CryEngine. Hold on, Don’t Cry!

The slightly creepy CryEngine logo, it would be good if it was crying.


I will be doing a few articles on bits of tech that have impacted the games industry, just like i have already done Unreal Engine and Havok Physics. So now I have decided to do my next one (the article your reading now if you didn’t guess) on the CryEngine. It has a little bit more history than you think.




CryEngine 1

This engine, believe it or not was originally never going to be used for games development, instead just a tech demo for the technology company Nvidia, but after Crytek realised its potential…… Far Cry started development.

Later after the engines development, CryEngine 1.3 was released which supported HDR/HDRR lighting (wtf is that? See below.)

The only company that owns a license is NCsoft, who developed Aion: Tower of Eternity on the engine. Well that’s not specifically true. In March 2006 Ubisoft got  a permanent license to use the engine used in Far Cry . They also acquired all intellectual property rights to Far Cry.


Although the game was made in 2004, it still looks amazing.


CryEngine 2


This was the engine that saw the birth of the beautiful Crysis, The first company to grab a license for the CryEngine 2 was a company known as IMAGTP, who don’t make games, but they work in Urban planning and architecture.

Crysis was released in 2007 (before you say no it isn’t) it was released as a PC exclusive and then was re-released on the PS3/Xbox 360         4 years later in 2011, but on CryEngine 3.

A fun fact, in 2007 a college named ‘Ringling’ licensed CryEngine 2 for educational purposes.

In March 2009 at the Game Developers Conference, CryEngine 2′s successor, CryEngine 3, was shown on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The game is 16+.

Crysis  running on CryEngine 2

CryEngine 3


This engine is bloody amazing when it comes to graphics, lighting, real time reflections and everything else. It was made for MS Windows, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U. The PC platform can support DierctX 9,10 and 11.

Although announced in 2007, the company decided to release it 2 years later.

The company announced in June 2009 that Crysis 2 will be developed for the consoles under the new engine. Oddly enough, Crysis (1) was  re-released   after Crysis 2, with the second game in the series being in March 2011 and the first in October later that year.

CryEngine 3 Tech Demo:




I found a pretty little photo describing what games have been developed on the engines :) (yes, Crysis 3 is missing)


I’m can fly!


HDR/HDRR stands for High Dynamic Range Rendering, to put it in words that idiots like me will understand;

No matter how bright something is, or how dark something is, you can still see the details in it.


Name a bit of tech as big as Unreal Engine, Havok Physics  or the CryEngine and if its good enough I’ll do my next post on it

Yay this is my tenth post :)



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    Source engine (wich anyone can get it’s full source code in tpb for the 2007 version as well as source code for games)


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    Crystal Tools the engine that Square Enix used for FFXIII and FF vs XIII


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    Which engine is going to support the 177.6GB/s PS4 monster? Let me rephrase that too, which engine is going to utilize the full PS4 GPU? Is it more efficient to have a game engine designed for using limited resources, or having one with the best features?


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    tho, it’s physics are a bit excessive, this engine was made by the swedish indie game develeopers “Frictional Games”.

    you all should be familiar with the game “Amnesia – The Dark Descent” and maybe the “Penumbra” games.

    it’s not only really beautyful in general, considering, that it’s made by indie-dev’s, the lightings are superb. but they have to be for games like Amnesia, where “ambient” and “enviroment” are both big parts of the gameplay.


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      I am personally happy to see that we are talking of “more” stuff than we used to (we did not reduce the amount of articles regarding the vita, we just increased the total of articles by adding new writers, so technically there would still be the same amount of vita articles, but just much less articles every week), but I really understand this can be not appreciated so much by people who feel this “dilutes” the information they are looking for.

      I will open discussions with our guest bloggers about this, to see if we want to focus more on Sony related stuff, or if we are confident that talking of more various game related topics is something we believe in. In the meantime, I’m open to more feedback from more readers here.


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          “This is before all a site for gamers, hackers, and indie game programmers, and we try to stick to news related to gaming and hacking in general, with some of our writers more focused on gaming (not necessarily PSP/PS Vita).”

          So… To all those wanting nothing but PS related news, why don’t you just go to the “big brother” themselves and surf their site? I can guess the reason being that over here, we get news that BENEFITS US…

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    Holy hell we’re talking bout quake, yeah, ID Tech, not only the company with the very first real 3D engine but also the company with the most ported games ever, quake and doom. There is a doom & quake port for almost every plattform, device and piece of hardware with a display.


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