year, close to the same as the PS4, If you wish to pre-order the console, you’ll have to go to here to depart with $900+ and not see it again until 8/9 months.

So let’s touch upon the upgradable  SSD (Solid State Drive). If you want to upgrade to 256GB, it’ll cost you a measly $340 more. If however you want a 512GB SSD it will set you back…… an extra $750!

Here’s a video describing it:


I wont be getting this little beast, as cool as it sounds I’d rather buy a PS4 and 10 games, but on a side note : I hope you can replace hard drives on the PS4, but I doubt it.

Here was the recent conference at SXSW, presented by Dave Politis (Xi3′s chief marketing officer):

Sorry about the quality, it wasn’t filmed properly.

So who wins? Sony’s conference or this?

 If you decided not to waste 16 minutes of your life unlike me, he was saying how the Piston is 64 bit and easy to take apart, improve on and put back together, unlike current gen consoles, like my PS3 which has about 30 screws, all of which I have damaged the threads, so I can just pick them out. This little thing only has 8, all of which are on the outside frame.

Want to pre-order it? well you can do so on this link right here.

  1. George’s avatar

    1st. Definately wont be buying this product at all, way too expensive!


    1. Iritated’s avatar

      1st loser is more like it…


      1. adds’s avatar

        He is the 1st. #1 poster rights. He has the right to absolutely f*cking destroy you. Respect him, or get the f.uck out.


        1. celcodioc’s avatar

          “#1 poster rights”? Excuuuuse me? I’m not sure if you’re trolling or serious…


  2. hgoel0974’s avatar

    Maybe when I earn that money myself :lol:
    It is one heck of a device though


  3. EJ’s avatar

    Way to much for me. Rather just upgrade my PC.


  4. fatman01923’s avatar

    I could also just hook my gaming PC up to my HDTV and get the same experience! Well it is interesting but that price isn’t very appealing to regular casual gamers IMO.


  5. dafootballer’s avatar

    Its not an official steam box, valve had very little to do with this. The actual steam box is coming at a later time.


  6. Guardian’s avatar

    I’d rather buy an Alienware or another gaming PC or laptop that will come with far superior specs.


    1. Rosh’s avatar

      Alienware is basically the same as this. Overpriced prebuilt machines.

      You could build a pc with the same specs for less.


      1. Guardian’s avatar

        You, dear gentleman have a point, I must thank you, you just made me save a whole lot of money I was planning to spend on a PC, I will build mine instead. Shame on me for not thinking about building my own PC before. Now think on the possibilities that it would bring!


        1. fatman01923’s avatar

          Just be careful when putting it together, if no prior experience to building a computer from scratch there is always youtube videos but if you still aren’t feeling confident make sure to just take it to geeksquad or any computer repair company they can surely help you. :D Just my tips after bending some cpu pins on $300 processor at the time.


  7. RedHawk02’s avatar

    I’m good with my PC, better specs, gaming is great. Definitely can’t wait til the PS4 and they have to let you switch hard drives since games are going to be huge.


  8. squiggs’s avatar

    uhhh… terible idea. the ps4 better have a replaceble hard drive, unless the have a hack that works throught th replaceble hard drive. you could buy a pre built better computer for half the price, build a one for even cheeper. the man who thought of this should be shot in to space through a cannon. never will that much money be worth something like that.


  9. KrazyNez’s avatar

    Yea, I looked on there site and it’s specs arn’t even that great. You could buy a mid-grade PC that has better specs. Or hell even build your own. Was getting my hopes up but not really anymore. Although there is word that there are going to be multiple steamboxes. So, I’ll be waiting.


    1. Pirate Cat’s avatar

      There are different hard drive sizes, with wildly inappropriate price jumps to boot.


  10. joe k’s avatar

    im confused i would build a nice i7 desktop with a really nice vid card??


  11. mangbhoy’s avatar

    Yeah sure, then after three months of release, rumours emerge of a Steam Box 2 – lol!

    They must have been cryogenically frozen in the year 1999 and must’ve just woken up.


  12. Fingloi_x3’s avatar

    ill just assemble a monster i7 pc. f*ckin sweet!


  13. smitty88oh’s avatar

    Wouldn’t it be cheaper to build a gaming pc then spending $1000 ?


