OUYA The $99 Android Console – Coming VERY Soon.


Told you I'll edit this.

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  1. ????bdbg???? says:

    yea i think ill get it #1# commen to

    • fail says:

      Do you figure out that this kind of comment is useless?

      • aerinas says:

        quote: “What do you think about the OUYA? Will you be buying it? Leave your opinions below.”
        He answered that question in his comment, and added he was first, you just told him his comment was useless. I hate to break it to you, but his comment is actually more useful than yours xD.
        And just so I’m not a hypocrite, no I’m not gonna get an ouya. I love the idea of the thing, it’s just that I really don’t like android.

    • Ry Spears says:

      Uh… yes it IS a touchpad.

  2. joeng64 says:

    very interesting 😀

    I might replace my vita with this…

  3. Randqalan says:

    I hope it can keep their promise and if so knock the gaming industry on it’s collective ears

    The company’s have become money hungry lately and do not care much for the consumer

    So this may make them rethink their plans

    Lets hope so

  4. wartaf says:

    what’s the specs? it depends on its specs

  5. TelgarDrakore says:

    Just remember everyone, this is an android console running on an android operating system. The hopeful result of this is not really to overthrow the console overlords or put a dent in major publishers, and it probably will put a very minimal splash against the other consoles for living room dominance.

    No, the big thing we want this console to do is become a homebrew/multimedia and ANDROID gaming powerhouse. Creating console comparable games that run on an android device is what we want this to acomplish, so that hopefully we can drudge out of the *** hole that is android and ios gaming right now and get some REAL games. Hopefully this system brings about an android gaming revolution to smartphones as well.

    Pray that this system finally saves us from the *** that is “Cow Clickers”, “Free-To-Play Pay-To-Win” and no substance android games.

    • Thrawn says:

      Of course we want it to be a successful android gaming platform, I guess everybody here wants this.
      BUT it would be not bad if certain companies would feel a little kick from that tiny powerhouse.
      That would wake them up from their slumber.

      Somehow I get the feeling that the next videogame crash is just around the corner…

      • clicks says:

        That crash my already be happening for the fabled “hardcore” gamers… It’s been happening since the explosion of casual ios/android garbage took a hold of the public’s interest and I doubt putting a cheap controller on a single android device will change anything.

        Also this thing is only a “power house” when compared to the similarly priced Wii, not much else console based.

  6. Troa says:

    What do you mean, no that isn’t a touchpad? The front center of the controller is totally a touchpad, just like the DualShock 4. Also that’s an old design for the controller. Based on tons of feedback they changed the dpad into something that resembles a dpad.

    • tj says:

      There are guidelines here at wololo regarding open source gaming platforms.
      Please adhere to this process strictly-
      1) Embrace all Homebrews and devs – Its all about freedom
      2) Bash the shi* out of all open source gaming platforms based on their inferior hardware.
      3) Here everything is compared to the mighty VITA. Anything less is ***.
      4) The merits should be a afterthought. If enough comments pick up the topic lets give it a chance.
      5) Verdict should always be this- The platform is not good enough. But if you are really into it go for it . we here at wololo wouldnt recommend it.

      The purpose of these guidelines are to strictly discourage any initiatives that undermine the contributions of the great devs who have been contributing to the scene and of course increase the number of clicks.

      • wololo says:

        I’m going to assume you are that one guy who took offense at my articles regarding the GCW Zero.
        You could actually care to check what I had to write about other systems such as the Open Pandora or the Ouya, or, even stretching a bit more, about the Droid X360. You’ll see that I’m not always bashing open source consoles. you could also read the GCW Zero article beyond the screen of hate you put in front of it, and see that many of my arguments are valid.

        In particular regarding the GCW Zero, my concerns were, and still are valid. I said it would be a niche of a niche product, that its hardware specifications were not in par with modern expectations (I insist on the word “expectations”. I am not saying the console will not achieve what it plans to, I am saying it lacks ambitions and doesn’t match what people expect of a computer these days). A couple days later, the owners of the project doubled the Ram and added explanations in their FAQ regarding why they wouldn’t up the screen, which proved that I was not the only one with the concerns.

        Dozens of backers of the GCW Zero learned about the console from me in the first place, so in a way I contributed a lot to the success of that project. Maybe you would have preferred if I had given that console the same treatment as mainstream gaming websites, that is either not mention it at all, or go “oh, look, a linux console! And it’s a kickstarter project! Wow, it must be great, go check it out!” without any actual investigation of what the console does and who’s behind it.

        Another concern I had with the GCW Zero was that it claimed to have been created with Game developers in mind. This proved to be not true, and having indie developers on board was an afterthought (with a few exceptions, but nothing compared to the Ouya for example). The GCW Zero is a console for retro emulation, this is great but has close to nothing to do with indie devs or homebrews. Emulators are great pieces of code, but in the end the games you play with these devices are nowhere close to open source or to indie games. So don’t go “bwahahaa, wololo hates open source initiatives” on me, when I’m probably one of the only guys you know around here who actually created an open source game. (A game, not an emulator).

