Ps Vita anniversary games W/o PSN access!

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  1. lol says:

    this is so stupid if u have the uno hack already ,you can get the games (GOOGLE IT)… and the same for a psp

    • wololo says:

      What you are thinking about is most likely illegal. What we are talking about is perfectly ok. Don’t mix the two things.

      • b2p1mp says:

        Also, the PSX support on ARK/TN is missing sound and the videos must be ripped out. I do not think this has been fixed yet.

        • Someone Else says:

          True. And as far as we know, it may never be.*

          But also, if you use the tips in this blog, you
          end up with legitimate free games, that will
          always (I think) be on your PSN download list
          for future consoles.

          *(All the blog topics suggest that the one person
          who had experience with PS1 sound and felt like
          doing this, ended up leaving anyway.)

          • garrei says:

            There is just that little bit of achievement by watching your PSN list get longer. same with steam, you can download all the game you want, sure, but when you know yourself that you paid for it, you appreciate it a little more. its almost like having the disc in posession its weird….

  2. dan says:

    completely agree with lol, if you dont wanna risk, time by tyme, just get psp hack and you have that, and many games for free for a long time.

  3. Stan Smith says:

    A 4th way and only if he releases it before is TN-V and get it from the PSP store that way.
    Wondering if you get it via TN-V will it transfer to the Vita as well or will it be TN-V only?

    • Thespillmonkey says:

      It will be TN-V only.

      • JeoWay says:

        The games would be on your Download list for when you do update your PS Vita. Now, since TN-V installs it as FBOOT, it would have to make a certain VBOOT install to the LiveArea menu. Which isn’t possible in the PSP Emulator.

  4. zeroxphesnos says:

    I think its in the North America region. Im from Canada and have already downloaded the free games.

  5. NNNRT says:

    I don’t have a US account. 🙁
    I could’ve downloaded Patapon from my PSP! 😥

  6. shurvir says:

    Couldn’t you download the games on the psp and transfer them on to the vita? I was pretty sure there was a homebrew or something that would allow transfer between the two.

  7. Someone Else says:

    I just gave up Ark and TN-C for now,
    because I felt like this was a really
    generous gift, and very cool of Sony.

    They’re also having a MASSIVE sale.

    On top of the 4 free games, I got
    Street Fighter X Tekken for like
    28 bucks instead of 40.

    Excellent game, excellent price.

  8. Kyu says:

    Can’t you just “buy” the games on the web store?

  9. pso2fans says:

    well, i updated my vita for pso2 :3
    *no regret*

    • Kyu says:

      If it got over here,I would do so as well.
      How is it’s economic system?Does it force you to buy stuff in game in order to “fully enjoy” it?

  10. TecSeanMiller says:

    For those of you who want to get it on your PS3 just add it to your basket on PSN (using PSP) or Media Go Software and it becomes available through your account purchase/downloads list on your PS3.
    Hope this encourages everyone who wants to get these games before the offer expires.

  11. E says:

    i say everyone should just go ahead and update. There will always be another hack or exploit down the road. I loved my ARK eCFW & TN-C but it was just not worth it considering Sony COMPLETELY blocked all internet connectivity until you upgraded and I DO use my Vita for things other than games. i need my internet & trophy syncing.

    • Shadow Edge says:

      Huh? Trophy sync and of course PSN/Store access is blocked (basically anything that requires PSN login), but not Internet access…

      I’m still able to browse the net and use Internet apps like Skype and Youtube with no problem. I’m on 2.02 w/ ARK.

      Admittedly, I do miss having my trophies sync’d with my account since I also run Raptr to track stuff like that.

  12. icyheart says:

    I have two psvita

  13. L says:

    Why does method 1 contradict the title? I feel stupid reading this now.

    • Look again. says:

      I don’t think it contradicts.

      He’s just putting the options on the table there,
      starting with the one that updates you,
      then showing 2 alternatives.

      The article still supports the title, to me.

  14. deathlight says:

    I dont get why sony wants to block eCFWs cause if there is an exploit more people will buy vita and the exploited games then sony can earn more $$

    • Shadow Edge says:

      Not necessarily. Yes, more people will buy the Vita, but they will lose significant sales from their cross-platform model (selling PSP games that can also be loaded into the Vita). Now, I wouldn’t like paying for a UMD I’ve already bought (even with UMD Passport), but I imagine people just getting started with PSPs & Vitas would have full access to both PSN libraries for download. No need to buy two consoles to play many PSP games.

      There are the UMD-exclusives…and I think that’s where the weak link is.

  15. William A.U. (NeonAera) says:

    Wow, thanks for the heads-up, rashi!! Much appreciated. I might try the new methods soon. Thanks again.

  16. John_Scott says:

    already being and gone in other regions..!/en-au/ps-vita-1st-birthday-sale/cid=STORE-MSF75508-VITASALEFEBC2013

  17. StepS says:

    I noticed that some of the anniversary games contain the PSP games. So here comes another method: if MediaGo allows to download purchased PSP content, then get those EBOOTs from there and then decrypt it with tpu’s NP Decryptor for PC. You will get an iso image file which you will be able to use with eCFW.

  18. asmith906 says:

    you can just go to the web store and add the free games to your cart and checkout. It’s way easier or if you have a ps3 use that.

  19. tonyneyer says:

    another way is to download it onto your memory card using another vita on the swme account you could do this by using your friends vita and with some time.
    i will call the my vita (the one running ark) vita a, and will call my friends vita b.
    step one: remove the memory card from vita b
    step two: log out of whatever psn account is logged in on vita b
    step three: do a complete restore of vita b (this allows you to change accounts)
    step four: log into the psn account for vita A
    step five: insert the memory card from vita A
    step six: enter the psn store and get the games and download them to vita A’s memory card
    step seven: after downloading the games and apps wanted you can turn off vita b and remove vita A’s memory card.
    step eight: insert the memory card bac into vita A and turn on.
    step nine: make sure that you are logged into the swme account that both uno and the new free games were “bought” on, if they dont match up it wont work.

    ive done this many times i have a friend who stays legit on the current 2.05 firmware, so he has no problems downloading from psn. my vita runs 2.02 firmware and the ark uno exploit. i also sometimes download games on my psp1001 and use adhogfile transfer to send files from my psp1001 to my vita. though it works better with a psp 3000 it still works anyway enjoy! 😉

    • Je-al says:

      even though i did not quite understand your step but.i think this will work..but i dont have the uno exploit…i hope wololo will soon exploit the 4 games..

  20. Jakester says:

    What about an ad-hoc psp-ps vita set-up? Could that help with this or with moving games from the PSP to the PS Vita? Anybody do ANYTHING with the PS Vita’s ad hoc mode yet?

  21. Chris.beanz says:

    Those of you who used method 2 you can now download all 4 games from the PSN store for free as long as you bought it on MediaGo. Thanks alot to minimur and rashidsonic for posting this work-around, I always wanted to play Patchwork heroes but have never been able to get a working rom. 🙂