The Unreal Engine- An Unreal Engine?

Before I start,  must say that this will not be an in depth review listing every feature and spec each of the engines have ever had, but just an overview of its history. 

I thought I might do this purely because of the amount of games that have been developed for the engine is…… unreal ;) , with games like Gears of War, the recent Batman games and the legendary Tom Clancy series. The Unreal Engine is a game engine developed by Epic Games, it was mainly developed for  FPS (which its first game was). Although made for an FPS, it has been used in many different games, like Stealth RPG’s and those weird SAW games.  It has been one of the most successful game engines out there, and one of the most known. The Engines code is written in C++ and has been ported to many different platforms, like Xbox, PS2/3/4 , PC, iOS, OS X, WII U.

Unreal Engine 1

This is the engine that would be the beginning of a legacy for many great games to run on. The first game made on it was called ‘Unreal’  and it saw the birth of many great franchises, with games like Deus Ex, Unreal Tournament and many others. 26 games were developed around on this engine.

Here is gameplay of the engines first game:

Unreal Engine 2

Their second version of the engine would be a bit more successful than the previous one, developing a hell of a lot more games, so much so I cant even count them…. The game it made its debut on a game names America’s Army, on PC, OS X and Linux. The Engines core code was completely re-written and it featured UnrealEd 2, which is a level editor made for games based upon the Unreal engine where developers could create levels. Other parts of the engine were updated also, like how they added support for use on GameCube and Xbox.

Here is the gameplay of the first game on Unreal Engine 2:


Unreal Engine 3

This is the third installment and still used as standard engine for many games, many still to come out. The engine was designed for DirectX for Windows and Xbox360, as well as systems using OpenGL, like PS3, Vita, Wii U, iOS , Android and OS X. This version of it would see the best games, with names like the whole Gears of War series (even if your a PlayStation lover like me, admit it the game looks cool) but also the whole Mass Effect Series, Batman Arkham Asylum & City. Many of my favorite games have been made on an Unreal Engine, with games like Army of Two and the Batman’s and also the Bioshock series.

Bioshock Infinite will be running on UE3.

Unreal Engine 4

Now this Engine is  seriously for the next generation of gaming, just watch the videos below which was the tech video showcasing what UE4 can do and if it doesn’t scream next-gen, then I don’t know what does. One of the videos below is the ‘Elemental’ demo, running on the PS4, and the other is of a game called ‘Project Awakened‘ a game funding on kickstarter and to be honest, it looks like a pretty awesome game, I’ve backed it. It is still unclear how many games are being developed with the engine yet, but company president Mike Capps said that there is a “couple” of games on it and it is no doubt that they will all look beautiful.

NOTE: The quote is 8 months old.



What’s your favorite game? leave it in the comments below…….

  1. mel’s avatar

    oh man i think its gonna be the shit…and i think they did pretty good in the pass…now lets see what there gonna bring to the table this time around..


  2. gunblade’s avatar

    unreal tormanament… think its used
    in dust 514


  3. Saul’s avatar

    The Unreal Engine is pretty sweet. I use the Unreal Engine when I have time, but been using Maya more lately for projects. Both are pretty awesome.


  4. solidsnake’s avatar

    i like the unreal engine right before bed


  5. GuitaristMatt’s avatar

    Can’t wait to see quantic dream again!


    1. StepS’s avatar

      wait, what happened to your eyes?


      1. Spite’s avatar

        He is the No-Eyed Square Guy.


  6. IgnusArmagadan’s avatar

    Unreal Engine is always the first engine to show off what is possible in the next generation and then as the generation it debuts in develops, the engine gets way overused and becomes pretty generic aside from a few stand out titles and other developers create their own game engines that blow it out of the water. Square Enix and Quantic Dream just to name a couple.


    1. yea!’s avatar

      your avatar looks mad…


  7. johnny’s avatar

    You should replace that crap looking america’s army with a game worthy of Unreal Engine 2.

    And that is Unreal 2. Back then in 2003 it earned the best looking game award for a reason you know ;)

    It was the Crysis of 2003. CoD1 looked better than Americas Army.


    1. DMand420’s avatar

      It wouldn’t be a fair comparison if he didn’t use the first games for the unreal engine since it UE4 hasn’t had a chance to show its full potential yet imo


  8. FZFalzar’s avatar

    I personally code stuff in Unreal, mainly UE2.5 for Killing Floor. Too bad Unrealscript is gonna be obsolete in UE4 :(


  9. w3ird00’s avatar

    I still play Unreal Tournament 1, it’s so good.


