PS4: Gaikai, and the importance of streaming games

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  1. Dockotis says:


    Also, I do hope the streaming doesn’t come with a limit honestly… That would suck if it did… It would suck more if it was a subscription service… >hint, hint<…

    I do hope it all goes well and goes how we hope it would…

  2. IgnusArmagadan says:

    I hope that GaiKai is a free service and if it’s not, just added as a premium addition to Playstation Plus (even if it’s only available for a higher subscription price). Possibly checks your PSN purchases from the past and let’s you play what you’ve bought that way or reads some kind of Identification from a physical disc upon start up to play backups and then allows you to purchase games to stream if never bought or own a physical copy. If GaiKai turned out like that, I would become a permanent plus user. heck, it would be a God Send if ALL out of print titles from consoles that aren’t sold in stores anymore (PS1/2) were available for free for plus users with the addition of techniques above are available for non plus subscribers but with the option to purchase non-print titles. If people don’t feel like being a plus user but still would want to own some classics, then they could at least have a choice to have the ones they wanted without the subscription fee. So many absolutely amazing possibilities that will never be accomplished and will most likely be ignored. =\

  3. silkyskeeter says:

    I dont really care about Gaikai being used for Ps3 and below, tbh. But the prospect of it being used for streaming Ps4 games to the PsVita is a system seller for me, only because I own one but if I didnt the Gaikai integration wouldnt mean much to me. Because I know that it wont be for all Ps4 games or ANY other previous console. We will still end up not getting demos and streaming a full game indefinitely isnt all that good and is a bandwith killer (just like it was for PC (OnLive AND Gaikai showed us that)) and you NEVER actually own the games, unlike digital download or physical copies. There is no way to prove ownership digitally of a game that was originally developed physically (as they are ALL direct copies of the original “going gold” version) so anyone hoping for the ability to play games you already own in physical form will be sadly mistaken just like they were with the cancelation of the UMD trade-in system that was supposed to be a feature for PsVita. Unless they enact a licensing system for every Ps4 game and previous, which Sony WILL NOT do or they would have been did it for Ps3 and Psp. Sony ONLY cares about profit not customer satisfaction and reverse compatibility makes them no profit. And there is already signs of the demo existence going the way of the dodo. But it would be cool if Gaikai for Ps4 ends up being like OnLive, where you can play 30 mins of a game without purchasing it (not some beta-built demo, the actual game) but its doubtful that will even happen.

  4. Ronald says:

    The xbox is not coming this summer nothing is known about it……

  5. decius says:

    Sony announced there’s a core (dedicated chip SoC?) that will download games in he background this way you’re not looking at a download bar for a 10-30GB Game. This is only IF you want to download the full file at once. There’s the option to stream it meaning the game will only download the “files” you need while playing. This way you’re not downloading whole games unless you play the full game. It’s common for 50-250GB bandwidth, which means you could switch and play several games while only downloading part of each game. You can’t do that on PS3, you have to wait for the full game to not only download but install wasting time and having you run it till it downloads for 1 Game. Same thing applies for demos, you have to download the full file just to find out you didnt even like tbe demo… not the case for PS4.

  6. decius says:

    Sony’s proved (With help from the U.S Military) just how powerful a server with limited linux privileges is using the PS3. When streaming there’s no hardware limitation like one might think, you can run an emulator off a server with infinite cores way better than a limited piece of hardware. As long as the PS4 supports 4K resolution it will have enough video ram to stream content to that degree, but imagine how easy it would be for that hardware to stream 1080P content. When it comes to backward compatability Sony’s made a good choice, not only for emulation sake but for newer games can be built from and run off their servers even past PS4 standards as far as GPU Power goes. They basically cornered microsoft because they have to only rely on the hardware where as Sony found a “longevity” approach.

  7. Jumper says:

    “With regards to the Price, Design, And release date, Sony didn’t announce anything, and I think it was a total letdown”

    That’s because you’re a total ***, and, a bias one at that. They announced strong developer support, nextgen games, 8GB of GDDR5, ect. And what do you mean many are going for the new Xbox this summer?, lol, not if the rumors are true, completely under-powered, always online, blocking used games, more about apps-less about actual games, built in Kinnect possibly spying on the user at any moment. Oh and launching in the summer yet nothing about it’s launch date nor price are known?.

    *** journalism at it’s finest.

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