Develop For The OUYA And Win A Competition! But Hurry! You Don’t Have Long!


According to the official OUYA blog, you can now develop for that thing the size of a mug.

The game company who pretty much made Kickstarter more famous than it was already, are doing a contest in which you can upload your game at for your game to be a part of the OUYA itself, so your game you made will be on the store for the mug owners to play ( even the early backers) .


Here’s the awesome bit. When your games have passed the test of the boring stuff like copyright, malware, real world violence etc.

( Okay, it’s not boring, read the content review & guidelines here) Your game will be on the store, and you will also be entered into the competition!

The competition goes like this, the top 3 games that have racked up the most hours in gameplay within the first 6 weeks will be a part of a documentary made my OUYA, with you describing what you went through to make your game so awesome.

The competition ends on March 28th

Okay, I know that you won’t read the content review and guidelines, so just read them

Hate Speech: Do not promote hatred toward an individual
or group of people based on their race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age,
veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender identity in your game. If you do, we’ll reject it.

Violence: Do not encourage real word violence, in any way.

Sexually Explicit Content: Don’t go overboard on nudity or obscene
references… you know what we mean.

Misrepresentation (of your Game or Yourself): Be who you say you are.
Don’t confuse gamers by being “like” other games.

Intellectual Property: Do not infringe on the intellectual property rights of
others including patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, and all other proprietary rights.

Dangerous Products: Do not transmit viruses, worms, malware, or any
other items that may harm gamers or the OUYA platform.

Illegal Activities: Use good judgment and do not break the law.

OUYA Trademark: You can use the OUYA name, logo, and trademark,
but you have to respect that these are OUYA’s intellectual property, so we want you to use
them in a way that accurately portrays that your game is on OUYA.


Here are a few example of contest entries:

Personally, I think someone will make an emulator that re-awakens Mr. Nostalgiathat. That is what will win.

In my opinion, I think Wololo should upload Wagic. Don’t you agree?

Will you be developing for the OUYA?
If you wish to learn programming, I learnt from this website:
My brother once developed a couple of games on android using JAVA so I suggest you
learn that if you want to develop a game for the mug.

Also, I need to apologize about my previous article regarding the OUYA . Thanks to one of our /talk members, he pointed out that the bit in the middle of the controller was in fact a touchpad.

It is a touchpad used for games for when a controller doesn’t quite cut it.
Thanks ‘sonofskywalker3′ you have an awesome name.


Poorly photoshopped by me, I know,

  1. oO Flowzilla Oo’s avatar

    I agree. I’d like to see Wagic on the Ouya :D


  2. Mars’s avatar

    I’m going to be pissed if Wagic ISN’T on the Ouya.


  3. TelgarDrakore’s avatar

    Well its settled, someone needs to program Wagic onto the Ouya so that they or Wololo get to be in a documentary as the best freaking game every for the Ouya.


  4. aerinas’s avatar

    We want Wololo to win this, quick call in the 4chan troops, it will happen :P


  5. Quhark’s avatar

    ohh these comments… why dont they realize OUYA runs android


  6. vps’s avatar

    This post is great. I realy love it!



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