Develop For The OUYA And Win A Competition! But Hurry! You Don’t Have Long!


Huh, this notebox is good. Password: Minimurspassword /talk password: minimur12pass Hold on, people can see this?

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4 Responses

  1. oO Flowzilla Oo says:

    I agree. I’d like to see Wagic on the Ouya :D

  2. TelgarDrakore says:

    Well its settled, someone needs to program Wagic onto the Ouya so that they or Wololo get to be in a documentary as the best freaking game every for the Ouya.

  3. aerinas says:

    We want Wololo to win this, quick call in the 4chan troops, it will happen :P

  4. Quhark says:

    ohh these comments… why dont they realize OUYA runs android

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