Video: VHBL Homebrew Loader running on Vita Firmware 2.06


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  1. absynthe

    After commenting again it shows, init browser , reload page, it won’t, looks like wordpress’ cache “happening”. L4M3R

  2. absynthe

    I even can read others comments awaiting for moderation though I’m no moderator -> wrong credentials for authenticated comment posters. Maybe you should fix that, it really sounds weird.

  3. tufie

    So we australians will never get any game for VBHL now? the game is first released in US, then gets removed, and never see the light in Australian PSN 🙁

  4. SoME ONE

    Its a perfect time for a release!

  5. PS3HackerAndModZ

    i have a ipad hacked a ipod and iphone plus ps3 and 360 but never ps vita i always get the game to late

  6. HeroEduard0

    Yeah!! 2.06 running… 2.07 running… 2.08 running… 2.09 running… AND???

  7. Fatih

    can someone just give me a link which I should check hourly, to not miss the next exploit?

    also, how much money do i need on my account?


    • wololo is where you want to check.
      We won’t tell you the amount of money needed though, we try to not disclose any information that would hint what the game might be.

      • Je-Al

        wololo is VHBL can load games like psp games and kinda new here..sorry not good enough in english.and i hope that the exploited game is free..cauz i dont have money to buy one T_T..

  8. Hedonism

    Hi wololo, Firstly I just wanted to say thanks for all your good hard work done! Last time an exploit came out I was away from my ps3 for a few weeks so never got to try it even though I’d been waiting ages lol. I have signed up to the forums now and just wanted to ask a couple of questions in the hope you could maybe answer them. The first question is when the exploit is released will it last long before it’s taken down from your experience? The second is with a ninja release is it safe to keep checking new posts or will it be obvious where to look? Thanks a million mate! =)

  9. cosimo98

    hello,what is the new game for the exploit ?

  10. Hedonism

    Hey, do comments get deleted here? I added a comment a few hours ago asking a couple of questions and it said it was awaiting moderation but now it’s disappeared.

  11. Saitek

    I own no PS3 console. How am I to get future exploit game. I remain on 2.05 cancelling the new Sony update for this vita. Thanks

  12. Je-Al

    guys do you think i should update now my vita to 2.06?

  13. ImminetRat

    is there going to be a hack for vita games

  14. RUSblagTOR

    Пожалуйста выпутите эмульятор VHBL для пршивки 2.06 пожалуйста!!

  15. Saitek

    Well no game but still, have fun 2.02

  16. Je-Al

    when will you release the game i hope the exploited game is between patapon piyotama and patchwork.just hoping caz if the exploited have a price then im very very unlucky .i dont have money to buy one T_T

  17. abdominia

    Please, surely with this exploit i would use mi vita in its 1000%

  18. charlotte

    Bonjour à tous! Mon vhbl ne fonctionne plus depuis la mise a jour en 2.06 !! J’ai suivi les forums disant qu’il n’y avait pas de risques… Je n’aurais pas du, avec everybody’s tennis, au moment de continuer il me dit que ma sauvegarde est endommagée! J’en ai testé plusieurs sans succès… Une idée!
    Bon courage et merci pour toutes ces infos!

    • wololo

      Bonjour, les personnes qui vont suggéré d’upgrader en vous disant qu’il n’y avait pas de risque vous ont mal conseillé, ou bien vous avez mal compris. L’exploit Everybody’s Tennis a été patché il y a longtemps, donc en mettant à jour votre console vous voue ête coupé l’accès à cet exploit.

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