  14. IgnusArmagadan’s avatar

    I would rather buy a custom built PC, I would get a WAY better machining ne for the price. The PS4 feels like a better choice for gaming, though.


  15. ad’s avatar

    So it begins.

    All the people crying about how Vita games are so expensive. Now. Look.

    Console = $1000
    Ultra HD TV = ~$30,000
    Games = !?!?!?!

    What now? I suspect your tears will flow like a river now.


    1. Aristotle’s avatar

      Games are $100 at Amazon, if you are stupid enough to pre-order this early.


  16. smitty88oh’s avatar

    No one is complaining about the cost of vita games.I’m just saying I can build my own gaming pc for less then a grand.So there’s no point in it for me to buy something that I can build for cheaper. :)


  17. ps3y2kvirus’s avatar

    Sounds pretty sweet, saves energy so the cost of running the device over the years, hardware upgradeable to keep up with time, and modifiable to run different operating system’s, if I want to run linux on one hard drive and windows on another or a gaming os, that being said is it going to have a gaming os or just custom firmware?


  18. gunblade’s avatar

    with that price tag i would rather jus get the origin big O or jus build one my self…… but seems nice for a lil thing


  19. lumenia’s avatar

    it’s easy to replace PS3 HDD, so why not on PS4 ?


  20. svenn’s avatar

    Its not that expensive, check the hardware separate, but ofc, sony sells its games at 50€ a piece and sells milions of consoles. Ofc they can lower costs. At this space its a much cooler item.

    I won’t buy this but I can understand people doing so. Though I’m not really sure if its a PC or a closed-and-locked system like PS3. If its closed & locked, its doomed to fail.


  21. Kyu’s avatar

    Yes,ofc it is expensive,it is a desktop at the size of a gamecube.

    …I only hope that it has the freedom of a desktop,so I can by-pass steam….


    1. Polymira’s avatar

      1/4 the size of a gamecube, if that.


  22. StepS’s avatar

    750$? does it use a RAMbased SSD? that one is the most expensive than ever


  23. trecenters’s avatar

    Have to say. If you have never built a PC before you may want to think twice.

    Get one bad part and you may spend some time troubleshooting and dealing with RMA’s..

    I am a tech and the last time I built a PC with top of the line parts I had a horrible time.

    I did learn I will never buy an ASUS MB again.


    1. pirate city’s avatar

      “Get one bad part and you may spend some time troubleshooting and dealing with RMA’s..”

      CAPTAIN OBVIOUS. Maybe you should do your own research before actually going out and building on yourself?


  24. TStrauss’s avatar

    Building your own PC is the way to go, and it gets easier the more you do it. Prebuilts always come with a premium price tag, and often have performance bottlenecks that building yourself can avoid (memory bandwidth, RAM speeds, etc.).

    The Xi3 website is remarkably vague about the components. Can anyone tell me the GPU manufacturer/ model number? How much memory is dedicated to video? What is its bandwidth? Is it DDR5 (I hope)? What are the details on the CPU? The site I saw listed 2 GB of RAM for the system, is that serious? What type of RAM is it?


  25. gmk120’s avatar

    Guys, Valve already confirmed that this had nothing to do with Steambox, and it’s already in many webs.
    They just invested in this because they found it to be profitable, but it won’t be the Steambox, just a mini-PC made for working.


  26. james way’s avatar

    Seems very nice. I currently have a vaio SA with 8gb ram and I use the dock to park it in front of my bravia tv and some bluetooth mx revolution mouse/keyboard to play steam or other games off my laptop. The issue is that being a pc, too many desktop programs running consuming my cpu, oh and that being a laptop the GPU is still not in par with desktops. I’d be down for this little gem if it were not so expensive.


  27. Telgar Drakore’s avatar

    Just wanted to chime in and also remind everyone including Minimur12 the writer of this article that although this is the PC that Valve stood by and invested in a while back, they are now “claiming” that it is not the Steambox they were initially talking about and that the Steambox is still in development. You should make a small update about the actual backing off of Valve on this. Link for source for you Minimur12:


  28. Z’s avatar

    This isn’t the Steam Box. Valve/ Steam themselves came out and said so.



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