        I don’t especially like the Vita. But if you look at its hardware specifications, you’ll have to admit nothing competes with it on the mobile market for now. Like it or not, it will be used as a comparison point.

        Bottom line is, you’re making a rule based on one article I wrote about one device. Check my other articles about other open source devices, you’ll see I’m not always that negative.

  7. Mud says:

    I cant wait, as a backer I should be seeing one real soon. :)

  8. shadowfire90 says:

    hmmm, this little guy could easily replace a HTPC at a fraction of the cost to put one together and not to mention beat the size.
    It has Flash memory expandable via a usb port.
    I may look into this, not to mention you could load a ton of emulators and games onto this thing and have an all in one classic gaming machine :)

  9. psycho0152 says:

    this thing is open enough said

  10. #18 says:

    Er… No thanks. My superb vita and *** phone is fine enough. C’mon, nothing will beat it when we get Killzone Mercs. You’d have to be crazy drunk to believe otherwise and that this console (OUYA) Will be a success. If all it is is another way to play the *** android games with no better exclusives for it, then NO.

  11. mecksg1 says:

    im buying one when they come out. my friend did the kickstart and will have his soon, so i going to check it out but will get one no matter what. if they said is true and that you can just pop out the old board and pop a new one in your self for a small fee ill be one happy guy

  12. knux says:

    this looks good for playing emulators on the big screen, be looking forward to it.

  13. TStrauss says:

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The Ouya lacks value. I can run emulators through the PSOne/ N64 on my original XBox, my pc, my cell phone, and my PSP. I can run homebrew on all of these as well. I can run emulators through the Wii/ PS2 on my pc. I can run AAA commercial releases on my pc, my 360, my PS3, and my handhelds.

    Why would anyone buy an Ouya when the homebrew scenes for various consoles brought the pc experience to the couch years ago? Say what you will about Nintendo or Sony, but they get the need for giving their next gen consoles distinguishing value (Nintendo with their weird tablet-controller, Sony with their motion sensing light-controller).

    • Jd8531 says:

      The Ouya will be way more than just emulators and homebrew. It’ll have exclusive games coming to it, apps such as Netflix and even ports of games like Minecraft. It’ll feature a full marketplace.

      • TStrauss says:

        Ooh, exclusive games! Heard that one before. N-Gage, Atari Lynx, Game Park 32. Always the same sales pitch, always the same results.

        Here’s what you’ll get for your $99: a video experience designed for a 10 inch or less screen blown up on your 40+ inch TV, a GPU weaker than the one in the aging XBox 360, a CPU designed for low power consumption instead of performance, and a platform without the install base to attract the EAs, Take-2s, and Activisions that make all the games.

        The only real selling point of the Ouya, that I can tell, is the fact that its an open platform. But the Wii, the GameCube, the XBox, and the PS2 have been “opened” for years. There’s even great homebrew on handhelds like the NDS and the PSP (isn’t that what this site is all about?).

        I’m sure you’ll have fun with your Ouya. Homebrew is great. But I’ll be enjoying homebrew with my old-school XBox, while also enjoying its library of AAA games, and holding a wad of cash that I didn’t spend on the Ouya.

      • svenn says:

        Minecraft already is here 😉 Its minecraftPI, but since there both ARM based I assume its running on dev kits already 😉

        now lets get a linux distru on it and ill buy one.

  14. Alnitak says:

    Here’s the new controller if anyone wants a look:

    And yes, it does have a touchpad.

  15. Thespillmonkey says:

    I backed it and will be receiving one in the first/second shipment wave.
    These smaller “indy” consoles will indeed at least be a few more falling pebbles that help to get the avalanche of big console collapse rolling.
    Many of today’s console consumer understand that their console is just a gimpy PC hooked up to their tv, and they want more and more PC-like features on them. The only thing that will keep people buying the big 3 consoles will be exclusive titles. If gave devs offer these to newly developed and more open indy consoles (once they can match specs and still keep price lower,) it will severely hurt their sales. It won’t happen overnight, and the Ouya wont do it alone, but with the lifespan of last “nex-gen” consoles being 5+ years, I see this next wave of them being the last in line before a MAJOR business model change is needed by all 3.

    • Kyu says:

      …or wait for emulators on a high end pc.And given how pretty much every current console (no handhelds) so far has PC-like specs…yea,we would most probably see full ps4 emulation before ps3 lol

  16. JeoWay says:

    Why does she use the term “Hackers to get full control of the device”. Android is already completely open source. I do understand however that the PS3 and Xbox (TV consoles), which are locked down to playing Legally bought games and no homebrew, but hence the term “hackers” has nothing to do with having free games on Android.

