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Nintendo to pay over $30 million for patent infringement

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  1. NaSty says:

    Hmmm interesting news… (not sarcasm) 😀

  2. gunblade says:

    a daller a 3ds still nice 30 million sold not realy into the 3ds screen but it cool at time tried play mines with actual 3d glass from the movies works i guess but i dont get it not all 3d screeen has that wered jus flip the switch n turn on one werd 3d screen that layers like two differnt images on each outher to appear 3d. and if there was outher 3d screen that was like the 3d screen wy nintendo not paying those people…but i still wana get a xl 3ds so i guess its okay 30 mill still quite a bit…

  3. chezney says:

    That’s a bit rich coming from Sony 🙂

  4. Acid_Snake says:

    not the first time they’ve done this, but sony’s to blame for firing an employee with such a cool invention

  5. zorak_torok says:

    30 million sold? That is astonished to say the least. I have one and the xl, but im not really fond of either.

  6. Deathscreton says:

    With all this new money coming in, there shoukd be no reqson as to why the vita sales will slip in the future. They need to take this money and invest it into the vita somehow, someway. Like marketinf. Or improving the virtual keyboard.

  7. Del_Inferno says:

    If there were other demonstrations at the time, how can he claim that it is ‘his’ design? He might lose

    • hgoel0974 says:

      He already won. The court must have taken a look into that (the other designs used other techniques) and I guess they went for his without his own approval

  8. themageling says:

    Kinda contradicted yourself in your own post. Pretty embarrassing show of bias.

  9. fartalis says:

    I don’t know the detail, but I doubt it was stolen. Now everyone is working on 3D. Sound like Sony came up with the idea 1st. Nintendo win the development, since I don’t see any Sony 3D products.

    • hgoel0974 says:

      The guy who invented it was an ex-employee of Sony. Nintendo doesn’t win because it STOLE patented intellectual property.

      Seijiro Tomita wins because he invented the tech AND patented it before it got stolen

      • seife says:

        In my opinion the vita is the better console. So sony wins for me. I could also buy a good calculator, i would have the same calculating power as the 3ds and mire pixels than the 3ds’ screen 😀

  10. trey says:

    Off topic question: Will TN V support snes9xtyl MECM?

  11. TStrauss says:

    Didn’t Nintendo claim that they’ve been toying with this tech since the GBA? Granted, they’re not going to out and say, “this former Sony guy had a ***’ idea, so we stole it!” But perhaps the reality is that multiple groups were working on the same tech, and while Tomita patented it first, Nintendo was the first to ship a product. In that instance, the only thing Nintendo did wrong was not slapping a patent on EVERYTHING as it was in development, like everyone else with any sense does.

    Just an outsider’s take. I have a Vita and a 3DS. The Vita is more feature rich, but there are always great Nintendo exclusives that I just can’t live without.

    • clicks says:

      Well the Vita is feature rich if you pretend it doesn’t have tablets and smartphones to compete with at it’s power/price range, but…

      Totally agree on the patent thing, the guy almost sounds like a patent troll considering how many groups have been working on 3D tech for DECADES, and Nintendo has already released a (sorely underrated and unjustly maligned) 3D gaming system likely before his ideas were even thoughts, and this vague reasoning that it “didn’t use his key design principles” just makes me think someone took one look at the plaintiffs, thought “herp derp David VS Goliath” and had their mind made up early on.

      • TStrauss says:

        The Vita has what smartphones and tablets will never have: analog sticks and buttons. Yes, I’ve seen the Bluetooth pads. No, they will never take off. It’s too hard for devs to support them all, and it’ll never happen.

        The Vita also has AAA game support. The closest the phone/tablet scene has are games like Infinity Blade. Although a great game, it’s no Gravity Rush.

        • MarSprite says:

          I don’t have an android, but I thought that there was some kind of universal gamepad support built into it, provided that the software made use of the function?

  12. Fox says:

    so how come sony didn’t use it on their Vita?

    That’s what *** me off about companies, with the technology nowadays, they could make the most amazing pieces of technology but because they want to give customers little by little, so they take more of your money, they don’t ,

  13. Stan Smith says:

    Good to see $ony using that 3D technology so they have a good reason to sue over it…. (Being sarcastic if you didn’t realise)

    There are a lot of devices using glasses free 3D so why arn’t all of them getting sued too?
    LG have an Android phone that uses it so where is the lawsuit against LG?

  14. NothingButTheTruth says:

    You can sue because a device uses 3d? I guess tv companies should sue each other. This is ridiculous in my opinion.

  15. Daydream605 says:

    don’t one of htc evo have 3d? there conflict in the phone arena too, wouldn’t be surprised if sony tried a sue there

  16. Shinra358 says:

    The DSi game with 3D should have been used anyway: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3lDoVwEmts

    It looks better, no eye strain, and it is recordable. They should have used that instead along with heat sensing (so that it would work for dark ppl).

  17. Shinra358 says:

    Nintendo needs to pay THQ for the UDraw they stole so that THQ can get out of bankrupcy.

  18. Aldath says:

    Yeah since PS Move is TOTALLY an original idea.

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