    1. #18’s avatar

      Facing worlds is where its AT people!


  10. lkjbhkj’s avatar

    jetpack joyride crash on vita. it will be helpful for hack ?


  11. LiudvikasLTU’s avatar

    Hey guys, a bit off topic, but vita’s price droppedin japan from 25o$ to 215$. The drop is also awaited on onther countries, so yeah!


  12. Cuco’s avatar

    “Even if you’re* a playstation lover like me.”


  13. keanudag’s avatar

    I alredy tried out UDK with the Unreal Engine 3. Its very easy to design great levels.


  14. hgoel0974’s avatar

    Oh, you guys know that Mortal Kombat for the Vita was made in UDK too! So, yeah it supports the Vita!


  15. vitacfw’s avatar

    cant wait for tn-v to be relewsed :D its vunna be awsome lol


  16. solidsnake’s avatar

    Dude… Dont you guys get it???
    We are getting really really close to that point where video game graphics start to look spookyly real, to the point where you have to turn the game off because you swear that you just saw someone real get their head chopped off!!!!

    Becareful everybody… reality is becoming digitized!!!


    1. solidsnake’s avatar

      Have you seen that part in the new tomb raider where she is riding down a stream of water and a piece of metal pipe goze right through her jaw and then head and you have to do it over and over again until that stops happening? DuDE!!!!!


      1. Chasez671’s avatar

        Oh yeah, that one! I swear, that was the nastiest death in the game. I felt like I was gonna throw up! Luckily, I only had that happen once before I passed it.


  17. solidsnake’s avatar

    Just like Heavy Rain but with better graphics… Im scared to play games now because its too darn real yo


  18. solidsnake’s avatar

    Once again I am giving the nvidia some shield some credit because I think I will get a heck of a lot more out of this device for the price compared anything sony comes up with.
    Its a different ball park. Bring a different bat yo.


  19. solidsnake’s avatar

    Seriously. I feel like we have been here before. A overpriced graphics powerhouse that doesnt deliver gameplay or story. You get bored very quickly once you eyes have fully adjusted to the amazing graphics…

    Seriously. Graphics are great, but without good gameplay or story, that does not matter…

    Wait and see… Go over to your buddys house first to play his ps4 to decide if its right for you. Just like when we were kids and and your friend had that brand new nintendo that you drooled over but for some reason you didnt have…
    Why is that???


    1. #18’s avatar

      Unreal Tournament… Has the graphics and the gameplay.

      Kinda hope UT4/20xx is the first to use this engine. Or maybe I just want another UT.


  20. solidsnake’s avatar

    Im really sorry about all my comments. You can erase them if you want. I dont want to be bad.


  21. cscash241’s avatar

    unreal engine vs cryengine
    The latest version of cryengine is freaking sexy as hell


  22. Acid_Snake’s avatar

    I have more faith with the Fox Engine, have you seen what that thing can do with current gen? current gen!!!


  23. TStrauss’s avatar

    This is a rather anemic description of the Unreal Engine and its iterations. There’s no mention of UE 2.5 (Bioshock 1 & 2 were made using that, not 3!), and no mention of the criticisms of UE3 (godawful texture pop-in, Epic Games being stingy with updates to third parties). Also, the iOS Unreal Engine is not the same as UE3; it is derivative of it, but far from the same level of detail (check out the water implementation in Epic Castle for a glaring example).

    I also think “Good Samaritan” is a better example of UE4, but it isn’t running on a console. I believe it is running on a high end PC with multiple GPUs in Crossfire/ SLI. I would throw that video up as well, since it highlights the major improvements of UE4 (tessellation, largely increased numbers of particles, etc.)


    1. TStrauss’s avatar

      Sorry, a few fact corrections of my post.

      1) the “Samaritan” video is actually the UE3 from 2011, running on three GTX 580s. Those features are all in the current UDK. I’d still throw that video up to show where UE3 has gone since Gears of War (the first UE3 title to my knowledge).

      2) Epic Games claims that Epic Citadel, Infinity Blade, etc. are all running UE3. I still think this claim is misleading at best. Even comparing Gears of War (early UE3) to Epic Citadel shows glaring differences. I’m sure iOS UE is derived from UE3, but I would not call them the same.

      Apologies for the lack of clarity.



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