Heads up. Humble Monthly this month gets you Destiny 2 + about $100 worth of games for $12, yours to keep. In other news, God of War PS4 Pro Limited Edition might or might not ship with firmware 4.73. (Affiliate links)

Massive Ubisoft sale!

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  1. Jr. Wololo says:

    i love it..!!!

  2. edukarlo says:

    too bad.. i see different prices in the EU/KSA store… no sale… *sigh*

  3. flunk says:

    sale lasts for one week.

  4. Trilli2000 says:

    Why are most of the decent sales only for the US? 🙁
    And where the heck are the new PS+ free games? Thought they were gonna update on the 13th….

    • hgoel0974 says:

      I believe that the US gets the sales whereas EU gets the rare freebies (atleast that is what I have noticed)

      • gunblade says:

        think then its like we spend a dallor u get a dallor fifty or sumthing sales i guess they usualy make us charge alot but the asian market i always liked there games and there exclusive bundles…

  5. gunblade says:

    can get a vita game and two psp games forlike under 25 dallers and i got till april to spend 25 more dallers to make ten dallers right on.sphalt or dungeon hunter demo was prety good

  6. TomTomDu80 says:

    Not available in UAE!!! c’mon Ubisoft, people are playing and buying games are not only americans!!!

  7. seife says:

    I hate eu psn ^^

  8. Dmaskell92 says:

    I really wish you would just come out and say you plan the ninja release… I mean not telling us the game is one thing, but not even disclosing a future release? If you plan to Ninja release on 2.06, just tell us so I know how frequent to check this website. You guys are making me lose hope lol “we have no ninja releases planned (or do we? dun dun dun…)”. Also the talk about no further VHBL releases was really bumming me out. I missed out on UNO, it was patched before I bought this updated Vita.

    • Dmaskell92 says:

      Nice, pure reflection of your low IQ. You must have a huge .txt file, you use to copy, and paste everyone of your spam comments. You are not clever, and in fact a ***. Don’t speak to me, you unoriginal, parody, of of a human. I have never begged for one release, so you can crawl up the crack *** you came from.

  9. weasal says:

    i live over in new zealand and gave up my old ps account for a u.s.a 1 just so i can have the free games as we never get any deals or specials and moved my online gaming to the 360 maybe if sony stops being rightous *** and thinks about people other than the japs and stupid yanks i will come back my rant is done

  10. Fingloi_x3 says:

    F*ck!! nothing for Asian Store!! *** SOny??

    Like Jack Chan said: No Asian love? huh? Wololo?

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