Happy Birthday Vita Owners! Free Games & More


So as of 5th March, a SCEA has been pretty generous when it comes to the Vita’s first birthday, with 4 free games and a bucket load of discounts.
Unfortunately as stated (pretty obviously) above that this only applies to the US region. So unless your vita is running a US account, you wont be able to grab these deals.

The offer they have going on is quite good, 4 free games (okay none of them are vita games, but sod it. Free stuff) and all are playable on the vita it also includes a long list of discounts, which is looking pretty good.

The games on offer are these:

Wild Arms (PS one Classic)
Patapon (PSP)
Piyotama (PSP)
Patchwork Heroes (PSP)

The following games are on sale with 30% off, but if you happen to be a PS Plus member, you get 50% off the games,
and here they are :

Army Corps of Hell
Big Sky: Infinity
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend
Knytt Underground
LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes
LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes French
LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7
LEGO Lord of the Rings
Pure Chess
Retro City Rampage
Sine Mora (with Trial)
Spy Hunter
Street Fighter X Tekken
Sumioni: Demon Arts
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Some more games were also added, but the discounts stay at the discount listed next to the game:
FIFA Soccer 13 (30% off)
Madden NFL 13 (30% off)
Oddworld Strangers Wrath (25% off)

Happy Pata Pata ‘ing

What was that last game you bought on PSN? Mine was UNO!

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  1. niksko12’s avatar

    hmmm…. sony playstation web store is down for US..



    1. WolfRamiO’s avatar

      is on maintenance, sony announced like 1 or 2 weeks ago


    2. artmaze7’s avatar

      It’s still up for me…..


    3. wing’s avatar

      ter on it ….just downloaded its new so u may need to serch


    4. Orohu’s avatar

      Just for the record, Media Go works for downloading the freebies. Otherwise you can’t get them on the web store or PS3 store (Not sure about PSP).


  2. lawthugg’s avatar

    Ive been checking the store and none of those games are on the list. Yes i am in the US. since this post ive been checking every 30 min and still nothing…

    Theres a section that says psvita anniversery bash. I believe thats where those games would be. Can anyone confirm what section there in.

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Someone Else’s avatar

      I think you are right, but too early.
      I believe that’s last week’s early anniversary promotion,
      until the store updates.

      Lately, they seem to update REALLY late.
      Like almost the next day.


  3. Sylen7Nato’s avatar

    you have to search for them manually…they are not being advertised as a special, but they are still free right now on the ps store…also, wild arms and piyotama arent downloading for me, wont even give me a download button to start…thanks for the heads up tho, no one wouldve known if it werent for this post.


    1. Sylen7Nato’s avatar

      sorry for the double post, but i just noticed that im only getting the 30% off instead of the 50% even though im a PS Plus member.


  4. Mariew’s avatar

    You missed that Hustle Kings (ps vita game) is free by now and

    Hustle Kings – on
    Wild Arms – buy
    Patapon – on
    Piyotama – buy
    Patchwork Heroes – on


    1. Someone Else’s avatar

      Hustle Kings doesn’t show up free for me. A demo and an add-on only.
      The announced games are up and downloading though! I am stoked!


  5. wing’s avatar

    me downloaded on me usa , patapon (free)
    piyatonma (free) and patchwork heros (free) cant down teh ;ast one for sum reson ters a error but 3 out of 4 …great!!!! (serch manaul) best
    correct at march 6 2013

    download at 8.45am china time

    (remember to use usa account)


  6. artmaze7’s avatar

    It works now guys! Here is a video for proof:


  7. RiotDX’s avatar

    The downloads are finally up! Check it now and hopefully you all have access to them!


  8. J3LACK--EAGLE’s avatar

    yea its finqlly up just checkd…….time to look for exploits


  9. Anon’s avatar

    Well you can’t get them using PS3 or Web store. Not gonna loose 2.02 over these games.


  10. TelgarDrakore’s avatar

    Well congratulations Sony, you finally made me crack and update my Vita. It only took Playstation Plus, upgraded web browser, a shit ton of free games, and now this on top of sending me a 10 dollar free PSN points card in my email for no reason. The fact that the only good homebrew left to me is Wagic also kinda had something to do with it though.


  11. Leires’s avatar

    Hmm..i assume you gotta log in with your vita? Wild Arms shows up on the store, but only if i search..and when i find it there’s no option to buy -or- download it..yet it has all the EXPERIENCE THIS GAME FOR BOTH PSP AND PS3 AS A CLASSIC blah blah crap..any ideas? Or did they already take it down?


    1. Anon’s avatar

      Download MediaGo from Sony’s website and get the games from there, if you don’t wanna update your PS Vita.


  12. Anon’s avatar

    Nevermind, for those who want the PSP games added to account, then you can download MediaGo (from Sony) and get them from there. Google it.


  13. karamo2482’s avatar

    I got all four games now but really Wild arms and patapon are the only good ones for me anyway


    1. J3LACK--EAGLE’s avatar

      actually all off them are good if you just sit down and play it


  14. w3ew’s avatar

    can Wild Arms be downloaded for ps3?


    1. J3LACK--EAGLE’s avatar

      probably cause it does say ps3/psp/psvita


  15. lawthugg’s avatar

    woot everything is up


  16. asdf’s avatar

    :D hey, this stuff is free for psp, too


  17. atrumincendia’s avatar

    I’m in the US, in Utah, and the games are free now


  18. J3LACK--EAGLE’s avatar

    Funny thing is it was stupid to update haha

    - Playstation Plus just have discounts right now
    - You didnt have to update you couldve used mediago, be smart brah
    - You shouldve waited till the next exploit comes out so you can have ecfw


    1. coffincolors’s avatar

      Does Media Go actually work?