    Android can simply insert the .APK file on the SD Card and use a SD Card manager to click install on the file. Unlike iOS being locked down to Verification of IPA, its still a simple process even on later module types. Once somethings open, its basically always going to be open. Just got me thinking when she said “Hackers” (Especially on Software that has been open source for years)

  17. Mud says:

    Is the ouya still shipping for backers on the 28th of this month? I haven’t heard any news about that in a long time. :/

  18. JonathanH says:

    freedom prevails

    goodbye 10,000$ dev kits lol

  19. JonathanH says:

    Project Shield will fail 500 dollars for an android device lol.

    An Android gaming platform that supports cheap dev kits and minecraft is the way to go.

  20. Jan says:

    The controller is a total ripoff , a console for the price of one controller *** ? the ouya with one controller costs 99 usd and an ouya controller cost 50 usd …this means that subtracting the price of one controller , the console itself costs 49 usd … and they’ll charge you an extra 30 usd for shipping ,you’ll pay 180 usd for what ? a box with a motherboard and an one year old tegra 3 built in system chip + two controllers with no AA bateries +shipping. Keep in mind that when the ouya will be on sale , there will be 5to 10 tines faster ARM chips like tegra 4 or qualcom snapdragon.

    • clicks says:

      Pretty sure the system and controller include AAs, so why not a separate controller. PLUS when is the last time anyone played a multiplayer title on a android device with a single console at the same time?

      THAT’S it’s major weakness as a casual gaming device, the lack of dedicated multiplayer when compared to current and even past consoles like the PS2, and as such the controller’s price is a non-issue since it largely won’t be needed :\

  21. asmith906 says:

    I’ve been eyeing this to replace my OG xbox as my Emulator console. That Controller is ugly though. Also I hear people say this will replace their vita. How you going to do that when the Ouya isn’t a portable console?

  22. Rijndael says:

    I have been waiting for it, that would do a great job as a NAS.

  23. cscash241 says:

    Is this guy trolling?

  24. J3LACK--EAGLE says:

    Tft the ouya aint ***………….its not gonnna replace a vita………..put an android chip in a box and add a controller and its a console? What the heck has technology came to, if you do buy one its a rip off when you can get a ps4 an experia play(or any other android phone) and a vita and ***, call it a day ur full of next gen

    • BrendanBeckmann says:

      Except the Xperia Play isn’t next-gen anything. It uses a single-core1 GHz CPU and is bottlenecked further by its 512 MB of RAM and 200 MHz Adreno 205 GPU. Now, mind you this would be an acceptable configuration in a perfect world. I can still run CM10 (Android 4.1.2) and play a number of games [some that the Vita cannot], but my device is still outdated by something like the Nexus 4.

      Mobile phones don’t even have a generational gap. There are simply too many of them and they get made too quickly.

      • clicks says:

        I’d still take an older PSP game over a newer android game 4/5ths of the time, but I suppose that’s beside the point.

  25. HaYNigloo says:

    I have a few thoughts on OUYA as well as STEAMBOX. How will the 2 handle each other, being respectively similar. How diverse are these indie consoles compatibility with big box named accessories, as well as indie accessories like the Oculus! Which by the way, I’ll be getting(I don’t know if I want a dev kit or end-user unit). Just a few thoughts to tinker about.

    • Kyu says:

      Steambox seems to be a med-high-type of pc.
      Basically,hook your pc on a tv and you get something similar.I will only assume that it has better retail cooling than any other pc (I repeat,RETAIL/OUT-OF-THE-BOX),so it should faction well for its purpose (also,as a pc,I expect that you can hook ANY OS to it).

  26. Jmqm says:


  27. ducky420 says:

    everything depends on sony from now on

  28. oO Flowzilla Oo says:

    I want one. Think of all the beautiful emulators.

  29. oO Flowzilla Oo says:

    The controller looks fine.

  30. gunblade says:

    reserving mine next month does the nividia controler work on it.

  31. snailcomment says:

    I get the reference of the picture.

    Lets hope it isn’t cause I’m gonna get one. :p

  32. Flash_Falcon says:

    Will wait for reviews…probably will hold off in the end for Shield.

  33. Jacki says:

    The greedy face from this guys tells everything :D, I definitely dont need this.

  34. FutureBot says:

    An open source console. Android software is not complicated. Design and play apps as you go? Mod, Tweak, overclock, against other altered machines. Install flash player with Html 5. Wirelessly comunicate with other android devices. Use your phone as a remote if you dont like that one. Im ready coach let the Dev games begin.

  35. 9r says:

    I would like to develop for Ras-pi more than this…
    p.s.Shampwow lol

  36. steve says:

    i just hope that they won’t use that picture for advertising, it’s super creepy… xD

  37. uNb0rN says:

    pretty nice

  38. Alexpowrs says:

    well most phones have 1 GB RAM and a decent CPU/GPU and dont forget the Mini HDMI and the fact that we can connect our ps3 controller to it so to me this is very useless

  39. OUYA has come a long way from its origins as a project many were skeptical would ever be anything other than a vaporware dream. Now, it looks poised to deliver on its original timeline and hit full scale production shortly.

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