Video: VHBL Homebrew Loader running on Vita Firmware 2.06

People who staid on firmwares 2.02 or lower are eagerly looking in Total_Noob’s direction for the upcoming major update of TN CEF. But if you’re one of the users stuck on recent Vita firmwares such as 2.05 or the latest 2.06, you are probably impatiently waiting for the “next” exploit release, if not a Vita native one, at least inside of the PSP emulator. If you’ve been keeping track, two VHBL ports have been publicly announced and not released yet. One from Turkish dev xmax, and another one from French dev TomTomDu80.

Each new firmware release from Sony brings the question: “did they patch the upcoming exploit, and did we wait in vain?”. Although it is very unlikely that Sony will spend the time and effort to patch a vulnerability they don’t really know anything about, we can’t refrain fearing it could happen. After all, the only ones who are 100% convinced Sony is not spying on their users’ Vita error logs are Sony themselves. A hacker’s log could easily be scrutinized by Sony, to find out which games caused a crash of the device, and simply use this information to remove the game from their store, at least temporarily (ugh, am I giving them a bad idea, here?).

Well, fear not, as scene member TheZ has access to TomTomDu80′s work, and could confirm his exploit and VHBL port still works perfectly fine on firmware 2.06, as shown in the video below.

We could also independently confirm the that game used for TomTomDu80′s VHBL port is still available on the PSN in the countries we checked.

And for the typical haters out there, believe it or not, I do not personally control the agenda of every PSP/Vita hacker in the world, so no, I do not know when this is going to be released, and if TomTomDu80 plans on waiting for a more substantial firmware before he releases his VHBL port. However, when this happens, it will be most likely through a ninja release here, so stay tuned.

  1. Je-Al’s avatar

    guys do you think i should update now my vita to 2.06?


  2. ImminetRat’s avatar

    is there going to be a hack for vita games


    1. pirate city’s avatar

      No. We don’t support piracy. Buy your games, please.

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  3. RUSblagTOR’s avatar

    Пожалуйста выпутите эмульятор VHBL для пршивки 2.06 пожалуйста!!


    1. sousa’s avatar

      he said Please release the emulator VHBL for firmware 2.06 please!


      1. pirate city’s avatar

        Don’t release it on 2.06! Waste of a release.


  4. Saitek’s avatar

    Well no game but still, have fun 2.02


  5. Je-Al’s avatar

    when will you release the game i hope the exploited game is between patapon piyotama and patchwork.just hoping caz if the exploited have a price then im very very unlucky .i dont have money to buy one T_T


  6. abdominia’s avatar

    Please, surely with this exploit i would use mi vita in its 1000%


  7. charlotte’s avatar

    Bonjour à tous! Mon vhbl ne fonctionne plus depuis la mise a jour en 2.06 !! J’ai suivi les forums disant qu’il n’y avait pas de risques… Je n’aurais pas du, avec everybody’s tennis, au moment de continuer il me dit que ma sauvegarde est endommagée! J’en ai testé plusieurs sans succès… Une idée!
    Bon courage et merci pour toutes ces infos!


    1. wololo’s avatar

      Bonjour, les personnes qui vont suggéré d’upgrader en vous disant qu’il n’y avait pas de risque vous ont mal conseillé, ou bien vous avez mal compris. L’exploit Everybody’s Tennis a été patché il y a longtemps, donc en mettant à jour votre console vous voue ête coupé l’accès à cet exploit.


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