    2. Someone Else’s avatar

      You’re probably right.
      I didn’t realize there was this option.
      I am glad to have online play and Netflix back though.

      If you get them off mediago, is there a way to transfer to a 2.02 vita? If so, how? (So others still on 2.02 can know.)


      1. wololo’s avatar

        MediaGo does not work on the Vita, only on the psp


        1. Someone Else’s avatar

          Hmmm, thanks for the info. :)

          In that case, definitely glad about updating, then.
          For the record, you DON’T need PS Plus for the free games. ^ ^
          They are really fun too.

          I will miss TN-C and Ark, but I think an update-proof exploit will hit one day on these forums.


  19. Shura’s avatar

    Downloaded 4 psp games through MediaGo and Dynasty Warriors Next on WebStore. Thank you $ONY YAY!!!


  20. crudedude’s avatar

    mediago allows you to add all of the game to your download history in your so you don’t miss out on the deal and still download it later when you have a reason to update.


  21. Rex’s avatar

    If psp parrapa goes free next week,I’m in.


  22. LionAmongstMen’s avatar

    no love for japan?(`ーnー´)


    1. Thrawn’s avatar



  23. LionAmongstMen’s avatar

    this sucks but at least we have PSO2 (^・。・^“)~ 


  24. vhblfans’s avatar

    i stoping the UNO version.


  25. ils’s avatar

    i can confirm MediaGo PSP lets you download Wild Arms FREE
    at least it stays on my download list :)



  26. Darren’s avatar

    Wonderbook series is also free… idk if its always been or not :S


  27. SubZero DeZigns’s avatar

    I can confirm. The Media Go download does in fact work. Use the search and you’ll find them faster. I also have them on my 1.80FW PsVita. Here’s how.

    Download the Media Go from Sony
    Install the Media Go
    Download all Freebies
    This makes them go to your Account Download list

    Now on your PS3
    Sign in
    Goto Account management
    Transaction Management
    Download List
    Redownload All games on the PS3

    On the PsVita/PC
    Turn on Fixed Content Manager
    Connect the Vita to the PC
    Open Content Manager on the Vita
    Start Content Manager
    – If you system says to update, redo the Fix for the content manager –
    Unplug the Vita

    Plug it into the PS3
    Select Connect to the PS3 System

    Now search for your files and transfer them

    Happy playing :)



    1. SubZero DeZigns’s avatar

      Wild Arms will be under Playstation®
      Applications Downloaded on the PS3™ System

      The others will be under PSP™/Other
      Applications Downloaded on the PS3™ System


  28. compil3r’s avatar

    Confirmed. Media Go works!


    1. je-al’s avatar

      ouch is there any other way i dont have ps3


  29. Nani’s avatar

    is an

    Thanks for posting Them Anyways !!!


  30. BrokenMessiah’s avatar

    No Monster Hunter!!!


  31. Someone Else’s avatar

    This sale actually enticed me into getting
    “Street Fighter X Tekken”.

    The 4 free games were all actually fun,
    even the puzzle game. That, along with
    the good sale prices won me over.

    Well played this time, Sony.


  32. Just an update’s avatar

    Just mentioning everything (besides the hustle kings) is still up for free.
    On a side note, as I was searching for more free crap, it looks like ecolibrium for the vita is free right now…
    I don’t know if its any good but just throwing it out there.


    1. Just an update’s avatar

      *oh and jet pack joyride, but this may have been free from the get-go?


  33. mlc’s avatar

    MediaGo wasn’t working for me, but if you have a 6.60 PSP you can also use the PSP store to “buy” the games so that they are put in the download list for your PS3


  34. mangbhoy’s avatar

    Last five games I bought from PSN:
    1.) Final Fantasy 9
    2.) Final Fantasy 8
    3.) Final Fantasy 7
    4.) Dissidia [012]
    5.) Jet Set Radio

    Don do-don do-don!


  35. swerg’s avatar

    last game bought from psn: Uno


  36. Foxvirus’s avatar

    Wait they have uno for psp at media go
    Can anyone confrim this? That can be transfer to vita?


  37. TheAtheistLucario’s avatar

    Last I heard there was a exploit for Patapon on the OG PSP, anyone know if the exploit still works on the VITA?


    1. TheAtheistLucario’s avatar

      by that i mean, is a similar exploit possible on the VITA. Sega likes to leave known exploits for hackers. (their way of giving Sony the finger) so its likely that there is one.


  38. faezbarca’s avatar

    Well..Sony should make It looked like this:4 free games-Ps1,minis,psp,psvita..I appreciate the free games sony give.Btw,Any change this free games would be exploit games..?


  39. NiKva’s avatar

    3 out of the 4 free games start with the letter P.
    Playstation also starts with P
    So does PSP
    as does PS Vita.

    Conspiracy? I think so.


  40. weasal’s avatar

    gave up on my old account as it was europe and never got anything free so created a us account because stupid america get everything free


  41. Je-Al’s avatar

    are the games are still available i will switch to US now..my current is UK..


  42. Je-Al’s avatar

    wow i ill just leave my ps vita while im sleep i hope soon they will find the exploit..now im loving this site..tnx..BTW when i read this im rushing to change back my region to US ahahah…so funny..im lucky that ive been here..TNX wololo…and sorry for bad english…>>>im living in philippines yeah..!!!


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