Havok Physics – What Such Havok!


Told you I'll edit this.

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  1. Draken Stark says:

    Joysticks have made a huge difference in gaming, but I think that topic has been overdone. Maybe early online play?

  2. Kim says:

    Omg lol at the Fifa video. xD

  3. zorrodood says:

    i was wondering why HAVOK was in pretty much every game i played lately

  4. StepS says:

    hey man, can you replace the havok video with a proper one? the current one is likely a screenrip, so it has a few pauses in it.

  5. Jeers&Queers says:

    Not to mention the majority of British people have poor dental hygiene from all that green tea and eating crumpets. I know that this has nothing to do with stupid FIFA, just making a point. Lmao

    • ASKidwai says:

      Says who? The fat American whose only contact with human life is at Wal Mart and lives in a country that was once a colony?

      • Angry Chav says:

        Angry chav alert.

        Watch out! This guy has bad teeth!

      • lololol says:

        Fat American, huh?

        That’s funny because we absolutely destroy you in every sport, in games, and everything else.

        EUR = no games. Cry about release dates, etc.
        Sports = USA > UK. Michael Bisping likes to take shots to the face. Way to represent the UK.

        • Mart says:

          So kicking an egg and call it football, counts as a sport?

          A ball is supposed to be ROUND. Call it Eggball or Eggsoccer, and leave the real sports to Europe. Americants playing Fusboll bahahahaha

          Americans are known as the fattest though, supersizing all their McD meals, didn’t a NYC major even want to forbid large cans of coke and other soda?

          But yeah, some Americans did destroy the rest in some sports, like Armstrong did for 7 years in the Tour the France. Oh wait, he was using some stuff that wasn’t allowed. Bet he wasn’t the only American in the only sport using dope to win. Besides the fact that comparing a country of 300 mln inhabitants would be more logical to compare to the whole of EU and not just UK, a more fair match it would be.

          If anything, Americans came from deported Europeans, the ones we wanted to get rid off overhere 😛

          Anyways, Fifa and its physics fails, lol

  6. knux says:

    the only game that i knew runned on the havok engine was sonic generations XD wow that game was fun 😀 anyways i didn’t know it ran fifa…

  7. sage says:

    Dark Souls used Havok, but when you ran over a dead body the physics were extremely weird.

    Was it a problem of Havok or the game itself?

  8. Guardian says:

    Do an article about Jack Thompson. I am sure some people still remember this son of a !@#$%.

  9. TStrauss says:

    I’m glad Havok is now supporting GPU assisted physics computation. For the longest time, it was all being done in the CPU. You might want to mention PhysX here for pioneering the removal of physics processing from the CPU, first via discrete physics processing units, and then (once Nvidia bought PhysX), via GPU acceleration. The best implementation of GPU assisted physics was Batman: Arkham Asylum. I’m sure there are video comparisons of it on YouTube. It was really impressive.

  10. vFX says:

    Valve’s Source Engine also doing awesome job, but they aren’t into these console gaming at all :(

    • TStrauss says:

      Source is starting to show its age, and needs a major overhaul to keep up. Check out the blog post of the HL2 Cinematic Mod team for details on that.

      Also, Source is on consoles. Has been since Orange Box, and console implementation has been available to licensees since then. Source is poorly optimized, however, which is why none of the PC TF2 updates were ever brought to 360/ PS3–they needed more memory than consoles have to offer.

    • jonydols says:

      Doesn’t the Source Engine use Havok?

  11. RzmmDX says:

    That player is a diving champ!

  12. Tha boss says:

    Half life 2 engine

  13. へんたい_仮面 says:

    てっけん tag 2

  14. Davee says:

    So this article…

    is a list?

  15. Vahkiti says:

    Ahem.. but I think the flipside of this is that even a physics engine can be used wrong Havok being no exception. Case in point; Sonic 06. 😛

  16. tim says:

    Can we look into other Engines such as:

    [Known for its FPS titles]
    “Valves Engine”(Half-Life series)
    “Monolith Engine”(SHOGO)

    [Known for its Isometric Titles],
    “Liquid Entertainment Engine” (Battle Realms),
    “Infinity Engine” (Dragon Age Origin),
    “BattleZone Engine” (BZ2)
    “Warcraft 3 Engine” (WC3)


  17. rofl says:

    Do some research TStrauss.

    Do it, or f.uck off.

  18. TStrauss says:

    Why are you people so angry?

    We aren’t talking about games, we’re talking about engines. HL2 does run on the Source engine, and it was on the XBox, so you could say that Source has been on consoles since the XBox. But console support wasn’t written into the main Source code until 2007. Which means that HL2 was the exception rather than the rule. Claiming that Source was on the XBox is a misleading statement.

    I not only have done the research, I was in the scene when all of these things took place. I remember the big to-do that happened when console support was added to the main Source branch. I remember when PS3 support was rewritten in-house, because EA’s implementation sucked. Go get a copy of Orange Box and L4D on PS3 if you don’t believe me!

    So please do us all a favor and take a nap, have a nice, cool drink, and shut the heck up. You’re both acting like idiots.

  19. TStrauss says:

    I thought these posts were moderated? You are absolutely vile.

    I don’t think I like talking with you. You’re bizarrely angry (did I call your wife fat or something?), and your comments are getting more and more explicit. Please go crawl back into the angry little hole you crawled out of and write your manifestos about the proper dating of video game engine ports to consoles. Maybe get laid, smoke a bowl, whatever makes you approximate a human, before you come back out.

    If you would like to act like a big boy and use grown up words, I’d be happy to talk about the subject some more. It interests me. But until then, please leave me alone because we’re done.

  20. TStrauss says:

    Calmer than you are.

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